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  1. Hurt Division; heal Abrasion. 1. Gravitation -- 20 2. Division -- 7 3. Abrasion -- 14 4. Illumination -- 9
  2. Heal Abrasion, hurt Division 1. Gravitation -- 19 2. Division -- 8 3. Abrasion -- 13 4. Illumination -- 10
  3. I prefer the Grand Indicium.
  4. I think her last truth will have to do with the garden and this particular passage.
  5. This is actually one of my favorite theories. Killing his own father when ordered to despite the fact that it will forever brand him as a patricide and make his life more difficult fits being brave and obedient. He also is misunderstood like Dustbringers seemed to be.
  6. Rock reveals that in Horneater culture, giving your boots to another person is a marriage proposal. Shallan and Kaladin both start freaking out, but Adolin quickly points out that neither of them are Horneaters, so it doesn't actually matter. All love triangle angst is completely subverted.
  7. This page has all the Death Rattles with confirmed meanings. Although the one claiming it is about the Shades of Threnody seems wrong and I've never heard it before.
  8. The way I've always interpreted it is that access to the surges is not a magic system in itself but rather the effect of one. Both the Honorblades and Nahel bond alter the spirit web to allow access to the surges. The surges themselves are independent of the shards, but how they are accessed isn't. Remember, Fabrials can access the surges as well. I'll make an analogy to the Metallic Arts to try and make my point clearer. Allomancy, Feruchemy, and Hemalurgy can all be used to increase a person's senses. The mechanics are very different, but to someone who knows little about the Arts the effects would look almost identical. I think this is what's happening here. The real evidence for this theory would be if Vidbinding could affect surges as well.
  9. I though Eshonai was supposed to have regular PoVs. I'm also not sure about having two Parshendi PoV characters. I think we'll get an interlude from someone bonding a spren in a new Radiant order. I like the theory that Redin will be a Dustbringer, so I would put him as a potential interlude.
  10. Heal Abrasion, Hurt Gravitation 1. Gravitation --17 2. Division -- 11 3. Abrasion -- 12 4. Illumination -- 10
  11. I do not believe the Heralds are all powerful. The statement was more about how they would be perceived by people, based on the fact that Ishar singlehandedly destroying all the KR is not viewed as unreasonable and the people were often reduced to Stone Age level technology after a Desolation. This is a huge gap in power. Many Rosharan religions already view the Heralds as gods. We do have this quote from the Prelude. I happen to think that the Oathpact was not completely consentual on the part of the Heralds, as I mentioned in a previous post. From what we've seen, though, I think Honor's intent would prevent him from outright forcing the Heralds into it.
  12. Rather than actively trying to separate the power, what if they simply stepped into the shardpool at the same time. Then, the power was naturally drawn to the person with the strongest Connection to it at that moment, leaving sixteen different Shards.
  13. I'd like to point out that Nale, at least, believed he was helping the world. He thought the Radiants returning would lead to a Desolation, so he did everything in his power to try and stop what would essentially be the end of the known world. We know how incredibly wrong he was, but his intentions were to help. I wouldn't be surprised if the other Heralds had similar reasoning for their actions as well.
  14. I find it interesting that almost all of these images involve darkness, nature, or both. The nature part is probably the Cultivation influence. There doesn't ssem to be any reason for the darkness except for the fact that she is currently a shadowy, mysterious figure, though.
  15. Is it really the Herald's place to try and keep the peace? Humanity stayed together for so long because they were fighting a common enemy. After the Desolations ended, humanity would have started to break apart and fight each other. The Heralds would basically become all powerful dictators in the name of keeping peace. Is that actually moral? Also, I have a hard time believing that the Heralds really knew what they were getting into when they agreed to the Oathpact. I find it more likely they were desperate enough to agree to anything to try and save humanity without understanding the consequences for them.