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  1. I'll sign up as Owain [whatever House I'm in of course]. A few questions: Can you earn 5 points of favor for strategy/roleplay posts during the Day and the Night? Or is it 5 per cycle? Do the Rebels have a standard eliminator kill? "...while players outside of the Ball can not target those not at the Ball." Is this supposed to say that those not at the ball cannot target those at the ball?
  2. Aftermath: "It's down to us, Pashul," Arin said urgently. "No, Pashul! We need to get Arin," panicked Reddathan. "Sorry, Red," Pashul apologized. Arin punched Red, knocking him out. "I'll do it," Pashul affirmed. He took out his knife, and slit Red's throat. Arin let out a sigh. "We did it," he breathed, sitting down. "Yes. I did." Pashul stated flatly. Arin turned. "What's wrong?" "Nothing. Nothing at all." Arin suddenly understood. "Oh, STORMS! It was you this entire time!" Pashul's knife entered Arin's eye. Pashul sighed as Arin gurgled. "I had to end this. Ialai's instructions, I'm afraid. Have to clean up the whole mess, and I get my freedom." Pashul walked over to Arin, and finished ramming the thrown knife into his head. One more thing to do. --- "You did as instructed?" Vendel asked. They had met by the scenic chasm side. "Yes I did. Ialai is pleased with the performance of your poisons." Pashul stated. Vendel frowned. "Since when do you have the authority to speak for Ialai?" "Because I was never yours. She, unfortunately, does not like your particularly... brash methods." Vendel's eyes widened in fear, and then he lunged at Pashul. But Pashul was prepared. He splashed the nastiest poison into Vendel's face. Vendel reared back, and moaned in pain. "That's why I helped kill your agents. For my freedom." Vendel screamed, holding his face, which was turning purple. It also was spreading to his hands as he held his face. Pashul grew sick of looking at the man. So he kicked him- still screaming- into the convenient chasm. "Good riddance. Disgusting man.: --- "You have earned your freedom, Pashul. Welcome to my personal retinue of spies." Ialai smiled at her newest- and possibly most faithful- agent. --- The unusual tragedy of Bridge 11 was put down to an illness. Gaz reformed the Bridge from new "recruits" the very next day. They never did realize how much blood had been shed in those barracks. Sami was lynched! She was a Unlucky Guard! The Spies have won! Especially Drake! In case anyone hadn't heard, Drake was a secret eliminator role. His primary goal was still to help his team outnumber the village, but he also needed to survive and help kill one of his teammates. His role was labeled "IaIai's Chosen" but he was really just a Tough Unremarkable. I really didn't think he'd help kill all of his teammates, but it worked out in the end, so hopefully the other eliminators won't be too upset at me for giving them a traitor of sorts. Great game everyone! I hope you all enjoyed playing. I know I had a lot of fun. Once again, a huge thank you to Steeldancer for all of the great write-ups. It was a big help, and I think the write-ups made the game a lot better. Oh, and here are the links to the docs: Spy doc Dead doc Player list:
