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  1. The Shallan/Adolin stuff is good, though I worry about her taking up too many personas and possibly losing track of who she really is. Also, the Kal chapter was??? so??? short??? I need more of these human parshmen.
  2. Happiest of birthdays, Mes! 

  3. I did my first open mic performance last night...

    ...and apparently I rocked it! 

    I played four songs and didn't forget a single word or chord, and I'm really happy about it!!!

    1. Darkness Ascendant

      Darkness Ascendant

      Awesome!! congratulations!


  4. I said "oh no" loudly when I read that last sentence of chapter 12. Things are not looking up for Dalinar.
  5. That was supposed to say sixteen, false alarm! I'll be sixteen in January.
  6. I'm quite younger, I won't be 16 till January! Also, happy birthday @Idealistic!!!
  7. "Keep to the oaths and all will be well."
  8. The Assassin in Xanadu waved his hand, and a wardrobe was pushed out of a dark corner. The doors were swung open, and inside hung robes of Alizarin and Begonia. "Take them", said the Assassin. "with my blessing."
  9. Also, where's our buddy Zahel? Still in Kholinar, or...?
  10. I have a feeling that Shallan's going to be the first one to find out Adolin's secret. I knew he wouldn't be able to hide it very well, but, wow. He sucks at lying. As a side note, Kaladin being badass was a welcome turn of events. The part with Oroden made me a tad emotional, surprisingly. And it was nice to hear from Shal again. I wonder why Renarin had such a reaction to Dalinar's mention of Odium's champion? Hm. We shall see.
  11. I as well will do this any time a guitar is near. (Especially if the guitar is mine.) Or a piano, or really any instrument.
  12. Hey folks! I just thought I'd let you know: if you get the chance to see music band Penny & Sparrow in concert, please do so. They're two incredibly funny and incredibly talented men who are a pleasure to watch and experience. Plus the merch table has cool shirts, they're light pink and really soft.

  13. 9 AM EST, as always!
  14. MAZEL TOV!!!!!!!!! <3 And much love to you both!!!!!
  15. That's... yes.