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  1. Sometimes you need to be cut lose to find something better @Steeldancer. If you need help with the hw I'm sure we'll be happy to help, PM me if you need to spread the load, that's all I feel we can really help with heh.
  2. Krabs was his name, and monopolising everything was his game.
  3. My favourite Doctor is Doctor Who.
  4. @little wilson I don't know anything about Comcast and all that, but that is a seriously dirty move (if it was intentional but whatever) Good luck >.<
  5. Milk before Cereal.
  6. Not really since Tanavast is from Yolen and Almighty is just a title.
  7. Hello yourself.
  8. Sorry, I've been out of everything and for some reason thought only the Seer could put in the elim kills. >.< Shqueeves I guess.
  9. (If its not Shqueeves, I reckon its Striker) (Because of the same reasons as Shqueeves, except I haven't been watching Striker that much).
  10. The original trap songs, not the EDM remixed stuff that people dance to nowadays. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Trap_music
  11. I'll be trying to...I'll probably end up scanning something.
  12. !! Happy Birthday @A Budgie I will now sketch a budgie to commemorate this day.
  13. @The Invested Beard !! I play drums and I'm picking up Bass xD Those were great.
  14. I though Schmuel died for a good cause.
  15. I don't remember this ever happening before huh.