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  1. I'll try not to get my hopes up too high but the more positive reaction makes me want to make a special trip to go pick it up.
  2. I think any of Sanderson's work would be fine as an anime as long as they stayed away from terrible anime tropes. I used to really love anime. I've kind of grown to dislike all the super power levels, final forms, gratuitous fan-service, gratuitous screaming, single shots of everyone in the room half-laughing at something that isn't really funny, character stereotypes. It just all grates on my nerves now. I do still have a soft spot for my favorite series when I was a teen though. Hard not too as much time as I put into enjoying them.
  3. This. Just This. I love the realistic portrayal of mental illness. Sometimes it is one step forward and two steps back. Development is change. Positive or negative. I will admit this book was slower going for me but I loved the direction they took each character. I probably won't know for sure if I find the book underwhelming until my second time reading it. I'm still in the phase of first read through giddiness.
  4. Twelve is my favorite followed by ten, eleven, and four. Despite the fact that eleven is only my third favorite. He's the most like me in personality. I'm a really big happy kid all the time. XD
  5. It's a sonic screwdriver from the show Doctor Who. The picture was taken at a nerd-con. My friend was taking pictures and she said I didn't look excited enough to be at a convention, so over exaggerated a bit. LOL.
  6. This is such a cool theory and your username is awesome.
  7. Sixth of the Dusk is my absolute favorite short story. I've not read a lot of short stories but of all that I have read SotD stands out as just superbly written. The twist at the end was so well foreshadowed, I never saw it coming. The setting was interesting. The magic system was unique. It was tense. it's just fantastic.
  8. I had forgotten that she started off as Honest. I wonder if her beauty further increased after changing her name. Maybe it was a progression thing. She starts off looking like her mortal self, When told she's a god, her appearance changes to that of Natalie Portman. Then upon changing her name to "The Beautiful", bam Morena Baccarin. Inara is the exact character I picture.
  9. How does this work with when they first Return? Do they start off looking like they did when they died and then over time encompass the new name that is given to them? How did Blushweaver know she had to be beautiful? Also, wouldn't their perception of beauty kind of be shaped by what the general "ideal" of beauty was. I see Morena Baccarin (Hope I spelled that right) when I think of Blushweaver. How would she know to look like Morena if someone else thought Natalie Portman was attractive. Finally, if I was called Footlooser would I end up looking like Kevin Bacon? I don't know if I could handle that.
  10. That is a lot of present tense. LOL. Thanks
  11. Is there a WoB on if Bavadin still holds Autonomy? Because if there was ever a shard that would develop a mind of it's own I would imagine it would be that one.
  12. I'd be offended if I didn't agree with you.
  13. I love it.
  14. I personally like this theory as it fits nicely with my idea that Autonomy is trying to hijack Survivorism on Scadrial. I wonder if there are examples of spontaneous freedoms in the religions of other planets as well. (I know survivorism's freedom attribute wasn't spontaneous).
  15. I'm starting to agree with the general consensus that Kelsier has little to do helping Autonomy. That being said one can't trust departures from character though. I think one of the letters said that Ati was once very kind and generous. If Autonomy did have control of Kelsier his love for freedom might surpass that of his friends. I'm definitely leaning more towards the idea now that Trell/Autonomy is using Survivorism in order to convert people to Trellism. The Religions are basically the same only one of them is an actual god of freedom.