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  1. In JordanCon 2018, Isaac Stewart (Dragonsteel's art director) did a panel on creating Stormlight glyphs. We don't have full video for it, but we do have some. We mixed that in with the audio so you can feel like you're there at the panel. If you're into glyphs, maybe this will be of use to you! We apologize for the audio quality and mic bumps that occur every so often. Posted with permission from Dragonsteel Entertainment. Thanks Argent for your intro!
  2. Considering the times we've seen Hoid Lightweaving have all included manipulating smoke or fire or power, I have a feeling Yolish Lightweaving is all about manipulating what's already there. Whether it be smoke, powder, or a Lightweavers illusion.
  3. I can't believe I've never noticed this before. Those last few paragraphs were beautiful. This being the moment you actually brought tears to my eyes Good stuff dude
  4. I can't believe I didn't notice this earlier. Nale is a Skybreaker of the fifth Oath. If the Skybreakers get Plate as part of their Radiant progression, Nale should have a nice shiny set of living Shardplate.
  5. This is one of my favourite hints at the Heralds abilities in the books: Taln caught not one but two darts midflight. That's an astonishingly level of reflexes. There's something about these Heralds and I have a feeling we are going to see something special when we see them let loose.
  6. Fix'd, thanks!
  7. I don't have a set number in mind but I'm just going to keep going until everyone's dead. There's a thing I wanted to do that basically made me write this in the first place. The way things have been playing out, it looks like it will be near the end and also in about 3 or 4 chapters time so I guess somewhere between 7 or 8 chapters total but we'll see how things play out.
  8. @Ark1002 How about right now? Chapter Two: Love
  9. Storms, how are you able to put out this much amazing art this quick. Absolutely stunning. Also I wonder if what the people who complained about Ash's underboob in the OB cover would say about this...
  10. Glad you enjoyed it! Hopefully within the next few days. I've written about half of Chapter Three and once that's done, I'll go back and edit Chapter Two and post that! I was going for the Stormfather but I could have made it a bit more obvious!
  11. Chapter One: Oathbreaker
  12. The Tragedy of Thaylen Field By Overlord Jebus Authors Note: I'm sorry. This fic will spoil the climax of Oathbringer. Warning, this fic will cover multiple major character deaths. This is not for the faint of heart. I love myself a bit of suffering and even I struggled to write it. I am writing this a chapter at a time. When I have finished a chapter, I go back and read the previous chapter and do a second draft. I will then post the second draft. Feedback welcome. Table of contents:
  13. I'm not sure about this, it's a reducer/amplifier. We've seen these things on their own without the switching between modes. In regards to where the pain comes from, you know when you get pins and needles when your foot or hand goes numb as feeling is restored? It would be like that. Your normal amount of feeling suddenly becomes the numb and the pain you feel is just your normal sense of touch going absolutely haywire. This is how some poisons/toxins work, they don't do damage, they just send your nervous system into chaos. I imagine that's how the amplifier painrial works. Intense pins and needles across your whole body.
  14. The very first chapter of Oathbringer, when Dalinar noclips into the skybox of one of his visions: The "terribly familiar" put people into one of three camps, Someone close to Dalinar Someone also succumbing to the Thrill Dalinar himself
  15. I super agree with @WeiryWriter point on Jasnah's gems cracking. All the other gems we see getting drawn on are not ones that the Radiants are keeping about. It's mostly just whatever is lying about or money they are keeping on themselves. Jasnahs soulcasting gems would be repeatably having their stormlight infused and drained, over and over again. I can definitely see just the act of this transference being what causes the stress on the gems to crack. @Servillius made a good point above, gems crack when repairing stormlight, assumedly because they have a set of large gems that are set aside for use in Shardplate repair and these are being used consistently. The only other instance I can think of is the Kings Emerald Reserve. We never hear about them cracking but I quite like the idea of Kal returning to the armsmen one day with Alethkars wealth in emeralds all cracked and broken in a bag. Poor guy.