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  1. I really like this idea. It's beautiful in a way. Kind of like how one might imagine the love and companionship of a spouse.
  2. I will not fail to protect those I can, even at the expense of those I cannot. I think that "those I can" are the ones who are willing and able to accept his protection. No matter what else Kal did at the palace in Kholinar, he wasn't going to be able to save the parshmen he met in part 1. He didn't want to kill them, but he probably should have. Not doing so got everyone killed.
  3. @Kered I was under the impression that Odium called forth void-spren (plural) and had them bond to Seades's soldiers. Once bonded, those spren used the bond to encourage the soldiers to embrace the Thrill. I don't think that all of the soldiers were bonded to Neragoul. I'm not sure about the connections you are making in your 2nd paragraph. I'm not sure it matters though... you're asking questions about the details of a failed plan. Exactly how it failed isn't clear. I just sort of thought that Odium had agreed to a Contest of Champions with the intent of coopting Dalinar - a general who has never lost a battle - as his champion. When Odium was unable to get Dalinar, he had to retreat because his 2nd choice for a champion (i.e. Amaram) was also defeated. To stick around would have meant that Odium would have had to appoint an even weaker candidate as champion which would have resulted in certain defeat. As far as the dreams and the Spiritual Realm are concerned, I think you're on the right path. We don't know for sure, but your thoughts represent the general consensus on the subject.
  4. Yeah, it's a really good name for a Highspren seeing as how they fly and are responsible for sorting out the guilty from the innocent.
  5. OK, I am properly shamed. I was thinking that this was some sort of made up word that Google would be unable to help me with. I assumed incorrectly and made a proverbial chull of myself. That sarcastic set of Google instructions is objectively funny though, well done. FWIW, I'm 33 (which is either old or young depending on the context) and that is not a word that I have ever heard before. I'm also living in an Appalachian urban area which is it's own sort of oxymoron to people who don't live in Birmingham, Huntsville, Chattanooga, Knoxville, Asheville or Pittsburgh. My point is that while we do have small Asian communities in "hill country" you'd be hard pressed to find someone with any visibility (i.e. someone other than nerdy twenty-somethings congregating in a basement) who could fairly be described as a Caucasian obsessed with Japanese culture (i.e. a "weeaboo"). Nevertheless, my bad; I should have looked first. Moving on... and keeping in mind that (A) I'm old, (B) I live in a geographic & cultural backwater, and (C) I'm an engineering & accounting major who never took any humanities courses outside of required electives like freshman & sophomore literature... I'd like to second @Morsk and ask, "How are white people obsessed with anime associated with patriarchy?" Are we just connecting "weeaboos" to patriarchy by throwing some shade at the archetypal privileged white male? If so, is it safe to apply the following logic? Odium - Shard of passion & hatred - is the god of the Shin The Shin = white people obsessed with Asian/Japaneese culture Ergo, Odium is an angry & powerful white guy Angry & powerful white guys = patriarchy
  6. OK, let's agree to disagree then. I think that as long as Lost Metal cloaks any Odium-interference in plausible deniability or references it only in terms of a vague threat then it doesn't spoil anything. You disagree. That's OK.
  7. Please define. I can follow the rest, but because of this word, I'm struggling to connect sentence #1 to sentence #2.
  8. I totally get that. I just think that we can go ahead and assume that Odium is able to leave Roshar by the end of Book 5. I think the "back 5" are going to be about bringing other Shards in to vanquish Odium "once and for all" after it is revealed that Odium is no longer bound to Roshar and presents a threat to all the other Shards of the Cosmere. You'll note that the letters all cite Rayse's imprisonment as a reason not to get involved. I suspect that their responses will change without that excuse. In short, Book 5 ends with a win for Odium. The remainder of the series is the story of how Dalinar's Radiants snatch victory from the jaws of defeat.
