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  1. Have you heard of The Dresden Files by Jim Butcher? It's an urban fantasy series with the protagonist being a wizard in modern-day Chicago in a world where all myths are real. All of them, everything from vampires and werewolves to Chinese jianshi to Greek gods to Santa Claus. Might be kind of what you're looking for. I actually got into the series in the first place because someone asked Brandon at a signing what he was reading and he mentioned one of Butcher's books (from another series) and I decided that was an author I had to give a look.
  2. Yes, that was Taldaini sand and it was white because it absorbed Investiture, and not Shallan's apparently. The sand itself isn't the important thing but a lichen that grows on it, which is what reacts to Investiture. Khriss mentions this in Arcanum Unbounded. Also, OB spoiler
  3. Yeah, Lift is actually thirteen. Or as she puts it, she's been ten for three years. She likes ten because she can count to it with her fingers, so between that and her request to the Nightwatcher she actually believes (until Edgedancer at least) that she actaually did stop aging at ten.
  4. Welcome to the Shard Nope, the sand can be recharged using other kinds of kinetic Investiture. This means that not only can you recharge it offworld but if it's uncharged you can also use it as an Investiture detector. Also, even if you don't have any other source of Investiture handy it's possible to recharge the sand anywhere that light from Taldain's star is visible. So the sand can be used and recharged offworld and it's got use even when it's not charged. The Shades are a manifestation of Investiture and they're from Threnody. We also see a description of what appears to be a Shade-powered gun in the broadsheet story in Bands of Mourning. Given how closely the description of the weapon's function tracks to what we know of Shades and their mannerisms, it's likely that Nicki/Nicelle wasn't making that part up. Also, the Ire have a way of detecting Shades which confirms they're a cross-Cosmere thing. You're really being limited in your thinking here. Yes, the systems you highlight are the easiest to use offworld but they're by no means the only ones that are useful. BioChroma's passive benefits are useful everywhere and Awakening is end-neutral so as long as you do retreive your Breaths you can keep using it over and over. Surgebinding has a regional limitation owing to the issues in getting a spren away from Roshar and the issues with storing Stormlight but you're forgetting that magic systems can be hacked. By the time worldhopping Rosharans become a serious thing, they'll have figured out ways of either storing Stormlight efficiently or hacking other magic systems to provide the necessary Investiture. Look at Lift for an example of how this words: She can't make use of Stormlight but she's able to metabolize food into Investiture and Surgebind off of that. Really, the only systems that aren't useful offworld right now are the Selish ones and Brandon has implied it's not going to be a permanent issue.
  5. I think that F-Tin only works by storing your senses so you couldn't get 'steelsight' into the metalmind initially in that way, but if you happend to have senses beyond normal you could store them. Brandon has explicitly called out A-Bronze's ability to detect kinetic Investiture as something F-Tin can store, so there's no reason to think it wouldn't work for A-Iron/Steel; might even be a WoB on that I've overlooked. So someone with both A-Steel and F-Tin should be able to store that in a metalmind and there's probably a way to rig that using harmonium to make an allomantic metal detector out of the stored 'steelsight', I'm just not sure quite how you'd set it up.
  6. We don't know yet and Brandon has RAFO'd all attempts to get more information out of him.
  7. Having cracks in your spiritweb isn't just a Rosharan thing, it's a Cosmere-wide phenomenon. You need a way to get the Investiture into your soul and trauma or other great stress is the easiest way to create the cracks which the magic can then fill. We see it directly with allomancy and we don't know enough about how Selish and Taldaini Initiation works to say how it applies there, while it's baked into Nalthian Investiture (which is less Spiritual) so you don't need it for BioChroma, though it's probably a factor in the process of becoming a Returned. Brandon's also mentioned that it's just good storytelling to balance out power with flaws and because characters that are hurting are more interesting to write about, for the Doylist perspective on these things. Bear in mind that Shallan is an unreliable narrator and we know for a fact that her mother was willing to kill her when she started visibly manifesting the signs of being a Surgebinder. The latter suggests a less than perfectly loving relationship and combined with the former, Shallan's childhood may not have been quite so rosy as she's made it out to be. He already has bonded a highspren, though it's easy to miss. When he formally swears his Third Ideal he mentions the fact. Given that Szeth is carrying around an Investiture-nomming Nightblood, I'm not entirely surprised that his spren prefers to keep a low profile. Like I said, I don't think Shallan is an exception. In Tien's case, he could very easily have been working through emotional issues that we never really saw because he was always so cheerful around Kaladin. We know he didn't become another apprentice to his father because he couldn't stomach everything that it entailed and he was always seen as kind of useless for doing 'real' work when he did become an apprentice carpenter, which had to have bothered him especially since he could make really fine carvings. But he was seen that way and it could easily have affected him and Tien just refused to let it show. In fact, that could have been part of the lies he told himself that attracted a Cryptic in the first place. EDIT: But yeah, as Calderis says I think there's a range of 'cracked-ness' and not everybody needs to go through the sorts of experiences that Kelsier or Kaladin did, though it's also going to depend on the world and how their individual magic systems function.
  8. @BitBitio the Mudkip Great, you just gave me a crack idea for a cyberpunk-esque Cosmere world where Investiture comes to those who squash spambots, trolls and other online nuisances, and comes in the form of increased ability to manipulate computers and virtual reality. I'm thinking Snow Crash's Metaverse with extra 'magical' elements.