  3. The game is over! The aftermath will be posted soon.
  4. Day 9: Vendel handed the Spy a vial. "Try this one next," he said, grinning. "I imagine you'll find the results fascinating." The Spy took the vial and slipped it into their pocket quickly. They hurried back to their barracks to administer the poison to one of the other bridgemen. Or rather, they gave it to BR, and she didn't really fit the bridgeMAN thing too well. Regardless, she would probably be the last of her kind, because when the bridgemen found her in the morning, she was an interesting shade of green. Reddathan, Pashul, and Arinian looked between themselves. One of them had to have done it...but which one? BrightnessRadiant was killed! She was a Unlucky Unremarkable! PM's are closed. There is no Unremarkable vote. Player list:
  5. Night 8: *considering this was a very close vote, we don't have a write-up prepared, so come back tomorrow* HH was lynched! He was a Spy Worldsinger! HH(3): BR, Sami, Drake Arinian(2): HH, Arinian PM's are open. Player list:
  6. I agree! (Steeldancer did both, btw )
  7. Day 8 The remaining bridge crew sat grumpily around the barracks, looking despondent and bored. And yet many discussions happened quietly. Tenodin was once again debating whether he should kill someone. He pulled out his knife, and... No. Yes? Maybe? Someone different? Maybe tomorrow? Tenodin sat in indecision as he walked outside, continuing to think upon whether he should kill his target. Screams in the distance. Soldiers shouted. "WHITESPINE! SOMEONE LET THE WHITESPINE OUT!" yelled a voice in the distance. Soldiers were obviously mobilizing to take the creature down. But the screams were coming from a different part of the camps, so he was safe. He heard rustling behind him. Tenodin didn't even have a chance to scream as the whitespine ripped through him. The whitespine then pounced on Melb, who just stood there, doing nothing. As the whitespine devoured the two, the bridge crew ran. Soldiers soon mobilized to the bridge crew barracks and recaptured the whitespine. Its cage had been opened, somehow. The other bridge crews whispered of the sudden bad luck of Bridge 11. A chasmfiend, and now a Whitespine only really attacked THEIR camp? What was going on? --- Vendel glared at his spy. "A whitespine? Really?" The slave shrugged. "I felt a bit of excitement was required. I used pheromones... very convenient, really." "Don't pull something like that again. Draw too much attention to my operations, and I will end your pay, and you may find yourself as the subject of one of my experiments, at the hands of the others," Vendel threatened. "Whatever." The spy returned to the crew, unnoticed. Randuir was killed! He was a Unlucky Assassin! Shqueeves was killed for inactivity! He was a Unlucky Surgeon's Apprentice! PM's are closed. There is no Unremarkable vote. Player list:
  8. Night 7 He only had one option left. The remainder of the bridge crew was chasing him. He had to run. Run as far away as he could. Perhaps he could manage to escape away from this death trap. He crept around a building, eyeing the road that led out of the War camp. There were soldiers patrolling, if not very many. But they would most certainly question him about what he was up to. Unfortunately, he didn't have much time. He could hear his bridge somewhere behind him, looking for him. If the soldiers got even a whiff of him and went on alert, he would die. Probably get strung up in the next highstorm or just get killed on the spot. But he couldn't live any longer in this mess. People were dying of poison like chulls in a whitespine den. It was all sorts of bad. He needed to escape. So he ran. A minute. 2 minutes. Out of the warcamp. Had he escaped? "UMPH!" The man groaned as he was stabbed by a spearman, a guard who had been alerted. The man had a minute to consider whether this was a better death by poison. Perhaps, it would have just been a better idea to never have done that lighteyed woman. Darkness was lynched! He was a Unlucky Unremarkable! Darkness(4): BR, Drake, Arinian, randuir PM's are open. Player list:
  9. Day 7 Kohl did not last very long. He was stabbed as soon as no one was looking. And not only that, but his stuff contained some incriminating firemarks. He had been corrupt. ------ Meanwhile, An Explosive Gerbil looked into the warm campfire he had created. The flamespren danced among the flames. He had always like burning things. It comforted him to see the wood crackle and emit heat, so dangerous and so beautiful. Fire did not betray you, unless you were dumb with it. He reached out with a stick to prod the coals. Something kicked him when he was off balance. He flailed for a moment, but the kick had been perfectly timed. He tried to turn and see who had kicked him, but the fire blinded him. He collapsed into the fire, which he had tended to an impressive size. The warmth happily consumed The Explosive Gerbil. The Explosive Gerbil became the Crispy Gerbil that night. Megasif was Assassinated! He was a Tough Spy Con Artist! Straw was killed! He was a Unlucky Worldsinger! There is no Unremarkable vote. PM's are closed. Player list:
  10. Whoops. I just forgot Darkness' vote. Fixed.