  9. I think we may very well see his influence, but that he won't make an appearance on screen. It will all be vague enough that we might still be questioning the identity of the Shard behind Trellium. I think that story arc is more likely to refer to the attacking Shard as "the enemy" and set up Kelsier as a force/personality to unite the Northern and Southern Scadrians. It will probably set them up for the next series on Scadrial as a potential space-faring culture/people. FOr all we know that might be Keliser's (but not necessarily Harmony's) solution to the looming threat of "the enemy." I'm not sure whether Brandon has abandoned his plan to do a 1980's-era set of books on Scadrial as he mentioned once upon a time, but by the '80s IRL we had already been to the moon and first started to worry about "star wars" with the Russians. Basically, I'm saying there's enough there for the finale of the Wax & Wayne era of Mistborn without going all Hero of Ages and making it a battle for Olympus/Scadrial. Properly done, that conflict can be built up in The Lost Metal but the actual conflict can be saved for the next Mistborn series.
  10. My interpretation was (and still is) that Rock was overwhelmed by the implications of what he had done. Primary among those being that he went back on his commitment not to fight in battle, but no less important the realization that he killed a shardbearer and had become king. This is sad for him because of the fact that he had to step over three dead siblings to accomplish it, and the fact that carrying shards requires him to acknowledge and act on that fact. There is no more hiding for King Lunamor, and that means he must confess his lies to Bridge Four and to himself. IOW, it's very similar to Shallan having to admit to herself that she killed her mother. For Rock, this doesn't result in multiple personalities... just sadness.
  11. Oooh, I just had another thought... Odium's big temptation/sales pitch is "it's not your fault; ___ made you do those things." How much would that have found purchase with Lessie after Harmony had (more or less) forced her to stage her death to manipulate Wax? She would have certainly wrestled with a lot of guilt over the pain her death inflicted on Wax whom she genuinely loved. I think that "it's not your fault; Harmony made you do those things" would have been nearly impossible for her to resist. Assuming that Autonomy & Odium are aligned in attacking Sazed/Scadrial, winning her allegiance with Odium's passion and then directing her to behave subversively makes perfect sense.
  12. Sure, it could be Autonomy acting alone, I just think the association with strong emotion points to Odium's influence at some level in the actions of the Set on Scadrial. The word's of the red-eyed Kandra(?) at the end of BoM (i.e. something along the lines of "we are going to end all life on this sphere") sounds like Odium's boasting to Dalinar of what he will do if he wins on Roshar. On top of that, the red-eyed Kandra's promise that Suit will serve in another realm sounds so much like what Odium did with the Fused.
  13. Eh, it's been suggested elsewhere that any magic witnessed by a Rosharan would likely be described as "surgebinding." So, in light of that, all we know is that - via the Ellia stele - the Dawnsigners have alleged that magic was used to destroy the humans' home planet before their migration to Roshar.
  14. In reading @Subvisual Haze's post (link), I was reminded of a theory/connection that has at various times popped up in my head at times I was away from these forums. Read these words from the linked post and re-join me below: I'll keep it simple... this sounds A LOT like Lessie/Paalm talking about "strong emotion" in Shadows of Self. The way Subvisual Haze describes the process of drawing Neragoul to himself sounds a lot like rioting & soothing the emotions of Kandra and Koloss to control them. I'm not 100% on what the connection between this similarity in the magic systems is, but I'm drawn to the suspicion that the red haze Sazed shows Wax in Bands of Mourning has something to do with Odium. Given what we know from the Letters in OB, specifically letter #2, I think this is supporting evidence for Trell being "a new avatar of [Autonomy's] being." As it is commonly supposed that Bavadin/Autonomy is the author of that letter. So, I think the Set is a secret society patterned after a secret society like the Ghostbloods on Roshar that are planet-hopping disciples led by Autonomy's new avatar and supported by the spren of Odium (and maybe even an Unmade or two). I propose that Odium - in his fear of Harmony - has enlisted Autonomy as a partner to murder Sazed. Harmony - as a holder of two shards and as an intent - is likely anathema to Autonomy and he is a potential threat to Odium. Hoid's first letter in Way of Kings already establishes a precedent for an association of some sort between Rayse & Bavadin, so I submit that we can expect to see this team up as a plot point in The Lost Metal. I also expect that this has implications for the direction of the plot of books 4 & 5 of The Stormlight Archive. I feel like there is more to pull out here, but this is all I have for now. Please feel free to add to or correct my thoughts here as you see fit (up to and including moving this to the Mistborn forums; I put it here in an abundance of caution in deference to the Oathbringer spoiler policy).
  15. @aemetha Wow, that response was... comprehensive. Well done.