  9. Possibly it was more for Szeth's benefit. If he was (mostly) dead it's easier for Szeth to cut his ties with his past and move forward since he can rationalize it as no longer being bound by the dictates of the Stone Shamans or his own sense of duty. Alternatively, Nale did it that way to make a point that he could restore someone who hadn't yet passed Beyond in order to impress upon Szeth that yes, he's a Herald and can do amazing things. Or he did it for reasons that only make sense in his head. Like all the Heralds, Nale is insane and Brandon has warned us not to trust anything they say completely. It may have to do with the method of his resurrection not being very good at that sort of healing (compare Nightblood to a typical Shardblade as an example of forcing one magic system to do something it wasn't 'intended' to do) or it may be that Nale didn't have enough Investiture to reconnect Szeth's spiritweb to his body perfectly, so the connection between the two operates on a slight delay. Realmatically this shouldn't be an issue since the spiritweb (as a Spiritual construct) isn't affected by location, so being slightly out of sync is just going to be disconcerting for anyone like Lift who looks at him, but not debilitating to Szeth himself. Now I'm wondering what a certain Sovereign would look like if Lift were to look at him...
  10. Ettmetal IS Harmonium. The instability (and disproportionate explosiveness) is because of Harmony's conflicting nature and there's probably not too much Sazed can do about that since he's already balancing them as best he can and better than others would.
  11. FYI, lesser spren can theoretically bond with humans. We have no idea what this would do though. Sorry if it was unclear to you, I didn't mean to imply that it was a literal comparison, just pointing out that the number of powers (in systems where that's a factor) are not within the control of the Shards. Therefore, there are only ten Surges but they may be expressed slightly differently depending on whether you're getting them from a typical Nahel Bond or if your spren has been touched by Sja-Anat. Or if you're a Fused, who are also clearly using the same Surges (enough that Szeth can counter them all based on his own experience) even if they're not operating in quite the same way as Radiant Surges. Since what Renarin does is similar to what a Truthwatcher is 'supposed' to be able to do and we know that different Orders can express the Surges in slightly different ways while still drawing on the same fundamental power, it's far more likely that what we see with him is not a third Surge that was added to his powerset but the result of Odium's influence on one of his Surges and/or his Resonance. We've seen this happen in Oathbringer at least with what Renarin does. He's accessing the same Surges as a 'normal' Truthwatcher but there's some weirdness owing to Glys being corrupted and so he's not working in exactly the same way, but he's still doing mostly the same things. We know from the gem archive that this has happened before (one of the gems is from a Truthwatcher who says they foresaw certain events but can't let the others hear them admit that) and that person must have been able to hide the changes among a society who knew what a Truthwatcher was 'supposed' to be able to do. Ergo, the changes are subtle. Did I get all that across well enough and was that responding to your thoughts as they are in your head?
  12. Harmony has apparently been doing just that. He 'accidentally' lets slip the idea of motion pictures to the kandra, who mention it to Wax et al, and for all we know Wayne will mention it to Sophi Tarcsel and then she'll figure out how to make it work, or at least get it started and someone else will build on her work. He also mentions other technologies to Wax. We know he's a Shard that's actively nudging development along but he's also got his opposing Intents to juggle. Cultivation is currently busy fighting with Odium so her methods of interacting kind of have to be subtle, but we know she's doing it. Also, assuming that she should focus on the people of Roshar is awfully humanoidist (is that a word? It should be) of you. For all we know, she's fascinated by the rest of the planet's flora and fauna and is only tangentially interested in the noisy two-legged ones insofar as they intersect with her interests and her desire to oppose Odium. Endowment seems to have set up a really cushy gig for herself, insofar as every time anyone uses her magic system, they're carrying out her Intent for her.
  13. Word of Brandon says: No, he isn't.
  14. You can theoretically change a hemalurgic spike from one type to another so Forging an entire spike seems like it would be possible in theory. However, Brandon's said that altering an existing spike would require more power than Shai has so she would need some sort of boost. Turning an ordinary metal spike into a hemalurgic one would require not just altering the nature of a spike but essentially creating the bits of spiritweb from nothing. Whether that's more difficult than altering something already Invested we don't know but it can't be easy from a technical perspective. Also, Forgery works based on plausibility so for the stamp to take you'd need to have a situation where it's plausible that a given bit of metal was used, on someone with the power you want the spike to have, by someone who knows what they're doing. And the Forger would have to be intimately familiar with the way hemalurgy works as well. That's a lot of hurdles to overcome. My guess is that it could be done but it would be one of those things where Brandon uses the analogy of turning lead into gold using a particle accelerator; possible but completely inefficient.
  15. Welcome (back) to the Shard! Numbers in the Cosmere are associated with the planets rather than the Shards and the latter do not get to control how their magic manifests, it's an interaction between factors. Thus, since the entire Rosharan System (except Braize) has ten as an associated number, we can be pretty certain that there are exactly ten Surges, no more. We know for a fact that Honor did not have any control over the pairings of Surges for example, they're a natural function of the system. However, they don't always behave the same way for each Order that can access them, as explicitly stated by the Stormfather and confirmed by Brandon. New Surge combinations are theoretically possible but you'd need an Honorblade or a way to juggle two Nahel Bonds to make it work. New Surges entirely aren't. Odium is still using the same fundamental forces that Honor and Cultivation are and the magic that the people of Ashyn once used was also drawing on the same elements as Surgebinding so we shouldn't expect there to be all-new 'Odium Surges', just slight spins on the existing ones with consequent spins on Resonances. For example, Renarin is seeing the future instead of the present due to Glys being corrupted.