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  1. If you don't plan on changing your name or anything, do you still have to put you username at the beginning of your post?
  2. Yeah, you'll fit in just fine here. Do you know about the cookies yet?
  3. I've been away for a while, but I think I can handle something this small to get back into it. I'm in. I assume PM's are out of the question?
  4. Hey, I wrote a thing for school, and I just handed it in, but I wanted to know what you guys thought of it. A bit of background, I'm a pilot, this is an exaggerated story about something that happened to me, and this is based on last summer where I was accepted onto a $50,000 scholarship to get my private pilot's license in seven weeks through the air cadet program in Canada. Without further ado, here is Hazy View.
  5. If you want more info on keteks, this thread is dedicated towards them. But overall, your keteks look pretty good!
  6. I don't know why I was crazy enough to do this, but I made what I believe to be a K3 ketek with 121 words in it. There are multiple sentences in each section, but I did my best to put different arguments in each section. The grammar may also be slightly off, so I apologize if this isn't perfect. I made the overall theme "Music". I hope you like it! -Harmonies create lives of connection, imposing community’s cooperation through emotions tethered continuously with melody. Combine expression with enterprise and entertainment so success invites imagination.- -Music brings feelings of reality. The family and friendship, devotion and animosity, happiness and heartache, fantasy and actuality, soul and demise of expressions develop.- -Quivering soul, my stories are told, words my instruments sing remember humanity. Forever humanity remembers singing instruments. My words told are stories. My soul quivers.- -Develop expressions of demise and soul, actuality and fantasy, heartache and happiness, animosity and devotion, friendship and family. The reality of feelings brings music.- -Imagination invites success, so entertain and enterprise with expression. Combine melody with continuously tethered emotions. Through cooperation, community imposes connection of lives, creating harmony.-
  7. Storms! No way! FW actually likes it! You're like, the omnipotent ruler of keteks. I love all of your keteks and actually took heavy inspiration from several! Biggest fan. It means a lot that you actually like my work! Thank you!
  8. My french immersion class is on our poetry unit so I thought I would try this out. I took your "homme pauvre/pauvre homme" idea, I hope you don't mind. I also found a couple other cool homophones that I used, such as "comprend" meaning either comprise or understand, and "voler" meaning either flying or stealing. I wanted to share both the original and translated versions here. Original Dieu seulement sait je volent, prenant des memories. Pitié éternellement l'homme pauvre, le trahison comprends mon conscience. Toujours perdant mes valeurs, mes valeurs perdant toujours. Mon conscience comprend le trahison, le pauvre homme, éternellement pitié. Les mémoires prends vol, je sais seulement dieu. Translated. God only knows I steal, taking memories Pity eternally the poor man, treason understands my conscience. Always losing my values, my values always losing. My conscience includes treason, the poor man, eternally pitied. The memories take flight, I only know god. This is my very first attempt at a ketek, so any input is valued. I think that this around a K3, but I could be wrong. I moved articles around so it's no higher then that. The project said I needed at least ten lines, so that is why all of the parts can be divided in two.
  9. Right. Sorry, forgot about redirects. I think that that is me? My character is Drak Deadeye and he only has the one grey eye. My question is why is he on his knees/jumping?
  10. Did the eliminators attack Joe? huh. EDIT: Plus we seem to be talking with a ghost. how fun.
  11. @Magestar actually the vote tally was off. There were five votes on drought but the total said six. Berenion did make it 7-6 sart-drought Edit: 666 posts!!!
  12. Fair enough, but then the cook would have had to be fairly uninformed. The majority of people had PMs so they knew most of who was on their team. If it was friendly fire, then I'd say that they would either be a private or maybe a captain. Not necessarily true, but that's the most likely situation. Good point Joe.