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  1. I don't believe that Trell is Odium. I think Trell is whichever shard is working alongside Odium. I think the miasma is Odium, and Harmony is preparing for his approach. Odium just has that "end boss" feel to him. I know we only know like 10 of the shards, so there could very well be one worse out there.
  2. I wouldn't necessarily say this spoils the ending of SA. I assumed the red miasma was Odium. I know that he has shattered shards before. I know that Odium is frightened of Harmony. It just stands to reason Odium would make a move against him. While the shard itself is trapped in the Roshar system That doesn't mean he can't still reach out. Perhaps the red miasma is Odium simply posturing. Puffing his chest out. Sort of a "I'm coming to get you next." sort of thing. He's a dog on a chain barking his head off. He can't do anything now. But he's letting himself known to the other shards. Maybe he'll escape at the end of SA 5 or maybe he will be trapped until the end of SA 10. Regardless I think he will get out eventually as Mistborn era 4's big bad guy.
  3. Elantris is not my favorite book nor is it my least favorite. I honestly have a really tough time picking my least favorite Cosmere book. My favorite Cosmere book is definitely currently Mistborn because it's finished and the ending was phenomenal. I have a feeling Stormlight Archive will end up being my absolute favorite in the long run though. My least favorite Sanderson book is Calamity. Trying to pick a least favorite Cosmere book however is like trying to pick my least favorite piece of a puzzle. I have honestly loved every single piece of Cosmere fiction I've read.
  4. Epsilon the first!!!!! You need to read the next three Mistborn books now. So you can read that other thing that's out there.
  5. That's true. Hrathen is a good example of this. Same planet different culture.
  6. I think most of the Aon's have long Vowel sounds Raoden is Ray-o-den. Even though I pronounced it R-ow-den for the longest time. So I think it would be Shay. Which sadly would probably mean Sarene's name would be pronounces Sa-ree-nee. As opposed to Sa-Ray-Nay, which I personally think sounds better. Scratch all that...For some reason I thought there was an Aon hai.
  7. Ah. My mistake. I know I remembered him changing book three from Szeth to Dalinar. I just assumed that meant he was pushing Szeth back one book. It definitely makes more sense to save Szeth for the final book of the front five as he's the character with the most mystery surrounding him.
  8. I'm curious if this was said before or after Brandon decided to shift focus from Szeth to Dalinar for Book 3. He may have meant by the end of the book that has the Szeth flashbacks everyone will know what the black sphere is. Which would make it book four if I remember correctly.
  9. I can't speak for the paperback version but the Hardcover has a sweet cosmere galaxy star map on the inside covers. Hopefully the paperback comes included with this as well because it looks fantastic.
  10. I probably actually will buy it. I'd much rather have a cleaned up prose version. But It's really not that bad. Plus I don't know how much more will change between the prose version and the graphic novel. If I remember correctly the prose version didn't mention anything about the sky faces.
  11. The final part of this WoB answers that issue. I agree that in order to work with Hemalurgy it would have to work with the others as well. I'm saying it may be how this little trick is being pulled off. It's just that no one knows yet that it's capable of doing this.
  12. Kelsier and Nightblood. Imagine his hatred for the nobles coupled with Nightblood's desire to destroy evil. There wouldn't be noble family left on all of Scadrial. Allomancy would greatly diminish The mist would have had to resort to snapping nearly everyone. It would be a completely different story.
  14. I got Dustbringer. I didn't get the order I identify with most, but we don't know much about Dustbringers yet. I much more identify with the Order of the Stonewardens. Especially if "I will stand when others fall" actually turns out to be their second ideal.
  15. Awesome. I'll keep an eye out for the answer in the WoBs.