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  1. for me the 2 biggest- were 1. when we found out definitively that in a way, dalinar himself killed evi... just feeling the crushing that dalinar would have felt 2. finding out that teft was an addict... when i read that, in my mind, i stopped... and just felt bad for him- just lost so much respect :-(
  2. you know... on my initial read, warbreaker was my least fav of the cosmere novels.... but i realized that it was just because it was shortly after being introduced to brandon's works, and with that- i wasn't paying attention to the story- just trying to figure out the "magic thing" for the book... but- on subsequent re-reads, its actually pretty high up on my list overall. i'd love more Nalthis personally-
  3. yeah... i'm a definite "anti-apple/itunes" kinda guy... ;-) hopefully it isn't to my detriment this time 'round. thank you though!
  4. hey all- i've been getting opening day books for years for multiple authors now, but- this'll be the first time i'm planning on buying the audiobook same day too (wife wants audiobook versions). while looking for audiobooks to DL online- i can only really find either audible versions or cd versions. do any of y'all know anywhere you can just download the entire digital version w/o having to rip from a cd? thanks!
  5. hey all! after years of checking this site out, and a decent amount of time posting the few times i have- and i figured... i'm in need of some fellow sanderfans, so- where else to post than in the "introduce yourself" area? I've been an actual member since 2015 posting very infrequently, but- been lurking in corners having answers through others come through and checking out forums for other people's thoughts too. i got turned towards the cosmere back shortly after the original mistborn trilogy was complete, before warbreaker came out- but just barely. i got my wife into it after we met (though, she prefers audiobook version) and have been working to get more and more people into BS's works overall. Huge fan of them all for their own purposes, (WoK was the first book that as soon as i read the final page, i immediately wanted to re-read it) and i even have a "pewter" symbol tattooed as a shoulder cap on my right arm in negative space. i guess i'm partially introducing myself for any sharder that may be on here that also happens to be in anchorage to possibly befriend, and extra points if they go snowmachining & atving here in anchorage alaska. its a gorgeous place out here, and i love my power toys. if not- oh well. who knows... either way, cheers to everyone!
  6. i know toward the end of the thread up to this point started talking about warbreaker, but- i'm always surprised to see how little response it gets for these types of questions considering *everything* in warbreaker is visual. i personally feel that it would translate to the movie screen a lot better (and easier) with a cheaper budget overall. with allomancy, i've often wondered how to best portray visually without 1st POV type shots how the directors can relay to the audience someone is burning any type of metal that isnt steel pushing/pulling. yes, we as readers know that the blue lines are only vis to the allomancer burning the metal- but... what about when we "see" spook flaring his metals in a conversation with vin? is he just sitting there with vin coming up and telling him to stop flaring them? how does the casual, non-sanderfan with any knowledge of allomancy see it? obviously all of us here want to see these movies come to life, and everyone reading this was likely super hyped when the announcement came that the entire cosmere was purchased for movie options... but- ultimately, if the movies fully come to fruition, the only way that we'll continue to get movies, is if enough people who have never heard of the cosmere are "wowed" enough during the movie in its 2hr form that they want to see more of it... all the while being true enough to the source material that we as sanderfans aren't outraged about how crappy the movie was, and how nothing stuck to the source material except names of people and the basic premise of magic metal. tl;dr: warbreaker... cause its purty.
  7. lol- i think i'm more interested in this to be honest.... i've not heard about this. but- regarding your main topic- i just always took it more as of Gavilar being fallible, being someone who makes mistakes. He may have been a jerk. Maybe he told Navani she looked fat, or talked down to... nothing full on like abuse- but, just someone who didn't appreciate Navani for who she was, and who, with the arrogance we've seen him to have, just wouldn't have been an ideal husband.
  8. one thought i had this morning (through the pre-upcoming oathbringer reread of the stormlight archive) was... have we asked how regular the speed is of the highstorms? i mean- if those on the shattered plains are the first to see & experience each highstorm, with their mathematical deductions of when they come to begin with, if they were to send out a handful of messages across roshar via spanreed to at least prepare the rest of the world. i mean- think of how well prepared you could be if you could guarantee down to the hour when you would exposed to the highstorm based on following trajectory throughout Roshar via spanreed? This would all be dependent on whether it moves at a regular rate, consistently- however, even with irregular alterations, those west of the shattered plains would/should have a better, more accurate notification of when to expect the highstorms presuming they are able to receive information from those east of them.
  9. read kingkiller chronicles- still waiting with the masses on whether the 3rd book will ever come out... ;-). i did enjoy the story and i look forward to book 3... read probably the first 6-7 WoT books, but the story just kinda started falling flat for me around book 4-5(?). i was slightly saddened by that though- because i wanted to read it mostly because of Brandon's contributions towards the story at the end, and because the person who turned me onto Brandon's works loved that entire series as well. the dresden files... that what the show was based off of? i wouldn't mind reading something given the Brandon Blessing- i'll see what the rest of the Night Angel trilogy has in store. i usually don't just dip out of books as I'm reading them unless it just becomes painful or far too long-drawn out. i do appreciate the input everyone! it'll give me plenty more to read based on shared interests :-). i don't know about you all, but- this is my BS community. Aside from the 17th shard, ive gotten my wife and a coworker into the cosmere, but they're more casual fans... Thanks!
