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  1. I could not provide It now as I am in a troublesome situation now. But you could try to find It searching for Connection or Durallumin (the Feruchemical metal that stores Connections)... The WoB said there is Need to workaround with Connections to make a Medallion and that Brandon would provide is a list of the needed steps as the procedure is too complex to explain preciselly without writing It down (of course this are not the exacts words but rather the general topic of the WoB) Maybe @Calderis could help us
  2. The Ire's Orb is made with "Silverlight's stuff". I believe Silverlight has the tech/magic to manipulate Connections to a degree and the worldhoppers usually uses it to many purpose (for example the omni-language). The IRE just manage to use it to an extremely extent in the right moment.
  3. If I understood right @Steeldancer believes that an unkeyed Nicrosilmind is by default Unsealed. IF this is his idea (and for a while I considerated the same thing, the las year). I have to say that I am now aganist this....Brandon said us that F-Nicrosil and F-Alluminium isn't enough to craft a Medallion while with Steeldancer's idea it will be possible.
  4. It's the first. A new Blessing requires two murders and Harmony&Kandra are aganist this. Without fresh Blessings they are unable to create new Kandras.
  5. @pharaoh9000 to quote myself from a previous post here: All those metals (Silver included) acts normally into Metallic Arts, they are pushable/pullable, ecc.... Only the Alluminium is inert to applied magic (can't be pushed/pulled, shileds from Emotional Allomancy, It doesn't generate temporal shadows and it stop a time bubble effect). Those weirdness with the Alluminium spreads also to almost every other Cosmere's magic.
  6. By the way, yesterday I misunderstood you. I believed you talk of a limb spiritual and physical cutted from the owner (two Shardblade's cuts)...I don't believe this change the result but sadly no Adams' Hand
  7. In this you have right, but this is mainly true for all the Cosmere's magic. By the way, Honorblades seem "only" Shardblade-class Fabrials, they are categorizated as "mechanical way to access surges" and in those kind of scenarios, I imagine your Mind has a major role as the Ability is not in your Soul
  8. I don't remember it was never stated the Wax's Earring's Origin. The Pathism Earrings are usually made from old Inquisitors' spikes...Sure Wax's one could be different, but I don't believe it is stated somewhere. A couple of cm of Metal in the chest is more than enough to reach the heart is you push really hard....Much more to a target of an infant size, honestly I don't want to try to figure the murder's mechanics but I believe it's quite possible (unluckly)
  9. Reen could be the one who tell her...By the way the Earring could have a ruined (pun intended) Silver plating at the Spiking time (the Bronze had to be exposed or it can't be used as spike) and then it kept to ruin (I am the worst, I know) in the latter years.
  10. Except the Honorblade's surgebinding doesn't not work in that way. The Honorblade has no check or further development, you grab one and everything is done. By the way, the Surgebinding wasn't designed by Honor and as all the Cosmere's magic arose naturally from Shardic's Investiture and the planet. The KR seem to be a further development from the initial Surgebinding (that I assume was more "Honorblade like" ) to a codificated way to progress in it. I believe Ishar had a role in that maybe thanks to His knowledge of Realmatic he bound the Spren to some rules and the rules spread thanks to the perception. Honor offered to the Heralds tools to mechanically access the Surgebinding system but it's not "more true" than the Radiant's one....Both are derivated by the same "original system" but we don't see it yet (and probably we will not ever see it as the KR replaced it)
  11. I believe the problem in Stormlight-Awakening is more pratical than skill-centric. The Breath is sticky and It would remains into the target to fuel the Awakening. Stormlight instead is extremely volatile and leaky. To me the problem is more into the "if I Awake with Stormlight, the Investiture doesn't hold and leak away from the target"
  12. Indeed It's possible, I always believed Braize was Just behind One of the Nexus but I never linked It to a specific One. I am still quite confused in how the Heralds manage to cross the Realms in their selected locations (Honor's Perpendicularity maybe) but this is another topic
  13. There were only 16 spots, a tons of metal are not Allomantic Metals. Platinum isn't an Allomantic Metal, Titanium is not an Allomantic Metal, Mercury is not an Allomantic metal and I could continue for a while. You could not make the argument on "the other metals have powers, so the silver is a weird stuff". By the way, Silver is already part of the Metallic arts as it's a component to craft Electrum, in this regard it is no different from Magnesium (that is a Durallumin's component but has not a role as pure metal into Metallic Arts)
  14. I am full honest here, for a second...just a second, I imagined the covering was mitigating the Decay, but it's a foolish idea. The amount of Hemalurgic charge in that earring is one of the things that bother me more of Mistborn Era1....It's simply too powerful for its history