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  1. I’m with Cal, honestly. When the Elantrian asks if Kal came for a fortune, it’s clearly referring to something more like a Chinese Fortune Cookie - hints about the future through visions or predictions - rather than good luck. Furthermore, Ishar is known as the Herald of Luck. How does that make sense, knowing what we do about his traits, and the order of Bondsmiths? Nothing. But combining Pious and Guiding with powers related to the future, and the fact that Bondsmiths share the center of the Double Eye with Truthwatchers, and there’s just too many coincidences to ignore, imo. Braize, Dalinar even describes in the Oathbringer preface that he was hanging between realms and was sure people could see further than him. Luck seems to be a misnomer like Adhesion and Chickens, imo.
  2. Personally my money there is on Navani. When Dalinar was retreating into his alcoholism and depression we see her manage to work the Coalition just as efficiently, if not better than Dalinar. She has a penchant for fitting pieces together. Not to mention her interest in Fabrials and Urithiru as a whole.
  3. I'm... actually pretty sure lightspren are the Willshaper spren. Suppose it's a separate topic, but saw that and felt it necessary to address.
  4. In case anyone missed it, this Interlude is titled 'The Rhythm of the Lost.' Why is that significant? Every one-off Interlude shares the same name as the perspective. Since this isn't called Venli, that means she will be the repeating PoV throughout the Interludes. Her being the Traitor on the back of cover gains a lot of merit from that fact, IMO. Sad as I am to say it, I don't think Eshonai is coming back.
  5. I'm not entirely on board with it being an Elantris reference, but since I haven't seen it brought up yet... Her hair being or becoming white is significant, I suspect. One possible explanation is that the story does, indeed, vaguely reference Elantrians (although clearly facts have been distorted by time), given the fact that Elantrians have "brilliant white hair." I have a slightly different idea, however. What if this play was written about Shallash, or possibly even a biography about her origins? Let me refer you to this image real quick: Coincidence?
  6. I'm not sure I can, to be honest. I mostly joined that game at the behest of another player for numbers, with the caveat that I needed to die early so I can focus on my work stuff. I ended up not being online much anyway so it was good for me that I got lynched C1. This is cutting it too close to comfort, though. Sorry I can't be of help
  7. And my time is up! Alas, I have work I need to do. I'll probably log on again in 5ish hours to reply to any PMs that may be sitting in my inbox before I go to sleep. Most of my gameplay will take place there, primarily, so if you're interested in exchanging information or just chatting about the game in general, you know what to do.
  8. I respect your opinion personally I'm not willing to lynch an innocent unnecessarily, but like I said, if enough people want to do it, I won't get in the way. My offer to trade roles, however, is my personal way of not doing nothing. I'm willing to explain why in PMs, too, but I'll keep my exact reasons outside of the thread. EDIT: Orlok's a smart cookie, though, and seems to have figured out a part of my plan
  9. It may not decrease fast, but with a single eliminator, pursuing a lynch gets them closer to their win condition without having them having to make any effort, except in the unlikely chance they get lynched today. In which case they would survive anyway, claim Thug, and we'd have to shoot them with a coin and/or lynch them the next day. If they die then, that means they only converted one other person, and this game continues to be a case of finding a needle in a haystack. Personally, I would much rather let the Seer recruit at least two players before we really start hunting them, that way whoever is still alive can look for connections, slips, lies, etc, to narrow down the whole crew. I'm also of the opinion that discussion isn't very helpful when 24 of 25 people are the same alignment. Most "suspicions" people get today aren't going to be well-founded or accurate, let alone get anyone anywhere expect for the enemy. If people want to lynch someone, by all means, feel free I'm not willing to vote for anyone until D3 and I'll be voting for myself on that day, though.
  10. Guess I'll kick this off. @Wyrmhero, just to confirm, if we lynch no one today, the Traitors won't automatically win, correct? Just asking because this wording is ambiguous enough to make me worry: If so, I'm going to advocate a No Lynch. With only the Seer right now, there's a 96% chance of us killing an innocent, who could very well be an asset for the Obligators later. I would say we should use this day to find allies and network information while the Tineye(s) are still around, but there's an obvious risk of anyone being turned evil, so caution may be best. In the end though, it's your decision. Personally? Instead of playing the boring, safe route, I'm going to announce that anyone who contacts me in PM and reveals their role to me will get mine in return. Or if it makes you more comfortable, ask me to reveal it first. The only condition is this: I will never share the role of another player, and I expect you to do me the same courtesy. Sound fair? Oh. And just so the Seer doesn't get the bright idea of converting me for information, let's agree to lynch me on... D3. That should be enough time to accomplish my goal.
  11. Wyrm is GMing a game again? Maybe it's time I play one again, too. Sign me up as Gaskon Renaud. Character details coming later... maybe... hopefully. I guess you could say Gaskon is an unrealiable procrastinator. I am in the middle of prepping for an inspection so I may not be very active until all of my duties are finished, but I'll see if I can manage an hour a day on this until then.
  12. Amanuensis. EDIT: I don't think there's eliminators, for the record. I revealed myself as a lover because I wanted to bait them into attacking me. I wasn't attacked, so obviously there's not a group with the win condition to outnumber or eliminate villagers. Whatever our 'opposition' is, it's non-traditional, and it may very well just be RNG. Whoever gets the doll next, I recommend you give it to the Scapegoat after me, since we haven't tried that yet and as far as we know those are the only two roles that existed from the beginning. I have no idea why I didn't die with Hael, the only options there are Hero lied, he was trolled by the GMs, or someone has been protecting me without saying anything, which is pretty pointless tbh. Obviously I'm not very invested in this game. I've been on vacation for about a week and will be so for another, so it really doesn't make a difference to me if I live or die. The reason I voted for myself Day One was just an experiment. I didn't expect anything out of it, but I figured there was a chance it could trigger some kind of hidden mechanic or grant me an ability or win condition. Probably just a coincidence I became the Scapegoat after, but who knows. Certainly not me. Maybe Elbereth, but I'm not even sure of that I looked through all the write ups and there's no real clues. I saw a couple instances of loud noises and someone having a "Eureka!" moment (I think) but there was no explanation, so I'm guessing it may have to do with someone using or obtaining a role? I recommend everyone looking through them to find out which cycle and investigating that. That's about all my thoughts. Good luck everyone.
  13. I've sadly got nothing to add right now I'm pretty clueless. No idea why I'm still alive, no new Moments of Clarity since becoming the Scapegoat. Sorry to disappoint ya'll xD
  14. Samiiiiiii. I hope that's you paraphrasing. If not, allow me to direct you to our General Rules, particularly: Here's the full post in case you haven't seen it: