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  1. Hi,

    Sorry for bothering you, but I was wondering if you know a way to contact someone from Team Sandersson about the Oathbringer tour. 
    I am part of the team that would like to make an offer to Mr. sanderson so he could be our guest on Belgrade Comic Conn this year as a part of his new book tour.
    I've tried contacting his assistant Peter, and Mr. sanderson personally but I did not get the answer at all.
    Thank you for your time. 


  2. theory How the Snapshots are Made

    Okay, so I actually re-listened to the reading Brandon did from this (which I neglected to do when first proposing this), and the narator does give an in-world tech explanation of how the snapshots are created. Namely that there are nano-robot things in people's blood and crawling over every surface in the city, and that the data they collect is used to create the snapshot. I am still in favor of my theory however, as I don't think the nano-robots could possibly be collecting enough data to possibly accomplish what they claim it does. It could re-create all the pieces, but I don't think it could accurate duplicate the human mind.
  3. Pondering State of Sanderson 2016

    Okay there are a bunch of factors that went into progress slowing down during the early parts of 2016, which he actually talks about in the State. A lot of February/March was spent on tour, which he has said hampers his ability to write (and he ended up writing the novella Snapshot during March as well, but that was mostly while he was traveling abroad). He only spent May writing Edgedancer and the AU essays.
  4. Pondering State of Sanderson 2016

    Where exactly are you getting the "4-6 months" number?
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  6. Anyone have news on The Lost Metal?

    No, it is definitively after Stormlight 5, we do not know more specifically than that. (It may be between 5 and 6, or it could be between 6/7, 7/8/, 8/9, 9/10, or after 10) Era 2 will be four books, of which The Lost Metal is the last.
  7. The Splintercast Reads Edgedancer, Episode 1

    Which is why most people who go end up regretting it.
  8. The Splintercast Reads Edgedancer, Episode 1

    Yay, new Splintercast! The Nightwatcher doesn't actually have to give you what you ask for as a boon. You ask her for something, and then she gives you what she wants to give you (which might be what you asked for, possibly tangentially) and then a curse to go along with it.
  9. Nilto and the Taishin

    Lord Beggar isn't technically an official title, and so isn't actually part of the Council of Taishin. It's mostly a title Nilto has made for himself, to show that his influence and power are comparable to the Taishin, but they do not recognize him officially.
  10. Shardkeepers Podcast: Arcanum Unbounded Essays

    Eshonai only mentions a single Rider of Storms, which is the listener name for the Stormfather. And there is WoB somewhere where Brandon says that traditionally people believe each highstorm is a new storm created at the Origin, but that the current scientific opinion of the stormwardens (among others) is that there is only a single one that goes 'round and 'round.
  11. Yes, the change was specifically for the paperback edition.
  12. Shardkeepers Podcast: Arcanum Unbounded Essays

    Silverlight is definitely in the Cognitive Realm, that's WoB. I can't recall exactly but I think we said that the star chart was from the point of view of Silverlight (or rather the Physical Realm location corresponding to Silverlight), which may or may not be the case but it *is* from the point of view of somewhere.
  13. Shardkeepers Podcast: Arcanum Unbounded Essays

    Oh don't feel too bad, you aren't the first person on the female to make that mistake (one person was actually under the impression that @FeatherWriter and I were twins).
  14. Shardkeepers Podcast: Arcanum Unbounded Essays

    The point I was trying to make is that this is the view of the night sky from somewhere. If you go outside at night and look at the stars make a star chart like this, by plotting each star's location on a 2-d plane like this star chart (which isn't actually possible to do accurately, you need the inside of a sphere to do that, but that's beside the point). Given just that star chart, you cannot accurately determine the distance between stars, because it does not take into account how far each star is from the observer. That is the z-dimension I was referring to. I was thinking of names more along the lines of "If-Jesus-Christ-Had-Not-Died-For-Thee-Thou-Hadst-Been-Damned", but yeah Lamentation is pretty weird.