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  1. Yes we have confirmation both from WoB and from a character with a perfect Realmatic Theory understanding. There is a WoB and yes they are...But honestly also without the WoB, there are hint in the books about their local origin
  2. Nono, I meant there is people who see the Unsealed Metalmind as "not tapped" but simply as if you "connect yourself with the Spiritweb in the metal without affect it". This is no as I think it works (I see the Unsealed Metalmind as a standard Metalmind in this regard) but for sake of completeness I wanted to share also others' view on the topic
  3. Mmm hardly. An allomancer is high Invested while he is burning metals and a Mistborn will probably burn multiple metals at the same time for the whole fight (Pewter, Tin, Steel, Iron and Bronze). I think the Stormlight's cost will be proibitive unless you are an Herald directly fueled by Honor.
  4. Nothing to say here, also if this is mainly because the SprenBlade is a lot of magnitude beyond the mortals' investiture. Yeah physically a Radiant will be physically stronger than a Mistborn. But He will also retains this strenght for less time, as the Stormlight will run out faster than pewter if you want to stay above a Mistborn's level. Much more as both the Radiant and the Plate consume it. For a Mistborn is really easier to obtain new Metals than for a Surgebinder to obtain more Stormlight...the Mistborn could destroy Infused gemstones easier than what a Surgebinder could do with the metals (with the probably exception of Division user and allomantic alloys) I could see your point but I think you overstimate this kind of mobility skills. Abrasion will give a little advantage but not so great to "destroy Mistborn in agility". It will allow them to climb wall (not perfectly as the gravity still affect them) but their speed will not be boosted by a lot without air friction. The Gravity Surges is greatly better for a long use because you could let the gravity to accelerate you. But in a short time fight, unless you use always multiple lashing to change direction (consuming more Stormlight)...you will start slow. A Steel/Iron are really more reactive to dodge and fast reactions. This is probably true, but the array of Mistborn's ability is really wide. I will not understimate some "second class" powers like Bronze (a Mistborn knows always where the Surgebinder is regardless of Illumination or other kind of stealth attempt), Brass/Zinc (if you manage to destroy Plate's helm a durallumin Brass could shout down the Radiant and then you could shoot another durallumin zinc as a second try) or Electrum to have a bit of foresight during the combat. Again I don't want to say a Mistborn will defeat a Radiant. Simply the fight is really less unidirectional than you think. Just considerate the damage a Mistborn could do to a plate with a barrage of metal objects (recoverable after the use). This would crack/destroy the plate or keep draining the Radiant's Light to repair the Plate. If also a single bullet remains in contact with the Plate. A Mistborn could use it as an anchor to keep the distance with the Radiant (Mostly all the Radiants' abilities are at zero or short range) and he need only to buy time for the Light to diminish PS: I explicity not used Chromium as getting in close combat isn't a real good idea. But if the Radiant manages to grab the Mistborn, Chomium could be an option to try to add another problem to the Radiant's list
  5. The "Facts" are that regardless the Soul is original or not, it's soffused to so much Investiture to be no more the same...Also a Sliver is influenced by the Shard's residue to a degree. Investiture in any amount influences you over time and we know Cognitive Entity are more "fluid" rather than static as a living being. Kelsier is now something like a Spren (an HumanSpren or something like that). How could remain of his original self is really debatable with a whole religion focused on him and Preservation's influence inside his Soul. PS: I think the person would be "true" both if the Soul is original or a replica...After all thier Cognitive Aspect its the original one also if the Framework (Soul) changes. Or you count someone who recived a huge Soul Healing as another person because the regrow Soul is not the original one. And indeed IF there is something in the Beyond, the Cognitive Aspect is the part who reaches it as the Soul's Investiture is recycled into the Realms
  6. Every Cognitive Shadow has his Soul replaced by raw Investiture (that mimics/copyes his original soul). It's the reason they could remain in the Realms...the new Investiture is tied to the Shardworld and the Shadow is Anchored there. This is also cause to Cognitive Shadows a lot of problem to worldhop.
  7. Until se saw the bulding process is hard to say. The "Allomantic Powers" in the Bands are stores in the Nicrosil part. Much more than the "Power" It's stores the Innate Investiture (or part of the Spiritweb ) Who gave to the Allomancer access to Allomancy. Therefore when they use the BoM they recive for a while this extra piece of Soul and they could performe Allomancy as any other natural Allomancer (swalloing metal and burn It). In theory the "Nicrosil part" is tapped and consumed in the use. This mean you need to recharge It over time. BUT this is not something all the forum agrees with...someone thinks the Nicrosil part isn't actually tapped (and consumed) but instead that It works more like a Spike. Regard Who could recharge this...in theory every this is not different by every other Medallion, so you need someone with the wanted Power+ Nicrosil Feruchemy+Alluminium Feruchemy+Durallumin Feruchemy (we don't know yet how the Unsealing preciselly works) but multiple Powers Will cause some kind of interference like Allik said...unless someone with multiple Powers placed by himself them in a Medallion (and the BoM is an example of this) On a last note, in theory you could tap a Nicrosil Metalmind Faster to obtain a stronger Power.....this is called unofficially Reverse Compounding here in the forum. But there is still Something we don't fully understand in this regard and therefore I don't want to give you speculations as facts
  8. The Death Rattles could be ancient too but maybe before they manifested in an area where nobody noticed...the Resti Islands, Shinovar, Horneater peaks or some other remote location
  9. We know there is a way to boost Allomancy thanks to Feruchemy. If TLR used It to display the power we see, it's unknown. I will simply going aganist the Nicrosil usage as they find no "weird" metal on TLR's body
  10. The WoB before suggest the Sleepless are a single entity
  11. I really doubt She could cast something so complex as a bullet. Anyway I don't think Jasnah has a gun hoster...much more a general Little big of sort
  12. You have right, I remember wrong the WoB
  13. Except Radiant dies if their head is crushed and a well aimed coin could penetrate the Plate (in the same way of a knife if you remember Kal's fight aganist Shallan's brother). Usually the Healing in the Cosmere will ignore whatever happen to the body (beheading, burned to the bones,ecc....), but Radiant's stormlight healing is not so complete (I think this happen for the Bond's nature...but now it's irrelevant)
  14. Some surges are thematically aligned with Honor and Cultivation...But they are simply Adhesion and Progression. About the Roshar's godmetals...They are simply concentrate essence of the Shards, so the Sprenblades are made of godmetals strictly speaking.
  15. A single well aimed Coin could kill a Radiant (also in Plate). With Atium the Mistborn wins Easy, but honestly I don't consider Atium in those kind of fight as I always saw It as a Metallic Arts' hack. Without Atium a Mistborn will be probably defeated by a Full Radiant in an open fight. But honestly only an idiot will directly fight a Radiant. A Mistborn has more efficiency and long term fight abilities...a fast fight would be aganist his interesting.