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  1. If i remember correctly Aliik said that the sovereign's priest were from a southern "tribe" that no longer existed. (not sure if he called them tribes or not..) I just assumed that Kelsier went to a group that was almost wiped out and showed them how to do the heater thing and out of gratitude they became his followers and shared the knowledge with the other tribes that still survived. So only that initial tribe was in such a desperate state and the rest of the southerners were suffering to a lesser extent.
  2. Does the ability to worldhop grant extended life? Once you have enough power/knowledge to worldhop you don't age? I have no idea... but i think Voidus is on target. I can't see Spook "sitting around" if he could be out having adventures.
  3. Why would he have to be in a speed bubble? It's entirely possible that whilst researching Kelsier predicament he "discovered" the same longevity secret that most of the worldhoppers seem to have. I find it interesting that he ruled for 100 years then stepped down. No mention of death at all, no tomb or memorial, nothing. One would think there would be something to mark the "Lord Mistborn".
  4. i thought it was more of a don't than a can't. The idea of sharing seams to make them uncomfortable, like the spikes are intensely private and not shared.
  5. i'm thinkin it was a southerner worldhopper... like Iyatil i have no basis for this except the mask, of course.
  6. my first thought was 7up... but Mountain Dew works.
  7. One of the few advantages of not being able to sleep well is that I get to read. A LOT! I usual end up re-reading ALL of the cosmere books I own when a new cosmere book comes out. Anyway these are just guesses but: Elantris: no idea! at least 10 times Warbreaker: 5 Mistborn first series: 4 Mistborn: The Allow of Law: 4 Mistborn: Shadows of Self: 3 Mistborn The Eleventh Metal: 2 The Hope of Elantris: 3 The Emperor's Soul: 2 The Way of Kings: 3 Words of Radiance: 3 Shadow of Silence in the Forest of Hell: 2 Sixth of the Dusk: 2 Aether of Night: 2 White Sands: 2
  8. It would only prove that A Venture lived. Given Elend's father's promiscuity there are probably dozens of branches on that family tree...
  9. I like the "cleanse the palette" analogy. I generally switch to non-fiction for a while. Military history usually.
  10. Based on personal experience I feel I have to chime in on the recovery breaks, not that i ever fought actual Koloss, but i have been in combat. Assuming actual physical combat time is an hour and each "break" 20mins (literally just throwing out numbers here). Add in the heat and air quality (which will sap your strength and energy quickly) Also, we're talking hand-to-hand brute force combat. VERY physically and emotionally draining You'll have at MOST one or two sessions at 100%. Each successive activity period after that will exponentially decrease your combat capability, to the point that in a few short hours you will be completely ineffective. Factor in individual strength and training and you would get a few more but not much. You'd have to do a 1 on 2 off rotation in order to get any sustained combat.
  11. well, that makes more sense. still a waste of time and effort, but and honorable waste.
  12. well, that's even more of a waste of time! why salute the guy who's come to kill you? that's just silly. (the salute, not your post!)
  13. She's a smart kid that's survived on the streets for several years. Very cruel streets. Her basic survival instinct has been honed to a razor's edge. She relies on that instinct. Simple.
  14. It could be that the Inquisitors were just being sadistic. A large part of their control over the empire came from fear and terror. Even the rumors of the "messy" way they were created would enhance their evil persona...
  15. That's exactly how i first interpreted it. Although, Dalinar is very obviously the commander. He's not even attempting to hide, is almost blatantly saying "Here I am come and get me!". so maybe its more of a "don't waste time saluting, we have a battle to win. Get back to work".