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  1. Question 20

    Hah, I found myself having a good laugh at that one. Props to Edge.
  2. Random Stuff X: Something Weird

    We're glad you did. Regardless, happy 23rd. Hope it is/has been a good one!
  3. There is, but there is not one for the negative, as far as I know. Look in 17th Shard Discussion for a thread named New Reputation Levels (or something of the like).
  4. Oathbringer Update Six

    Now I really want to see Lift and Adolin fight side by side. Not just for the powers, which are, granted, super storming cool, but for the personality clash. Maybe they'll end up best friends. Seriously, though, I quite prefer Edgedancer-hero-Adolin to Dustbringer-rogue-Adolin. Hopefully Oathbringer sheds some light on this.
  5. Ohh, I see. Thanks! Now, on a slightly related note, what are we thinking about The Ring? My personal theory is that The Ring is Cultivation, the Cultivationspren's "Mother" as Honor is the Honorspren's "Father". Or perhaps a spren council of sorts led by Cultivation/Nightwatcher.
  6. Sweet! Thanks for the tidbit, Jond. Since the Unmade are of Odium, d'you think maybe they are to Odie what the Nightwatcher is to Cultivation and what Stormydad is to Tanavast? At least tangentially?
  7. Now, aside from the occasional Hamilton, I'm not a rap guy. I don't keep up with rap, or rappers, et cetera. Y'all know my music tastes.


    After spending some time with the blessings to this world known as my sister and soon-to-be-brother, I have been corrupted on Chance the Rapper. Acid Rap, though somewhat profane, is a work of art. 

    I have not been converted to rap, but I am loving this.

    1. bleeder


      As a side note, Chance recently saw the Jordan Peele film Get Out, loved it, and subsequently bought all the tickets to the film for the day at a certain theater in Chicago, for fans to just go see for free.


    2. Darkness Ascendant

      Darkness Ascendant

      sounds like your having fun

  8. "But all men have the same ultimate destination. Whether we find our end in a hallowed sepulcher or a pauper’s ditch, all save the Heralds themselves must dine with the Nightwatcher." (The Way of Kings, chapter 58) This passage from WoK sort of stuck with me. I've been rereading the Archive recently (I'm on WoR currently), and have been picking up on things I never thought of previously. For example, in the Mistborn series, when a character dies and is in "limbo" in the Cognitive realm, one of the Shards (Preservation, then Harmony) greets the deceased and guides them to what I assume to be the Spiritual Realm. This happened with Kelsier, The Lord Ruler, Ati, Vin, Elend, and Waxillium, to name a few. To all save Waxillium, Preservation/Harmony led the shade to the Beyond, but to Wax he offered a choice: to live or to pass. I propose that the Nightwatcher is a manifestation of Cultivation that resides Physically in "the Valley" wherever that may be, and that those who "dine with the Nightwatcher" have died and gone to the Cognitive Realm. The Nightwatcher greets the newly dead, dines with them (literally or metaphorically, take your pick) and offers them a choice. Perhaps one way of getting a boon and a curse is getting a second chance at life after transitioning to the Cognitive Realm, maybe even with the boon and curse as anchors, holding you to the Physical Realm. Or I could be off my head, reading way too deeply into this whole thing. Either way, thanks for entertaining this little pet theory.
  9. What Are You Watching?

    This Is Us, anyone?
  10. Train of Thought

    The Unmade
  11. Random Stuff X: Something Weird

    Happy birthday, Your Weirdness!
  12. Random Stuff X: Something Weird

    I'm sure you're very pretty!
  13. Random Stuff X: Something Weird

  14. Compliment the person above you!

    You are my Hamilfriend.