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  1. Imprisonment of a Shard

    Also Frost said something like " Rayse is captive. He cannot leave the system he now inhabits. His destructive potential is, therefore, inhibited "
  2. Slatrification?

    Actually we don't know how much of white sand is "sand" and how much is "lichen"...if the Sand's mass is most lichen the Slatrification may works in that way
  3. What Hoid did on Braize!

    Well Braize may be a Prison...made by Odium, not for Odium
  4. I disagree, the Vessel is twisted by the Intent threfore also a bad Vessel would become a great/perfect Vessel for the Shard after some amount of time. After 10k years all the original Vessels are probably perfect Vessels for their Shards regardless of their original personality
  5. What Hoid did on Braize!

    Odium is another kind of being. A web very large may stop a Shard but let small being free to move. Much more, as far as I know Odium isn't trapped on Braize, He simply chose to stay there. He is trapped inside the Great Roshar System
  6. RACE!

    Yesterday I was with a friend in a pub and I proposed him this racing-dilemma. He is a physicist and I imagined he may see this problem better. To him the Steelrunner wins ALWAYS because over a certain speed the sliding Edgedancer can't add new force/speed without restrain his own speed with the friction of the body part used to "accelerate"
  7. Imprisonment of a Shard

    Actually the Odium and Ruin cases are extremely different. - Ruin strictly speaking wasn't imprisoned, simply Preservation's power automatically counter every action Ruin tried to take. This is "Ruin's prison". Also the risk of release every 1024 isn't stricly part of the "prison" simply Preservation's power understand an user who give away the Well's power as "give it to ruin" and as "I am done with my job" and the auto-counter stops. - Odium is harder to understand, we don't know actually how he is bound, but remember Odium isn't trapped on Braize. Odium is trapped inside Great Roshar's System and choose to stay on Braize...probably after thousands of years, He will find hard leave that Planet, but the same thing happen to every other Shards who remain long in a place.
  8. @rjl yes there is a WoB somewhere, now I can't search it, but you probably will be able to find it. Regard the point 1, sure it's possible there is a specific action/actions that may cause a Desolation...but indeed I see no reason to exclude the raw number as troublesome. Before Honor was there to regulate how many Spren were avaliable, now there are a lot of more Spren...and this may be troublesome. Of course it's just a possibility
  9. Hoid's Lerasium

    Regardless of what He did with the Lerasium once he obtained, we have a WoB about "He originally searched the Lerasium to obtain allomancy"
  10. Gemhearts

    I think more "advanced" species may bypass this bait for spren (like the human do) but honestly it's a weak argument. There is a theory about the Greatshell as helper in the desolation for Cultivation, growing Polestone to be used by the Radiant...It's a possiblity, I don't like it but it is a possibility
  11. I start from the sure anwer: 3 - Nale has his own Honorblade Now 1- I think the problem Nale talked about is the raw number of RK on Roshar, if there are too much of them, there is a small chance of a Desolation. Of course allowing a single order to exist you actually reduce greatly the possible number of RK...Much more if the allowed order is strictly controlled you may decide to stop its grown when you want. 2- Spren seems to not know very well the mechanics of Oathpact/Desolation/ecc.... A Spren may follow his own purpose without knowing if this is good or bad in the great scheme of things
  12. Gemhearts

    I think the Gemheart are a biolocial tool to help the GreatShell's Spren bond. Probably a real good one definition is "biolocial Fabrial" as @Blightsong said (also if this definition has some weird ramifications). About the possibility of keeping Investiture in Polestone regardless of the Investiture's source...I am really doubtful, to me the Polestones' ability to hold stormlight is something internal to the Stormlight's nature...But of course no actual proofs
  13. Actually no, not every Scadrial Human is able to become an Allomancer....BUT there were (and are) of course guys who never discovered to be an actual misting just because they never tried. In the Final Empire, there were Alluminium/Duralluminium/electrum/Chromium/Nicrosil/Cadmius and Bendalloy Misting amoung the popolation, but they were unable to discover it because those metal where unknown or hidden or impossible to gather
  14. The other end-negative system is...

    I read the whole topic, and I have to say to me the main candidate at the moment are both....weird: 1) Shades because like someone said, it's not a proper magic system 2) Voidbinding, I want to place it in the candidates because we know at least one of the Unmade may (probably) performe a soul/investiture's stealing to fuel future-sight.
  15. Well you may notice it with in-book facts...There were multiple Desolations (not 99 like the myths says but multiple) but The Shattering and H&C&O's birth happened only 5-6k years before WoTK's prologue. This mean this multiple Desolations have to happened in a relative small timeframe.