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  1. Indeed there are. If you look at the Tags page it's rather hilarous to note that Hoid has more than anything else, except for 'Writing' and (big surprise here) 'RAFO'. xD
  2. Well, there's definitely some real theories about the Fools being connected to the Heralds so let's go with that. The Tenth Pancake that is only symbolic thus stands for the Tenth Fool, Sir-Not-Appearing-On-This-Menu, ala The Man Calling Himself Taln, aka the Fool who dreamed he was a Herald and believed it to be true, but he was actually a butterfly dreaming he was a man dreaming he was a Herald.
  3. hoid

    What @Yata said. The original WoB source is here.
  4. hoid

    <Activates the Surge of Nitpicking> Okay, you got me on the terminology coming from him. But... Brandon has admitted that his phrasing isn't always ideal when speaking off the cuff and the question about metalminds asks whether Hoid has more of them, when the only metalmind that we know he has was the unsealed coin (because Wax could use it) rather than an unkeyed one. So a response that Hoid has 'more' of something only makes sense in the former context of something we already know him to have. <Deactivates the Surge of Nitpicking> So... we could probably argue ourselves in circles over this one. xD
  5. He literally says as much in the Epilogie, having concluded that for whatever reason that Cryptic is the reason he was drawn to be in the city. And he explains that he knows where he's supposed to be but not why during his earlier conversation with Shallan. Here's a WoB on the subject too, for future use.
  6. Well, assuming that Mirror!Tia isn't also an Epic (I don't recall it was confirmed that Mirror!Prof was the Epic of the couple, but Tavi's not surprised to see him sharing her powers so...) then Tavi is an example of an Epic with essentially the same powerset as their one empowered parent. So we have some evidence for Epic/non-Epic couples essentially passing on power directly. There's a pre-Calamity WoB where Brandon mentioned that 'Epicness' doesn't necessarily get inherited but it can be, so it's hypothetically possible for an Epic to have only non-Epic children. As for the hypothetical children of David and Megan... well, I'm pretty certain they'll be small-e epic whether or not they're also big-e Epics, given who their parents are. xD But I'm inclined to guess that they would either get one powerset or some weird hybrid (like maybe 'creating illusions out of steel objects' or something) rather than getting both sets. Largely because just imagine how broken the combination of both of those would be in a single person.
  7. Just as a heads-up, Brandon has confirmed that Odium will be around in the back half of Stormlight Archive. He left open the question of whether Rayse will be around, but I suspect he just wants to keep us guessing with that one.
  8. As mentioned, it's difficult but not impossible. The fact that Vasher is on Roshar is proof enough that it can be done if you know how. Here's a WoB where Brandon mentions this.
  9. Brandon has described the pulses as 'ripples in the fabric of creation' based on the power being used. Even if you assume that Szeth can somehow 'fake' the pulses (bearing in mind that he has no way of knowing what they feel like and this probably would require direct manipulation of the Spiritual Realm, which is well beyond Lightweaving) the simple act of using Investiture to create the fake pulses would itself create a distinct pulse that would instantly identify him as the real target. Atium shadows have a very distinctive appearance and Szeth (or any Ligthweaver) would have no way of knowing how to create the right effect ,short of being able to burn atium to experience it for themselves or having access to an unsealed coppermind with a memory from soneone who saw the shadows. I suppose a really detailed description from another atium-burner might be enough, but even if the could get the visual effect right they would have to expend a lot of effort making the illusions appear to be taking place the proper span of time 'ahead' of the present, or Rashek would notice that they aren't synching up properly. Bear in mind that atium expands your mind and your reaction times so this is the sort of thing you expect him to notice. Also I'll repeat that A-Bronze detects Kinetic Investiture rather than just allomancy, so the illusions will definitely feel different from Szeth, making it effectively possible to see through them regardless of whether they look like atium shadows or even generate atium shadows. We also have WoB that 'steelsight' and A-Gold are usable by blind people and the first one even implies that atium can impart its effect on someone who can't actually see with their eyes, which pretty much does an end-run around Lightweaving since it's a visual form of illusion-magic rather than planting fake images directly in the mind. If you don't need to look at the illusions and can still get the benefits of atium, the illusions can't really fool you.
  10. Knew about it, thought it was a neat idea in theory but as a personal choice I decided to wait for the complete book so it was kind of torture seeing new material come out every week and resisting the urge to check it out. If Brandon does it again, I might just take the plunge and read at least some of the chapters. And yeah, I would be willing to read an entire brick book in this format if Brandon wanted to do an all-digital initial release with print version to follow (again that is, but I wasn't yet a reader of his the first time). Given what he's said about his plans for Nightblood, I'll get that chance eventually.
  11. What RShara said. You might be remembering one of a couple Words of Brandon about the first version of White Sand where he simply stopped after a point, then wrote a second novel titled Lord Mastrell that continued the narrative. He pretty much considers them two halves of the same book and what we have as White Sand (Prose) is the result of rewriting both as a single novel.
  12. Said individual has been brought up as a possibility before in the Hoidspotting topic and it's definitely not him. First, as RShara noted Skathan is far too prominent a figure (especially given that Bavadin doesn't like Hoid) and taking that sort of role is way outside of Hoid's usual way of operating. Also, we have a WoB that Hoid's role the the prose version was an offhand reference to an old case of Ais'. As Skathan (or the equivalent prose character, the name changed) is mentioned multiple times and never in that context, there is no possible way for them to be Hoid's secret identity.
  13. To add a couple little details He probably can't pull Investiture from the Everstorm given that Brandon said that it signals sometthing bad for him and he'd probably hide from it, but if Voidlight can be accessed without needing Odium to corrupt Investiture in some way (the 'red eyes' thing) it's possible he could feed off it in the same way that he can feed off Stormlight. We also know that Vasher could get Investiture out of Taldain easily, except the planet's interdicted so that wasn't an option for him. So which Shard powers the Investiture is less important than how easy/safe it is to access. Brandon has said that there is a quantum of Investiture, in addition to the above WoBs about how Team Sanderson is in the middle of working out equivalencies and such in the real world.
  14. Well, the campaign ended and it looks like they hit pretty much every stretch goal they revealed, not to mention exceeding their minimum pledge goal by a factor of four. Now to settle in for the long wait and keep checking the inbox for backer updates between now and October.
  15. Yeah, you're grasping at straws. There is a connection between Hoid and Odium but it's not what you're thinking. While we don't have a firm timeline and nothing in the existing Liar of Partinel samples is canonical, we have confirmation from the Letter in WoR that the bit about Hoid taking that name from his old master is still true and Brandon has confirmed it as one of Hoid's oldest aliases. Meaning he was calling himself that before the Shattering and before Odium existed. Probably before Rayse was even born, assuming Brandon doesn't radically revise the things he's previously said about when the events of Liar take place vis a vis the main Dragonsteel sequence; Brandon has previously put the events centuries apart. Also, Odium fits the 'pattern' of Shard names in the same way that Devotion does and was a name that originally had a more pedestrian version that Brandon changed, and Ruin originally appeared (in the unpublished/noncanonical Aether of Night) under the name Decay. Welcome to the Shard!