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  1. Happy birthday ! May your cakes turn into many many wishes! wwowowowowow it actually did @Mestiv
  2. mm awesome, I see you made it your profile pic ha
  3. @Erunion *hug* @little wilson Probably already seen it but yeah. Apple sucks.
  4. I mean that as a compliment as well
  5. *winces mm you'd hate mosquitoes in aus XD And that sounds like a tonne of fun! Did you get many pics of the birbs?
  6. @Jondesuaww we're always here for you man And your doctor is amazing
  7. I hadn't noticed it then o_O
  8. um is it actually?
  9. They grow up so fast don't they
  10. Lol Drop bears and quokkas are the best Extesian I want to be like you when I grow up
  11. *scratches head I photo-shopped a new profile pic, made a rap and smoked some weed because of @A Budgieyes I am blaming you That is a massive relief, fly safe jond.
  12. Well. *sighs There's pie.... *sighs how could I not... 4/20 would read again (kudos to whoever gets it)
  13. hm? Oh this thread ha, forgot about it lol mm vote for me if you want lol, Imma just go ahead and vote for @Mestiv, because he is indeed an awesome human, (that means you all pile your votes on him)
  14. Thank god for Carry Error...