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  1. Uhh, yeah they were: Ash explicitly recognizes that these pictures came from Hoid and that they're exact drawings, not the representations common in Vorin iconography which is what the Oilsworn would have used. I think you're getting your wires crossed with the scene when Ash first shows up, when she destroys a painting by the Oilsworn. I'm sure Her Highness Jasnah would be thrilled to see Hoid show up accompanied by a hundred chasmfiends marching in unison singing an ode to his magnificence, asking for his old job back. xD And while I think that if anyone could be considered 'Hoid's ward' in the series so far it would definitely be Shallan, the thought of Jasnah and Khriss meeting is definitely one of those encounters that would so redefine awesomeness that 1) Lift would have to find a new word to describe her power and 2) Brandon would have to invent a whole new word for it because 'awesomeness' just wouldn't be awesome enough.
  2. Coincidences happen. The most obvious one is that Ati on Scadrial and Aon Ati on Sel have absolutely nothing to do with one another. According to Brandon, they aren't even pronounced alike. Similar parallels could be drawn between Roshar and Nalthis, if you look at Vo(rin), how shash is a letter/glyph in both worlds and of course there are three prominent worldhoppers from the latter planet on the former, one of whom has something of a history with Roshar. Brandon's already confirmed that the shash thing is a coincidence. But that doesn't mean that the Heralds are from Nalthis any more than a couple of shared syllables means they're from Sel. Riino is a very interesting cameo but at this point there are worldhoppers from literally every other major shardworld and one of the minor ones running around Roshar so we shouldn't read too much into it. Also, Kaladin initially thinks that Riino is Shin, which means that people from Sel (or at least the Aonic peoples) look distinctly different from the majority of Rosharans. Nobody looking at the Heralds has made a similar observation (but Dalinar did make that observation upon seeing Rayse) ergo the Heralds do not look especially Aonic.
  3. Uh, I'm not seeing it. He shot down the idea that Urithiru is a spaceship but he doesn't explicitly shoot down the idea of other things being spaceships. And Brandon seems to have mastered the art of the Aes Sedai Truth, where he'll give a completely honest answer using exact words, except he'll be deliberately misleading in doing so. Big spoiler for a non-Cosmere franchise So unless I'm missing something in that WoB, you'll forgive me I hope for not taking it as a complete shooting down of the theory. Unless it's explicit (and preferably inscribed in metal) there's always going to be wiggle room.
  4. Well, if you really want to split hairs doesn't actually say you couldn't move something really big through space, just that Urithiru isn't one of the floating cities from Ashyn specifically. So the theory lives, for now.
  5. While it's not canonical, we can still take a couple things away from the Liar of Partinel (Hoid's origin story) snippets we've seen. One of these is that Yolish Lightweaving was a magic that could be taught. We can assume this is still canon to a great extent because in his appearance in Warbreaker, Hoid uses it in his storytelling and mentions how he learned it "many years ago from a man who didn’t know who he was, Your Majesty. It was a distant place where two lands meet and gods have died.". Also, if there's in-univese evidence that the Old Magic was pre-Shattering (and I can't think of any evidence this is the case offhand) then it presumably would have been mentioned by Khriss in the Ars Arcanum, much as she talks about how interesting it is that Rosharan Lightweaving is similar to Yolish Lightweaving. She does mention the Old Magic but only to imply that it doesn't fit into the Vorin model where everything is grouped into tens.
  6. I am totally down with the 'that's no moon, it's an ancient spaceship' idea. Actually, the exact concept was used in an anime called Gun x Sword, which also had a population transplanted from another world, but so long ago that almost nobody remembered this, and Bad Things happened to the original world. We also know there's definitely something screwy going on with those moons. Throw in that Hoid tells a story involving them (for reasons Brandon Only Knows) and we've definitely got reasons to be suspicious of the things. It must have been before that, though I don't know how long. The city existed before because one of Dalinar's visions (the 'Starfall' one) has the Radiant telling Dalinar to come to Urithiru for training, to prepare for the next Desolation which he thinks is coming soon. Implication, the cycle of Desolations is still going on and thus the Oathpact isn't broken yet. We also know that Nohadon walked to Urithiru but the Radiants didn't appear to exist as a formal institution at that time, even if surgebinders did. He also expects the Heralds to return, suggesting that he too thinks the Desolation cycle hasn't ended. There's probably enough clues in the various visions and Navani/Jasnah's observations to make a more specific approximation of when the tower was built, but I don't have the books handy right now to dig through them.
  7. Scadrial's mentioned to be the Cosmere's big Earth-analogue so it's probably safe to assume that with the exception of things like the mistcloks, its fashion would be more familiar to our eyes than on some of the other worlds. In reflecting on Rashek's actions, Sazed mentions in the epigraphs that Rashek appropriated the fashions of Khlennium for the nobles and we know that pre-Final Empire the world had steam power but hadn't quite gotten to the train, (and the Khlenni were apparently the leaders there too, being where pocketwatches came from) so fashion probably should track the styles of the early nineteenth century that they seem to represent, or at least their fashion should be pretty close to it. Here's wikipedia's summary, which might give a good idea what Scadiran gowns of the Final Empire era would look like. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/1795–1820_in_Western_fashion#Gowns
  8. Very unlikely. with some exceptions Scadrial has been mentioned as a 'low Investiture' world in terms of how much of it is actually going through you relative to places like Roshar, (paraphrased, but see here) so the amount of Investiture-based resistance you get from burning a metal at the moment of impact isn't likely to make much of a difference. A charged metalmind can block a Shardblade to an extent, depending on how full it is. F-Gold would theoretically work (subject to the caveat in Brandon's response above) not because of the Investiture itself but what it's doing as the Shardblade is hitting you, ie healing the damage as it's being inflicted. Pewter (or any other metal you're burning or attribute you're tapping) wouldn't provide much resistance. Now, while looking up WoBs to see if people have asked Brandon about shardblades vs much more heavily Invested people, I started wondering. We know for example that Returned and even the Godkings (who are heavily Invested) are just as fragile as normal humans so how would a shardblade react to them? I'm pretty sure the Divine Breath alone qualifies as enough innate Investiture to resist the Spiritual damage, but would the shardblade just look at that and go 'okay, time to be a normal bit of sharp metal now' and just cut them normally or would it get blocked as if it were hitting shardplate and only damage the Breaths until the level of Investiture wasn't enough to resist the blade? Same thing for Elantrians (not counting potential defenses like Aon Edo) since they're extremely Invested individuals. Brandon was asked about a Reod Elantrian vs a shardblade and said it would be weird, treating them as half-dead and half-alive and might cut either way. But I don't think anyone's asked specifically about other cases.
