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  1. I always found this fun Lucifer/Morning Star/Venus Venus named for the Goddess of Love. Honestly one can go so deep into it, Phosphorous/Heosphorous etc etc The conception of Venus and the fall of Lucifer etc. Anyway, I'm more interested in the snakes and owls Snakes and Owls are dope. End of story. Nah, so the thing with snakes and owls is...they're kinda both familiar and exotic you get me? Everyone knows snakes, everyone has probably seen/heard of a snake (probably not an owl) in the area, but they always seem to be these elusive creatures, these creatures surrounded in myth and lore and endless and endless symbolism. Some peeps saw the snake as a symbol of fertility, as in Snake=Umbilical Cord. And plenty of iterations of "Mother Earth" have snakes as their familiars. Lucifer being the serpent could be the symbolism of Eternity and Infinity. Perhaps as Hell is Eternal and Infinite (which is amusing as Sins are finite). And mortal sin is infinitely punishable, and well, immortal through time as humanity seems to continue sinning these sins. (and one could say are infinitely guilty of them). Then there's that Infinite/Original Sin thing, which I never read much of. Don't really remember much of it either. Also Ouroborous (the snake eating its tail). A symbol of the sea (as in the Jomungandr the world serpent), which is amusing as again Venus/Morningstar/Lucifer/Ouroborous, as Venus was born in the sea. Ouroborous also being a symbol of cycles and life/death or of sin and repentance. And then Amduat, the state of existence before Creation, which is represented by a serpent, from which creation came forth. Similar to Eros and Chaos. (Eros in turn being “Love”). One could see this as Lucifer betraying God’s love, (In Islam its more prominent as Iblis was in fact a Jinn not an Angel and was quite prestiged and privileged to have a place as a leader of Angels). Again creation from Aboriginal and African mythos akin to the Rainbow Serpent. And I just read about this recently, but in Chinese Mythology, the female-headed snake Nuwa made the first humans from clay. Gorgons, Aepep, Nidhogg, can really be considered “evil”. Gorgons being evil in action, Nagas and Naginis I don’t know much about, other than that they’re demon cobras, not sure if they’re really “evil” tho. Aepep symbolised Chaos and attacked Ra’s Sunship, symbolising Order. Nidhogg can be considered truly evil in this case, in nature, being the serpent/dragon gnawing at the base of the Ygdrassil, ensnared around it and trying to choke the life out of it. Then there are beasts such as Leviathan, the seven headed crocodile-serpent thing, Scylla with snake necks, Saint George and his serpent/dragon, Saint Colombus and the Loch Ness (XD). The Mayans had Quetzalcoatl, (hey could be a compromise between Owl and Serpent ) Who just happened to be a god of intelligence and wind. I love how Serpents are considered intelligent as they appear to be “thoughtful” before they strike. Same with Owls, tho Owls are smart in their ruthless efficiency at times. Anyway, so Quetzalcoatl is balanced by this other serpent spirit of sacrifice, portrayed as evil I think. And this one was one of the four pillars which supported the sky in Mayan mythos. And I forgot to mention Aesculapius, whose snake familiars would nurse people back to health. Tbf, most of these are really based on imagery rather than snake-like qualities. By now I’m just rambling about snakes >> I do love how knowledgeable you guys are when it comes to actual religious texts, I haven’t read any besides the Quran :/ I do wish to in the future. As for the snake wrapped around the pole thing, I thought that was Aesculapius’ Rod @Jondesu @Hood it’s funny how you guys sacrifice snakes when in Mayan mythos they have a snake of sacrifice hahaha. I just love drawing connections between myths and religions and seeing how different views everyone has. Snakes do have a bad connotation, though mostly it doesn’t tend to do with all ^^^^^that stuff, its probably because snakes are indeed dangerous, and people have had bad run ins or have heard of bad run ins with snakes and things, if you asked a random person in the street whether they thought. Yeah they’re dangerous. But insanely cool Oh @Oversleep already did Rod of Aesculapius/Asclepius I'm going to ramble about owls next, but I should get to school right now
  2. OH OH, I know this peep, he followed me! Soz fam I don't know much about you other than you're king of the Nathrangs and seem to be fairly new and pretty involved as well ( @Jondesu )
  3. Yeah, I actually put in a kill order to kill him. Then I realised I was stripped of my powers Araris Sure, and our great Medium is dead too, not thanks to us Darkness
  4. When people mix up much and many, use two comparatives/superlatives etc, when peeps mess up the very basics of grammar and syntax it just makes me want to hit them on the head with WoR. When people talk about depression lightly or where they use "depressed" where "upset", "miffed", "sad" etc would work so much better.
  5. A wild deformed SCP 035 appeared o_O Approach birby with caution folks.
  6. .....I post often @Calderis???????????....whattttt?????? Lol I've only like, been sneakily back here in the wild for a week or so. As for you, I keep hearing about how fast you gain rep Reminds me of @bleederwhen he joined.
  7. What Calderis said @Oversleep
  8. *wishes he lived nearby
  9. I want to make a seal pun but that would be seally
  10. Probably. Well, you're known for alot of things in my books, Pnat, a good sense of humour, liking mystery novels (Poiroit ftw).
  11. Welp I forgot my shardsversary xD