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  1. Kelsier's late snapping came mainly from two factors: - he is a powerful Allomancers and it seems that a greater trauma is usually needed to snap those. - he is a sociopath, so he is able to disconnect from emotion. It's hard to emotional traumatize someone who is able to shout down his emotion at will ... There was need of something really huge to shake him
  2. F-Steel could reach supersonic speed. Marasi shown that when she broke people eardrums with a sonic boom near them. But honestly there isn't even the need of such a speed. Atium users make always or almost the right move. It's in the nature of the Fortune and their mind could process the huge amount of informations but they can't performe something their body can't performe. Maybe the steelrunner can't one shot the seer as he would find some way to mitigate the damage, but the second or third hit would give him the victory. Atium is a really cool power but too me in the community there is an overstimate of it .. because 95% of Atium users were godly murdering machines also without using the Atium. Just notice how Seers died fighting Koloss in HoA.
  3. The movement is growing Returning to the actual topic, I agree with Cal at 100% Trell isn't micry a magic system, he simply placed an element mostly compatible with the local magic and depending on the magics' requirements this element integrated or not with the local systems. As Cal said, I strongly believe that at the moment Trell isn't invested enough with Scadrial and its popolation to allow them a meaningfully connection to him. This means no Allomancers or Feruchemists would be able to burn/store/tap from Trellium normally and the Trellium works only in the Spiritual-Indipendent Magic ( Hemalurgy ). It's hard to define if at the moment the Trellium has a Allomantically and Feruchemically effect, as the effect it's dictated by the user and there are no users, it's mostly a possibility suspended in the underling of the magic until it happens. By the way, an user could arose if the right criterias were met, for example... Assuming Full Feruchemist are still around, one could use F-Durallumin to increase his connection to Trell enough to access the F-Trellium or maybe a Mistborn possessed by a Fakeless Immortal. Of course those are moot points as Mistborns and Full Feruchemists are no more. An interesting scenario is, an average dude spiked with Connection to Trell would be at least in theory to snap (if he is an unsnapped misting) into a Trellium misting. Of course this is really convoluted and requires for the Godmetals Misting to happen naturally...Something the Era 1 made unclear. Anyway, this topic made click something in my mind and I have to consider something I never thought about.... It's OT (as it is about foreign mistborn) so I will not talk of that here
  4. No System, he simply used some distilled Investiture to interact with the mists that compose the Scadrial's CR. Without that he would be unable to push on the mist and made the corpse-boat move. How he distilled (if he was the one to do that) the Investiture in the first place is unknown, but we could assume it's the same method the Ire's drink was made from
  5. Calderis the wise already replied and yeah the WoB provided already an answer but, regardless of the wob. If magic sustains yourself (in this example Pewter) you have for a limited timeframe a bigger amount of some attributes, the WoB explicity states you could store that too, but anyway also if you can't.....You will be able to store more of your own attributes while the magic sustains yourself in a otherwise bad situation
  6. We don't know why he is doing what he is doing.
  7. Well for Allomancy is quite Easy as he had a way to turn into a Mistborn. About his previous Lightweaving abilities, he was a yolish Lightweaver far before the whole Shattering happens.
  8. Nothing suggest that Vasher was activelly involved. Now I can't be' sure of the english wording. But Vasher said to the girl, "I will tell you some words, memorize and feel those...then repeat". Collaborative Awakening is not something we have records for and in that specific instance there is not an Exchange of Investiture/Breath between them...so a magic interaction is very unlikely
  9. A Wax's child is greatly unlikely to be' a Mistborn as the Wax's terris heritage would damp this possibility. A full Feruchemists is also unlikely for mostly the same reason. In the best scenario, Wax's children would be Twinborns like him or the most likely scenario will gave Misting
  10. Assuming Krios' method works (and it's a great assumption). A Coinshoot would be able to tu burn Steel Spikes to permanently obtain the powers in them. In Steel Spikes you could place powers from the Allomantic Physical Quadrant, so A-Iron, A-Tin and A-Pewter. So you will turn into a Quand Misting, but as you now you are a Pewterarm too. At this point you could burn also Pewter Spikes, that steal Feruchemical physical quadrant and therefore F-Steel, F-Iron, F-Tin and F-Pewter. Burning those will gave you Feruchemical Powers into that quadrant and together with the already obtained...you are now a Quad Misting and Quad Ferring.
  11. @Merrickz Feruchemy doesn't "manifest" you born already with your Feruchemy avaliable.
  12. Putting aside the conflictual WoB. That method (if works) would turn you into a quad Misting at best...well a quad Misting - quad Ferring. Not into a Mistborn
  13. It isn't an idea of mine. It's how someone here started to call them. And notice, we don't know if those are Kandra at all (for example I think they are not). In Scadrial Northern's culture "Faceless Immortal" has a different meaning than our own. For us Faceless Immortal -> Kandra, in world Faceless Immortal denotes a Divine Servant/Agent....Probably it could be traslated something like "Angel" in a Christian view. So it's unclear what Suit was actually saying there.
  14. He killed believing this would stop the Desolation. He also restricted himself in killing only when the target is guilty of a crime that allow that. He also sided with the Singers not with Odium because in his view the Singers have the rights on the Land. He is in the same Odium's side for extension of this.
  15. Preservation hears the throughs of every Scadrian. Hemalurgy isn't a factor. It's the whole "intent stops me from doing this" Preservation's nature stops him from exploits the Soul's cracks needed to inject thoughts in the target.