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  1. Luckily for Nightblood it appears Szeth is at least a moderately read scholar and now willing to ask awkward questions so his new metal friend doesn't get as mesed up as him. Szeth seems more willing to endulge in philosophical discussion with Nightblood than Vasher was.
  2. Not sure about Aether given its dubious current canonisity but he looked ot have a sample of the really soft stone they use for making Forgery Stamps and some of the Tears of Edgli.
  3. Last we know he hid it in Jar Keved before the Diagram acquired him.
  4. More that they turn stone to dust and then ignite it as a thermobaric explosion using Friction, which is their other surge.
  5. I'm thinking that Comet spren that was following Eshonai around. The one we suspect of being the Willshaper's Nahel Spren. Or another Honorblade or a Voidbinder, since the Dustbringers got confused for them... Would go with Miles' apparent Deathrattle about Men of Red and Gold. It's in Words of Radience. Which while possibly rare Jasnah had a spare copy and Gaz was able to track down in the Warcamps. If she's a fake Taravangian will have coached her when he was intelligent. He and his other minions are the most likely source for her to have an Honorblade. Actually she didn't seem that sure to begin with. Szeth is dead.
  6. The Knights Radient were founded after Kholinar (From the Vision involving "Nohandon") but like the Dawn Cities Urithiru was supposedly not built by human hands. The Dawncities were built supposedly built by the Dawnsingers after the fall of the Tranquiline Halls i.e. around the time of the first desolation and after the splintering of Adonalsium. So maybe. We don't know much about the Dawnsingers.
  7. oathbringer

    Pa'Alm? Kelsier? Khriss? More prosaicly Tezim and Mraize are refered to with the belief they are worldhoppers. Or a Spren. He could bond with a Cryptic.
  8. Reflective symmetry with the axis of reflection perpendicular to the flat side would make it as symmetrical as the Windrunner's symbol. Which agreed is less than the known Dawn cities which have either multi axis reflective symmetry or rotational symmetry. There is this reference. Ten strides tall is getting close to a terrace level on the Urithru tower. Of course Honor refers to them as if they are no longer available in one of his apocalypse log visions.
  9. The plateau in Uirithru swaps places with the one in the Dawn City so that shouldn't be a problem since the wall will have moved with the other plateau. Barring something hanging into the transfer zone from above perhaps.
  10. It took everything on the platform: tents, supplies, people's clothes, and the crem encasement around the central tower when we saw it used. Szeth recognised the platform that had been in Urithru after Shallan transported the army. There's no reason to assume it wouldn't take the palace, if the palace still exists. It might increase the stormlight requirements to an extortionate level though.
  11. Windspren. Kaladin first thinks Syl is a wind spren among other reasons because she plays practical jokes like they do. And Cryptics can lurk in your mirror where you can see them watching you. Not that it is necessary for a Bondfarming scenario since it could be bonded spren sneaking off and messing peoples lives up to break them so that other spren can bond them, or so they've got an alternative choice to switch to if they get to frustrated with thier current bond holder (Syl said she could choose to dissolve the bond). Unlike the Radiants, Spren don't need to sleep. I suspect the anwser is likely a] wierder and b] will be obvious in retrospect.
  12. Nothing says that the woman who's been smashing lots of representations of herself has to join her own order (She was thinking about getting a Shardblade and that would if she wants it to be useful require a Nahel Bond). It would depend on what type of spren she bonded.
  13. Likewise Shallan rather suspects the Thayalen bookseller she visits in Kharbranth can read and just pretends not to to avoid upsetting his Vorin clients. Ditto the deal between the Shin Farmer and Vistim involved documents in a way implying both could read. And Szeth of course reads the list when Taravangian sets him to work, And Lift of course can't read and write.
  14. As was Adolnalsium. But Sazed demonstrated that those shards could be recombined. So thus should the smaller bits. The problem would be that presumably there are a lot of little shards to collect and on Roshar they may have become Spren. Seeing as there seem to be more of them around than there are in the Visions from when Honor was around.