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  1. Also, it's unlikely for Vivenna to have gathered so much Breath to be able to awaken Steel...but unlikely and impossible are two different stuffs, so who knows ?
  2. Honestly at the first I thought it was Timbre. But actually it's more plausible it was Odium to preserve her as Envoy. If it was an enemy, the Fused would simply report her and she will be killed....but if the boss stops you, you accept it and don't create trouble
  3. Explicity stated no...But how many Shapeshifting's Awakeners from noble blood who runned away from their responsabilities and trained by Vasher do we know ? And how many of them have the exact same purpose of Vivenna ? XD
  4. We have a WoB of entire pantheons made of Bavadin herself and we have a Khriss' comment about how ironic is the isolationistic Taldain's policy imposed by her while she did quite the opposite
  5. I edited the previous message, I switched the Letters in my mind.
  6. Letter2's Shard is mostly Autonomy as she is actually the only possible candidate
  7. Well the Shard seems to be surprised on Hoid be able to figure the planet where he/she is. Cultivation is on Roshar by public knowledge. Also the Shard seems to be not interested in Rayse and ....well Cultivation is not so indifferent to him. Lastly the "we" used by the Shard to talk about herself is hardly linkable on what we know of Cultivation (but this last thing is really debatable), Hoid seems to have sent the Letter to an individual among a group (or a persona among a moltitude of personalities) and another one actually recived it and answered...This point quite directly to Bavadin as Cultivation exibit not this trat and much more, she is the only possible reciver on Roshar
  8. Yeah the Seon and Skaze (Splinters of Devotion and Dominion) are respectly white and black orbs (well actually they are glowing symbols who irradiates white/black radiancy....)
  9. Yeah the black/white associations will probably happen on multiple Shardworlds with a couple of Shards with opposite attiture. For example Sel had this same stuff around with D&D
  10. I will not answer to your actual question, I will simply explain you how the death works in the Cosmere and then you could find your answers. When someone dies, his three aspects (physical, Cognitive and Spiritual) began to be severed by each other. this guy has a relative small timeframe (we are talking of seconds/minutes) where he pops up in the Cognitive Realms. This timeframe will last longer for people with powers but not too much. After this timeframe is over, the Mind&Soul are completelly severed by the Physical and when this happens a pull the dead feel from his first istant loses his opponent and the Mind&Soul will continue their travel to the Realms...reaching the Beyond. The Beyond is (as the name suggests) a location beyond the three Realms and even the Shards (or at least Sazed) are unable to reach it. This will not answer to your question, but at least it will give you the bases to think about your question in the rightful way EDIT: I didn't notice this was your first post on the Shard. Welcome
  11. First of all, for now the only confirmed use of Nicrosil-Feruchemy is storing/tapping the Innate Investiture. But for hypotesis, we will assume you could store Kinetic Investiture too. In this context, you still will need to have be able to access that Investiture in the first place. For example, you will not be able to "store the Mists" unless you are able to tap them.
  12. Galladon in the interlude used a bad word of his own language who did not traslate into the Roshar's language (a word used a lot in Elantris by him) Many time, an oddity in language is a good guest of a worldhopper who didn't took effort to learn even a bit of the local language. Anyway, in my first reading I spot immediatly Galladon as Galladon, but I completelly miss Demux and of course at that time I didn't know their third companion.
  13. I asked him at a signing. He told It's not Canon yet but It's the main term he is using. He could change It but for now It's the best candidate ;-)
  14. No, it's not confirmed witch Orders adandoned and witch did not. Probably you asked this for my first reply. I meant that the theory is wrong because, the theory proposed the Skybreakers as the order that remained and the Receance and Last Legion's free as a single event. As the Parshmen's creation have to happen after the Last Legion's flee and the Parshmen's creation is mostly imputable to something a Bondsmith did. It's impossible for a Bondsmith to have made it if the Bondsmith already broke their Oaths (as the Skybreaker is the remaining Order...always for the theory)
  15. The Unmade and Voidspren are Splinters of Odium