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  1. I think this sounds more like someone entering the beyond than it does someone worldhopping. Secret History quotes below.
  2. We don't know yet if this is the boon or the bane.
  3. I think each Oathgate goes to only one location. There are ten separate plateaus at Urithiru around the tower. This to me indicates that each one has a speedster partner. Almost like spanreeds, where you need the other gemstone half to communicate.
  4. This thread is a place for all of us who have decided to wait until the official release date to read Oathbringer. Jon me, and we will support one another in this time of great temptation! Please don't tell me I'm all alone in this.
  5. I'm really hoping to see a Dustbringer. For some reason, I find the order really interesting.
  6. Hope it's not too late to add a few of my own, @Necessary Eagle. Black: Went to the Coppermind to research _, ended up reading about _ The Recreance occurred because the Knights Radiant discovered _ It turns out Shades can also be destroyed using _. The Evil on Threnody is actually just _. The newest Aviar discovered has the power to show you _. At a recent signing, Brandon RAFO'd questions about _. White Shadolin Shaladin ship wars Parshendi mateform the number 16
  7. Mercedes Lackey. Best known for her Valdemar books, especially the early ones like the Arrows and the Last Herod-Mage trilogies. I enjoy those, but I definitely think some of her later, less angsty stuff is better. Of what I've read, my favorite is the Tales of the Five Hundred Kingdoms books, a set of novels in a world where ambient magic tries to enforce fairy tale tropes, but I'm not even close to reading everything she's done.
  8. 1. Mercedes Lackey. 53 if you count each anthology separately, 44 if you don't count them. 2. Brandon Sanderson. 21 with everything in AU counted as one book 3. Rick Riordan. 15, plus some short stories. Looking at this list, it probably seems like I read way more short stories and anthologies than I actually do.
  9. Jasnah may have those traits, but those aren't the ones that correspond with her order of Elsecallers. Elsecallers are wise and careful, learned and giving is Truthwatchers. I personally believe our Dustbringer will be Redin, the heterochromatic bastard son of a former highprince of Jah Keved. His father was the one who left Jah Keved to Mr. T, and he killed his father after he was ordered to.
  10. A few of mine that haven't been mentioned yet. 1. Dalinar will abdicate as highprince. While trying to convince the world of the Radiants, he'll face problems since other countries will view it as another overpowered Alethi army. The fact that he is considered king of Alethkar in all but name won't help. He'll realize that to unite the Radiants and the world, he'll have to distance himself from the throne, abdicating. A side effect is that he won't be as controlling towards Elhokar. Elhokar will become a better, but not great, king. Dalinar will need to confront the fact that, although he tried to protect Gavilar's son due to guilt, Elhokar not only didn't need him, but was harmed by his actions. 2. We won't learn about Shardplate. We will learn about fabrials. The discovery of Urithiru will lead to lots of new fabrial technology. They really need to get those Regrowth fabrials figured out for the coming desolation. 3. Kaladin will tell Shallan he killed her brother. This will ruin any chance of a relationship between them. Not because Shallan is super angry at him, but because she excuses his actions too quickly, telling Kaladin he did what he had to do. Kaladin will realize their perspectives on things like killing are too different for him to ever be with her.
  11. When you read this, get to the part about silver flakes, and immediately assume the second half of the statement is "and immediately think how useful this will be if I ever encounter a Shade. "
  12. This is tough for me. Thinking about it, I think there are three types of overrated characters. Characters overrated due to future plots This category is for characters like Hoid. They are somewhat mysterious, and talked about as a result. In the books we have already seen them in, however, they have done relatively little on screen. Taking them out of the story right now wouldn't change much of the currently seen plot. Renarin is another character that fits this category. Characters overrated due to humor This category is for the Lift's, Wayne's, and Lopen's. Although they have relatively small roles, people latch on to them due to their humor. These characters tend to get referenced a lot on the shard. I generally enjoy them while reading, but find the hype they get mildly annoying. They mostly seem to be love them or hate them characters. Note that this is the category stick would be in, if I considered stick a character and not an object with a cognitive aspect like every other object in the cosmere. Characters overrated due to personality This category is for characters you just don't get, even though other people seem to. @hwiles's example of Hrathen fits in this category. For me, this character would probably be Dalinar, especially as he was in WoK. His personality and inclinations were so incredibly counter to my personality and inclinations that I felt frustrated and annoyed reading his chapters. I like him more now, but I still don't think the two of us would get along. Most unerrated character: Vathi, from SotD. She is smart and quick at learning to survive in a deadly environment. Someone once asked Brandon if she is Khriss in disguise. She isn't, but the fact that it was even a question should give you some idea how storming great she is.
  13. It sounds interesting, but to me it seems similar to Redin's character. He is the bastard child of the former king of Jah Keved. I'm one of the people who believes Redin will become a Dustbringer, and I think he'll get a story arc.
  14. So, assuming each book is the same length, he's currently about halfway through the first book. That seems pretty fast.
  15. Hi, my name is @thegatorgirl00, and I've been a Sanderfan for two years now. I watched My Little Pony for the first time today. The entire time I kept thinking that everyone was forgetting the Sans in Twilight Sparkle's name.