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  1. Long time troller, rare poster here. Just read the prologue posted here for Oathbringer, and had some thoughts I haven't seen mentioned. The two black spheres that Gavilar mentions (and shows one to Eshonai), let's assume that these spheres are holding 2 of the Unmade, holding the "Parshendi gods" Eshonai is so fearful of. . Regarding dawnshards, Tanavast mentions in one of his visions to Dalinar that "without the Dawnshards, you're doomed". What if these spheres are two of the lost Dawnshards, the purpose of which was to trap the Unmade ("known to bind any creature voidish or mortal"), which is part of the ending of a desolation? Other posters here seem to think that the dawnshards are like shardblades, and while I agree that each contains large amounts of investiture that doesn't mean that this would take on the same form. I also assume that since we're in Roshar that there are 10 Dawnshards, and probably 9 unmade (since 9 is the number of Odium), which leaves one dawnshard to spare for purposes of ending the desolations. Also, has anyone thought that perhaps the Dawnsingers were the original "god spren" that the 9 Splinters of Odium corrupted into the Unmade? If this has any merit to it, could there be one dawnsinger left that remains uncorrupted? Maybe these are all just crazy theories. I'll leave to the more versed on this board to chime in
  2. I thought I read somewhere that Ruin in "Aether of Night" was Decay, rather than Rust. In fact, I think it was a Peter quote where I saw this. By the way, anyone know where I can get access to read books such as Aether, White Sand or Liar of Partinel?
  3. So the question still remains how "Rust and Ruin" connects to Trell. There must be something deeper than just the Set, something manipulating them. Are we sure this couldn't be a shard of some sort? Maybe not rust specifically, but something else? With Ruin dead, perhaps Odium has paid a visit to Scadrial. Or maybe it's one of the cognitive shards that aren't as present in the physical world, but make impressions on all the different worlds (not sure if I have this 100% correct or not)
  4. So I went to the signing for Alloy of Law in Houston today, and when I went to get my book signed I asked him about the "Trell" religion and how it connected to the prior Mistborn books/Scadrial. In resoponse, I got a sly grin and a RAFO card. He did say he would write me a hint in my book though. He wrote "Rust and Ruin!" Could there be a connection between Trell and Rust? Maybe another Shard (Rust?) on Scadrial? It sounded like from his response that we will see more of Trell in future Mistborn novels. By the way, first time poster, longtime lurker here!