  9. It's been discussed but it's an extremely tenuous argument. Anthropomorphizing abstract concepts is something people do it all the time. Mother Nature, Lady Luck...
  10. F-Gold can heal shardblade wounds, with an asterisk. Earlier Brandon was asked this and said much more definitively that F-Gold could heal shardblade wounds but this response is newer and it sounds like he's going back and forth on it. But even with the hemming and hawing the answer does seem to be 'yes'.
  11. Anthropomorphizing concepts is nothing new, 'Mother Earth' being perhaps the most obvious. If that expression were used on Roshar it might have a bit more validity than elsewhere but used just about anywhere else in the Cosmere it would be just an expression, and even on Roshar it's not literal as the world was there long before Cultivation arrived. Just to give an example everyone's likely to be familiar with. Nietzsche similarly opened his Beyond Good and Evil with the line 'Supposing that Truth is a woman, what then?' and expanded on the anthropomorphizing for a couple of sentences before moving on. With a bit of digging I could probably find other examples in Brandon's writings but none spring immediately to mind. Also, if it were really a Shard we would expect the name to be capitalized. Even when a bit of dialogue is from the point of view of a character who doesn't know that something is a proper noun, we've seen Brandon do that as long as the speaker is aware of it. See, both Vivenna and Rayse using Fortune (which we know isn't a Shard, it's an underlying principle of the Cosmere) in capitals when talking about it even though the people listening to them (Shallan and Taravangian respectively) don't know enough about the Cosmere to grasp the full implications. Same thing happens in Secret History all the time, for example.
  12. Given that we're talking about a universe where you can literally change the nature of gravitational attraction for a single person or object without affecting anything around you, animate lifeless objects, alter the flow of time (where Brandon has admitted some handwaving to avoid redshift issues) and rewrite your entire personal history with magic, I think we can probably say with some confidence that Investituredidit when it comes to how Abrasion manipulates friction and trying to think too hard about the mechanics will only induce madness. xD More specifically, it's probably stormlight creating a field around the affected area that alters the coefficient of friction to produce whatever result the surgebinder wants, without them having to actually know the underlying physics. Brandon's explained how Kalad's Phantoms are able to move along somewhat similar lines, with Breath acting as 'magical sinew' to let the things move.
  13. If the gem archive is to be believed, the term 'parsh' came into existence shortly before the Recreance, though we don't know where it came from. Since nobody we see on Team Odium uses the word and it fits in with the human terminology ('Parshendi' apparently meaning 'Thinking Parshman') it probably originated with the humans. Given the revelation that the Dawnsingers of Vorin mythology were the original inhabitants of the planet, it seems like the Fused and Voidspren are being honest about what the race used to call itself, with the 'singer' term. Given that Book 4 is Eshonai's and what happened with Venli in this one, we'll probably learn why the group that became the listeners chose that name for themselves... in a couple years. xD
  14. Aside from various inconsistencies between the Heralds and the Unmade, there's the color issue. With the exception of Nergaoul, every Unmade we've seen is associated with black. Re-Shephir is a black blob, Sja-anat is a humanoid black shadow, Ashtermarn looks like a black heart and Yelig-nar is a black cloud... except that while possessing people he seems to have a thing for purple given that the crystals growing out of the ones he possesses are all described as amethyst. There's also Dai-gonarthis who may be associated with black as well, given the nickname Black Fisher. Since all the Heralds gained their Cognitive Shadow nature from Honor's Investiture permeating them, if all of the Unmade were somehow created from the broken Heralds, they should all be red because of Odium corrupting a part of Honor's Investiture, not just one of them. As interesting as the numeric relationship is, I think it has less to do with anything Odium did directly and more a coincidence that resulted from Honor and Odium being associated with numbers so close to one another.
  15. Brandon's been asked and generally comes down on the side of 'Rand would win'. It's just the way his magic system works and how over-the-top powerful he is, versus what Brandon usually writes. Here's an example where he was given a hypothetical situation of 'Randland just before Tarmon Gaidon vs. Scadrial during the Final Empire era if everyone cooperated and Vin was drawing on the Mists'. In another response, he also gave the win to Rand versus Rashek, even with compounding. Mind you, this was before Bands of Mourning showed us what a 'fullborn' can do, but Brandon's response seems to have anticipated that one anyways. Though he did say that Rashek with the power of the Well of Ascension would win against Rand at the end of AMoL. But for most intents and purposes, I think the main way that anyone in the Cosmere would beat Rand is to do what Brandon suggested in the example I posted: Cheat.