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  1. Generally, it's the 4th. Known exceptions include the Skybreakers (need to complete a quest first) and the Lightweavers (Truths rather than Ideals make things squirrelly).
  2. mistborn

    One can assume that, but I seem to recall a WoB that Inquisitors could store Feruchemic aspects in their spikes.
  3. Anything more strenuous than "crap" gets auto-corrected to cosmere words, e.g.: storm, rust, damnation, WTF. EDIT: I thought there was a replacement for "WTF", my bad.
  4. Actually, with the butterfly stroke you could have your arms oscillating back and forth between sticky (pushing water behind you) and normal (returning to starting position) and everything else slick. This setup also appears to work for any stroke where the arms leave the water, if of course the Radiant in question could keep the rhythm going. And keep from thinking about it.
  5. Of course, you could go the opposite way - increase the friction so that you have more traction in the water.
  6. As others have mentioned, it's a function of his Heightening. (I see what you did there, BTW)
  7. Where do you get those excellent cookie pictures?  

    1. Alderant


      Now, see...this is the crux of the problem. If I told you that I have a secret folder on my computer that just contains images of cookies, you'd probably think I'm a weirdo.

      Actually, I just google images of "cookie" and pick one that looks particularly delicious, lol. I had a professor in college who would show images of cookies during his lectures for people that gave good answers...I merely stole the idea and used it here. :D

    2. Landis963


      Thanks for indulging my curiosity.  Rest assured, I would have no place to judge any wierdo-ness, hypothetical or otherwise.  (On the contrary, having a stockpile of such images seems like a good idea, if you don't have time to trawl Google in between your lengthy, insightful posts)

    3. Alderant


      Lengthy is definitely true. Insightful...well, I try to be. I only really listen to the audiobooks, though, so I'm not the best at exact wording or where something is at in the hard copies, but it's a point of mine that I always try to make sure most of my posts are mostly well thought-out, not just "Oh I like this" or "No that's wrong" kind of stuff.

  8. The cover, the dust jacket, and the pages. (Serious answer to be edited in later)
  9. That is a spoiler for a different series entirely.
  10. RE: Hoid writing letters to Shards that like him - barring of course off-screen Shards - what are the odds that he could have counted Ruin among that number, before the Catacendre?
  11. If TLR is Rashek, then he probably wouldn't have access to the Era 2 metals (if only because he'd have known that any metals he brought to such a battle royale would be picked up by the Inquisitors). If "TLR" is shorthand for "a Fullborn," then yeah, they'd have access to anything and would be basically invincible.
  12. Brandon is on-record as not caring how people pronounce his names. I tend to call Vin and Kelsier "Vann" and "Kellseeay" (maintaining my native American accent).
  13. I don't think this is Autonomy hating on sand mastery, per se. I think this is more the Kerztians misinterpreting Autonomy's directives to achieve more autonomy for themselves (which she's fine with because it's the sort of behavior her Intent likes to encourage) and the people of Lossand getting tired enough of the diem's arrogance that they look the other way.
  14. OB spoilers:
  15. You say that as though that behemoth of a thread showed any sign of slowing down.