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  1. @thejopen27 I've always been a bit skeptical about this line of thought. Spiritual gravitation and spiritual adhesion does feel right, especially with what we've seen Dalinar do, but Dalinar is a very special case. For me, the implication then becomes do all orders get spiritual versions of all their surges? Do they get cognitive versions as well? How does mnemonic memory relate to spiritual illumination or transformation? Squires and spiritual gravitation/adhesion is a fine theory, but I'm going to wait until we know the other orders resonances as well before I fully support/decry it. @Belzedar "Savansequences" is amazing, I'm definitely going to use that from now on. I really have no idea when it comes to this ability. It seems to be something the Bondsmiths can just.... do. They can manipulate Connection in a way that allows them to use another Radiants power through them and kind of... super charge it? Maybe a Resonance between the two people? Maybe? I like this idea. As I've said above, every order also getting a spiritual version of their surges feels a bit off to me but just the Bondsmiths and the Truthwatchers would make sense.
  2. My name is Overlord Jebus, lord of lords;Look on my WoBs, ye Mighty, and despair!
  3. My gravestone will read And its going to be all Brandon's fault. I also hadn't realised just how attached I was to the idea of Eshonai coming back until Brandon tore it out from under me. What you hear there is true grief.
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  7. Nice! I checked out Jemma's booth, I ADORED the Fused painting (I believe it was Leshwi). And unfortunately not, I had R'sharas on my phone at the time so I asked hers first (After all of my own). He said no more just as I was about to move onto yours I'm still out here for another 2 weeks so I might give some of that stuff a go!
  8. @Khyrindor Oh my god I'm so sorry I completely forgot you were there on Sunday! I hope you had a great time! Which Cosmere fanart did you pick up?
  9. I do think my experience was colored by the fact I didn't have to pay for it but I REALLY enjoyed it. I had already listened to the interview Shardcast so I knew what I was getting into and knew the reasons for some of the concessions they had to make. It was definitely a bit buggy, punching the Parshendi was the only thing I found consistently not working as intended. I did enjoy the lashing mainly due to how you could lash something into the sky and it would fall that way forever and never come down which was fun. I will be talking about it in an upcoming podcast but generally I came away feeling very positive about it. As a side note, Brandon asked me if I though it was worth $12 when I told him I tried it and I said that seemed a bit much.
  10. "Pick up this year’s con exclusive and leatherbound editions of Elantris-fresh from the printer-at my table (KK3) in artist’s alley. " He's talking about the Elantris Leatherbounds. I also asked him this in person and he said they are exclusive because they haven't been in the store for ages.
  11. @Child of Honor, Amaram during his fight with Kaladin implies he's been talking to Odium for years. I don't think he ever switched sides, I don't think he was ever on humanities side (But wasn't aware of it).
  12. I personally couldn't see any difference but I can ask. I also came up with two new questions to ask as it seems I'm going to get the chance to ask lots:
  13. I'll nab a few of your questions @Khyrindor, I'll probably be asking them tomorrow as I have my own questions to ask. Yeah, it's a shame he won't be about on Sunday but the booth people are really cool! Make sure you check out the Way of Kings VR experience whilst you're out there!
  14. Change of plans ma dudes I will be there for both signings, today and tomorrow and will be there all day Saturday and Sunday. Hit me up on discord if you wanna meet up or just find me hanging around near the end of the signing line. @Khyrindor I will ask about Brandon's presence at the weekend
  15. That's what I'm hoping, we'll have to wait and see though