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  1. I'm thinking either a juvenile Tai-Na, or some unknown aquatic lifeform we haven't seen yet. Digging this discussion, though! It'll be cool to see the expanded biology of the planet Roshar.
  2. I think the fourth Ideal, especially as sworn by Kal, will involve saving those he can, but knowing his limits and letting go when it's needed.
  3. I suppose this would refer to the Pantheon isles, and I also suppose we should have connected these dots beforehand... ah well. Light... *groan*
  4. Out of Ookla-shrouded anonymity, and into celebration! Happy birthday @Brandon Sanderson! Thank you for all you've done and (hopefully) will continue to do. All of your works are masterpieces, and I await your next masterpiece with bated Breath. 

  5. Will Tarah be coming back into the equation, do we think?
  6. Fixed spoiler, sorry.
  7. I respect your headcanon. Also, as to your second point, I felt no opposition to her actions in the alleyway, but I had no moral qualms against Adolin killing Sadeas, so.
  8. While that's not exactly what I'm referring to, you are right. Amaram was an overall cremmy fellow. Regardless of orientation or strength, I think one of the coolest parts of Jasnah now is that
  9. Sorry, I suppose you're right. As a character he is better than that, but I still believe he and Shallan would work out poorly, if at all. What I'm saying is, both of them need someone to anchor them, to tether them, and they aren't stable enough to do that for each other.
  10. Szeth knows he's guilty. He knows what he did was wrong, and that his sense of honor is not to be trusted. That's why he's sworn to follow Dalinar, because Szeth knows that Dalinar is a better man than he, and that Dalinar is a truly Honorable man.
  11. Yeah, Kal and Shallan would not be a great pairing. Shallan is always fluctuating and is really not emotionally or mentally stable, at least at the moment, and she needs someone who she can rely on. Adolin is perfect for her in that respect. He will be there for her, he'll come running. She doesn't need someone who broods, who intermittently falls into deep periods of depression (which isn't his fault, but certainly wouldn't do well in a relationship), who can just go flying off as he pleases. And Kaladin's not exactly in a place where he can fully devote himself to someone, either, or be any good in a relationship.
  12. A lesbian is a woman who is attracted to other women, as opposed to men. We're positing that she's gay, essentially.
  13. I quite like Jasnah! She's brilliant, sharp, independent, and powerful beyond measure. She knows her limits but still pushes them, because otherwise, how do you grow as a person? Also my headcanon is that she's a lesbian but that's not important I suppose.
  14. Me as well! Not in any of those cities specifically but quite near one. It's rather dismal here, actually.
  15. I'm not disappointed in you one bit! Just glad to have you back.