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  1. Well this is embarrassing, totally did not read this... We do actually know part of this: (source)
  2. We do know the answer to this one already: (source)
  3. I know we've talked about this elsewhere but I just want to get this in this thread. Logically I find this highly probable. I'm also resistant to the idea that there are varieties of true spren that do not participate in the Nahel bond. I do agree that the mismatch between Physical and Cognitive forms is odd but at the very least I'm confident in the lightspren/comet spren connection. Timbre has to be the daughter of Captain Ico, who he has said has run off chasing dreams. As for Timbre only speaking the rhythms, I concur with a lot of the discussion about it in this thread. She and Venli are still very early in their bond so its possible she just hasn't progressed enough. Alternatively the singer/spren Nahel bond might just simply be different. Yeah I highly doubt the mistspren have any meaningful connection to Scadrial. Hehe I guess great minds think alike?
  4. Thanks! On the magic system thing, I don't know that there really has to be a formal link between the magic on the two worlds. We know that the shardworlds themselves play a role in how Investiture manifests, so two worlds Invested by the same Shard might have vastly different manifestations of Investiture. First of the Sun is also only mildly Invested so it would probably have more in common with other low-level Invested planets than with Taldain itself. Brandon has said that this perpendicularity is much smaller in scale than other perpendicularities, which could potentially be because it is the result of a Splinter rather than a full Shard. At this point I don't think we know enough about how Autonomy creates these aspects of herself to really say whether they even count as Splinters or are something entirely new...
  5. Oh awesome, that question about color and corrupted Investiture was one that I had. Thanks for getting that confirmed.
  6. Brandon could just be using singular they there though.
  7. I'm reasonably sure that the spren Gavilar is referring to there is actually Ba-Ado-Mishram, at least this sequence form the epigraphs heavily implies it:
  8. That's actually not what I was proposing. The way I read that letter the aspect of Bavadin that is writing it is not on Obrodai, my theory is that they are on First of the Sun. (Hopefully I remember to like to my theory thread when I'm not on my phone...) Edit: Here's a link to that theory.
  9. Nergaoul causes the Thrill. Ashertmarn was in Kholinar causing the debauchery.
  10. See I'm actually inclined to believe Odium when he says he is the Shard of passion and emotion (or rather I think that if someone else where to hold it it could be those things) but that Rayse's view of it is why it is so focused on hatred. That would also mean that his Splinters wouldn't have to be constrained by his view of the Shard. Like it could be argued that Nergaoul and Ashertmarn aren't particularly hateful, they are just passions taken to a detrimental extreme. The fact that Sja-anat is sapient further compounds that as she can choose how to act, exactly as you describe.
  11. Since we do see Timbre hanging around Eshonai during WoR I am sceptical of her being Eshonai's Cognitive shadow.
  12. Ym's spren would be a mistspren, as he was a proto-Truthwatcher. It matches the description of the Physical Ream form in my post. I did not include Glys in this, but his Physical Realm form is vaguely reminiscent of normal mistspren, only red and with shards of glass growing instead of plants.
  13. I didn't see anything to suggest them being not fully formed Honorspren, they seem pretty visually distinct.
  14. Okay I've moved this to the actual event thread then, the other one is for books people ordered online.
  15. Was this actually from the release party?