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  1. I can't understan how the Chana=Ash theory could work. - We Know the Character showed in OB is Shalash_Daughter_of_Jez for both the Jez's death scene and Taln recognize her. - That Character is the one who destroyes Arts about Shalash as we could see from the Interlude in Mraize's mansion and she use the Mraize's informations to later find Taln - Baxil's mistress description fit the one of Shalash in OB - We know from sure that Shalash's nickname is Ash I can't understand how Chana could fit in this
  2. I meant that the ones in disagreement probably die on the spot by Oathbreaking. And I don't remember it was a man or Honor to state there were the full Orders ? Because if the Windrunners were 1000 and only 900 were present there...I find hard to believe an observer would be able to catch the difference EDIT: The Rattle could be from Taln's PoV watching the modern opinions on Radiants
  3. I mostly agree with the OP. Only I can't believe ALL the Honorspren (for example) agreed with that....I think some of them was aganist and probably the simple Recreance's idea and planning were enough to cause the Oathbreak for them....Of course in the vision we saw only the Radiant with Spren that agree with the Recreance, the one aganist already broke. For extension, there are probably Windrunner&Stonewarden's Shards somewhere other the one left at Feverkeep.
  4. To compare the two, imagine a slow pulse of those effects: Gravity works applying a constant acceleration to the object regardless of the object's mass...This means the object start to move to an increased speed as long as the gravity keep going (until he reach Final Velocity but it's not something meaningful here). Imagine it like an object on perfectly plain ice weakly pushed with a finger by someone near A Push/Pull instead applies directly a force to the (metallic) object. the object (or you) will still start to move but for completelly different mechanics, it starts directly at his full speed allowed by the Push/Pull. Imagine it as a ball hitted by a bat. The two of them could act in similar ways with some assumptions, like assuming the Pull generates an incredible amount of G Force to allow bullet to gain so fast that extreme speed, but if that is the case the bullet will keep going faster to an extreme velocity in a couple of seconds. Lastly, Gravity is never repulsive TLTR: Gravity can't be the source of the Steel/Iron Allomancy because those magics can't be profiled with the effect of a G force.
  5. The problem is using Abrasion to lower the friction while you are swimming will mostly stop you from moving and mostly will drive you down. Sure you could reach the bottom and walk underwater but I believe it's not what the OP meant
  6. Probably you could Soulcast stuffs without have to persuade them but it would be a real brute force approch with a very high Investiture's cost. (And Soulcast is already Investiture intensive also with the easier applications)
  7. Yeah it's the effect of the Perfect Invocation as R'Shara already pointed. It allows someone to drained the objects more to fuel Awakening and therefore to extract more "fuel" than usual from them...In theory Sus could take an object drained by another Awakener and still use it to extract other fuel
  8. As I said in another posts here, a Fullborn is a real monster for the sheer amount of options he would have, so also without Compounding...The Compounding turn him into an huge monster...This is means he is not defeatable ? Sure not...But Awakening is as far as I could think, the worst way to fight the beast. Selish magic could do a better job (assuming the possibility to use it at all, for...the limitation it has) and also Rosharan Magic could do a decent job. I will not keep on this topic as here we are in the Mistborn's subforum (or maybe some mob could move it to Cosmere as in its own concept it's already a crossover between stories) The Awakening has the issue to have an huge cost to performe with a resource hardly recoverable. Assuming every fighter has at least a general understanding of the enemy's skill...It's really easy to exploit Awakening's weakness aganist a GodKing. It's harder (but still possible) to exploit Metallic Arts' weakness.
  9. The Plate inteferes with Surges for the same as usual Investiture Interference. But It don't mess with the owner's Surges as the vision with the Radiants Vs Midnight Essences proved. In the modern day we didn't see yet a Plate integrated with a Radiantspren so for our main characters is still impossibile to know
  10. Well we are talking of a dude Who could alter stuffs'weight XD Anyway returning to the serious side of the Force, yeah Stormlight doesn't boost extremely Strenght...sure the healing will allow a Radiant to performe at his peak for extended periods while regularry you will be' damaged by that but I believe It's mostly that and a bit of adrenalina Rush...nothing more.
  11. Because they already have this effect on them inherited by their Radiants anchestor and their natural Color mostly mask the change. Notice for example that Shallan's eyes doesn't explicity change color because her natural eyes color mask It (but there is a degree of change). With someone bonded to a Deadblade the effect would be still dumped
  12. Extremely agree with Cal. Ati could be' a really depressed Person or a pessimistic and still be' a kind and generous Person. Ruin isn't only a rampage killing macchine. It's the rapresentation of all the entropy in the Cosmere. The mourderous monster we saw is an extremistic view of itself. It's the same thing with Preservation, I honestly can't believe Vin would freeze everyone in a Perpetual statis but It's what Preservation would do without opposition. Returning to your main question, as Sazed's pain and bad moment connected him to Ruin enough....the same could be' true for everyone.
  13. And Vasher can't awaken at distance, awaken metal/stone or simply put off too much stuffs
  14. At least half of the avaliable Heralds were there that night. Jez, Nale, Kalak, Ash and someone speculate about lyss be' Chana