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  1. They were my personal dark ages. I actually really hated the fantasy genre from about 2000 to about 2010. Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter were the only good fantasy series' I had read up until I read Mistborn in 2006. I actively avoided the genre because I knew it was all the same. Ooh magic. Ooh dragons. Ooh world map. I thought the whole genre was pretty stupid. I read LOTR and HP because of the hype surrounding them. I read them and thought that they were exceptions to an otherwise terrible genre. Post Mistborn I grew up. I realized that the fantasy genre was simply a setting. The stories within that setting could be anything. Since Mistborn I have gone on to read the rest of the Cosmere novels and loved them. I read the first three Song of Ice and Fire books before I lost interest. Earlier this year I also read the first Wheel of Time book and I have no interest. I gave it a shot. I just couldn't care about the characters, except the ogier. It was too much like Lord of the Rings. Small village bumpkin forced on a journey. Check. Being pursued by monsters in black. Check. Cursed item makes a character grumpy. Check. Scary trot through dark evil dungeon. Check. I know this describes hundreds of fantasy novels. It's why I hated the genre so much when I was younger. I thought it was all the same. It was very taxing reading the same story over again with different characters. All of that out of the way...I have heard the series gets better and then sadly gets worse again before Sanderson takes over and saves it. I may eventually pick up the second one but I will have to be in the mood for putting up with what could possibly be another agonizingly dense book where nothing happens. Sorry for the rant I just really didn't enjoy myself while reading WoT. I actually haven't heard of Farseer. No judgements there.
  2. I agree completely. Azure is a mysterious character. There are mysterious characters in lots of novels. One doesn't have to know anything about Vivenna for her character to be believable. The same goes for Wit and Nightblood. I think Sanderfans are a little spoiled on how much information he tells his fans. Not everything has to be answered in one book. If we didn't have the information he gives us we'd work it out eventually ourselves and be kicking ourselves for not figuring it out sooner. So maybe the issue is not that he's overdoing the cameos but more the fact that he spoils us by warning us of them ahead of time. I actually really liked the slow reveal of Azure being Vivenna. I was searching. From the very start of the book. I knew she was supposed to be in it somewhere, so every female character I was like "oh that could be her, I have to see if she shows up again." by the time Azure was introduced I jokingly thought "what if it's her" and then there were more and more subtle hints until finally I just knew. Other things like the Voidbringers=humans reveal took me completely by surprised. Also the thing about Nightblood is he's not the only weird sword on Roshar. There are living spren blades, dead spren blades, Honorblades, all of which act a little differently from each other. One more weird sword doesn't make me freak out about not knowing how or why it works the way it does. If I hadn't read Warbreaker first I would probably think that Nightblood was some kind of Odium bonded blade.
  3. I thought it was the thrill.
  4. Probably Nale has it already.
  5. I hadn't considered that but you're definitely right. Roshar feels so alien. While Harry Potter just feels foreign. That's not really a bad thing either. It's great for a fantasy series geared towards youngsters to be rooted in the real world. It builds on what they already know. That's not saying that Stormlight should be held off until later years. I know plenty of kids with Imaginations that would give Sanderson a run for his money.
  6. Agreed. I thought back then that Harry Potter was the pinnacle of great world building and story telling. It's still great. Actually the Fantastic Beasts movie really made me appreciate the world building all over again. Stormlight is infinitely better of a story.
  7. Yup. Dark Ages pre-2006, in the time before Sanderson. When the best thing I had ever read was Harry Potter. Dark days indeed.
  8. I'm coming to realize I'm an old man. I read Mistborn at around 26ish. And was didn't pick up Stormlight until about 28ish. Just read Oathbringer at 30. I did however read LOTR in 6-8th grade. So I think I would have been ready if the books had been available back then in the dark ages.
  9. I love your name. I just taught the kids at school today about Tardigrades and the Panspermia theory.

    1. Shardigrade


      Thanks! I have loved tardigrades for as long as I can remember and once this name popped into my head I had to go for it haha

  10. I forgot this scene too. LOL. Definitely my favorite Elend moment.
  11. I can't believe I forgot about this scene. It's my favorite scene in Era II Mistborn. I'm adding it in as soon as I find a great quote.
  12. My vote if it counts for anything is definitely Aztec/Incan or African style of empire.
  13. In quote form. Mistborn Way of Kings Words of Radiance
  14. This hasn't been the case with Mistborn. It's true that nothing has lived up to how awesome the ending of HoA is. It didn't ruin reading for me. I have faith that Stormlight will have just as amazing an ending. This did however occur with my love of anime. Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann was the last great anime I ever watched. Nothing else has even come close to how amazing that series was. I still have some favorites from when I was younger. Fullmetal Alchemist, Toradora!, Baccano! (I just realized I like anime with exclaimation points. LOL) But Gurren Lagann completely ruined anime for me.
  15. Maybe Silverlight is Adonalsium's cognitive shadow. What if it's like Knowhere from Guardians of the Galaxy (MCU). All the little worldhoppers just bounce into the Cognitive realm and chill out in the body of a dead god. Not really a great idea. Just spit-balling like a high school kid.