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  1. Why foci are actually easy on Roshar

    I don't understand what you mean The Scadrial's Focus is Metal and the Metallic Arts works under this assumption The Sel's Focus is Form and the Selish Magic works under this assumption The Nalthis's Fucus is Command and the Awakening works under this assumption. (We know others possible focus but without confirmation I will avoid to cite them here) This don't mean there are multiple foci per planet...simply a subset of the focus is buond to the actual magic systems set on the planet. You may notice how on Scadrial ALL the metals are reactive to Investiture, also the one useless for the Metallic Arts.
  2. Classification of Magic Systems

    I have just a little time now, so probably I need to expand my aswer later but: Unless I read it in the wrong way this two statements are contradictory (they are both from the "Question 5" Section"). I will try to dissect the statement in both the possibilities, but I see in it a contradiction. - The Well is able to to what you mostly define as "Powers(or now Raw Invesiture) Feat" the "moving worlds tier" ones like affecting the Souls at planetary level. So the Well have to be Raw Invesiture not Unique Investiture. But if the Well is Raw Investiture, you "spend" it (turning into Unique Investiture) upon use. So the Raw Investiture's Source (Preservation) have to expend energy/Powers/Raw Investiture to refill the Well with New Raw Investiture. - The Well as Unique Investiture is aganist (your) assumption on the Unique Investiture's limits themself. If the Well. Unique investiture can't affect other Spirit-Webs. And again please don't take WoB don't explicity states something as counterproof to something. I am a bit confused, I never say something different. The Shard's Invesiture is attached to an Intent/Mandate always. I never denied this fact. We could see everywhere the implication of this. We have also WoB about if I don't remember wrong....indeed IF this wasn't true, the implications would be weird and some really important Cosmere's plot will simply fail and become stupid.
  3. So Adonalsium is the Cosmere's Galactus XD
  4. We don't even know if the Cosmere is greater than this dwarf galaxy or if there is something more outside the dwarf galaxy at all
  5. This could destroy a theory of mine and show a light in the unsealing debate
  6. How could Marasi tap the Bands of Mourning?

    Not at all, Unsealing work into "trick" the Metalmind to believe you have the right Power (whatever they do It is a mistery). But also if the Nicrosolmind were auto-unsealed. This don't mean everyone could store into a piece of Nicrosil
  7. How could Marasi tap the Bands of Mourning?

    This is a bit unclear. Unkeyed a Metalmind alone, allow only to by-pass the Identity. So every being with the right Power could tap an unkeyed Metalmind but no One else (see the unkeyed goldmind they found in the book). The southerns know a way to create and "unsealed" Metalmind. Everyone could tap an Unsealed Metalmind. The Medallions (and the BoM) are Simply unsealed Nicrosilmind with the appropriate Powers+ a set of other metals for usefulness (the band for example comes with 15 unkeyed metalminds)
  8. (Cosmere Spoilers) Thoughts on BoM re-read

    Like other said we have examples as: - Breath trasfert that unkeys the Breath from the previous owner to keys to the new One. - Stormlight who pass from be free avaliable to restricted to the actual user (for example another Surgebinder can't absorb Shallan's illusioni or recover the Full Lashing's Stormlight). - Shardplate work on the same base. You could manipulate his Stormlight while he isn't wear. But when someone wearks and Actives It. The Stormlight is keyed to him. Probably there are other example, I Will expand if they come to my mind
  9. Jasnah and the Cosmere *WoR spoilers*

    I think she simply met someone in the Cognitive. I really doubt she overcomed Roshar's Borders....Between her "death" and her "return" too little time passed.
  10. Harmony is a recent development.... It's possible that over the millenia, Hemalurgy Will disappear (not Allomancy because It's already coded in the DNA end Will be passed to the offspring)...But in the end good point
  11. Because for Roshar's nature the Spren act as release valve for the surplus of Power and because the other Shard (Cultivation) could manage the situation.... The Seon/Skaze aren't enough to do the same for D&D's power. We have a WoB about
  12. Yes, splintering (in the Odium's context) working removing the Connection between the bit of Investiture. So the single Cell of the being (Shard) are no more part of the being. Your idea about a specific part is troublesome with some istances. For example Ruin and his removed part
  13. I wrote this theory a long time ago. Our informations were more limited than now. I don't think the Seon or Skaze prevent the Shard to reform. We know a Shard could create Splinters of his Power and the Splinters will be indipendant to a certain degree but still part of the Shard. We saw also a Shard didn't Need of 100% of his Power to be a Shard. Ruin for example had a piece of himself ripped away from him but he was still a Shard. This was a Little permise. When a Shard is splintered (maybe we need different words for the two kind of splintering...I don't know) the Connection between his different bit of Investiture is broken. So in theory, to reform a Shard you will Need only to slowly craft again a Connection between his pieces. I think you Need to do this only for a fraction of the Splintered Power, enough Power to Ascend also if you are really weak for a Shard's standard. Then with your godly Power you could "reclute"/reConnect other Splintered Investiture (After all Ruin was confident to recover the stolen Power). The cognitive location probably It's troublesome too for this. In the Spiritual maybe the bit of Investiture could start to reLink alone. But in the Cognitive pressed One aganist the other in the fiercy storm the Dor is...The thing are weird. Also a bit of anomaly inside of It could start a resonance
  14. (Cosmere Spoilers) Thoughts on BoM re-read

    This is untrue, Investiture become keyed and unkeyed all the time in the Cosmere