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  1. *sighs about timezones and not really having anything to input*
  2. ooh this one sounds fun
  3. Signing up!
  4. Sorry guys completely forgot about this game, I think the last one is Dilaf Why? Well the Dakhor bone magic alters their bones.
  5. And lackadaisicalness.
  6. Sometimes I lack a daisy.
  7. That's pretty cool, reminds me of Aku Aku and Uka Uka tbh, which is pretty neat.
  8. Crippling depression! And severe motivation issues!
  9. I was pretty much doing the same Arinian xD
  10. Great game to not pay attention to at all
  11. Alright sorry guys, I’ve kinda been caught up in Deus Ex Human Revolution among other things lately, I still have a heck tonne of RP to catch up Jax with, so I probably won’t be RPing this game unless any of you want to interact with my dude. Alright, now let’s try and be active from now on. If anyone wants to make Voltron with me, feel free to PM (a..two person Voltron) me. Doors are open. Not actually much to derive from D1 however it is to be noted that the gods of RNG were benevolent upon us. However it is quite a shame to lose @A Joe in the Bush this early, I e I just really want to stress for this game, how easy it could be for the eliminators to casually get rid of villagers should they have a little luck, as far as vote shenanigans go. We Squadfam should really look out for lone voters and half formed reasons, any vote that isn't sufficiently backed up is a suspicious one in my book. I guess what I'm trying to say is to not put a vote on someone without reasoning and convincing yourself and others first. At least if you're village, I expect the eliminators to do the opposite from hereonin. My prime suspicion this game has to be Kasimir, they fit my scaffold for suspicion quite well.
  12. Aha I saw that a few days ago @Slowswift, I so hope they do more like it.
  13. Potatoes in a minefield I like to watch Seinfeld If only people saw the sign that showed this was a minefield.
  14. Ah ok, turns weren't clear last game. I see.