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  1. Well I'm pretty sure we can at least say the sword has a mind, since Azure refers to it as 'she' at least once. I suppose it's possible that it's in the same way as other things like ships that are referred to as male/female without any good reason, but that doesn't seem terribly likely to me. I thought it was a sweet moment, but really Hoid, how much Breath do you have to just use it to make a nifty toy for a little girl? I imagine Azure has quite a lot too, since she was asking for cloth-people cutouts in bulk to fight the Fused.
  2. The problem with looking for the resonant frequency of Fused gemhearts is that they won't all be the same, so you'd have to find the individual exact frequency every time, which is obviously impractical from the perspective of your approach. On the other hand, you may be able to just have the illusion play a scaling tone, a la computer music. As for other uses, the full invisibility via bending light has the problems described, but the easy solution is to just make your arms and weapon(s) invisible. It's much harder to effectively block a weapon you can't see, even if you can generally guess where it is based on posture. Embed little gems onto arrows/throwing knives and make those invisible. Get a volley of those going, and they literally won't even know what hit them! Or where the volley came from if it was from behind a hill. That'll sow some serious confusion :D. Without seeing the volley, peeps are less likely to raise their shields on a battlefield too. It'd be hard to set up, though, at least with the current numbers of Radiants.
  3. The problem with what you've said here is the source of forgiveness. For Dalinar, its Evi he's looking to forgive him. For Wayne, Wax forgave him, but the children of that man clearly haven't. Dalinar is, well, Dalinar. He's the only one outside the Sadeas princedom saddened by Torol's death. It's less about if they are forgiven, and more about if they got the forgiveness they wanted/deserved/earned.
  4. Pg 405 US hardcover Stormfather says it starts with the Voidbringers, then "As I SAID, MY VIEW..." The 'as' isn't capitalized. It's kinda hard to notice because only 'As I' is on that line in the book.
  5. Well, since Twinborn isn't on this list, I picked Hemalurgy since that can give me that. Plus all the others if I don't mind looking like a pincushion. As for what Twinborn, iron/iron is my favorite. They are the most mobile of any power set we know of, and have great destructive potential. I even prefer it over being a Steeldancer. Of course, since it's Hemalurgy you could just get all 4 and really be able to do crazy mobility stuff. Also, you could potentially spike away the ability to become Elantrian, which is without question the most powerful cosmere magic. And with the power and knowledge of both, you could do many things that are simply absurd. And while I'm at it, just grab Allomantic gold to do cognitive manipulation shenanigans.
  6. That wasn't the point I was making. I was making the point that you don't necessarily have to rely on the dozen or so Shardpools in existence in order to worldhop. I can imagine scenarios where people would migrate to Roshar before H/C got there, possibly even pre-Shattering. I just can't reconcile the idea of native humans with them both not having a natural spren symbiosis and the Listeners feeling betrayed by the spren going to them. I take the spren going to them to mean they have 'juicier' thoughts that shifted how the spren perceived themselves, potentially completely changing a some types to other types. Who knows what kinds of effects that could have.
  7. @SilverTiger well that doesn't say much about it, actually. Dalinar speaks the Dawnchant in his visions, so the language was used at least by the desolation Nohadon was part of. I can see situations arising where both humans and Parshendi end up speaking the Dawnchant, and then desolations messing with languages which we can pretty much be certain happened. Especially since I think one of the OB readings (not the pre-release chapters, but it might have been a WoB) had some ardents talking about how the desolations could have easily made the Dawnchant disappear along with civilization from some desolation. I don't think it's really a big deal what language they speak because the desolations can do all kinds of funky stuff.
  8. When you spend the day frantically going back and forth trying to get a cohesive theory post out there while also keeping up on the Shard Discord. Which is surprisingly active, you should check it out if you haven't.
  9. Edit: Thanks Tesh, now I can make the meme, so here it is:
  10. Mistborn AoL WoK and minor Edgedancer Warbreaker Edgedancer
  11. I'd bet they just remake the fan film of the Chasmfiend fight we already have. Cuz that's pretty sweet. They'd need to change it up so that you see Plate in comparison to regular soldiers.
