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  1. Murder Mystery

    Does anyone else find it suspicious that Swara's mother is mentioned once at the very beginning and never seen again? I think she did it.
  2. The Way of Bringing Words

    I know you said to ignore the in-world book part, but I went on the Coppermind and found the ones I think are most likely to be a later title anyways. Arts and Majesty- the book that defines the masculine and feminine arts. The subject matter seems like something Jasnah might discuss, but the title seems to fit Shalash perfectly. Nearer the Flame- a classic story about a man's descent into insanity. Seems to fit Taln best, but it might also work with Szeth or Eshonai. Shadows Remembered- a book of children's tales about the Voidbringers. Seems like it would fit Lift, but for some reason I'm leaning towards Renarin instead. Not sure why. The Arguments- part of the Vorin doctrine. I like this for Jasnah. Palates of Personality- a book about food. For Lift, obviously. Times and Passages- don't know what it's about. It sounds like it could work as a title, though. For Eshonai, maybe. Western Voyages- don't know what it's about. It sounds like it could work for Szeth. There are other books, but those are the ones I think are most likely to be titles.
  3. Hurt and Heal - Cosmere Stories

    Hurt HoA, Heal WoK 6. The Hero of Ages -- 4 13. The Way of Kings -- 17
  4. how was aimia invaded in the first place?

    AU says Roshar is .9 cosmere standard, aka Earth, so I suspect it is smaller than your estimates.
  5. Hurt and Heal - Cosmere Stories

    Hurt The Hero of Ages, Heal The Way of Kings 6. The Hero of Ages -- 1013. The Way of Kings -- 17
  6. Cosmere University

    Students can choose to join the HSA, or Human Spren Alliance. This club, led by the faculty's main liaison to spren Professors Jasnah and Ivory, is working to overcome the thousands of years of animosity between spren and humans that came as a result of the mass murder of the spren. Current projects include petitioning for the ban of the use of dead Shardblades, led by Professors Kaladin and Sylphrena. Nahel bond not required for entry, though students in the club often find themselves developing one. Join HSA today!
  7. Narrowing Down the Last Shards [AU]

    @Kaladin Zahel, instead of Humility, I think Charity would be a better pair for Ambition. Ambition- trying to better oneself Charity- trying to better others I think the third in the set would have something to do with inaction, the desire to observe without interfering. I keep thinking about the deist idea of God, but I don't have a good name for the attribute.
  8. March Madness

    Don't worry, we've all been That New Guy before, and I know how hard it can be to figure things out when you first join. My main concern was that you would have people interested in your game, since I know how disappointing it can be when a game you're playing dies due to lack of interest.
  9. March Madness

    We actually already have something like this that takes place in September. It's called the Annual Sanderson Tournament. You could still make this, but you would probably want to make it different somehow to get more participation from the people who do it in September. Here's the most recent game.
  10. Narrowing Down the Last Shards [AU]

    I do not believe there is a Shard based entirely on having knowledge. While it is a traditional godly attribute, I think realmatics covers it to some extent for all shards. All shards can see in the spiritual realm, and all shards have some amount of future sight. I'd suggest replacing them with the following (some of @ROSHtafARian's choices) Internal pushing : Invention -- the desire to discover new things. Alternative names could be Exploration or Curiousity. Internal pulling : Caution -- to think carefully about knowledge before acting. Alternative names could be Wisdom or Forethought.
  11. Who will die in Oathbringer?

    I have a theory that if a Herald were killed by Nightblood, they would die permanently. Nothing that concrete, but it always seemed to fit the little we know about Nightblood and the Heralds. We need more information about how the Oathpact works first.
  12. Sanderson Memes

    My new Reckonersverse theory
  13. Stormlight Archive Translation Guide

    I recall a WoB about the J pronounced as Y being a more modern lighteyes phenomenon. So Jasnah and Jezerezeh would have the Y sound while Jezrien and any darkeyes would have the J sound. I saw this a while ago though, so I might be misremembering some parts. If anyone knows what I'm talking about they can post it, or I can search for it later.
  14. [Snapshot Spoilers] Snapshot Reactions Thread

    Did you read Brandon's postscript @Mason Wheeler? It talks about that problem. I enjoyed the story. I have a lot of questions about the world this takes place in. Is the thing that powers the Snapshots basically an epic? I hope we can eventually learn more about it.
  15. You Know You're a Sanderfan When... Part 2

    Don't worry, that just means you're an Atium misting.