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  1. *wants to continue talking about Roko's Basilisk\

    *sadly can't because Dad's kicking him off his laptop

    Goodnight all!

  2. You guy's gotta read up on your LessWrong Lore. Then you'll see the whole story.
  3. Random inquisitor I drew! not sure where it came from
  4. Good luck as well! and @Tristan that really sucks :/
  5. Aye dishonored is mad. No worries and have fun!
  6. tumblr_oooqb8ubok1vwflsfo1_500.jpg

    This hurt my eyes to read.

    1. Zennix


      This is an Ophthalmology patient's worse nightmare. 

    2. Darkness Ascendant

      Darkness Ascendant

      Depends. But yeah I can see that heh :P 

  7. ooh nice . But I enjoy going through the whole process of explaining a newcombian paradox and all XD
  8. Also led to a very interesting discussion on a discord server where I explained it to the SE lads and watched as they went through the 5 stages of grief.
  9. Oh damnation. I never got around to posting my suspicions on Hero >> It basically all sprouted from how he kept calling out the Elims and "trolling" them >> Those really put me off and just sunk me in suspicion. As Wilson has mentioned he's busy irl and I'm thinking he's just falling back to...I guess they're filler posts because they don't really help anyone. Hero
  10. *my almost perfect indian accent* I do not know what you are speaking about.
  11. Mhm. You should read Gavin Smith: A Quantum Mythology. Yeah it's fine if you regard it lightly, but the entire concept did fill me with this horror and dread as I learnt about it. And like...I read too much creepypasta as well >> So my thoughts are already messed XD I think it's an amusing concept which is fun to spring on your friends. 'course there will always be that nagging suspicion, but most thoughts about irrelevant things end up being driven from my mind due to the fact I'm focused on surviving each day XD *passes neuralyzer
  12. Metal Gear Solid Red Dead Redemption oh! Dishonored BASTION (*shudders in pleasure) Witcher uh, Dragon Age. You should get into indie games I for one started playing Sunless Sea today after it sat in my GOG games cart for a few weeks XD I died. Alot.
  13. You don't like Obliteration?!!! Anyway. Here're mine. 1. Kaladin 2. Wayne 3. Marsh 4. Shallan 5. Wit (Hoid) 6. Galladon 7. Vasher 8. Nightblood
  14. Pfft. You have two options....I honestly really enjoy the thought experiment itself, it's fascinating Yeah that sounds really awesome
  15. What the hell man. I told you to stay away from me Welcome @Cluny the Scourge, I for one have never Readwall, despite seeing the books at the library multiple times heh. Welcome to the shard and have a cookie and an upvote!