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  1. When Dalinar was mystically divining peoples order (Szeth as a Skybreaker) he counted Taln and Ash among the nine. Heavily implying they and Venli have to represent the Stonewards, Releasers and Willshapers between them. I'm going for Navani bonding Uirithru and Rysn bonding the Nightwatcher. Not sure who's going to bond Sja-Anat.
  2. Not as definite as I thought but still an implication.
  3. Or for there to have been multiple influxes of Humans from other worlds. IIRC Brandon implied the Alethi were from Nalthis when talking about peculiar hair behaviour. Plus one of the other groups (I think Irali) have im#megrated via multiple planets.
  4. Jasnah and Shallan both had bits that implied they may have had plate in the battle at Thaylen City. Plus Amaran had his in his fight with Kaladin.
  5. We've been told you can bond multiple spren, but of course it makes advancing as a Knight Radient harder since you have to keep both sets of Ideals. Based on Re-shepir trying to bond with Shallan, that leaves the question what ideals would be suitable for Sja-anat. Because she fits into the forlorn people that the first two Edgedance specific oaths reference, Though it might be easier for her to bond with Rlain.
  6. Roy Mustang and Alex Louis Armstrong would like me to remind you there are ways of using transmutation to send people flying. The Flame Alchemist is notorious for transmuting air into thermobaric explosives and the Strong Arm Alchemist has been known to transmute air into high velocity rocks as a form of extreme punching.
  7. Depends on which periods of her life the flashbacks hit. ISTR Eshonai suggesting that the period she was female was unusually exciting.
  8. Reacher is IIRC another name for Lightspren.
  9. There is at least one soulcaster(as in device) on Roshar that can make aluminium. Lin gave Shallan anecklace of it and the gamblers her brother owes aren't particularlly impressed by its value.
  10. At one point she thinks that her awesomeness disappears after several hours. That was in Edgedancer IIRC.
  11. Those merely place an upper bound. We don't actually know what is necessary except that Shallan exceeds it. Based on the other systems we know have this requirement (Allomancy, Feruchemy) Adolin probably experienced sufficient stress when his Rhyshandium died. And since bonding those are spren bonds that suggests he was already sufficiently broken before that.
  12. I think Lopen might pursuade Jasnah it is logical to have fun. At which point she'll conclude Rushu is a better romantic partner for her than him.
  13. While I'm reasonably sure Jasnah got those picturesfrom Hoid. Shallan did go and see Taln at Mraize's instructions. Iyatil pretended to be mad.
  14. According to Kaza. It's where Soulcasters came from.
  15. There's a point in chapter 102 where describing Cultivation spren, Kaladin thinks they look like Maya.