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  1. I say that every time, but I think this was the first that I kept myself to 2 with a clarifying follow up.
  2. If you want, you could try watching the live-stream on MBtB’s FB Page.
  3. My wife & I were sitting behind you (maybe a different guy) when you were chatting her up. We were kinda smirking to each other because we legit thought you were asking for their schedule trying to get her digits (or whatever the kids ask for these days)... She is… very attractive.
  4. WoB confirm that the sheath is at least partially metal. My question last night confirms it was specifically prepared but was not Invested at the time of Nightblood’s initial Awakening & it wasn’t part of the original intent. I dont know if that implies Nightblood has been Awakened more than once or Invested more than once or if more than one intent has been placed upon it.
  5. For those that may not have heard it, Brandon is in town until Tuesday. He’s doing stuff tomorrow with the LDS Church. Monday he’s recording an episode of Writing Excuses at NASA. Then flies out for a Tuesday tour stop? It was hard to hear what his sister was telling the guy asking, but then again that’s how eavesdropping goes!!
  6. Words of Brandon: (paraphrased until transcriptions) Elantris says the Shaod often comes at night. Does it always come at night? No. Was Nightblood’s Sheath present at its Awakening and is it part of the Intent. No. I mean, it may have been there and prepared for its use, but it is not part of the first Awakening or the Intent. So at some point we may learn how it learned to stop with the sheath? I... The sheath is specially made and is special but it was not part of the Investiture, the Command, or the Intent. Good questions.
  7. Whoa, Argent, hold it. Don't confuse have not with cannot. It's subtle shades like this that can make all the difference in the worlds.
  8. At the Houston Signing, Brandon said he's in talks for a "side-sequel" series in an alternate Universe/timeline.
  9. Genius! Next time, I'm going to stand there and every time someone says they have no questions, I'll throw on my best Herdazian accent and say, "Gancho, what my cousin here means is he would like to defer his turn to me. Now a Realmatic puzzler I've been stewing on is…"
  10. And I thought I was pushing it with 6 questions! Good questions and thanks for bringing them here!!
  11. Ack. I'm on mobile and accidentally down voted @vineyarddawg when I meant to up vote! Sorry!
  12. I know! At the Houston QA he said everyone is bugging him for Rithmatist 2, because they've been waiting for the longest. I hollered out, "Elantris 2!?!" Several others smiled at me and snickered. Only been 10 years.
  13. Not 2 more years. Summer 17 would be 1year 3 months to 1 year 6months more. Sanderson puts out more books than any similar author. Titan Arum, Brandon didn't rule out fossil fuels in future books.