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  1. Probably an elsecaller.
  2. And then Shallan trolls her back by writing "clearly not!" below it.
  3. Well damnation. That punches a hole in my wavelength theory of investiture. Nice WoB.
  4. I doubt it. Each type of investiture has its own "wavelength", which is what makes it specific to its shard. While there are ways to cross systems, it requires effort by the user. Given that larkin, as far as we know, are not sentient, it is unlikely that they can cross wavelengths and are therefore restricted to stormlight.
  5. WoB from the Houston signing should end the debate over Parshendi as human descendents: I think this makes things pretty clear that the Listeners were here and then the humans arrived,
  6. My argument against: The "most ancient spren" had 4 genders because they were "not thought of by humans". In order for the Listeners to be human descendants, there would have to be humans first. Given that spren are the physical manifestations of the Cognitive personification of forces, elements, and concepts, this suggests that either the humans did indeed come later (as the stele suggests) or that the proto-humanoids were so cognitively deficient compared to modern humans that they could not possibly have been imagining spren.
  7. Usually when a metal is being used like that it's aluminum.
  8. These daggers don't kill the Heralds. They trap them in the gem on the handle. I discount the hemalurgic spike theory because Moash was not given specific directions on how or where to stab Jezrien, which argues against hemalurgy, unless Odium'so god metal works VERY differently from anything we have seen so far.
  9. I had another thought (spoiler for Liar of Partinel): Also could this be related to Threnody?
  10. We do know that Shinovar contains grass, chickens, and strawberries.
  11. While perusing artwork in the Coppermind, I noticed something interesting about the void glyphs. Each one of them was a normal surge with one half rotated. At first I thought only the left side was rotated and was trying to connect that to the safehand. Then I noticed that this was not consistent. The glyphs are rotated thusly: Left: adhesion, tension, transformation. Right: transportation, progression, illumination, gravitation, division, cohesion, abrasion. Is thereally a reason that three have the left half rotated while the other 7 have the right rotated?
  12. Greatest. Thread. Ever.
  13. It is of course a significant word! The Parshendi were first created by the shard Vibration, which was shattered by Odium and its planet broken to pieces. Many years later, one of these pieces fell to Earth, where it was mined for metal. Included in this asteroid was a large amount of Vibration's god-metal, Vibranium, renowed for its unusual strength and used by Tony Stark to create Captain America's shield. This word tells us that the Cosmere will end when The incredible Hulk punches Odium in the face so hard he shatters, and the sixteen shards are combined with the Infinity Gems to make Super-Adonalsium!
  14. Akinah in my opinion is the pathway that connects Roshar to Braize. Look at the structure of the city. There is a round circle in the center (the pathway, similar to an Oathgate, through the Cognitive Realm). Outside of that are nine boxes (9 is Odium's number, so one box for each Unmade?). The outermost section has 10 coffin-shaped objects. My theory is that this is where the Heralds' physical bodies are kept while their souls are sent to Braize.
  15. I think the fabrials are in fact a separate magic system, and the ancient fabrials (or the means of their production) are what Khriss describes in the Ars Arcanum as "another magic system, even more esoteric than Voidbinding".