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  1. I just becomed a Kalad's phantom....So could I say, I rock ?
  2. A little premise, I am not enough in the chemestry to actually argue on your experiment. I could only answer about the part I have some knowledge about. As far as we see, the Awakening drain the color regardless of someone perception. A blind man who awaken something will drain to the same grayish of someone with the sight (not tent Heighening considerate). In this context I don't think IR or UV actual make a difference at all. There is a WoB on Colorblind people, it mainly say something "also without colors, they will be able to feel the difference, it's hard to explain to me as I am not color blind, but their mind will understand the difference also without a proper visualization" (not exact wording)
  3. It was not breaking the agreement that damaged fatality Preservation (at least not directly). Preservation was damaged by Ruin's attack when He attack him to steal some of his power and to make the Prison. Preservation was already weaker than Ruin and He manage to further diminish his power. It's not a surprise that Ruin manage to wound him deadly.
  4. This is impossible, the deadmen have only a limited timeframe before their Mind and Soul got severed from the body. After that moment they are beyond recover and they reach the Beyond. Healing a soul is something into her usual Power's scope so nothing relevant. Healing a Cognitive Shadow is as far as we know impossibile for Realmatic reason. Hardly to say, but the damage seems to be Cognitive and therefore beyond the Healing scope. Stormlight's leaking is proportional to the amount held so over a certain treeshold you Will be unable to hold more as the leak Will become too great. So nothing really extraordinary Will arose from having tons of stormlight. Notice you could probably reach this point Simply draining Stormlight directly from the Storm wihtout the need of Nutrition compounding.
  5. In theory yes, but without an explic case I can't give it for sure
  6. I assume you read BoM to make this question. So you could see the Bands of Mourning itself could gift Allomancy. The Bands are "only" Medallion with almost all the knowed powers...nothing special. So yes the Medallion can give Allomancy too
  7. Nightblood isn't a Lifeless class Entity. We know his Command and it not incorporate any kind of "key command". This is debatable but you can't recover Breath from someone else and Nightblood is an actual being now. the Breath are not its own.
  8. You have right into the possibility of gain Lerasium from the Mists but honestly I can't see this as an "easier task" than try to bread a Mistborn. Their magic offers them no tool to manipulate external Investiture and it's not something like "keep freeze the mist until you get the Lerasium". In theory Harmony could also make that new crafted Lerasium vanish as it is still part of him at will.
  9. We have a WoB on the Heralds to be bound to Great Roshar System. This is probably caused by the number of planets with sentient life on them that make a more large/stable subastral in the Cognitive Realm where the Shards' Investiture could extend into....Something like if also on Braize or Ashlyn you are still trace of Honor and Cultivation (like you could feel the Odium's influence on Roshar)
  10. All of you made great points, but I feel you are missing a less magical and more pratical problem with this idea. Vasher's fear is the mass production of Nightblood-like weapons. If you need an extreme rare and well guarded offworld weapon as base to make a Nightblood-like weapon, this fear (a fear so strong to make him kill his beloved) was quite a nosense. Much more we know for a WoB (if I have time I will search it), that Vasher could only read/heard of the Shardblade and He tried to replicate a Shardblade with another magic system. This mean Vasher maybe didn't see a Shardblade before the Nightblood's creation...but much more, it's a no sense try to replicate something, using that own something as base. This theory was proposed a couple of times on the Shard....So I still remember the argument about. This doesn't mean there isn't something weird into Nightblood's creation, simply I think this specific istance is probably really unlikely for both pratical and magical reasons. The Investiture mixing could be provided by some other source....maybe the sword was made from a metalmind,spike,godmetal or something else I could not think now. For a while I was really confident of Therenody's Silver as Nightblood's base. All this other candidates don't overcome the magical issue with Nightblood's creation, but at least they overcome the pratical ones.
  11. Like the others already said. Taldain (a portion of It to be more precise) had already the technology level to make firearms thousand of years before Mistborn (White Sand) so Khriss taken hers from homeland or more probably She had a good knowledge to the inner work to make one herself or to explain the principles to a crafter skilled enough to build It. We have also to assume the worldhopper comunity took the best of many Shardworlds' tech so guns are probably common among them
  12. Notice that if also Nazh is a pre-Evil Therenodite (very likely from the timeline) it would still be thousands of years younger than the battle between Odium and Ambition.
  13. I feel unlikey the "Radiant goes to Damnation" for a series of reasons: - The Heralds are Cognitive Shadows, being able to survive without ties to the physical world. Once they lose their physical body they aren't pulled in the Beyond - KR are standard living beings. Upon death they have no way to remain in the Realms longer. - The KR lose their Nahel Bond upon death, so the Spren can't actually do nothing to them. - There are two orders (actually three but in marginal way) and at least 10 comunities of Spren who could manage to see what happen to the other side. I feel really unlikely they didn't notice something weird. So unless all the Rosharans are sent into Damnation (therefore the KR are no special in this) I find someone will soon discover what is going on.
  14. I dunno, the Evil seems quite local as manace. It was unable to follow the people into the Forests or afraid to the Shades maybe
  15. I will not comment the initial theory because I like, it's cool but I can't give more pro or contros to it The Dor is tied to Sel. if that pipe really contains Dor (something we don't know) it is probably forced into it. I don't think there is the risk of leaking out