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  1. Because it seems so obvious, and we tend to overthink things. So we look deeper and deeper and see things that aren't there, we think there must be a clever twist coming or something.
  2. Why can't Dalinar be the one that forged the Connection to Nohadon? Seems a lot simpler than Nohadon planning ahead to such an extent.
  3. Two planets sharing the same orbit like that is inherently unstable. It is possible to have stable orbits if one planet orbits 60 degrees ahead or behind the other (instead of the 180 you propose), but to be stable one planet has to be much smaller than the other. The smaller one has to be less than 1% the mass of the first. Obviously that's a bit of an issue if you want roughly Earth type analogues. edit: I just thought, if you have a Jupiter sized planet you could have one Earth orbiting ahead of it and one behind. That could be a way to potentially get two shard worlds to share an orbit. Also you can't just stop a spaceship in an orbit like you propose. Well, you could, but then you fall into the sun. If you want to learn more just watch some Kerbal Space Program tutorial videos.
  4. All we really know is that you can't mix spikes from different pairs. I don't really like the idea that spikes become keyed to specific Kandra, as other hemalurgic spikes don't work that way. Spikes grant an ability, and they aren't picky about who they grant it to. There could be side effects to reusing spikes, but making the recipient more human seems unlikely to deter the Kandra. idk, there obviously is a reason they don't do it, one of the above could be it, without more information it is impossible to say Yes, this heavily implies that getting Mistwraiths to spike is not the problem.
  5. That quote is talking about Inquisitor spikes. I'm talking about the spikes left behind when a Kandra decides to die. They do say they don't just have Blessings lying around, so the question is why not? Every Kandra that dies should leave behind a set.
  6. You do not need Blessings to make Mistwraiths, Blessings only come in if you want to turn those Mistwraiths into Kandra.They should have extra Blessings lying around too, from the Kandra who choose to die. I don't know if they just haven't thought of this, or if it wouldn't work for some reason.
  7. Kandra should be able to procreate and make new Mistwraiths though.
  8. If there is still traces of Kelsiers marrow in the bones than a kandra could use that to create a body to match. If there isn't then the kandra would just have to create marrow with the rest of the soft tissue.
  9. She did that to prevent rejection. That shouldn't be an issue when making a whole body.
  10. From Peter on reddit https://www.reddit.com/r/Mistborn/comments/2sjqz5/is_hoid_in_shadows_for_silence_in_the_forests_of/
  11. Hoid was on Threnody, and of course Nazh got off Threnody somehow.
  12. Bulk metal will explode, the reason it often doesn't is because it forms an oxide skin when in contact with air. This skin acts as a barrier, slowing the reaction. Also wrt making bombs, lithium can be used as a fuel in hydrogen bombs... although I obviously doubt The Set is doing that (I hope).
  13. I work with a guy from South Sudan, I can confirm that he thinks it is cold out no matter the temperature. Although there must be something else going on, otherwise you would expect the descendants of the survivors to be acclimated to the current temperatures.