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  1. Cycle 3 [write-up to be edited in...] Monmet was killed by the eliminators! They were a Fear Rioter! Kynedath has been lynched! They were a Passion Soother! Under normal circumstances, both @Pestis the Spider and @GreenRover would have died from inactivity, but considering they're both first time players, I'm giving them an extra 24 hours to join us. Vote tally: Kynedath(4): Arinian, Alvron, Monmet, Devotary Monmet(1): Kasimir Alvron(1): Mac Guava(1): Steel Player Pairs: Kasimir - Devotary This Cycle will end at: Player list:
  2. Cycle Two Sabine settled on the roof of a tavern and watched the streets below, waiting for her target to appear. She knew they frequented this location, so she was sure they'd show up eventually. She'd been watching them, and had decided to confront them alone. She had a way of getting people to tell her whatever it was she wanted to know. The mists had just begun to come out when she heard footsteps across the street. Finally, she thought. As she began to make her way down from the roof, a hand went over her mouth and a dagger went into her back. Sabine tried to twist away, to at least see the face of her killer, but she lost her footing and fell to the street. As her consciousness faded, all she could see of the tavern's roof was a swirling mist. ------------------------------ "Sabine has been murdered and you all can't decide who you think is a spy?!" Breeze growled. "The traitors aren't being coy now that they're exposed, and neither should you! I expect a much more decisive result tomorrow!" he said as he slammed the door on his way out of the meeting room. Joe/Sabine was killed by the eliminators! They were a Passion Rioter! No one was lynched! Vote tally: Walin/Merb(2): guava, Steeldancer Devotary/Cactus(2): Alvron, Joe Pestis(1): Mac livinglegend/Gio(1): Monmet Player Pairs: Kasimir - Devotary This Cycle will end at: Player list:
  3. I certainly wouldn't be opposed to that. I recently realized I forgot to put in the list of who's who in terms of Rioting or Soothing, so here you are: Rioters - Darkness, Walin, Joe, Steeldancer, Kasimir, MonsterMetroid, GreenRover Soothers - Mac, Drought, Devotary, Pestis, livinglegend, Kynedath, gauva, Arinian, Alvron I will include this in the player list each Cycle.
  4. Cycle 1 "That's the third location in a week that's been compromised Breeze," Ham said. "There's no doubt about it. Someone in your group is working for the Steel Ministry. Either that, or something's going on that we don't understand. I've been considering a theory about a connection between emotional allomancers and the Ashmounts that..." "Ham," Breeze interrupted. "If you don't shut up I'll have my crew, traitors and all, come over here and have you wishing you were in an Ashmount." Ham huffed. "Well you don't have to get so upset. I was only trying to help." "If you really want to help, go find me a nice bottle of wine. I've got enough problems to deal with without having to listen to your ridiculous theories." Breeze stated with a frown. -------------------------------------------------- "I'm sure you have all heard the rumors by now," Breeze said as he scanned his crew of Soothers and Rioters. "I regret to inform you that they are true. There is a spy among us. A plant for the Steel Ministry." The crew shifted uneasily, taking quick glances at each other as they considered the news. "Maybe more than one, we're not sure. What I do know is that we cannot continue to put the rest of the crew in jeopardy, so until we have found out the traitors among you, only those I trust absolutely will be allowed to know details of our jobs and certain measures will have to be put in place for the rest of you to join us. I want you all to discuss who might be a plant, and bring them to me when you've decided. ...And bring a drink with them," he added under his breath. The crew began to disperse and talk among themselves, a newfound distrust growing between them. This Cycle will end at: Player list:
  5. ...Not sure why, but I thought you'd played before. Anyways, welcome then! Everyone could die, so it would end in a tie. I may change this though, since ties aren't very fun, IMO. I've got family over, so I'll be a little late getting things up. Sorry for the delay!
  6. I believe that makes 3 first time players! Hope you all enjoy the game! Signups are closing in about 5 minutes.
  7. Okay, well, I'm back early, so here goes. @Kasimir 2. Back to answering this one. I put them as simultaneous since all of them are, in a way, roleblocks or redirects. They can still mess with each other, but I can't really say that one of them comes before the rest. As an example, if I said Passion Soothing came before the rest, then it would be unblockable by Joy Rioters, which would make the Joy Rioters much less effective, since they'd only be able to block 3 of the 4 Soothing abilities. For abilities that would block each other, such as a Passion Soother targeting an Anger Rioter who targeted the same Passion Soother, I'll flip a coin to decide whose action comes out on top(in case that isn't clear, here's what I'm thinking - Kaladin, a Passion Soother, targets Sadeas, who is an Anger Rioter, so Sadeas would be roleblocked. However, Sadeas targeted Kaladin, which would make Kaladin attack Sadeas instead of roleblocking him. I would flip a coin to see whose action wins out. If Kaladins wins out, Sadeas is roleblocked. If Sadeas wins out, Kaladin attacks Sadeas.). I hope that explains how I'm going to deal with those 4 abilities when they target each other.
  8. They will attack whoever they were soothing that Turn. Unless they're paired up with someone and get the 50% protection. You are correct in that assumption. That's my interpretation too. Hmmm. I'll say yes, you will know it was because of an anger rioter. I'll just say something like "Alex was killed by an angry person" or something. xD Well, I'll try to make it clear in the write-up, but knowing me, I can't guarantee I'll have the write-ups up right away each Cycle. 1. No, they can't affect someone who hasn't taken an action. 1b. I'm not counting pairing up as an action exactly, so you could still send in an action. Otherwise, yes, there is a limit. The only thing that affects is the elim kill(whoever sends it in can't use their metal action). 1c. Votes and pairings don't count as actions. 1d. I hope this never happens... Ok, I see what you mean, and since Kaladin is actually the one getting Rioted, his attack of Dalinar would go through in that case. Now if you asked me what happens if Navani had used Joy Rioting on Dalinar, I'd have to admit that I'm not sure what would happen. >> Well, I think I'll rule that even Joy Rioting wouldn't stop Kaladin from attacking Dalinar, since I seriously doubt he'd thematically use Soothing to kill Dalinar at that point. 2. I think it needs to be streamlined more too. :/ I have to go right now, but I'll do my best to clear up the OoA when I get back(maybe 2 or 3 hours from now). 3. Sounds right. It's players alive at the beginning of the Cycle, not the start of the game. The more the merrier!
  9. 1. Correct. 2. Only 1 cycle, so they would need to re-send orders for the next Cycle if they still want to be paired up. 3. Yes. (As a GM, my word is final) 4. 3? 5. I think I just realized how many coins I'm gonna have to flip this game.
  10. I guess I don't pay enough attention to whose lurking about then. Oh, right. I meant to do that earlier, but I was in a rush when I first posted signups and then I kept forgetting. Adding them now.
  11. Kas! Signing up for Joe'smy game! Glad to see you(and you're RP ) again!
  12. Glad to have you Cactus Maximus! I will make sure to call you Cactus Maximus as much as possible. Feel free. Just don't forget about everyone else! I don't want anyone to miss out on being killed. THERE'S ALREADY A CACTUS IN THIS GAME. Oh well, they're new so they get a pass for purposely creating confusion.