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  1. Here is a link to my list of questions, in case anyone wants to steal any.
  2. Hey so Brandon is coming to NYC for BookCon in June! Unfortunately it seems that he will only be there on Saturday. Right now they only have one panel for him listed on their website, but he should be doing a signing at some point. Magic and Power Jun 02, 2018, 2:15 PM - 3:15 PM Magic and power are two elements that make fantasy thrive. That power can be seen on the battlefield or within the lies that characters tell themselves that manipulate their actions. Fan favorites Cassandra Clare (The Mortal Instruments), Veronica Roth (The Fates Divide), Brandon Sanderson (The Way of Kings), Marissa Meyer (Renegades), and Tomi Adeyemi (Children of Blood and Bone) talk about the power struggles their characters face and the conflicts that bring them all in for the fights of their lives. I'm very excited to be going, but who else will be there?
  3. Hey there Sanderfans, yesterday announced the title and revealed the cover art for the upcoming Legion collection Legion: The Many Lives of Stephen Leeds. This will include the original Legion, Legion: Skin Deep, and the never-before-published Legion: Lies of the Beholder which "delves into Stephen’s backstory, his interactions with Sandra, and the nature of his aspects"! The cover art is from the always phenomenal Miranda Meeks (who you may remember as the artist for the covers of Mistborn: Secret History and Shadows for Silence in the Forests of Hell). Check it out below: For those of you who have the Subterranean Press editions of the first two novellas, don't worry. There will be a solo limited edition of Legion: Lies of the Beholder. In other news, Brandon is still hard at work on Skyward, but in the progress bars on his website he has one for another "Secret Project". In a blog post Brandon described it as a novella, that he has not spoken about before, which is not in the cosmere. He also describes it as something he "needs to write". Speaking of secret projects, at Brandon's recent Orem signing he also revealed that he has written an outline and a script for a new graphic novel that will be released after White Sand Volume 3 is completed. Hopefully Brandon will reveal more information about these projects soon.
  4. Yes Nazrilof is Nazh's full name (well surname), which is Isaac's character. What you noticed there is the attribution for the photographer that took that picture, who was presumably Isaac. It's actually in all of the books from the last few years. It's just a funny little Easter egg (Brandon didn't even know they did it at first).
  5. I'm absolutely hopeful (I'm also a bit of a White Sand apologist, but that's beside the point). I've long thought that White Sand's biggest flaw is the fact that it was originally written as prose. It was kind of Frankenstein-monstered into a graphic novel to varying levels of success. This new project is going to start its life as a graphic novel and is being designed with that in mind.
  6. I'm locking this, so we can keep discussion on this topic concentrated.
  7. Question, what exactly where you asking about with the DNA and blood type question?
  8. Would you also mind posting those in the event thread? We really prefer to have something to cite as a source for every entry in Arcanum, whether that is an image, a snippet of audio, or a paraphrased report here on the forums.
  9. Chapter 1 page 13 (the page after one of the professors tells Khriss that Kenton needs a skilled diplomat on his side, at the top of the page where Kenton and Aarik are discussing the Diem's debt for the first time) Aarik says "The Diem's situation is bad old friend. The Taisha wants to disband you..." I think that should be "The Taishin want to disband you", since Taisha is singular and it is the entire council (-ish) that want the Diem disbanded.
  10. As point of fact, as this is something Windy and I have argued discussed in the past, it does not say that there way a magic system in existence, just that there was likely Investiture present. While that could have taken the form of a magic system it could also have been something similar to the aviar of First of the Sun.
  11. Hey everyone, I just want to let you all know that the kickstarter for the Reckoners board game from Nauvoo Games launched today. As of the writing of this post they are at $42,000 USD,which is 60% of their $70,000 USD goal in just 4 hours! The kickstarter page does a phenomenal job of explaining how the game is played through a fantastic video (narrated by MacLeod Andrews, who did the Reckoners audiobooks) and a number of clear and concise animated graphics. The artwork and aesthetics are, in my opinion, are perfectly matched to the setting and the characters. I truly cannot wait until I can play this game, even if the buy-in is a little steep (the lowest pledge level that includes the game is at $69 USD) I think it will be worth the cost. Also included in the kickstarter is a little booklet of new information about the world and Epics of The Reckoners written by Brandon himself. They do have a low, $10 USD, pledge level that consists of a pdf of this booklet and a pdf of the artwork for those who want to support the project but cannot do one of the higher pledge levels.
  12. I think your mistake is that you are assuming "asexual=cannot give birth", which isn't the case? Asexual just means they don't experience sexual attraction, not that they are incapable of childbirth.
  13. This is all we have. I'm not sure I understand your questioning of the asexual nature of non-mateforms though?
  14. Slaveform has the capability to breed (but not as effectively as mateform), just like workform can swing a sword (but not as effectively as warform). The forms are just specializations. Cultivation did not need to be involved.
  15. Those are all actually intentional, they're part of the joke.