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  1. I didn't think to check the ages.
  2. Mine starts with 'E', but I think there are others before that. There certainly used to be. EDIT: Mistrunner's and TwilightsansSparkles' character's last name's both end with letter before 'E' (A and D respectively, I believe.)(I think)
  3. I'd be up for resuming this. But I need to find people to connect Chas with. As with reckoners, I just forgot to connect him with others...

    Thank you, everyone in the Shard, for helping my life go just a little better every day.

    1. Darkness Ascendant

      Darkness Ascendant

      Here for you my man :D 

  5. Thanks. Yeah, I got diagnosed with depression, but one of my friends, who used to have depression, (not the one that got me in trouble) has thought that I had depression for a while now.
  6. Inside? You imply there is an outside. What is this mythical place you have implied like? Perhaps I will find it someday...
  7. Two totaled cars, because we t-boned another car, and the third was us spinning three times before finally hitting a fence. I no longer trust cars. EDIT: Two separate crashes in which we t-boned another car. First time, we flipped the other over. Oh, I also officially have depression. Friday was, quite possibly, the single worst day of my life. Became paranoid, depressed, and lost a friend.
  8. Yesterday went just about as badly as possible. First, before I even got to school, my brother crashed our car. Third accident I've been in in the last 6 months. Then, I get to school, find out when I lent my school laptop to someone else, they put it on the the admin network. So I got chewed out for something I hadn't even known about. And to top it off, my laptop was taken because of said thing, and I couldn't print my homework and couldn't turn it in.
  9. I'm well over 6 ft. and I can still do this. I do agree it is fun, though.
  10. That's why I said near Dayton. I don't quite live in Dayton- I'm in one (or two) of the cardinal directions from it. About 15-75 minutes away. (I'm not giving a close number... That would be asking for trouble.)
  11. Near Dayton Ohio. *Realizes there's another sharder in Dayton* WHAT. HOW. WHEN.
  12. Welcome! Have a cookie that seems to rather dislike evil... Eat it. I dare you.
  13. Freedom-Quotes-71.jpg

    And on that note, goodnight.