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  1. Hero of Ages Annotations (Chapter 62)
  2. Just to add, the WoB where Brandon says that Hoid uses Feruchemy for his 'Hoidsense' is noted as being a paraphrase, so it's possible that Brandon's original response was more along the lines of 'he uses something like Feruchemy' which got remembered without the qualifier. Or Brandon could have changed his mind between that Q&A and now. To go to the original question, there is another way to obtain Allomantic and Feruchemical powers. Spoilers for Bands of Mourning in case you haven't read it yet:
  3. His own religion has as a tenant 'Don't worship me!' so yes, I could imagine him specifically telling people to not call the metal by his name if it ever became a widespread thing.
  4. The Tears of Edgli are an incredible source of fuel for Awakening but they aren't the only source. Idrians could theoretically Awaken if any of them had the spare Breath (per the annotations their muted colors would still work quite well) and the inclination to do so despite not using dyes created from the Tears. And Susebron drains color from the stones of his palace. And Lifeless drain their own color. Just to provide a couple examples of clearly non-Tear-derived color sources. The dyes made from the Tears just happen to make Awakening easier by providing a lot of color that doesn't fade. And we know that there isn't anything special about the metals on Scadrial (aside from the godmetals), it's the molecular structure that acts as a filter for Preservation's power and non-Scadrian metal could be used so long as it was sufficiently pure and for alloys, had the right percentages. So it would be very strange for Awakening to require 'Nalthian color' (whatever that is) as fuel. Doubly so when you factor in that Breath is designed as a package deal where anyone can obtain it and anyone who does so can Awaken without any special steps required, even if that person isn't native to Nalthis. The Connection is baked right in. TLDR: Magic systems that require some sort of fuel aren't necessarily restricted to only using fuel from the planet where the system originates.
  5. @The One Who Connects Ooh, nice find there, thanks. Clearly I need to pay more attention to WoBs from Reddit.
  6. There's also Leras' manipulations to make his '16 is important, notice this!' plan to work and Harmony doing something to reduce the snapping threshold as of Era 2.
  7. I have a little theory that they're looking for a certain knife that Nazh loaned out and never got back.
  8. Brandon published Mistborn: The FInal Empire in 2006 and drew heavily from at least four previously written but unpublished or unfinished works of his. Kara no Kyoukai's animated adaptation didn't come out until 2007 and English releases later still. Any similarity would have to be a coincidence. That said, while I know the name I've never actually watched it (or read the novels the animated adaptations were based on) but now I think I'm going to have to add it to my 'to do' list.
  9. Brandon explicitly said that the unknown metal is from a Shard that we know. Meaning that it is from 1) A Shard and 2) One whose existence we knew of in October of 2015. That leaves us with Odium and Autonomy as the two most likely candidates, though it's also possible they're working together and each contributing something different to the enterprise. Somewhat less likely but still possible would be a reformed Dominion or an amalgamation with Devotion, if only because the mathematical terminology fits what we know of Dominion's Intent and the 'Faceless Immortal' resembles the Selish legends of the svrakiss. Assuming that's based on something native to Sel and not a remnant of Odium's little vacation to the planet at any rate.
  10. That, or possibly something explosive.
  11. Brandon has talked about Era 3 more recently and while he hasn't nailed down the equivalent date per se, we can assume from what he's said that Era 3 will be a late 20th century equivalent setting rather than an early/mid one. If he does any 1940'ish writing it would be separate from the proper trilogy. Here's one from last year where he mentions the protagonist of Era 3 will be a computer programmer And another one where he says much the same thing I don't believe he's said anything about the originally announced plot concept of 'allomantic SWAT team vs. Mistborn serial killer' in some time. It's a neat idea so I certainly hope that's still the focus, though I'm sure that if it does change whatever we get will be just as interesting. But nothing about the change to the protagonist from his initial mentions of Era 3 (back when it was 'the second trilogy') really implies anything about that one way or the other so until given specific reason to think otherwise, I'm assuming that the broad outline of the plot will follow that early announcement.
  12. We don't know her motivations at this point. It's possible she looked at the situation the listeners were in and decided that slavery to their old gods was preferable to dying piecemeal at Alethi hands, she might have been prodded in that direction by Odium's influence (presumably through one of the Unmade), she could have some other reasons we can't necessarily understand at this point. As far as nobody remembering goes, the listeners lost a lot of their specific knowledge when they abandoned their forms of power in the first place. Eshonai didn't realize she was about to become one of those forms until it was too late to stop the process. Afterwards, while she was under whatever influences stormform parshendi, she was persuading everyone else to adopt that form as well and many followed because hey, Eshonai thinks it's a good idea and we are getting kind of desperate. And a number of the leaders who had pushed for Gavilar's asssassination years earlier stayed behind to cover the flight of the rest so there wasn't as much of a counterbalancing opinion once Eshonai had been converted to the cause.
  13. Yes he did.
  14. I'd pay my weight in infused spheres to see a debate between Jasnah and Wayne. Also, Jasnah and Khriss for obvious reasons of Scholarship! And I'd love to see Shai and Shallan discuss the nature of truth and lies as applied to their manifestations of Investiture and the interplay of art and magic
  15. Have you seen this yet? https://brandonsanderson.com/alcatraz-the-big-reveal/