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  1. Don't worry, I've read everything except a few short stories, and I still feel that way sometimes.
  2. I'm definitely more opposed to Dova being Battar based on what we know than any of you. He claims that's how he knew of the Desolations, but we know he learned about it from Gavilar's visions. And he wouldn't necessarily be exposed immediately @Windrunner. Dova is part of the Diagram. She could hide out somewhere and Taravangian could just say she left. The binder of gods thing reminds me of the dawnshard "known to bind any creature voidish or mortal". It's most likely unrelated, but still the first thing I thought of. I don't think any of you called the Eighty's War by name, which amused me. Which brings up the question of why it's called that, there is no obvious reason we know.
  3. Reckoners was easily my least favorite non-Cosmere thing. I would definitely recommend trying Rithmatist, especially if the magic systems are something you love in the books. Alcatraz is very unique, and also worth trying.
  4. I'm legally blind too but I'd have to relisten to the Rysn parts since the first time through Oathbringer, I just wanted to keep going. You can message me on here or facebook (joe taticchi) if you too talk since I don't know that many blind people.

  5. I am visually impaired and legally blind. Obviously, my disability and experiences are very different from Rysn's. But as someone who has dealt with a physical disability, I did not resonate with her interlude or find it compelling at all. Many of the emotions I would expect her to feel -- shame, frustration, anger -- either weren't there or felt glossed over to me. Now obviously not everyone has the same experiences. That's why I want other people's opinions, specifically those who have also struggled with physical disabilities, but everyone is welcome to chime in. If everyone disagrees with me and I'm weird, great! I'm fine with being weird. But if it's something many people agree with me on, I want to contact Brandon and team dragonsteel. Brandon has talked about writing a Wandersail novella, which would presumably have Rysn as the main character. Brandon has proven his sensitivity and understanding in dealing with mental illness, and I just want to make sure Rysn's experiences are given that same care.
  6. If you want to read the novel, you can get it by signing up for Brandon's newsletter on his website.
  7. It seems there really is always another secret project.
  8. Whoever left the gravitation fabrial on top of the Alethela oathgate, you must move it immediately or it will be towed.
  9. But in DE, the only people who actually know how Cytonics works are the members of the Phone Company. The common people know that things like FTL communication and travel exist, but they don't know how. A few generations without any PC workers, and it could easily fall into lost technology status along with everything else they've forgotten. Radios are considered rare in the prologue. And Cytonics isn't telepathic. It's a set of psionic abilities.
  10. Note: this theory is based on my supposition that Skyward exists in the same universe as Defending Elysium. If that is wrong, then this is all completely irrelevant. AI's are not part of the worldbuilding in DE. Technology level is explicitly stated to be stilted be wuss of the use of Cytonics. I think the AI in Skyward is not actually an artificial intelligence, but is instead the result of a mind swap into a computer. Very little is known about how mind swaps work in DE. We do, however, know that technology can enhance Cytonics abilities, as computers are used to route the FTL communication powered by one man's Cytonics. It's possible that if a mind swap can be forced on an unwilling participant, as happens in DE, it could maybe also be done with a computer. If this theory is true, it likely won't be revealed until end of book 2 at earliest. From the released Skyward chapters, Cytonics is not something known about by the people. Mind swaps are presumably a very advanced application of Cytonics, so Spensa would likely spend time rediscovering and learning the basics of Cytonics in the first 2 books before learning that mind swaps are possible.
  11. In this topic, I'm going to outline why I think Skyward is in the same universe as Defending Elysium. Warning, there are spoilers for Defending Elysium and if you have not read it, you can find it for free on Brandon's website. 1. Sensing large gathering of humans In the released chapters of Skyward, it is stated that the Krll are able to sense large gatherings of humans. I propose that this is a use of Cyto Senses from DE. While the main character of DE only seems to use it for things that would be otherwise visible, I think the aliens are skilled enough in its use to either Sense beyond what would be visible or observing enough to notice any visible activity on the surface of the planet. 2. Destructive War At the end of DE, it is implied that a major war will soon begin in space. The dissidents want the human technology to overthrow the society that has kept them oppressed. The humans are about to expand into space in preparation for this. The resulting conflict could easily lead to the human's flight to the planet they live on at the time of the story. 3. FTL Travel Brandon has specifically stated that the Skywardverse will have FTL travel. DE is one of the only short stories.Brandon has written with FTL in it. Min total, I believe what we know of the Skywardverse fits the worldbuilding in Defending Elysium.
  12. Any fans of the Bachelor/Bachelorette/Bachelor in Paradise, this is the place to discuss it. You may talk about any episodes that have been released, but do not spoil the outcome of the season. Some of my thoughts on Becca's first episode: Some of the guys' decisions getting out of the limo seemed super questionable to me. 60/40 guy was kind of rude, and why would that one guy think it's a good idea to bring a cardboard cut of her ex? I love Jordan. The preview made it seem like he would be one of the villains, but his comments always made me laugh. His comments on everyone's fashion choices were amazing.
  13. Well, if you want to be boring, I guess you can tell people that as your story.
  14. I was listening to music, and realized this song could totally apply to Taln. It reminded me of his scene in OB and his reaction to the other Herald's betrayal.
  15. I 100% thought you were just in one of your busy/tired/annoyed at editing moods and decided last night 'Storm it! I'll write the post tomorrow." I like how no one mentioned Ben's mysterious disappearance between episodes, even though they were recorded consecutively. @Overlord Jebus, make a YouTube video about the exciting adventures you had after being kidnapped between episodes!