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  1. 2017-02-17 Boskone 54 - Boston, MA

    @DAdam Any update on your recording of the Sunday Signing Line? @BeskarKomrk Quick question, did you record the Sunday Post Signing Line audio linked in the first post? Or am I just not seeing a post in the thread by whoever did?
  2. [Snapshot Spoilers] Snapshot Reactions Thread

    It is a Core Possibility, and Rithmatist is not officially one (but Peter has an argument that it, and Alcatraz, should be).
  3. Hoid has more unkeyed metalminds!!! (new WoB)

    Cool, but would you mind posting about this in the event thread? We prefer that people do that rather in addition to/instead of posting singular threads like this one so that reports do not get lost.
  4. [Snapshot Spoilers] Snapshot Reactions Thread

    I just finished reading it and while I do think it is a good story it is definitely not my favorite thing Brandon has ever written. Which is perfectly alright not everything will resonate as well with everyone, and I'm sure there is someone out there that will love Snapshot in the way I love The Rithmatist, that person just isn't me. I will admit that I did not see either twist coming (that Davis wasn't real or that he was planning to kill Chaz). I think part of my issue is that it could be argued that the ending is essentially "And it was all a dream", but then again there is the question on whether the people in Snapshots are real or not. @ccstat Makes a great point about it being fundamentally hopeful, but I don't know if I agree. Sure one person can make a difference, but in this instance the good guy dies whereas the murderer lives, which is kind of depressing. I do want to learn more about that world though.
  5. Stormlight Archive Translation Guide

    Wow, that's actually pretty interesting! Somebody should totally ask Brandon about this in his AMA.
  6. 2017/02/10 Brandon AMA on Reddit

    If I remember correctly Brandon has already answered part of this. That all of the Intents are actually aspects of divinity. I don't know exactly where though, but I'm pretty sure it was latter half of 2016.
  7. Stormlight Archive Translation Guide

    Eh I just think they are the same glyphs, just more artistically rendered in the Double Eye of the Almighty chart, there's a quote somewhere in here that says you can add lines to glyphs without changing their meaning.
  8. Stormlight Archive Translation Guide

    The Ten Fundamental glyphs is the proper name for what the fandom generally calls the Radiant Order glyphs.
  9. Oathbringer Prologue (spoilers)

    Yes it's a spoiler. Don't presume that just because someone has read Stormlight they've also read Mistborn, and also new people are reading the books all the time. It is forum policy to place plot-relevent spoilers from another series in spoiler tags.
  10. White Sand prose forum password

    The sentence to search for is in the sub-forum description.
  11. 2017-03-10 /r/fantasy AMA

    So just a heads up but the Fantasy sub-reddit has listed a Brandon AMA and "appreciation day" in their Upcoming AMA list on March 10th.
  12. Effect of missing a bindpoint?

    If I remember correctly there is a WoB floating around that explains that if you attach something to a Line of Warding at a point that isn't a valid bindpoint it actually weakens the Line of Warding.
  13. Douglas Venture

    So I think we have WoB on this somewhere, but basically Elend was the last Venture of the direct line, but there were others who were members of House Venture.
  14. Something I've been wondering about is whether Brandon, as he's been working on planning The Apocalypse Guard (and to a lesser extent Snapshot), has come up with some sort of organizational scheme for the different iterations of Earth. Marvel and DC both just do Earth-#, will he do the same, or something different? I don't know if that is interesting to non-wiki people though...
  15. Deadline has recently reported that the Mistborn: The Final Empire film, being produced by DMG, now has a scriptwriter attached. The scriptwriter's name is F. Scott Frazier, and he's only written a few films so far, although in addition to Mistborn he has been tapped to write two more scripts for other companies. I would like to remind everyone that just because it has a script writer does not mean that a film will definitely go forward. Also, do give Frazier a chance, he may be early in his career, but everyone has to start somewhere. Hopefully he ends up wowing us a fantastic adaptation. In other news, we have new cover art for Snapshot, Brandon's new novella coming out February 17th (which, in case you missed has just been optioned for film by MGM) and for Dreamer, a short story originally published in the Games Creatures Play anthology edited by Charlaine Harris. The artist Howard Lyon has posted them on his twitter, and I really must say he did a great job: The Amazon page for Snapshot also includes a new blurb, which sheds new light on the plot of the novella: