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  1. I think WoR just got the altered ending, I don't remember hearing anything about new artwork.
  2. Why did Galivar have no statue of Shalash?

    Yah, we know (or technically, very strongly assume) that Shallash is The Mistress, the woman going around destroying artwork with a noteable emphasis on, well, herself. We see another example of this in Lift's interlude where yet another depiction of a certain Herald in yet another royal residence has been defaced.
  3. What happened to brandonsanderson.com?

    Working now, but clearly this was all part of a fiendish plot to disguise the fact that Brandon 'accidentally' shared all his notes for future books for a minute to see if anyone was paying attention, then took the site down to clean them out. <Hides copy of the downloaded text revealing that Lopen is actually Adonalsium Reborn>
  4. Ishar is also the one who told the other Heralds that the Oathpact would probably still hold with just Taln stuck in Damnation so if there's more going on than just his particular flavor of insanity then it's potentially been going on for a long time. Which isn't helped by the one epigraph from the Diagram 'One is almost certainly a traitor to the others'. It's part of the same collection of text that talks about the Unmade but there's a gap of about ten paragraphs between those entries and the one about a traitor so it's possible the topic changed somewhere in between those paragraphs from the Unmade to the Heralds. Either way, there's definitely lots of material seeded here for whenever Ishar finally appears in person.
  5. The desolations

    Killing ~90% of the global population while also wrecking all the infrastructure will generally not do good things to the level of civilization. We know that in at least one Desolation, there seems to have been an active attempt to kill nearly everyone who could write (Dalinar's flashback of the guy he/we assume to be Nohadon appears to have left Kholinar with a single one-armed man who possessed that skill) so if we assume that Odium has some standing instructions for his forces to destroy knowledge and the people best able to remember it and transmit it to future generations, that will add to the devastation.
  6. will everything about taldain be in a graphic novel

    Yeah, Brandon just mentioned at the signing in Poland that a rewriting of the prose version is still a possibility (in the context of that being an opportunity to remove a troublesome element that made it into the graphic novel) and before that he mentioned that plans for the as-yet-unwritten sequels to White Sand are up in the air as far as their format goes, depending on the overall reception of the graphic novels. So Taldain's story might be all-graphic novel or it might be a hybrid of some sort. Though if you want to really get into hair-splitting territory we have material about Taldain that's not in graphic novel form (Khriss' essay in Arcanum Unbounded) so... technically not everything in that system is in GN format already.
  7. Something Darkness Said..

    @Landis963 Actually, Brandon has mentioned that he did know the joke before putting it in and realized that since it worked Realmatically he couldn't pass up the opportunity to throw it in.
  8. Who is this 'Taln’?

    @joesleepsalot Edgedancer spoiler And yeah, I'm assuming that 'Taln' almost certainly is Taln and Brandon is being evasive because there's something specific he doesn't want to reveal yet. Kind of like how there's no particular reason to think that Renarin isn't a Truthwatcher other than Brandon not explicitly confirming it. Unless you count the pocket companion which... actually did if you take it at face value. xD
  9. Why don't Daysiders have dark skin?

    The exact wording in that quote makes me wonder. Brandon says that you could technically use light from Taldain's star to power a solar sail but that's not necessarily using Investiture, it's just how solar sails work. In other words, he may have been giving us an Aes Sedai Non-Answer in order to avoid revealing anything potentially important that he's not ready to. I thought Tanavast's line might have implied that as well but as was pointed out to me, he says it in a context where he's talking about what Vorinism teaches about The Almighty, he's not directly claiming to have created human life on the planet.
  10. Hoid and the Element

    As Oversleep revealed to us, Brandon has been studying Lightsong's methods and has started engaging in trolling-by-proxy so I wouldn't put it past him. xD
  11. Theory: Sixth of the Dusk: Ones above

    Yeah, it's by no means the only possible explanation but it's the most common theory and for all intents and purposes the most plausible given what we know.
  12. Chasmfiend Pupation

    From the illustration it looks like the sufficiently old chulls essentially become immoble and live out their last days (months? years?) like that. This kind of life cycle can be observed in species on Earth (typically in coastal environments) though not with anything as complex as the crablike chulls. Sponges for example have a larval stage that can swim freely, then they attach themselves and become sessile. Presumably there's some benefit to this for the chulls but I'm not sure we can guess what it is yet. It's also mentioned that whitespines have a hibernation state where they cocoon themselves and there was that much smaller critter Tien found in Way of Kings so there might be a relation there too. As someone who loves marine biology I too am looking forward to every new bit of info we get on Roshar's ecology.
  13. Obliteration's Identity

    @Yitzi2 Pssst, bumping a thread that's almost a year old is generally frowned upon.
  14. The end of cosmere Hoax

    @Oversleep But does that mean the cosmere will end and cease to exist at some point? Is it good that it should end? Does he instead mean that the stories will end but the cosmere will go on? And if so, is the ending 'good'? And what is 'good', why not 'awesome'? So much hinges on his ambiguity!
  15. Question about light eyes/dark eyes

    @Spoolofwhool Yeah, I remember that part, it's the specifics in Kaladin's flashbacks in Way of Kings (where there's some thoughts on how the social status of children from mixed lighteyed/darkeyed parents can work) that I'm having trouble remembering.