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      Part 2 Reactions
      Part 3 Reactions
      Part 4 Reactions
      Full Book Reactions For parts 1-4, they will not include the interludes immediately following it. On Discord All Oathbringer spoilers on Discord will be exclusively in the #oathbringer_spoilers channel for the nine month spoiler period and nowhere else.


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  1. For your awesome and unique sense of humour It's the Black Mesa logo from the Half Life world
  2. Hm, I'm unsure how much time i'll have for internet during the holidays, but could I have a spec link for now? I might still sign up.
  3. Ahhh welcome back @Quiver, I too thought you were dead in a ditch somewhere
  4. ....thanks.... Well there's more with the exactly the same name planned heh. For being the "Shard mum", my feelings about that are mixed
  5. So I finally have a reason to post here ahaha. Library finally got Oathbringer, but. I can't borrow it yet..hopefully will be able to. EDIT: GOT IT
  6. Query, in this case, could you organise them as Passive and Active? or Triggered etc You say one off, but that's not enough for me to make sense of it.
  7. And you're in the Guild of Arts!
  8. For dependable, would you be able to change your vote?
  9. We wouldn't have this problem if I wasn't lynched.
  10. I guess I'll just I'll just be a dark horse and say I like both.
  11. Woah, absolutely jawdropping
  12. I know where you got that
  13. Yeah, I should have seen that, my bad.
  14. Ah, you said "all involved in the tie-square dance".
  15. Too bad Alv's dead, and was a Noble.