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  1. Awesome. One of the things I'd have asked Brandon if time allowed was "Are Shardpools currently the main method of worldhopping?", so very happy to have that confirmed. Now if we could only get confirmed or denied that (some of) the Hoed/Elantrians using Devotion's Shardpool are hopping somewhere (or shifting into the Cognitive/Spiritual realm)...
  2. The recording wasn't paused (I was standing nearby the whole time), but you're right that the unintelligible bit wasn't new or interesting. I don't remember what it was, just that it wasn't worth remembering.
  3. Thanks Argent! Yeah they were playing an 80s soundtrack all night, it occasionally got pretty loud. Several people including Brandon remarked on that, but the bookstore people didn't take the hint. Anyway, the audio turned out better than I'd hoped. I'll try and see if I can decipher some of the unintelligible bits.
  4. I don't know, I'm not all that surprised by this. Aluminum is special, sure, but I don't expect it to be as special on Roshar as on Scadrial. I see a Shardblade cutting an inanimate object as a very sharp anything cutting an inanimate object, it's a very indirect application of the magic/Investiture. Now I would be surprised if, say, Soulcasting aluminum to another material isn't different in some way, but that's a far more direct interaction with the magic than trying to cut it.
  5. I like that Yin-Yang image. You've got a black and white pool, symbol of balance/harmony... Missed opportunity if that's not the route Brandon's going! It'd have to fit in with how Shardpools work, but I think we know so little about them at this point that Brandon can still change his mind about that... For example, does every of the 16 original shards have a pool? What happens to the pool when the shard is shattered, or moves to a different planet? If they are a by-product of the Shard's investment then that would probably mean they're not created with intent, so can a Shard even intentionally influence their Shardpool?
  6. Hi all, I'm a long-time lurker around here who just went to his first signing! Got Brandon some Magic cards (he pulled both a foil Island and a mythic rare planeswalker out of the same pack, he called it the coolest pack ever) and recorded everything from then until the end of the signing (I was the ~20th person in line out of 300 so got most of it). Didn't get to ask a question in line because of the cards and me going all giddy fanboy... Before the signing there was one interesting question in the general Q&A: would Brandon finish Patrick Rothfuss' series if asked? He talked about how he would be a bad fit, he could do the viewpoints and narrative style but their prose is very different. The topic moved unto A Song of Ice and Fire, and Brandon remarked jokingly that while he could probably match George's writing style, their content was very different: he said that if he finished that series, everybody would be a lot nicer and they'd all settle down and get married. Not as many Cosmere questions were asked as I expected, quite a few writing questions, but many people asked nothing at all (while I was standing there with a long mental list of them, frustrating!). The signing went until midnight and then he left almost immediately, but I did get one question in at the end which is not on the recording: Me: Now that Ruin and Preservation are Harmony, are there still two Shardpools (on Scadrial)? Brandon: Great question, here's your RAFO card! Oh well. My recording. And my transcript (sorry forgot to note times in the beginning, also skipped some writing questions and such). I only got got halfway with transcribing the audio, hoping to finish it this weekend, but if someone else wants to go right ahead. EDIT: Thanks Argent for doing the last bit! It's now complete. One interesting tidbit that's not in the transcript: Brandon has not only sold movie rights to Mistborn, but now also to Way of Kings and even *the entire Cosmere* (as one). That shocked even Jason Denzel who was standing next to me... Well done, Brandon.