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  1. "And then the murders began."

    The War in Zagreb started over a pack of cigarrettes, and then the murders began
  2. Puns Puns Puns and More Puns

    I'm surprised u didn't get it Headshot XD Jump Drive.
  3. Results don't come in until a long while. She was saying the test went well
  4. Vending Machine: Sanderson edition (game)

    "Squelch" *you get an aforementioned snail* *inserts bow-tie*
  5. Random Stuff X: Something Weird

    https://memegenerator.net/Pure-Resignation I made a meme character. From @Burnt Spaghetti's prompting heh. From this image.
  6. Having a Bad Day?: Get 'yer Hugs here!!

    *hugs back Thanks 75% isn't fine to my parents however -. - . Yeah it was a strange day, everything made me depressed XD.
  7. The Art of Game Creation

    Following Herowannabe here. I would like to run an game based on a series I am developing. I changed it from an MR to and LG so it's now sitting on number 40 heh. This is the original post on it. ------------------------- Ok here is an idea of a game I like to call "Tag". It also happens to take place in an original world, in a town called Icarus Fell. Basically it's sort of like Hurt and Heal. There are Fallen Angels and there are the Agents of Providence For some basic lore, The villagers like to fantasise that the lake next to their...village was where Icarus fell from the sky. But in fact, it was where Lucifer fell from his Expulsion from Heaven. The town has always been a cursed place, abnormal things seem to happen there all the time, The Cardinal Sins run rampart there, as do The Dragon's fallen servants There will be references to Islam, Christianity and Judaism (so bear with me) and roles relating to their teachings. -------------------- I'm not completely set with the roles and things, but the general concept I just want to run through you guys. There are the Villagers faction, the Agents of Providence and the Servants of Dragon. Every century, Providence attempts to "clean up" the town and close down the operations of the Servants. Some times they succeed, sometimes they don't, but the Servants eventually Reincarnate in new hosts. The Villager faction are in a state of flux being Corrupted and Cleansed constantly. Someone who starts as a villager can end up as any faction. The original Agents have a doc that stays with only themselves. As do the Servants. There will be items in circulation that can provide a player with temporary powers such as PM creation etc. When someone gets corrupted, they cannot see the Servant's doc and vice versa. They get a PM saying that they have been Corrupted or Cleansed as well as any powers randomly gained. The Cardinal Sins are a random occurrence and Possess a player, making him instantly a Servant as long as they live. If a Servant dies, the players he has had a hand in Corrupting (explain in detail later) get Released and are Villagers again. If an Agent dies, the people they have cleansed, stay cleansed but the other Agents get the power of the dead angel split between them (minor boosts depending on the stacks). The Agents win if the Servants are successfully killed or if the Cleansed outnumber the Corrupted. And the Servants win if they outnumber the Agents and the Cleansed. If a player is killed then a random player is bestowed a Secret Word. The word allows the player to convene with the Dead via the GM or Co GM with a 100 word message. The answer is recorded over the Night cycle and returned to the player the next day should they still be alive. ----------------------------------------- I have been working on it a fair bit lately, but it isn't polished yet, so I will post the updated version once completed. (Possession is basically a permanent conversion btw)
  8. These Stupid Ranks

    Stone Shaman whooo funny how close Truthless are to this rep title heh.
  9. "And then the murders began."

    The time has come. And then the murders began -Dr Seuss
  10. Aaaaye @Queen Elsa Steelheart Congratulations One more step to that medical degree eh?
  11. Vending Machine: Sanderson edition (game)

    * Oh dear, the vending machine cannot comprehend what it has witnessed * You get Cerebro back! *inserts Soul gem*
  12. Having a Bad Day?: Get 'yer Hugs here!!

