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  1. theory

    Oathbringer Chapter 25. That doesn't appear to be one of the Midnight essences (They are blobby, don't have bones and look like shiny tar, so more than the eyes would reflect the light.) I suspect this is Paalm, one of the better Kandra shapechangers and Sazed's senior agent at this time, doing a version of the trick TenSoon used when he was with Wax in the Pits of Hathsin. Described in a manner that doesn't look out of place to people who haven't read Mistborn, like Azure.
  2. yeah Szeth. Brandon told us who he had planned a while back and that it was one per Order and hasn't changed the list (Originally he was going to have Navani, Adolin and Taravangian rather than Renarin, Lift and Eshonai) since before he swapped Dalinar and Szeth's books (Thus we know Szeths working title but not Venli's.). Second five is currently set to be Jasnah, Taln, Shalash, Renarin, and Lift. But not becersserily that order.
  3. Sanderson intends that books alternate between male and female(n) flashbacks. Sazed and Eshonai(and so Venli) are the remaining flashback characters from the first five. That is I assume Eshonai's flashbacks are going to be mostly femalen. If she's in Mate form for them all that could be odd.
  4. Technically Skybreakers are the vapid ones. They have vapour as their essence. I'm not sure about Navani as Pious and Guiding. Kadash or Rushu in different ways seem more likely.
  5. No, merely that it is an example of something that could be a description in short of the final climax and which hasn't shown up yet. While also not really giving away anything in the same manner as the epigraphs for Mistborn 3. There are a couple of other possibilities including the one about holding a knife to a baby's throat. And aren't the florid deconstruction of the world Dalinar saw at one point.
  6. I could see Syl convincing Ivory that encouraging a romantic relationship is an important part of caring for your Knight Radient.
  7. Sazed can demonstrably provide copies of her body for Kandra to eat, so they could look like her.
  8. Steris should wield Nightblood. She's given more thought to the issues he doesn't understand than pretty much any other character. And not being Invested she has good reason never to draw him.
  9. A reflection of Kaladin in a dark mirror.
  10. “Ten people, with Shardblades alight, standing before a wall of black and white and red.” WoK Chaper 9 Epigraph. might suffice for that though.
  11. Elend's arranged marriage end so well didn't it?
  12. Actually, it is you have to have a crack in your sprit web for the spren to get in. And we know from Vin the stress of being born can be sufficient. Also there ways of artificial getting such a crack, Hemalurgy being the obvious one, and bonding a dead shardblade is likely another. The necessary level of brokenness isn't that high if you remember Ym.
  13. Until the Aes Sedai first Oath turns out to be a Truthwatcher Ideal.
  14. Explodomancy, it appears. From the blast craters in the prologue to the first book they seem to be the artillery order. Adolin. Hoid. Szeth. Shallan.
  15. When Dalinar was mystically divining peoples order (Szeth as a Skybreaker) he counted Taln and Ash among the nine. Heavily implying they and Venli have to represent the Stonewards, Releasers and Willshapers between them. I'm going for Navani bonding Uirithru and Rysn bonding the Nightwatcher. Not sure who's going to bond Sja-Anat.