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  1. Ah, thanks! I didn't think Tillaume sounded quite right!
  2. Also, during the Q&A he told a story about playing Mistborn RPG at I believe Gen Con were he met a fan dressed up like a Terrisman, from bald head to toe, who was really disappointed he wasn't going to be able to join the campaign. Brandon, however, told him that he could be his butler and the man proceeded to fetch him water and roll his dice, and ultimately ended up as a character in Mistborn Era 2!!! Potential spoilers for Misborn Era 2:
  3. He mentioned that for the most part it will be Dalinar flashbacks, with I think he said 12 of them, but he mentioned he couldn't help but "stealthily sneaking" in other characters' flashbacks, with 3 flashback segments for Kaladin, to which the audience cheered!
  4. Alright, I have a few interesting tidbits concerning Hoid... 1- I asked if Hoid would call himself a good person, and I specified that I was not talking his cause but actually him as a person, and he said, "No." 2- I asked about the age Wit appears to be, and he kind of mentioned the obvious that he appears to be different ages depending on his disguise, but when I specifically asked about him as Wit in the SA, he said mid-30's. 3- Without spoiling anything the scene where Drifter punches a certain "dead person" in Secret History is important because he normally can't hurt people. (Also sidebar, are we allowed to discuss Dragonsteel in the public forums?) 4- And lastly I asked him if Hoid had to describe Khriss, as in what he thought about her, what would be say. And Brandon mentioned that it was good because Hoid had actually met Khriss, and then he wrote in my book verbatim, "Hoid thinks well of Khriss." Which I find particularly interesting, especially considering his opinion of the 17th Shard, as expressed in the First Letter. Stormlight Archive Letters Also non-Hoid related info: 1- He mentioned that if he could he would love to have open auditions for the Cosmere movies, and will post them if possible. 2- The Broadsheets, particularly the one in BoM, may have missing info in the Jak' s assistant story, because of the nature of newspapers. I'm still so excited from the event, I don't know if it's been mentioned but he read a Kaladin flashback scene from Oathbringer that was characteristically tragic! I am perhaps most intrigued by why Hoid might think he's not a good person...
  5. I agree that it seems like he is tapping into Investiture in some way, but I don't think he learned it from Darkside. From what I can remember it is mentioned that he was as skilled and fast before leaving Lossand, in fact more so, because he had grown a bit lax in his training. It is also curious that the more he resigns to using his abilities he loses more of his Autonomy...
  6. I know right! The mystery that is Trell continues!! Also the words about Hoid have been bouncing around in my mind. I would assume he was referring to SA3, but the way he was so evasive about defining what he meant by "next book," has me questioning that assumption! Also I have begun to question Hoid's intentions since Secret History, and this statement left me even more suspicious!
  7. Alright so I will attempt to be as accurate as possible in my report of what I asked and how I responded. Potential Shadows of Self spoiler: Next I asked about the importance of a lot of the religion from the "Final Empire Era" Scadrial. I pointed out that there were a lot of little nods and references to other shardworlds. And he assured me that there was something there, perhaps not anything as big as I was hoping for, but definitely more than just "Easter eggs!" Very little Stormlight spoilers if anything: Next I asked if he would ever consider using a more "traditional" spellcasting- type magic. And he said he would only do it if he felt like he had something new to contribute to it. Potential White Sand spoilers: (I don't know if I am allowed to discuss this question/answer because it has to do somewhat with the Prose version. I'm sorry if I am breaking the rules!!) Lastly, I asked for a random fact about Hoid. He was hesitant at first, and after a bit, and me begging for even something inconsequential, he responded: "In the next book people will think he is helping them, but he is really helping himself." And when I pushed by what he meant by "next book" he refused to answer. Additionally, I asked a question for him to answer as the personalisation of my copy of Bands of Mourning, and the Q&A were:
  8. I agree... It's just frustrating that they are so bad at communicating with their audience!!
  9. So a couple of weeks ago I reached out to Little Orbit to see if they could give us an update on Mistborn Birthright, and this was the response.
  10. So I was surfing through The Coppermind recently, and stumbled across this description of the contents of Arcanum Unbounded, but when I went to the specific page there was nothing there about White Sand. Is it really going to contain an excerpt from the prose version? The only statement from Brandon about White Sand's inclusion in Arcanum Unbounded that I have been able to find has been about the graphic novel version. Can anyone link me to a WoB on the inclusion of Prose excerpts if such a link exists?
  11. Well what happens to him after will be what the sequels are about... right?
  12. Awesome, thanks!
  13. Thanks!
  14. I accidentally posted the same forum twice on the White Sand Prose forum, because of the internet connection I have. How do I delete one of them?
  15. So there are a couple of questions concerning differences between the Prose and the graphic novel that I have questions about. I know for the most part many of these questions will be RAFO'd, but has Brandon made any comment about discussing the Prose version at signings? I only ask because I know how particular he is about not discussing these things on the public forums.