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  1. Others already covered Miles' case but Praxton was always strong like that...Simply in that case he didn't follow the Sandmasers' failsafe because he was about to die anyway
  2. I really doubt Autonomy left Taldain. For the Arcanists the presence of a Shard is somehow quite easy to detect so Khriss would know this....She would not say something like "isolation policy" if the Shard is simply gone.
  3. The two main theories about the Cognitive's Sun are the Beyond and the Spiritual Realm for now. I think it's the Spiritual Realm for some reasons related mainly to Secret History but we have no actual proofs. Some of the "clues" for the Sun=Beyond could be really meaningless as we don't know how the Realms' transictions actually work.
  4. People on Nalthis has usually at least a single Breath, so they have an advantage on notice the Biocromatic Aura. So in a world of "drab" it's harder to spot a Biocromatic Aura. Add to this the not really colorful envirorment of the Shattered Plains and the cloth both Vasher and Wit use on Roshar. For someone without a specific knowledge it's hard as hell to spot something wrong.
  5. As other said Vasher could suppress his Divine Breath. You may notice how in the prologue he mentioned that he could reach the fifth heightening in every moment if he want, also Denth too is a Returned and He manage to suppress his Divine Breath in the same way Vasher does.
  6. hemalurgy

    We don't even know when TLR started to produce Inquisitors or if he managed to equip them with decayed spikes in the early days or how strong a "double Lerasium" Inquisitor would be in comparison with TLR. The Durallumin isn't real an indication of something
  7. hemalurgy

    Maybe I remember wrong but I as far as I remember Inquisitors had usually one spike for power. The Legends about Inquisitors's superior power were born by the Mistborn-born ones and their roughtly double power (a little below the Lerasium Mistborn) We saw noone (except Rashek) with a Allomantic Power beyond a Lerasium Mistborn. If the Inquisitor's Spikes set was made of double Spikes there would be Inquisitor stronger than a Lerasium Mistborn in TFE
  8. We know there are multiple Elantrians Worldhopper after the Elantris' restoration... Galladon could be not the only Elantrian in the 17th Shard. Sel was the most Realmatic aware before the Reod, if the current Elantrian recovered that informations, it's easy to understand how they could have multiple contact with Cosmere wide organizations like the Shard. There could be a exchange policy between organizations both with knowledge and agents
  9. A Shard could indeed cut off part of his own power (but I hardly could imagine a scenario where he want to do it). Cutting part of the intent is not possible under normal cases. Every bit of Investiture is bounded to the Intent so unless you drop the Shard you could not cut off the Intent. Sure special beings, like Harmony could do this, but only because he is exposed to multiple intents. So he could cut off a part of Ruin/Preservation to regulate his Intent. This is not a praticable way for a normal Shard as his monolithic Intent will be not altered....Remove a glass of Intent from an Ocean does quite nothing. This is the reason Ruin didn't become less Ruinos with part of his power stolen
  10. Yeah often my english is a bit weird. Indeed you may have right about the Vessels' physical body. We know too little to try to understand this with a good precision. My interpretation works with the multiple descriptions of the stress the Investiture places upon the physical body, but other explainations are indeed valid
  11. I could not find the exact wording but it's a @Ironeyes 's WoB ( I hope he could link the right post with the proper wording) for now: Regard your last post, with the exception of something cut off from the Shard (for example Ruin's stolen power) if a Shard manifest some part of himself (the Lerasium, the Mist, the Well,ecc...) those thing are still part of himself, he lose no power to making them. Sure upon use they will not be avaliable for a while but they will return to the Shard. You may find a WoB about the Spren and how they were still part of Honor while he was alive, his power was not reduced from them.
  12. The Pits still have all the Ruin's Investiture also if they was not producing Atium. Kelsier only destroyes the release valve for a while, but the Ruin's stolen Investiture was still stack in the Pits. while I think the Harmonium is also unbalanced toward Ruin, this is not the reason it's is unstable. Brandon stated the Harmonium is unstable because it's a single substance with the association with both Ruin and Preservation (rather for example to an alloy Lerasium-Atium where everypart is just associate with a single Shard) and this conflictual natura gives to the Harmonium his unstable proprierties. The Harmonium explode when it lose the association with the Shards (one or with both...we don't know) and this lost is released in the physical as energy. (There is a WoB on this matter).
  13. @Steelheart indeed you understimate the impact a single Twinborn could have in The Final Empire. For now I will ignore the fact that at that time Lerasium Mistborn and Full Feruchemist were a thing and their interbreed could give birth to something more powerful than the Twinborns we know...It's a factor but not so relevant. A single Twinborn among TFE will mean that a guy could have both Feruchemy and Allomancy, a single Compounder in TFE will mean that a guy could access almost infinite power "simply" with magic interactions (notice it is meaningless if this Compounder has a quite useless attribute, it's the concept that matters). The whole TLR's Goodhood will fall apart in a short amount of time. He could be the stronger and mightier being on Scadrial...But it's a man not a god, the people will know, his influence strongly reduced...and plans to research and put in places ways to kill him, will spawn like fungi. The interbreed of Feruchemy and Allomancy wasn't a treat to his empire because a super human would actually challenge him, but because a twinborn will mine the fondation of his power and influence. PS: Notice also that without removing the old Feruchemists, it would be impossible to hide the other metals....The Mistborn's supremacy would be mined too with Nicrobuster, Leecher, sliders and pulser around (and of course with Alluminium weapon)
  14. I always saw the "body destruction" someone experience when someone Ascend more like if the Shard's investiture infused it with so much power to go beyond the natural Investiture limit in an object (and it's not really hard to imagine with that Magnitude of Investiture) and the body is simply still there...spread among the Shard's Investiture. If this interpretation is right, a Vessel would need to Invest so much of his power to make his body "re-spawn" but we don't even know if this is even possible without give up the Shard itself (it was one of my Question for brandon if I have the chance to ask it to him)
  15. Harmony could produce Atium or Lerasium if he want...if he is actually doing it, it is officially unkown. There are theories about: - the Pits are still active and after those centuries from Kel's damage they are still producing Atium (of course this assume that Sazed didn't assimlate this Ruin's power after his Ascension). - Other (and I am with them) think it's possible to recoved some Atium or Lerasium traces (honestly I think Atium) from the Harmonium's explosion. This work on the bases the Harmonium isn't balanced between Ruin and Preservation and it is made of a bit more Ruin than Preservation.