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  1. Honestly, I'm more than fine with the long timeline, because it also means that I will still have Cosmere books to look forward even when I'm old and gray! Brandon can take his time: I'm happy to be in it for the long haul.
  2. (Warning for abuse of parentheses...) There seems to be a significant crossover between the two terms. I've met loads of people who consider themselves agnostic, and they run the gamut from spiritualists to pretty strong atheists. For myself, I'd say I'm technically agnostic but functionally an atheist. (I'll float [pun intended] Russell's Teapot here.) In pracrice I usually just say atheist and leave it at that. Part of the disconnect is that the word "believe" is so weighted that when explaining a worldview I tend to avoid it outright. Do I believe in my comfy sofa? It all depends on the meaning you ascribe to the word "believe." My actual point (honest, I had one) is that Jasnah's fervor struck me as scholarly and intense, but not something driven by faith. She's probably my favorite (currently) secondary character (though Renarin is almost tied) because she is honestly and exhaustively examining the strange reality of her world--a trait all too rare in fantasy novels.
  3. My understanding was that the natural stone of Roshar is considered sacred or 'hallowed.' To walk on it would be profane, as would cutting into it for mining, etc. We are shown this in Rysn's interlude; they want only soulcast metal. Thus, "stones unhallowed," such as those of Urithiru, are likely soulcast.
  4. Thank you for asking this, and sharing the reply. This is a great clarification to have. It makes me wonder why the post-Reod Elantrians were somehow half-dead anyway...
  5. I actually asked Brandon about this at a signing a ways back. He didn't give a direct answer, but replied essentially that (heavily paraphrasing here) 'there is a lot more crossover among the worlds than people realize.'
  6. Well, I'm off to a good start on Vasher/Nightblood, but since he's just in knee-length trousers for the scene, he keeps looking like some sort of sword-wielding jesus with that hair and scruff of his. And I can't for the life of me remember what color the entrance hall to the palace is, if it's mentioned at all. Teft and Sig could be really cool. If I can get the ambiance (and proportions) right, but today they just came out looking like bobble-heads. And Shallan's alarm at hearing about Sebarial's bathing habits should be hysterical and a good exercise in expressions... though... Oh, crap, now I gotta post a dumb idea in the Stormlight Archive thread. Curse you, @TwiLyghtSansSparkles ! *shakes fist*
  7. Thank all of you for the ideas! You've all managed to get me out of my artistic rut, and if any of these come out even halfway-decent I'll post them.
  8. Ha! Those are both great. You both rock.
  9. Originally, I was going to post in the need-a-hug thread with my woes of not storming finishing any art projects, but I've decided to try this instead... I want to do some Cosmere fan art, but I can't manage to settle on an idea, like, at all. Does anyone have a brilliant suggestion, maybe of a character or scene that hasn't received much love? Any ideas would be lovely. (PS: I apologize if there is another place I was supposed to post something like this and I missed it.)
  10. I think we have a WOB that says that there is an extra step between the Heralds and the idea of the Ten Fools. My understanding of it is that the so-called Ten Fools were possibly leaders, probably Radiants, that became infamous. Maybe during the time that the other kingdoms began to resent Urithiru. I agree that the Herald's natures have been corrupted, though not necessarily inverted in every case. We do know that they are all insane, and insane in different ways. (Sorry, posting frome my mobile due to power outage, so it's short.)
  11. Well, the first example is Kalak's own internal thinking, and as I recall, all of the Heralds were originally human. My initial point was that the suffering of the Heralds may have passed down through folklore and sayings more than we may have noticed. (Eg. "Talenelat'Elin, bearer of all agonies.") You may have hit upon an interesting tangent, though, that is essentially this: things that aren't human now may once have been. Perhaps along the lines of kandra, and most likely by the intercession of Cultivation/the Nightwatcher. It seems less likely to me that this would apply to Dysian Aimians or Listeners, but the Siah Aimians could be a likely candidate.
  12. I would expect that even if it were possible it would be extremely hard for a surgebinder and impossible for a fabriel soulcaster, as they deal in transmuting things to pure essences. Even if a surgebinder could pull it off, I suspect the result would be the Rosharan equivalent of a Lifeless. That being said, the human origin and shape might make it relatively easy to Awaken if you were an Awakener. (I was just thinking about this the other day, lol. Glad I'm not the only one.)
  13. This is a fantastic thread, and thank you for creating it! My ideas range from serious to whimsical, in no particular order. (Erm... no pun intended.) 1) The Releasers are the only Order who can unmake a dead Shardblade. They can honorably release men or spren from their oaths. They can also "release" spren from Parshendi, which is how humanity got so many parshmen (formless, rather than Dullform.) Additionally, they are KRs who turned down their first bond or otherwise started out as another Order. 2) Listeners don't touch their dead because they desperately avoid rotspren for fear of decayform. This death taboo contributes to the potential for thunderclasts. 3) Jasnah has had the literary equivalent of Shallan's experience drawing current events (i.e. Wind's Pleasure survivors, Ash's vandalism.) The "visions" involved Tien's gifts for Kal: shiny rocks and a carved horse. 4) Odium has been keeping all the dead KRs for himself on Braize because they were unwittingly loopholed into the Oathpact by their own oaths. He's doing this with a similar to trick to the one he used on Sel, messing with how dense the liminality between Realms is. This was the wicked thing of eminence. - (I'll add more later, and update with strike-throughs, etc, like the cool kids are doing.)
  14. Man, it would be pretty awful if they went to all sorts of trouble to warn the world about the dangers of the parshmen only to be decimated by suddenly malevolent mutant chulls. >.<
  15. It was, indeed. Additionally, [AU image spoiler?] A clever hint as to why the stick had the, dare I say, Autonomy to resist Soulcasting!