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  1. I guess I can spill the beans on Herdazians being part Parshendi now that Brandon's revealed it in a signing... he wrote it in my WoR book during the Firefight signing tour but asked me not to talk about it.
  2. Apparently, Wayne's conversation with Hoid was potentially important in some way. Asked what it was about (expecting a silly fluff response) and got RAFO'd.
  3. Got a WoB from Brandon about this at the SF signing. They were a soother and a rioter. Good theory though!
  4. Elend for sure. I even once took a book onto the dance floor and started reading it.
  5. Alright, missed connections time! I was next to you two in the signing line and we talked cosmere questions, Magic: the Gathering, and Mistborn RPG. I lent you my copy of the core rulebook and you lent me a copy of Firefight for small periods of time within the line. I had 7 books with me. Unfortunately, my friend was in a hurry to make his date so we had to rush out of there, but it would be cool to get your names! I know you guys are on 17th shard, so here's hoping you see this.
  6. I honestly thought this thread was about the Radiants' high power level, and how "broken" they were compared to, say, an allomancer....
  7. "She is royalty, and I have played the churl. My boots! My boots! Must I now give up my boots?"
  8. Guys, there are ten books in this series. Shallan and Adolin JUST got together in book two. I would be very surprised if that remained the same for the rest of the ride. And, given the hints dropped in this book, Kaladin/Shallan is hardly unlikely. Now, how it all shakes up in the end is anyone's guess. But we're so early on, it's impossible to say one way or the other at this point.
  9. Nightblood's cousin? Nightblood itself!
  10. It's not a bad theory, but I have to point out that Steelheart wanting to kill David with his own weapon was something that was previously established as his signature execution technique. David was a loose end from the bank that Steelheart thought he had closed, and the son of the only man to wound him. Him waving his soldiers back, etc. was not especially odd given the context.
  11. I didn't guess he was an Epic, though I did think there was something more going on with the tensors at the point you mentioned -- maybe that the power was "all in the mind", that every human possessed the potential of an Epic and using the tensors allowed you, over time, to access the power without them. I did pick up on Megan being an Epic, though (didn't realize she was Firefight, or even a double agent). Not immediately... but when she died, I immediately remembered the bit from the beginning about how some Epics could reincarnate and knew Brandon wouldn't keep her dead. Especially since her death seemed too perfectly tailored to drive home that she COULD NOT HAVE SURVIVED.
  12. The "capital" of the Southern dominance is apparently "Austrex". We know from Sanderson's RAFO of the "if Elendel was named for Elend, who was Lutha?" question that there are potential clues about ancient history (cosmere or merely Scadrial) hiding in the names of at least one Final Empire city. With that in mind, is the name's resemblance to Austre a coincidence, or is there something more going on here? Sorry if this is old.
  13. I hope I win! Any one of these prizes would be great to add to my collection, or to make a great holiday gift for an uninitiated friend! Also, this announcement post is made of win.