    Err. Honestly, the only people who i talk to happen to be on this forum... I used to be quite loud and raucous, and I loved to pretend everything was ok (heh) . Lately, I've become very reclusive and repressed. Whenever I speak, I do speak quite loudly and firmly. (Unless it's a bad pun...). Honestly, I will be completely engaged in a conversation with somone, and then, say someone calls out to them from a distance away, they will literally just walk away and go to the person who called them. I have a group of friends with whom I hang out with, and they accept me and everything, but I tend to go ignored in general. I don't usually speak about my problems clearly here. (end up as poems or some incoherent garble). The day I posted it was one of the most stressful days I have had in a long time. By then I had been awake for another one of my three day streaks -_-. and I decided to polish and practise my Photography assignment which was due the same day. I attempted studying for my math exam (also same day -__-) and...well I have trouble studying, so I ended up drawing and things. Enter father. My father hates me doing anything I find joy in (at this moment in time I had already been banned from drawing or doing anything, so I was doing so in secret). He is the sort who basically is, like, study 24/7 or go to hell. Anyway, he caught be drawing, bad things ensued. And I left home already on a bad foot. I catch the train to school alone, which really bothered me for some reason, and then when I got to school I made my way to my usual group. Now, when I get there I end up wandering around in silence, observing what is going on and occasionally joining in on things which interest me. That day, for some reason, no-one greeted me, which is normal (I usually greet people, and they reply). And the fact no-one said hello or anything that morning really pissed me off. Class starts and I start off with Art. But instead of prac we were doing theory -_-. So I ended up sitting there idly doodling whilst half listening to the teacher ramble about Pop Art (I had already completed the set tasks) Then I had my Maths exam, which was horrible. 40 storming questions. AND 50 STORMING MINUTES. When it comes to Maths I am a slow worker, it's hard for me to get engaged when doing Math. Usually I am able to focus when doing Math, but when it comes to things like Coordinate Geometry and other tedious subjects I find it hard to work. I ended up answering most questions, but I never reached the last 6 questions. And some of the questions I did answer, I was very agitated about, because I couldn't recall anything about them, so I tried my best to get as close as I could. Anyway, once that was done, I knew it was best to forget about it, or else my anxiety would get the best of me and I probably would have broken down right then, Moving on to Break 1/2 . Spent most of the time touching up my presentation, talked to Elsa a bit (:D). Then left for Photography. Teacher made me go first -_-. I did the presentation, but was trembling badly by the end. Which is another weird thing, I can do presentations/speeches/debates fairly well save for the occasional stutter. I managed to scrape a 86% (barely an A). And was fairly happy with myself. Only thing that sucked was that the trembling wouldn't stop. I had English next. And we got our results from this story thing we had to write. I was feeling stupid at the time so I wrote this https://docs.google.com/document/d/1DC39zuJFqZ0kJj2kI77tDSrRiFa01_fjPq_H5e6TX_g/edit?usp=sharing And I also had done it the night before I got a 75% on that, which was a disappointment, but to be expected. I procrastinate so much lmao. Finished off with History Elective...which is usually interesting, but was a bludge and gave me time to think. And thinking is bad. By the end of the lesson my trembling had stopped (THANK GOD). And I left the school with my group of friends and we caught the train. This is where I really felt punched in the gut. My stop is the second station from the school, and we are all standing in the main compartment, chatting. And just before my stop comes, they see that there are a group of seats free and rush off to grab them, completely forgetting that I was about to get off. I, admittedly had been silent for most of the ride, but when they left I sort of gave this strangled "Ok, Bye". Only person that heard was Dylan, who seemed to turn around with this look of realisation, and then he glanced at me apologetically and said "See ya". I walked home depressed and then returned to the hell which is home. 4. *sigh....this world... That's great to hear I've had horrible strange throat problems before, where it felt like a knife was being jabbed in my throat every time I swallowed, I do a similar thing and it usually alleviates the pain a bit.
  13. The Newcago Court

    Snowcone. Darkness hadn't heard of that name in years. "I would love one".
  14. Puns Puns Puns and More Puns

  15. The Newcago Court

    Darkness yawned, and went about exploring the court.