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  1. Yeah, this all seems right. Araris.
  2. Right, that's what I was thinking about. So it wasn't Rae then? Also, Rae, great job with the song parodies! That must take some serious work. And of course excellent shot on Devotary.
  3. Whaaaaat?! That's awesome. I was aware that Devotary was being attacked, hence removing my vote late in the Cycle, but how did Alv die? What's funny is he was my suggestion to the player who killed Devotary. @Straw, who died from inactivity? Bort? Current suspects: Araris, Lopen2arms, and Arraenae. Araris voted on Alv once I believe, and Rae put suspicion on Devotary(but also on Snipexe at the same time and didn't vote).
  4. I'm actually really curious to know Elanderas alignment, so I'll switch. Devotary. Elandera.
  5. To explain this, I've been scanned and I told Itiah about it just a little while ago.
  6. Well, I think I'm just gonna be playing by gut the rest of the way. I haven't had much time and since it's a QF, things go by so fast that I feel like I'm just gonna fall behind if I only post when I've got a lot of time to look things over. So, with that in mind, I'm gonna vote Devotary. He's one of the players I've got in my "maybe suspicious" list, and I didn't really like his vote on Snipexe as it seemed somewhat bandwagon-y. To make sure everyone is aware, we probably don't have enough time for more than one mislynch. So we need everyone voting!
  7. Yeah, after putting my vote on you, I started feeling bad about your lynch, so I was going to remove my vote from you last minute just to try and get as much reactions to your lynch as possible, but I accidentally fell asleep. For what it's worth, I'm glad you didn't die, even though I'm still not sure about your alignment. I can agree with this. If I had to move one of my "don't want to lynch" players into the "am fine with lynching" list it'd probably be Snipexe, since I don't have anything substantial on him. Hm, actually, I just read his last post of last Cycle, which I hadn't seen yet. Still no solid read, but I think it reads more village to me, because of the way he reacts to probably dying right then. Devotary, still not sure either, but he's always been tough to read for me.
  8. Straw rescinded the rule about tied lynches resulting in both players deaths. So if the lynch does tie, only one player will die. I'm fine leaving it up to chance if it comes down to it, because I've got no clue.
  9. this point I figure people could put 2 and 2 together and guess that I claimed Thug to Cadcom. I'm not a Thug, but I just wanted to make it less likely for the elims to kill me in case either Cadcom or Lopen2arms was an elim(because me and Cadcom claimed to each other in a group PM he created on C1 with me, him, and Lopen2arms). Anyways, new vote tally: Snipexe(4): Gancho, Drake, Devotary, BortGancho(2): Alvron, RaeOplen(1): Araris Araris(3): Stick, Drake, Oplen Guess I'll add my vote to Araris like I said I would.
  10. I also don't like the lynch targets all that much, so if you gave a compelling argument to lynch someone else, I'll vote alongside you. The players I don't want to vote on are: me, Drake, Bort(might die soon), you, Rae, Gancho, Snipexe, and Lopen2arms. That leaves Alvron, Devotary, Elandera, Stick, and Araris.
  11. Could you elaborate more about your reasoning for voting Stick? I don't understand the thought process exactly about someone knowing your role leading to Stick being suspicious. To be clear, I'm still unsure about Stick myself, so I don't mind the vote, but I'm just not sure what you're getting at. Vote tally: Snipexe(3): Gancho, Drake, Devotary Gancho(2): Alvron, Rae Oplen(1): Araris Stick(1): Elandera I have no idea who to vote for. Snipexe and Gancho haven't said that much, and while I did kind of agree with Alv about Gancho at first, after looking over his posts, I'm not all that suspicious of him. I could vote for Stick I guess... Ninja'd because I can't figure out who to vote for. XD I'm just gonna post and then come back to this in a bit.
  12. If the coinshot/mistborn is village, it would make sense to give the elims a Thug or Lurcher as protection(Thug especially as it can also protect against lynches), and since you're a thug, I'd be extra suspicious of you. But, on the other hand, if the elims have a coinshot/mistborn, then it's unlikely they'd also have a protection role since that would give them an extra attack and extra lives, so you'd most likely be village IMO. See explanation above.
  13. Like I said, I wasn't crazy about putting a vote on you when you weren't around, but I felt like Itiah probably isn't an eliminator(still feel this way) and I didn't have a good feeling about you for whatever reason, so yeah. I think the reason I feel slightly suspicious about you is that I have better reads on most of the other active players and I haven't had similar feelings about your posts, so it's more that I don't see a good option so I was going with someone I was unsure of. As a counter point to this, there's likely only 3 elims. If Elandera is an elim, and one of them is only semi-active, then it would be very risky for her teammates to try to rescue her from being lynched again, since it could end up connecting them. Also, the soothe could have been meant to protect Itiah, since I only moved my vote about an hour before the Cycle ended. Sorry about not posting before now, I've been busy all day. I checked in once or twice, so I guess you may have seen me online if that's what you meant about me lurking, but I haven't had the opportunity to post anything until now. @Straw, are the write-ups going to show how players are attacked/killed, or is it all fluff? I'm really not sure where I want to put my vote. If the coinshot/mistborn attack was from a villager, that would make Elandera more suspicious, but if they're elim, she's more likely village. I'm not particularly suspicious of her posts, but I also don't have any other leads I feel good about. :/ I'm gonna review things and then put a vote down. Edit: Oh! I forgot to mention that Cadcom said if he was killed tonight, he put up a safety net to try and figure out who sent in the kill on him. I'm not sure how that would work, but Araris said he was supposed to give a name(Stick) to someone, sooooo I don't know what to think about that.
  14. Urghgh, I'm really unsure about Itiah after that last post. It just reads as really genuine to me, so I'm gonna switch my vote to Elandera. I know she's not around to defend herself, so I'm not crazy about this, but I don't really like any other options.