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  1. When you think "Oh no! I'll be so busy at JordanCon this weekend, I don't know when I'll get the opportunity to listen to this week's Shardcast."
  2. She just doesn't realize how lucky she is getting to go with a guy into the Cosmere and the Avengers. i don't even know if I'm going to prom this year. Earlier in they year, my friends and I talked about going as a group, but now they're mostly saying they don't want to go. I don't have a date, so I'd have to awkwardly join a group of people I'm only kind of friends with if I don't want to go alone. That just doesn't sound that fun to me.
  3. I disagree with Jebus's theory about the bridge pretty strongly. It's clear Ulim knows something was going on with Eshonai, and he seems happy she died because of it. I think this is one of the situations where the simplest solution is the correct one. The bridge is a bridge between two peoples. The Diagram doesn't want that because it would interfere with Mr. T's plans to create chaos and disunity so he can become king of everything. Now that you mention it in predictions, it makes perfect sense that Venli would be the one to discover how to break away from the gods again. Her whole thing has always been about rediscovering the forgotten knowledge of her people.
  4. I think her hatred of those men comes from her history with Amaram. In OB, being around him makes her angry and lose her self-control. It's the only time we see her act close to how she acted in the alley. We know they have some kind of history together.
  5. I've mentioned this before on Discord, so I might as well say it. Gainesville, Florida. I'll be moving in around four months for college, though.
  6. When Sharder/Sanderfan presence is something you genuinely consider when comparing places to move to.
  7. She says no one seems to remember. My point was that this super significant event in her life is just kind of mundane to everyone else. Not worth remarking on. Especially if they didn't know how much it affected her. Or if she reacted badly to someone bringing it up to her in the past, which wouldn't surprise me with Jasnah's personality. I suppose there could be some magically way for it to have been erased from everyone's memories, but I doubt it. Partially because something similar, but inverted, was already done with Dalinar's memories. And partially because I think it would be kind of difficult to erase a single memory from lots of people with realmatics. I'm not a realmatics expert, though, and I could be wrong on that.
  8. I completely agree with the dark room being "treatment" for her illness. In WoR we're told that dark, quiet rooms are considered the best way to treat the insane. I think people don't talk about it because to them, it wasn't a big deal. A young girl gets sick, is treated, and grows into a well-adjusted adult. Her illness might be mental instead of physical, but it's otherwise entirely unremarkable. Lots of children get sick. The only person who would know it's anything more than that would be Jasnah, and why would the adults listen to her?
  9. In one week I will be leaving for Atlanta! HYPE! That's awesome! I love musicals and that's definitely one I want to see someday.
  10. I think you'd probably get banned long before reaching that point.
  11. @ccstat, I noticed the anthology is available on kindle unlimited. I'm curious how it works for the authors when people read it through that instead of buying it. Does having KU end up hurting the authors I read on it?
  12. 2 clearchips Taldain, specifically Darkside (temperament, definitely not appearance ) Newsies, maybe I like the idea of Cultivation, but I don't think it fits me super well. The Shard of Curiosity, perhaps. Do seons count? Kelsier Coke, but only diet Kelsier Navani. An engineer, likes solving problems. A bit religious, but not afraid to break tradition when it conflicts with getting what she wants. Diplomatic towards others, but very close to and protective of her family.
  13. Grace To find the Holy Grail African or European? Either blue or gray, depending on my mood Only anger and hatred The Cosmere A large, grand carved wood door I'd be a full Feruchemist, of course Cucumber I generally don't believe in altering history. If I had to choose, it would be something small like wearing a different shirt on a random day, so I can hopefully not mess time up too badly. Of all the articles I've worked on, the Recreance article is the one I wrote basically from scratch. Octopus invasion Not until you mentioned it. Now that you've brought it up, however... 42
  14. Well, now seems like a good time to start one of these. I reserve the right to RAFO any questions. So come and let your questions begin.
  15. Are you going to see it opening night, then? I haven't looked into tickets yet, but they're probably already presold for most of that weekend. It's so exciting that after all these movies, Infinity War is so close.