  10. While I dare never say (especially to this group) that I've re-read Brandon's works enough, I figured I could change it up a little and read someone else's works just to see if anyone else has some decent books. After googling "what should i read next" and following the rabbit hole, it sent me to Brent Weeks and his Night Angel trilogy. I'm reading it now- almost done with the first book... its "aight", though not certain if i'll be in for the whole series. Anyone read that series? worth sticking out? Any *other* recommendations? I think the big problem is Brandon himself. he's spoiled us by having such a wide variety of books with different styles, plots, universes, and having them all out so quickly- this wait until Oathbringer just seems like its dragging on and on. As of now, I'm still planning on my umpteenth re-read of WoK followed by WoR to finish when Oathbringer is released, but- if I didnt get around to that due to another series, it wouldn't be the end of the world.
  11. In what sense are these squires? Is there some additional Rosharian/Cosmere meaning than just the traditional definition? I've not come across this term before Argent's question at the signing...
  12. I'm currently mid re-re-read of AoL, and I'm trying to pay as close attention to Wax and Wayne (not Miles as much since he doesn't really have too much screentime) both to see what sort of added benefit comes from being twinborn. I've been trying to figure out what they're doing that Allomancers from the Final Empire couldn't except for the added skill of exposure. With this, one thing I'm thinking is like how since AoL is in so much more of an industrial age, metal is far more prevalent in the city than was in the FE, so Wax would have significantly more exposure to metal- adjusting his Pushes, allowing him to be much more "graceful" and accurate with his pushes- so I don't really see that as the added benefit of having multiple magic systems. The thing that's making me think, is from WoB (not sure if it was contraindicated when he announced the "revamping" of savanticism regarding Wax) that Wax isn't a savant in Allomancy or Feruchemy, but in the power/ability that he gained from having both... What is it? What is the benefit/byproduct that he is exceptionally skilled at? Jumping to Roshar, when I went to a signing in Portland, I asked Brandon if Shallan's ability to have a photographic memory was because she was a Lightweaver, and he didn't say yes or no, but more alluded to the fact that her memory has a "supernatural component"... so more of a 'byproduct' of mixing magics. So, my thought is... do we have any WoB or other evidence alluding to what we know about the individuals with multiple types of magics and their unique ability? What is Wax's? Wayne? Kaladin? Shallan's (i believe) is the photographic memory...
  13. if the above convo has any true merit about a workforce... what if someone came to you and said "hey, i know your life here sucks... come with me- i'll have you work half as hard, and you'll be able to eat twice as much. oh- you want jobs for your family members? sure thing! i'll even pay you!" just the cosmere's version of illegal immigrants taking jobs for much less pay...
  14. Like, how are they able to find out what quarry rock came from, or- that someone locked in this room did this instead of this... I imagine a good "educated guess" could help with a lot of it, and maybe a little trial and error, but- what about items that they've never come across before?
  15. I definitely like the way that this forum's answers and conversation has grown immensely more mature from page to page ;-) I think i read only one other person mentioning that Warbreaker would also make a good movie- It's magic system is very visual, and all sorts of things could "show" well. I'm also on the cautious bandwagon due to what has been repeatedly said about book to movie adaptations. what helped me explain things like the Harry Potter series- is that by itself to those who had never read any of the books, the movies did a good job telling a story while including as much as possible of the source material- towards the end, I saw the movies as more "companions" to the book- where the film was able to expand on a lot of aspects of the book... I personally enjoy the movies and books themselves. On another hand one that i didn't see mentioned here book to movie adaptation, was "Jumper". I know a lot of people didn't really care much for Hayden's acting, but- as far as the movie goes, i liked it a lot- so much so, that I ended up reading all of the jumper-series books by Steven Gould. (4-5 at last count? its been a little while). As far as source material from books to movie- very little was actually there. the basic premise was there as in there was a dude named David, he could teleport, and people were after him. Aside from that, the movie went on a completely different tangent than the books. Having watched the film first, then read the books later- i think i liked the entire aspect a lot more. For me, it wasn't necessarily a matter of "the movie didn't follow the book at all", but more a matter of "a different story" in a "world" that i enjoyed. instead of getting one book to one movie, i got an additional separate story out of it all too. For me, the two are near separate, but related enough that i can imagine it being just an alternate story in the same world that i enjoy. Now regarding Brandon's works- obviously I'm a fan of the books enough to troll these forums on a near daily basis... lurking in the background not ever really speaking up too much, but there anyway... so i really like the idea of a movie- even if it means getting some of the main points correct, and still being a really good movie. it could just be another "story" or a different "telling" of the same story. i think it helps knowing that Brandon'll be a producer and as Argent said before about how Brandon not some cash-seeking-new-writer just trying to make a quick buck... helps a lot. knowing his hand'll be in it helps me think that even if for cinematic purposes the story is only 20-30% true to the source stories, but they're *quality movies*, i'll win anyway. i get to get more of the cosmere in a different story. just my $.02