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  1. Well, Shalash has the earrings, and the gold trim on Ishar's robe evokes heliodor. I was also surprised at the amount of blue on Ishar's image, though.
  2. What moon? Scadrial doesn't have one.
  3. cosmere

    Non-Invested technological progress will probably fall by the wayside on many Shardworlds, true. However, that does not mean that scientific progress will stagnate overall. Outside of edge cases like Threnody (where the environment actively punishes mechanical development and provides no alternative) or, say, the Final Empire (Where certain technologies were suppressed as potential threats to TLR's rule), it will simply develop along Invested lines instead.
  4. But "Th" is a known component of the Alethi syllabary that I don't see on Harakeke's new chart, which is where my confusion sprang from.
  5. Where's "Th" on the consonants listing? As in "Ruthar" or "Thalath"?
  6. Last I checked, a novella was a type of book. EDIT: Also, Kelsier didn't exactly save the world in TFE.
  7. That link (the Kelsier/Moiraine fight) becomes hilarious with knowledge of SH.
  8. Aons in their current form did not exist pre-splintering.
  9. Soulstamps contain a crude image of MaiPon as their setting mark, not the Rose Empire.
  10. Barring shenanigans with Compounding or jailbroken metalminds, he wouldn't be able to attain a greater level of health than he already has (because he'd need to put health in to get health out). Stormlight healing has no such constraint.
  11. Why would you even joke about that?
  12. If Nomon (or any of Roshar's moons, for that matter) were in a geosynchronous orbit with Roshar, that would mean it would never deviate from its position (i.e. it would never rise, nor set, nor do anything but hang there). Arcanum Unbounded has a pretty good diagram of all three moons' orbits, and they happen to be overlapping ellipses.
  13. I thought Opelon was the Aonic name for Sycla.
  14. I've always pronounced it like "bye", but sharper. (I presumed that if it was supposed to be the other way, her name would have been spelled "Shei".