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  1. To me, the obvious question about spren being of Cultivation is did Honor and Cultivation come to Roshar because the spren have a large amount of Cultivation's investiture? The Eila Stele does say the humans came using powers singers were forbidden to touch. That implies to me that surges were forbidden before humans came, and it's not due to Odium's influence. If you can power Surgebinding with Breaths and Breaths are stickier than Stormlight, would a Full Lashing powered with Breaths last longer than one powered by Stormlight. Great episode, lots of really funny moments.
  2. The thing that bothers me more is the opposite of this. How could this character have possibly become a Radiant when we don't know of some terrible tragedy in their past. Also, Shallan can't possibly be on her fourth ideal because she hasn't manifested plate yet. People make that argument with other characters like Jasnah too, but it bothers me most with Shallan since we actually have a WoB on her.
  3. We haven't seen stonewardspren yet. Maybe that's what the smokespren are. The smokespren could be one of these contradictions. A spren made of smoke being attracted to people with immovable ideas.
  4. There was a thread a while back dedicated to trying to write keteks using every Alethi letter so people can have something to practice their skills with. I think @Harakeke was going to post them somewhere, but I'm not sure what happened with them.
  5. This. Jasnah is paranoid and cautious. She just popped out of Shadesmar in the middle of nowhere after an attempted assassination to find someone waiting for her. Her first thought is that he's there to finish the job. Her question could simply be demanding how he found her. I don't think Jasnah's lack of surprise should necessarily be evidence she knew who he was. She's calm and collected by nature, and it takes a lot to break her composure.
  6. It's also a holdover from an old version of WoK where there was uncertainty over if he was Taln or not. He changed the story when he rewrote it, but he was stubborn and kept answering questions as if there was still uncertainty.
  7. I'm wondering if May could be a name from Iri or Rira. It doesn't match Alethi names, but it does seem like it would fit right along with Evi and Toh.
  8. In reference to long podcasts, I think the day before the next SA book in 2021, you guys should record an eight hour preparation/hype podcast with everyone who guests rotating in and out throughout the episode and release it the Thursday before the book comes out. Would I spend eight hours on Saturday before an SA book comes out listening to a bunch of people talking in preparation for that book? Absolutely.
  9. There's an old thread with some really good ones.
  10. I'm not sure annoying is the best word for Lift. While you may find her such, it is far more subjective than any of the other character traits. I would use something like immature or childish/child-like, especially since she asked the Nightwatcher not to change or grow older. We've also seen hints of Jasnah's past insanity and Lift's past as a thief, which seems like they could be in the backstory column. Jasnah's especially, as she's already in her thirties.
  11. I interpreted Cultivation's words about wanting a piece of Dalinar to be more about Connection. We know that the more Connected a person is to a Shard, the easier it is for the Shard to influence them. It's also necessary for things like Ascension. It's clear Dalinar was already Connected to both Honor and Odium. In making the deal, Dalinar became Connected more strongly to Cultivation as well.
  12. It's implied she does, she's just in denial about it. At the battle of Theylan City. And later
  13. Eyes are referenced a lot in the Rosharan magic systems. Bonding a Shardblades lightens a darkeye's eyes Darkeyed Radiants get lighter eyes at a certain ideal when using a Shardblade Killing with a Shardblades burns out the eyes Deadeyes have scratched out eyes Regaos and Fused have eyes that glow red Timbre allows Venli to change her eyes from red to normal at will I have no idea why there are so many connections to eyes in the magic. I don't remember if there is any reference to the eyes of a soulcaster being unusual or significant. Knowing could help to figure out how widespread this is in relation to all Rosharan magics. If there are any instances I've forgotten, please let me know. I don't want references to eyes that are cultural, only things Realmatic in nature.
  14. This is what I believe as well. Shallan can power an illusion with a single sphere for a while, although I don't remember the exact length of time. Lashings seem to use Stormlight far more quickly.
  15. I think it's a combination of two things. Knowing a Radiant makes you more likely to attract a spren. So siblings should both get chosen fairly often if they both follow the ideals. Second, you need to be broken to become a Radiant. For Kaladin, Venli, and Dalinar the death of a sibling contributed to the breaking.