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  1. Right. Sorry, forgot about redirects. I think that that is me? My character is Drak Deadeye and he only has the one grey eye. My question is why is he on his knees/jumping?
  2. @Magestar actually the vote tally was off. There were five votes on drought but the total said six. Berenion did make it 7-6 sart-drought Edit: 666 posts!!!
  3. Fair enough, but then the cook would have had to be fairly uninformed. The majority of people had PMs so they knew most of who was on their team. If it was friendly fire, then I'd say that they would either be a private or maybe a captain. Not necessarily true, but that's the most likely situation. Good point Joe.
  4. For all we know, there could only be one cook in the entire game. I wouldn't be surprised with the number of players we started out with. I'd say that the ghostbloods have them from who they killed last cycle.
  5. @Drake Marshall how do you even know the Sons of Honour even have a cook? The cook killed a son of honour last time, making them most likely a ghostblood, and we have no proof that there is another.
  6. First of all, a quick vote tally. Arinian (0): Sart(1) Joe (0): Sart(2), Kyne(1), Magestar(1), Drake(1) Drought (6): Arinian, Sart(3), Magestar(2), Silverblade(1), Kyne(2), Assassin(1), Ecth, Drake(2), Jondesu Sart (6): Manukos, Joe, Seonid, Silverblade(2), Drought, Kyne(3) So in all actuality Ecth, it's a toss up right now. And the ghostbloods and the sons of honour together would still have twice as many players than the elims even if a rogue cook did upset the balance. It's definitely not out of the question. EDIT: Come on man! Seriously? Ninja'd.
  7. Storms! And if we keep him alive, then he can stop the cook from killing the elims later on. Man, this is hard. I would protest, but everything has been said already. Plus it would be kind of cruel to lynch him right after he found out who all of the eliminators are. Honesty, I think that we should go for the bondsmith win. It is attainable and it would be interesting to see if we could do it. I know that it's a risk, and I'm afraid that I'm doing exactly what I was preaching to not do earlier and get drawn in by Joe, but even if it doesn't work out, we would still have 7-4 and know who all the eliminators are. Drought Sart
  8. Yeah, it would be, but it also gives you a chance to win. And if that happens, I also lose. I know for a fact that people are going to want to follow your lead and do what you are suggesting, but I don't think that we should all be sheeple. Besides, we can all have double agendas. We can all try to win and try to kill you at the same time. So this is going to be hard. Goals will be changing and people will be backstabbing each other because they want to win. We still need to kill eliminators to win. Joe