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  1. Hi, my name is @thegatorgirl00, and I've been a Sanderfan for two years now. I watched My Little Pony for the first time today. The entire time I kept thinking that everyone was forgetting the Sans in Twilight Sparkle's name.
  2. "Peace occurs when the power of love is greater than the love of power." This was said once by a guy I went to Sunday School with six years ago, and I still remember it.
  3. Don't worry, I started lurking almost two years ago, and I'm not 100% clear on some stuff yet, either.
  4. I did a little bit of work taking out the stuff about about a single Spren and improving the format slightly. I'm reluctant to do much more right now, partly because I don't want to put a ton of work into an article that will likely need heavy revisions in a few months when OB comes out and partly because I'm generally opposed to including speculation in articles, and the longer I work on that page, the more tempted I'll be to delete everything in the powers section except the definitions of tension and adhesion. That being said, if you want to do more @jofwu, you can.
  5. I find the fact that he is mentioned the most interesting part of this WoB. None of the main characters know who he is. Does this mean we'll get a PoV or interlude from someone who knows him? Perhaps a certain character from Edgedancer?
  6. When you see the Ragnar symbol and immediately think it's a glyph.
  7. This description seems to fit Rysn or Axies.
  8. Thanks come Sharders state From hearts From stating sharders Comes thanks
  9. Did anyone else make the Diana as a Windrunner connection? Near the beginning, she says 'I am wiling to fight for those who cannot fight for themselves.' It's not the exact words Kaladin uses, but the meaning behind them is the same, and that's what matters. At the end
  10. It was actually at the end of 2015. Secret History, however, was 2016, which was not listed.
  11. Heal Abrasion, Hurt Gravitation Gravitation -- 24 Abrasion -- 13
  12. I just did a quick experiment. If you click start a new topic and type something, then leave and come back later, the previous text should come back. You might not want to use it for super long theories until you test it yourself, though
  13. I've already seen ob used as an acronym for Oathbringer on the shard fairly frequently. It's also currently listed as one on Template:B, so if you don't want it you should remove it now before people use it and it causes more work trying to fix later.
  14. Heal Abrasion; hurt Gravitation. Gravitation -- 25 Abrasion -- 17
  15. When you think the cloak is Awakened and the characters are drawing Aons.