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  1. I count in an extreme loosely way the living mortals holding Breath at Type V
  2. My view is for the Fused to lack of Adhesion as it's the surge closer to Honor (similirally as Progression is the surge most close to Cultivation) and one of the two the Bondsmith have. By the way, we saw Fused in CR but it doesn't prove anything as there are many ways to cross the realms and one of them is strictly into the hands of Odium's forces. Also Moash stated to saw the "blacksmith-type" of Fused (or something like that) and this to me means he saw Fused having access to Cohesion
  3. The latter, whatever Timbre is performing with the Voidspren requires her to stay in the gemheart and bully the Voidspren. She can't manifest herself as Blade and at the same time doing that. So for me Timbre manifesting as a Blade would mean for the Voidspren to gain measure of freedom and influence over Venli.
  4. I strongly believe that Venli would be unable to summon a Blade in the state she is in. If in a future moment, Venli will change Form turning into a not Regal form, Timbre is no more required to keep in check the Voidspren in her and she could in theory be not restricted into her gemheart.
  5. A shard could develop a mind of its own if lefted alone long enough. But it's just one of the possible outcomes, another is the auto-splintering of the Shard itself. Regardless, as the developing of the mind is something gradual... Probably in the early stages of its new formed mind, the Shard would simply start to active seek a proper Vessel in an active way
  6. Scadrial was made by both Ruin and Preservation in the same amount, but much more, there is no sense in choosing the 16 (or any other specific number) from Preservation. Whatever the number is, Pres had only to enforce it in the natural pattern to show a sign of design (what he did after all)... He didn't require the 16 specifically
  7. I am not truly sure of what you wanted to propose. In Allomancy, you have a SpiritWeb able to tap from Preservation using a subset of specific metals as gateway for the Preservation's power stream. The molecular structure of those metals shapes the raw Preservation's Investiture into one of the Allomantic Powers. On Therenody, the local silver could interact with the local Cognitive Shadows knowed as Shades. They are hurt by it and the wounds they leave could be healed applying that silver on the damaged part. Now, if I understood correctly your idea, you find some paralles between this two phenomens. And I could see your point in a loose way. But as we known very few of the Therenody's phenomen it's hard to understand how much different they are, some critical differences are: - Preservation is not involved - The Silver is ruined but not destroyed, this imply an alteration of the metal rather than a "burning" in allomantic sense. - The amount of silver required to interact with Shades doesn't seem constant. A relative high amount of Silver is required to heal someone from the Shades's corruction ability and to harm a shade (that in theory is just a tiny fraction of a Shade) and a relative small amount is required to hard or kill a Shard (that has a magnitude more investiture than the corruption in a mortal)... This suggest more a direct interaction between the metal and the Shade's Soul (like some items shown in other places) rather than a slow "burning" effect. Ok now, what I didn't understand. Was your whole point about Allomancy or it was about a broader scope ? PS: As this topic touchs both Mistborn and SfSitFoH some mod probably need to move it into the Cosmere Section or you have at least to modify the title to include the possibility of Spoiler from the other book
  8. With the increased understanding of Surgebinding, I feel the "someone healed me" is a really easy explaination (regardless if he was a Radiant or a Fabrial). By the way, I fel weird that after the discovery of Shallan/Jasnah as Soulcasters and the usage of Oathgates.... Nobody even wondered if it is possible the existence of Fabrials able to performe the other surges
  9. The earrings to work as spike needs to be part of her and be quite literally inserted into her soul.. it's definitely into her regardless of the blood
  10. I don't see it as automatic, as Vin's earring is not burned also if she use quite often Durallumin (and the very few times she burned aluminium).
  11. Yeah and if he would not change the method to obtain immortality for that point, he would probably start to use other little tricks to gather the needed youth like using Durallumin to burn the storage faster or make multiple peoples store youth for him messing with Identity to access to their Atiummind too. But honestly, he need only to keep compounding for 2-3 years... He could use the Well to become fully immortal if He wishes.... At this cycle of the Well, he had time to design the Well's power usages and exploit the Ascension
  12. Shallan didn't kill Pattern in her childhood. After the mother's death she started to repress herself, something that would lead to Pattern's death for Oathbreaking. Luckly enough as the regression wasn't instantaneus. Pattern managed to flee into the CR before it was too late. This allows him to survive also if in bad shape... we don't know if over time he would die in the CR for Shallan's regression and their bond evaporating. On a slight tangential point (as you wrote it in the OP), Spren before the right Oath can't become Blades, regardless of their will... They need the Bond to have reached at least a certain threeshold before they could be pulled fully into the PR and manifest themself as ShardBlade
  13. Unless I misrememer the wob, that was only about the physical damage. You will probably die regardless from the spiritual damage done to yourself. Of course this scenario doesn't preclude an external source that apply Healing to the victim to make her heal. We know the Primers could store from inanimate objects, if we assume they could be used to make a subject tap too... I don't see a living being as different
  14. As Calderis said there is no instance of Heralds having or refering to have Plate of any kind (other than Nale, but he is something more). Much more Kalak stated to be murdered many times from Thunderclast's claws and this is an unlikely scenario if you are an unlimited fueled Surgebinder with a Plate (that use Investiture to repair itself)
  15. By the way, we don't even know if a Bloodmaker is more likely to not die when Hemalurgy is performed on himself. If he die on the spot... He can't use the Healing to fix himself. There are a couple of istances in cosmere of Spiritual Shock distrupting the ability of a user to performe magic for a while (it's what happened to TLR and the reason he didn't simply pull his own metalminds back), so if you performe Hemalurgy on someone with an active auto-Healing... He probably would die like everyone else would do, of course if he survives the Hemalurgy itself, the Soul could be fixed with his own power