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  1. I suppose I should vote Bard, as I do feel Cadcom is village. I haven't examined Bard's posts very closely, but from what I can recall I hadn't formed an opinion either way. Just seemed like pretty typical posts, with nothing to sway me towards him being village or elim. Anyone have a vote count? Edit: not 100% sure this is correct Cadcom(4): Bard, MetaTerminal, Steel, Kidpen Bard(3): Fifth, Cadcom, Lopen @Devotary of Spontaneity, Cadcom did mention switching to Elandera before he posted, yes. Not sure how much time before though.
  2. But it seemed like Fifth was certain that Elandera was Karata. He even went so far as to tell Mailliw that. It just seems odd. Hm. I had somehow forgotten about the scan "clearing" Fifth. Kinda makes me want to lynch Itiah to check since if Fifth is evil Itiah would have to be as well, but idk. Itiah didn't scan on C1, so he could have been converted C1 or C2. I'm leaning towards them both being villagers at this point though I think, mostly because Itiah's above post feels genuine, rather than carefully worded to avoid potential trip-ups. Aaand now Fifth has posted. Yeah, I was thinking it wasn't too likely, but thought I'd put it out there since it was on my mind. At least now I can look elsewhere. Tomorrow though.
  3. Okay, well, I've been looking over posts and trying to find someone to be suspicious of. I've been suspicious of Cadcom for most of the game, but going over his posts, I'm getting the feeling that he's actually village. Probably should elaborate on that, but it's hard to explain. Idk, he just seems genuine in his insistence that he's not evil, and his somewhat fatalistic view lately seems village to me. Like he's frustrated he can't convince everyone he's not evil and doesn't know what else to do. Now comes the tinfoil. I've been going over Fifth's and Itiah's posts lately and am starting to think that Fifth, and possibly Itiah as well, are Spirits. I think it would be interesting if Joe had both starting Spirits in the smallest faction, but also gave one of them PM's to help with info gathering, and I just feel off about Fifth's posts(nothing specific, although asking for an Independent Wildman to contact you when the Spirits are looking to narrow who Shaor could be is suspicious I think). There are a couple things I'd like to know before I go any further with this though. 1. Itiah, how did you know Elandera was Karata? Fifth stated that you knew Shqueeves was evil by process of elimination because you knew who Karata was. 2. Itiah, once Karata was converted, you said you thought Elandera was Karata but that Fifth could possibly be Karata? It seems inconsistent with what you told Fifth. Anyways, current tinfoil is that Fifth is Galladon, they(Fifth and Shqueeves and whoever might have been converted C1) converted Itiah on C2, then came up with a plan to get Karata and get both Itiah and Fifth fairly trusted by "catching" Shqueeves, therefore giving a clear link as to how Karata was converted so early. It might be a bit of a reach, but I don't have anything better. None of the known Wildmen jump out at me as being suspicious and narrowing the field for who Shaor could be shouldn't be done unless there's very good reason I think. I don't think Itiah is absolutely evil if Fifth is, I just think there's a connection there that's a little strange. Fifth.
  4. Awww, that's no fun. He hasn't voted on Shqueeves though? He's one of the few who hasn't voted on him since the information about Shqueeves was posted. Not that I disagree with you though, because Cadcom is actually one of my top suspicions as well. Specifically, I thought he sounded too sure of himself in his post where he first voted on Bard last Cycle. I was a bit suspicious of Steel early on, but he really hasn't posted much lately, which strangely enough makes me lean more village on him because I think he'd be actively trying to avoid suspicion were he actually evil instead of going quiet. Just doesn't seem like the type of elim to do that. Straw is another I'm mildly suspicious of, although I've been wrong multiple times before with him, so I'm very unsure about that read. Shqueeves seems like a good lead, so I'll drop my vote there just to increase the gap. I think Mailliw's suggestion for the Wildmen is especially useful this Cycle, since it looks like the lynch is basically decided for this Cycle(barring any new information). For that vote I'll go Cadcom. No one else has really stood out to me as suspicious that I can recall. Tbh I haven't gone over everyone's posts very thoroughly, so I don't have a lot of strong reads. I've got a couple village reads, but I feel like in a conversion game it's risky to try and convince people of someone's innocence because that makes them a target for conversion, so I'll keep those to myself unless I think I should defend them from a lynch or something.
  5. I guess I should post something... While I'm normally for aggressive plans, I do think revealing factions this early would probably do more harm than good. I think I agree with Alv that only one of the elims probably started in a gang, especially since Galladon's ability is to help them figure out who is in which faction. If they started off in 2 factions, they could fill things in pretty fast with that ability and their conversions. I'm glad this was brought forward for discussion though, since I think we can look over the responses and hopefully glean some information on players alignments. I'll look over things tomorrow to see if I can catch anything fishy. I don't really have many more thoughts. I got clarification from Joe that we do need a 2 vote minimum to lynch someone, which means Raoden can't just kill someone with his vote manipulation if we decide not to put any votes down.
  6. Ooh, I can't miss @Mailliw73's return! Welcome back! Sign me up as Flavio!
  7. Yeah, this all seems right. Araris.
  8. Right, that's what I was thinking about. So it wasn't Rae then? Also, Rae, great job with the song parodies! That must take some serious work. And of course excellent shot on Devotary.
  9. Whaaaaat?! That's awesome. I was aware that Devotary was being attacked, hence removing my vote late in the Cycle, but how did Alv die? What's funny is he was my suggestion to the player who killed Devotary. @Straw, who died from inactivity? Bort? Current suspects: Araris, Lopen2arms, and Arraenae. Araris voted on Alv once I believe, and Rae put suspicion on Devotary(but also on Snipexe at the same time and didn't vote).
  10. I'm actually really curious to know Elanderas alignment, so I'll switch. Devotary. Elandera.
  11. To explain this, I've been scanned and I told Itiah about it just a little while ago.
  12. Well, I think I'm just gonna be playing by gut the rest of the way. I haven't had much time and since it's a QF, things go by so fast that I feel like I'm just gonna fall behind if I only post when I've got a lot of time to look things over. So, with that in mind, I'm gonna vote Devotary. He's one of the players I've got in my "maybe suspicious" list, and I didn't really like his vote on Snipexe as it seemed somewhat bandwagon-y. To make sure everyone is aware, we probably don't have enough time for more than one mislynch. So we need everyone voting!
  13. Yeah, after putting my vote on you, I started feeling bad about your lynch, so I was going to remove my vote from you last minute just to try and get as much reactions to your lynch as possible, but I accidentally fell asleep. For what it's worth, I'm glad you didn't die, even though I'm still not sure about your alignment. I can agree with this. If I had to move one of my "don't want to lynch" players into the "am fine with lynching" list it'd probably be Snipexe, since I don't have anything substantial on him. Hm, actually, I just read his last post of last Cycle, which I hadn't seen yet. Still no solid read, but I think it reads more village to me, because of the way he reacts to probably dying right then. Devotary, still not sure either, but he's always been tough to read for me.
  14. Straw rescinded the rule about tied lynches resulting in both players deaths. So if the lynch does tie, only one player will die. I'm fine leaving it up to chance if it comes down to it, because I've got no clue.