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  1. Oh yeah this is a thing
  2. You have brought this upon yourself.
  3. Ah man I'm honoured you hold me in such high esteem, is pleasant to be greeted as such after a year of inactivity I'm just gonna say it off the bat that I don't have the time to be involved in this. If you have smaller inquiries or questions hit me up but I don't have the time to look over 30 pages of writing Thanks regardless man.
  4. >Jumps on the shard after almost a year >Is pinged here and claimed to be one of the most creative people on the shard > Well damnation Thanks >.> I'm genuinely honoured and feel bad for not being more active ------ I agree with the expositiony aspect of it, my first thought was honestly "Who are you Michael Bay"- cos Transformers is p similar in this aspect in the beginning...also "more than meets the eye" Also, the entrance is unnecessary, makes assumptions and in all honesty if I were sitting in the audience watching I'd feel bored and want to leave. You've distanced yourself from the viewer and broken their suspense of disbelief, established that they are merely viewers and not a part of the play itself. Keep in mind there's a relationship there between theatregoers and the show itself. Capitalise on it. Mordechai makes me think of a murderous cup of tea xD Feels really pulpy and generic in all honesty- Worldbuilding is good but the way it is presented is really boring imo, it isn't grand and enthralling- as theatres should be. Instead of drawing the viewers in it alienates them in this world where everyone speaks as if they were in a middle school play and don't act naturally- as if they know people are watching Also add more humour into it, humour works well in plays. --------- That's just my initial feedback, I don't have too much time I'm afraid so if you ping me in response I may be able to go into it deeper.
  5. 79. Become self-aware and slowly and subtly manipulate the events around you to the point where the author needs you to continue and form the story and your death would make the world fall apart. (So be like Joker or Deadpool).
  6. How do you think plastic is fine but paper isn't? Paper's biodegradable where plastic isn't. I find reusable bags annoying because most of the time they aren't even that reusable and easily tear (straps mainly) under the slightest pressure.Reusable bags are generally much larger than plastic/paper ones and don't really distribute weight that well, whereas plastic/paper hold less and don't rip as much.
  7. Neither orange the colour or orange the fruit came first: The colour orange was named after the fruit, which was named after the tree which bore it. The fruit was actually originally called "geoluread" which is "Yellow-red" in old english whereas the word orange comes from the Sanskrit word "Naranga" which would have meant "orange tree".
  8. 64. Don't let the wizard disappear.
  9. wow this place is ded
  10. My jokes are ironic My depression is chronic I got a whole pint of gin But not a drop of tonic
  11. game

    *sighs about timezones and not really having anything to input*
  12. game

    ooh this one sounds fun
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    Signing up!