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  1. Dies to Shardblade like any chasmfiend. Fire breath can be mitigated by Stormlight, flight removed via Lashings (of either variety, although the one-two punch of Partial Lashing to disorientate, then Full Lashing to stick Saphira to the ground would be highly effective in this regard). The eldunari might be an issue, as it is basically a gemheart with Saphira's innate Investiture inside, but that's one point of difficulty inside a giant shell of scaly meat.
  2. Well, I can think of at least 4 reasons why Hoid and Rayse might have had a falling-out.
  3. We have a WoB. (OMG Arcanum is so much better for this!) EDIT: Sneaky ninjas!
  4. I can't link things on my phone, but the thread entitled "Ookla Season Cometh" has your answers.
  5. Mainly because Odium wants people to give him their emotions, and Kaladin couldn't give up his emotions if his life depended on it.
  6. She'd be a sort of itinerant doctor, that heals people that are bedridden/crippled/whatever in exchange for them cooking her meals. (She'd be a lot happier doing that than sitting in an office all day being brought food and miserable people)
  7. If I had to hazard a guess, that particular ideal would morph into something along the lines of "I will protect those that don't deserve it, if the need is there."
  8. And Odium made sure to mention that such a cavalier release would result in Roshar going boom. (Although Odium, now I think of it, is not the most reliable source, especially since his perpendicularity isn't even on Roshar to begin with)
  9. I wonder who that Truthwatcher was who contributed to drawer 30-20. The one who recorded the plan to create the parshmen, and appended basically a footnote saying "Oh BTW I foresaw this." EDIT: Moash does not count as a member of Bridge Four and you know it. EDIT: Hoid's line re: future sight was, and I quote: Anyone who "claims" to see the future, for starters. That gives them a lot of potential clout, especially so if their predictions come true. Second off, the fact that Hoid applies the warning to himself is, IMO, much like warning Dalinar not to "trust himself" with him in WoR, a warning that yes, he does have his own agenda, and no, it will not always align with our protagonists'.
  10. 3rd Letter: Also, Hoid could have been using Nalthis as a sort of base of operations when Fortune wasn't tugging him one way or another. He'd have needed to amass all those Breath somehow. RE: w/r/t the letter's writer (the 1st OB letter, that is) saying that Hoid had come to her lands multiple times. 4th Letter: I am highly amused by the idea that Bavadin is essentially an MMO player with a severe case of alt-itis. 5th Letter: I let out the biggest squee when I realized Harmony was writing that letter. Even bigger than the one when I twigged to Vivenna. Also, isn't Mistborn Era 3 during the timeskip after Stormlight 5? That seems like an excellent opportunity for Hoid to brief Harmony on things. Although if this many things got dropped during Stormlight _3_ I've no idea what the status quo will be by the end of Stormlight _4_, let alone by the time skip.
  11. It appears as though Odium is fully trapped. Mistborn spoilers:
  12. Bondsmiths have Cohesion. Since Oathbringer will concentrate heavily on the Bondsmiths, I would ask for something cool one could do with the surge of Tension, or something cool that Brandon knows the Stonewards can do, that they might not know about in-universe yet. (A la Radiants with the surge of Illumination being able to shoot lasers at people, or Radiants with the surge of Transformation being able to create radioactive material)
  13. Not necessarily - Stonewards can get (IIRC) Tension and Cohesion, so asking for a cool example of one of those surges will probably get you what you want.
  14. I think it began as a bait-and-switch: a new person would be lured in by the promise of cookies with the thinly-masked intent of spiking them when they got close.