  12. Fair. Though we know there can be non-Shard based perpendicularities. First of the Sun is the obvious go-to, but Surgebinding can also create mini ones. I just see no reason to believe that humans are native since they don't have a natural symbiotic relationship with the spren like basically every other even moderately intelligent species there (with the possible exception of the Aimians, but who knows what's up with them). They are also completely unadapted to the environment. I just can't accept that they were there in the first place since they suck at being there so much (relatively).
  13. My statement about the inbreeding is not false. Just because it happened a long time ago and probably not for that long doesn't change that. My current guess as to how it came about is war related rape. The point is that they are not a separate race, and as you said are basically human. I see zero reason to believe that the Shin are native. They just live where the Highstorms aren't nearly as big a deal, as well as having a highly isolationist culture. That says almost nothing about their origins. It's been a while since I've read that WoB so I accept that I'm likely wrong about Aimians having one language. That was me not remembering and guessing based on in-book stuff that's pretty tenuous. I stand firm on the idea that there are no humans native to Roshar. Else, the Listener songs wouldn't make sense. I don't think the Listeners would feel betrayed by the spren focusing on humanity if they were already there in the first place. They would have already been focusing on the humans.
  14. I'd say Snapping is like flipping the switch into an 'on' position, and burning is plugging in the LED to complete the circuit (after all, the metal is the filter that determines outcome, like the color of an LED). I liked you mentioning not snapping too hard because of funky chemicals. That might be an apt way to describe savantism. Might. We really don't know since I think there are some retcons being planned. Identity is more like a serial # or a lock/key. With Feruchemy, if the metalmind doesn't have the right serial #, you can't access it. For medallions, I describe it as blank metalminds are like having a lock with one tumbler, so anyone with a key can get in, and unkeyed metalminds are basically taking away the lock entirely. Intent is more cognitive in nature. If something doesn't match the Intent of a Shard, they can't push the power through the Intent's cognitive filter to make things happen. Selish magic is location dependent for a couple reasons. Dominion makes it cultural-geographically based, and then the fact that the Dor isn't everywhere and nowhere in the Spiritual Realm, it is in the CR makes it so the power can only reach certain areas (Sel). Happy to help you get some discussion. I know the feel. Really well.
  15. Horneaters are the result of human/Listener inbreeding. Herdazians too. Sorry to break your idea. It was pretty clever. We don't know much of anything about the Aimians, even whether they are native or not. I could see it going both ways. I also would guess they have one language, based on some minor Edgedancer spoilers. @Hawkido The thing with your argument as it stands is that you don't have evidence, and there is WoB counter evidence that is conclusive. If we can't trust WoB (in so far as we don't have reason to believe he simply made a mistake) then there really isn't any point in being here. Continuing the discussion would be analogous to believing that vaccines cause autism, when they absolutely do not. That might be too politically charged of an analogy, but nothing else is coming to mind. There isn't necessarily anything wrong with stream of conscious ideas or just spit-balling ideas, but when you start basing new spit balls on spit balls, you enter dangerous spit puddles waters. I'm not really one to talk about that, since I'm more often guilty of it than most people around here, but I do try to base my new ones on old ones that have a reasonable amount of evidence. Like I said before, a large body of our knowledge is still technically theory, since we can't get direct confirmation for everything all at once, so in a sense almost everything we talk about here does that to some extent, but that is basically a technicality. We do have a solid network of implications that allow us to guess pretty accurately, or at least based on the right premises. New people just usually know almost nothing of that network, and it's impossible to bring them up to speed within a single topic. So it may look like we are just being contradictory, but we are really just unable to bring to bear all the tangential evidence. As for the community toxicity, this is an extremely tame forum. I get that we scare off a lot of casual readers because we know scary amounts of stuff and rabidly want to share. On the other hand, it's pretty rare that we are outright rude to newcomers, just firm that their ideas often don't match up with books/WoB. The only real exception to that is when they enter already hostile, confrontational, and/or trollish. If people are reasonable, we welcome them with open arms. We just hold people to standards (of conduct, not knowledge) that are more strict than your average forum. I would be very happy if most of the rest of the internet became like this. The sad thing is that those standards really just amount to being logical, reasonable, and polite, and we really only require the logic in the theory areas. Some people simply don't know how to do one or more of those, at least online, and eventually get angry and leave. It's disappointing, but better than the alternative. It did, indirectly. We got told that Frost is not a worldhopper, and that Vessels are worldhoppers basically by default, even if they stayed on Yolen.