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  1. I feel I shouldn't be using Wilson's name for the purposes of my own character, so with the GM's approval I am going to change my RP name to Nils. The character will remain the same, just the name will change. Sorry if this causes any confusion.
  2. Valens coughing up his drink brought the tiniest of smirks to Wilson's lips. Serves him right for trying to drown his feelings. There was no way to kill your feelings off completely, she knew that, but she figured he would too by now, seeing how many times they had been together. "I don't think I need to. Not yet at least. You should know as well as I do that soothers and rioters read people well. Remember back when we pulled that scam on the married couple and pretended to give them couples counseling? Their individual affairs were written all over their faces and they didn't even notice!" She had found it hilarious at the time, and she remembered how effective of a team her and Val were. Wilson's face turned from jovial reminiscing to somber. "But I do agree that their silence is disturbing. I'm surprised more people aren't jumping up and down at the chance to prove themselves to Breeze. I just think we can't be hasty and try to put any innocent lives on the line just yet. We need the crew intact for the next jobs."
  3. Wilson looked up towards the man with the puppy dog eyes. Those eyes were why she had fallen for him in the first place. They were asking for her love. All she could do for eyes like those was let them down. She always let others down, she kept making excuses and weaving webs of lies just to keep from disappointing them. Wilson looked back to her whiskey, following the swirling motion of the liquid with her pupils, trying to think of an appropriate answer. She looked back to her former lover, answer stuck in her throat. She took a swig of ale to loosen it. "Look, Val, you don't want to ask that question, not right now, probably not ever. There are . . . reasons that keep us apart, things that made me leave you in the first place. If you want me to sleep with you, fine, you're a great looking guy, but WE can't be together. I can't love you." Every word stung, it was like trying to regurgitate rocks. Of course she still had feelings for him, but he would never understand. How could he? He was Valens, he didn't see problems, just what he wanted that lies beyond those problems. "Sit, have a drink. I'm just watching for suspicious behavior, so feel free to join me." With that, Wilson turned back towards the rest of the crowd, scanning the rest of the rioters and soothers, pondering their intentions, waiting for Val's response.
  4. Ooo! Are we stealing each others' names? Can I sign up as Wilson?
  5. Yeah, okay. Alvron.
  6. Alvron. I agree with steeldancer, I don't see how your feud with Arinian is anything but a distraction. I also see that Arinian is trying to contribute by stating their suspicions, which make a lot of sense to me. At this point, I am suspicious of Drought, Alv and maybe one other person for the elims. Drought, it seems like your excuse was made after the fact to try and hide your motivations. It is somewhat flimsy. And Alv, I feel like you're trying specifically to derail the discussion.
  7. Randuir. Who knows, maybe my first read was right.
  8. Okay, so here is the thing. I'm going through all of my arguments against Rand and I am starting to come up with strong counter arguments against my own main points. Everything that I suspect him for could also very well be a good villager strategy. My main points were how he seemed to be suspicious of everyone but not vote on anyone. I figured that it could be him not wanting people to get a grudge against him or something. I never have time to analyze everyone, just those I'm suspicious of, so if someone stays off of my radar, I won't actually even notice the somewhat suspicious behavior of that person. But that could also be him trying to get a clearer picture of what is happening before he commits to anything. I also felt that he was calling out all the suspicious behavior of people who posted because he wanted to draw attention to our faults and not his own, but that is a stupid theory because that's what you have to do in these games. You call out suspicious action and I don't even know why I was trying to make that in and of itself suspicious behavior. My arguments don't hold up. Randuir
  9. I'd love to elaborate . . . In like two hours. I've gotta finish this irl thing up real quick then I'll be right back.
  10. I think that I'll start us all off by voting Randuir. I feel like you're tiptoeing around and being extra careful to be useful. Or something. I dunno, you just feel off. I also noticed that you were expressing a lot of neutrality in your accusations like you didn't want to bring attention to yourself but at the same time throw suspicion onto the others.
  11. I feel like more of a skybreaker most of the time honestly. But thanks!
  12. Yeah, I get that, it is suspicious behavior. The thing is, I have been killed on day one before and I hated it. I was excited for the game but I couldn't play it because people wanted to collect information day one. I don't like making people feel that way. Even in games where I was an eliminator I hated being forced to kill someone. I have tried to convince the others not to kill someone, but not only were they not convinced, they also had very good arguments as to why they should have a D1 lynch. I understand their position, but I very much dislike the thought of killing someone right off the bat because you have no information yet. I kind of just don't want to hurt anybody's feelings I guess. You can look back into other games I've played and I have never wanted to be a part of D1 killings, so this isn't me just advocating for a death that I'm not a part of, it's a trend of me not wanting to kill people on the first day.
  13. I never said that I was completely against D1 lynching, just that I don't want to participate in it personally. You guys go ahead and figure something out, I'll just kinda watch from the sidelines. I realize that it is very valuable and that it is important to get information early, but I don't want to be a part of killing someone right out of the gate.
  14. I am gong to states my intentions and strategies on here now because I think that would be a good use of our time. I dislike day 1 lynching. I understand that it is necessary to gather information right off the bat, but I have always found it unfair to lynch someone just so that you can gather info. I can gather the same info just sitting back and watching. I don't intend to try to convince anyone not to vote on day 1, but I don't want to personally. I have never like day 1 lynches so this is not abnormal behavior. I also don't use PMs very often, so if anyone has any advice for that, then please enlighten me. Otherwise I will steer clear of initiating PMs. That being said, please feel free to PM me, I will gladly participate in any PM you send my way. This is a pretty standard game, so I think that 4 elims is a good estimation? Assuming that we kill 2 people per cycle, we have a max of 8 total turns, less with the guns circulating around. The more discussion at this point the better. This is a planning stage after all. Then again, that's fairly obvious considering that discussion is always a good thing in these games. Those are the thoughts that I have time to type out at this point.
  15. As an avid fan of 5e and Sanderson, thank you from the bottom of my heart for giving this to me. I already have 26 other characters and now I am making 10 more.