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  1. I decided to post this here because it has to do with Renarin. I believe he has the ability to see into the Spiritual realm, more than just his visions. The evidence I have for this is the scene where he heals Adolin. The vision is described like this. Later, Nohadon tells Dalinar about the three realms. The description of the perfect you that exists in the spiritual realm seems very similar to what Renarin shows Adolin. As the bond strengthens, bel might be able to control his glimpses into the spiritual realm more. As for where this comes from, I'm not sure. Lightweaving is said to have a powerful Spiritual component in the Ars Arcanum, so it might come partly from that.
  2. When you show your friend a countdown on your phone to Oathbringer's release, and he says he remembers seeing it last year when you showed him after first creating it when the release date was announced. When you constantly look at your phone's countdown to see how much time is left today and…there's only a single digit number of hours left until OB is released!
  3. I've decided to do my rereads after Oathbringer, when I have all the new information and can marvel at Brandon's foreshadowing.
  4. You think to yourself "Oh no! I wanted to do a Stormlight reread before Oathbringer came out, but I got so distracted adding Arcanum stuff to the Coppermind I don't have enough time anymore."
  5. I found a tweet from Peter that is not in Arcanum. https://mobile.twitter.com/BrandSanderson/status/595027918159413249
  6. I believe it is in this video at 1:23:00, though it's been a while since I listened to it, so I'm not totally sure.
  7. Will there be specific user pages, like on the shard? If so, can we have links to those pages from the WoBs when that person is the questioner?
  8. My initial thought was the ability to create personal lists of WoBs. So if someone was making a theory on Surgebinding, they could create their own list titled Surgebinding Theory and add WoBs to it. That seems like more of a long term thing, however, and the developers deserve a break from doing complicated programming.
  9. A way to like WoBs and the ability to look at all your personal liked WoBs in a list format.
  10. There's going to be a stampede of angry sharders if it's even one minute late.
  11. I want to see our host @Silverblade5 do one at some point. Although I'm fine with @The Invested Beard or whoever else doing the next one.
  12. Tor's newsletter this month has a link to a Stormlight quiz to see which character you are. http://www.torforgeblog.com/2017/10/17/who-would-you-be-in-brandon-sandersons-stormlight-archive-series/?utm_source=exacttarget&utm_medium=newsletter&utm_term=na-stormlightquiz&utm_content=na-takeaquiz-quiz&utm_campaign=nov17tornewsletter&et=41323-n19595941 I got Jasnah, which seems pretty accurate.
  13. When you see holiday commercials and think "How can they have holiday commercials already? Oathbringer hasn't even come out yet!"
  14. They are not allowed in the Coppermind. If there are spoilers, they need to be removed.