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  1. This rule by itself is fine. This rule by itself is fine. You have modified your rule to have extra rules inside it. This is not fine, and will be veto-d by me. Honestly, I don't know what you're expecting with this. Highly likely to be veto-ed You have made your rule more complicated, so yeah. Don't make the complicated rule more complicated. Oh, more rules inside a rule. Veto. Rule inside rule. Guess what? Veto. This rule will not be used as you said another rule later. Addition? Hm. Guess what? This is many different rules about the lynch. Choose one to keep, please. This rule will be used, and is fine. Another rule in a rule. Veto This is multiple rules in one post. Either choose one to keep, or make a new rule. This is the view of STINK, the co-GM. So yes, you can choose to ignore me if you want. However, this game is not meant to be the most complicated thing ever. Maybe it'll end up as that, but if it does, then it'll have to be as the game goes on. Jondesu's rule is a perfect rule for this kind of thing. It's something he's always wanted to do, but never really could. And now he can.
  2. Aight been fairly busy with RL but should be good for now so wassup my dudes I promise to be more active and all that jazz
  3. We don't do a CC lynch. Instead, we kindly ask the Elims if they could hit some inactives instead of the people RPing or being active and having fun.
  4. Hey elims, your kill targets are bad. This does not compute with what I know, please fix this. Also @Flash it is my mod duty to say that your sig is currently waaaaaay too big. Wanna make a hyperlink leading to the writeup of your death rather than c/ping it?
  5. I am alive! Can't really do much in the Forest thread, but I support Eternum and stuff.
  6. I called a meeting for various reasons, ya know? 1. I can post in both threads, so why not make it basically the same for you guys for a while? 2. Everyone just did all their big PMs in their respective threads, so it's the perfect time to mingle! 3. I was bored. 4. Why not? As for.my thoughts on the lynch, I don't really have any. Just vote on people you don't like, the usual.
  7. Welcome Flash to the best place in the whole world! Anyway, pretend I'm writing a really long post with lots of words that can be summed up in about 4 sentences. Okay so now you've read it and you're like 'wow stink I didn't know you could write so much' But there's a surprise, as you see that I even summed up my really long post for you, and you proceed to read it. It says "1. Please keep voting me for Medium every cycle so like 3 people can't elect someone else last minute. 2. Mysterious Doc strikes again 3. Seriously though Doc get some consistency jeez 4. I'm glad to see that Stick knows what's up with the medium o wait Doc doesn't trust his protector this does look kinda funny but maybe that's the forest ways 5. Gonna throw out that Jones or the Wandering Whatever could be a secret role." Then you're like 'wow that was a great TLDR stink, well worth an upvote' And I say 'tyvm'
  8. 'Sup all I'm sure you're all hyped for the Dragonslayer stuff. Basically I was thinking too hard. Elbereth is my new Dragonslayer, and can deal with all and any complaints about anything involving me. Elbereth cannot complain about me. This is a good deal
  9. Today? You lynch in the night now?
  10. Small Large returned from his trip to the Forest, and hoped that no-one had noticed that it really only lasted for about a minute. A true medium knows when to leave a situation! But now he was with his people! And more importantly, hopefully one of his people was great at scaring trees away! --------------------------------------------------- Aight, wassup y'all. I should hopefully have a Guardian announced by the end of this cycle, but the trees have really spooked me. Just lemme start PMing everyone in this game, and then I'll see if anything happened in thread
  11. Small Large wondered into the Forest, easily walking over the bridge due to his somewhat tall height, that isn't too tall because that would be Large Large. He'd been told by various peeps at the Court that he should be very careful of all these animals cause of this or that, but who would ever harm Small Large? Although, those trees did look somewhat looming. Wait, how can trees even loom? Small Large got scared, and wandered over back to the Court. His last thought while he was in the Forest was that maybe he should get a Logger to be his Guardian.
  12. I go to sleep for like, idk 8 hours and this thread barely done anything! Where all you guys at?
  13. Aight, I need to make sure that can no-one take the test today, please? Us Court peeps are great, while those Forest peeps are also great but slightly less great. Also hope none of those Forest peeps come over, that'd be annoying to deal with
  14. Alright y'all. Change of plan, we're not all switching to the other thread. I've got something much better in mind, but first I need both the MED CRED and also PMs.