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  1. You can't word your Omen Recognition order to get specifics from an event. You can just scan a single event(specifically, a player going Insane or being attacked) for any Skindancer involvement. In the scenario you gave, yes, Steph would receive a message something like "Skindancers were involved in this event."
  2. It can be anyone involved in the event that makes it show up as Skindancer involvement.
  3. Haha, I don't know about that. Brightness is considering, and we did just start reading Well of Ascension...
  4. I'll sign up as Valbar, who seems to always be ignored, despite his large stature.
  5. I knew it! It seemed like that to me too, I just didn't go back through to confirm that. And yeah, I feel no remorse for killing you in LG24 Len.
  6. Great game everyone! It was incredibly close, and there were times that I was sure one side or the other would win... That was an especially exciting end to the game. I was having some serious flashbacks to QF14, and I even got to do a multi-lynch! (Sure, it was only a double one, but it was still fun. ) Thanks for running the game Joe, and the write-ups were hilarious! I also thought it was hilarious about all of the marriages having a "Lopen clan" member involved and an eliminator until the last Cycle or so. That was a strange turn of events.
  7. Insane Skindancers can't take any Actions, just like Insane Students. It's good to make sure they're dead... I'll let El give a more detailed answer about that, though. But you can probably assume we'll use common sense and call the game if it reaches a point where either side is the clear winner.
  8. Yup, I am. I tried to scan Unodus C1. C2, I tried to scan Steph. Both times I was Tripped. I forgot to send in a scan C3(also didn't make a PM). This past Cycle, I scanned Jedal as not being a Librarian. Sorry for not revealing I was a Librarian, but I didn't think me not claiming would cause something like this. :/ I was afraid that after Ecth was shown to be village, if I'd claimed Librarian, I'd be lynched. Now that both BR and Drought have been shown to not be Librarian's though, I'm beginning to wonder if Joe only gave the Librarian role to villagers, just to mess with everyone. Rand is the one who helped kill BR and get Drought outed. If he'd been evil, don't you think he'd have just killed Yitzi and added another teammate to the Knights doc, so they'd have majority? At that point, they'd have basically won the game. So this theory doesn't make any sense, sorry. Plus, why would the elims attack Rand, and kill Drought, just so Rand could kill Unodus, a player who hasn't even done much game discussion. That's 3 elims deaths(BR, Drought, and Rand) for just the single village death, and trust for Hero. Which is not a good pay off. As for me being active this Turn, um, you of all people should know that I haven't had the time until just now. I did post last Night, and was trying to help discussion with my suggestion of voting for the next Knight recruit(which I was going to discuss with Yitzi and randuir whether we should actually take the vote seriously or just decide on our own and use the discussion for how we should choose or not). And I would have loved going for the multi-lynch, but I hardly had the time to try and coordinate one with others, and so far I've had a difficult time getting suspicions I'm confident in, which is what I told you I wanted to use the multi lynch on at the start of the game. I said I wanted to wait until the 3rd of 4th Cycle and try to lynch all of the remaining eliminators at once. Of course, I was really just trying to get reactions from that, but if I came to trust you, I might have tried it, since I really like that mechanic, and it would have been awesome to pull that off. At this point, I'm strongly suspicious of you. You married an eliminator on the 2nd Cycle when you had the Tripping Talent. Considering I feel like it's extremely likely that Hero is village, then I wouldn't put it past Joe to give the elims the Tripper role, or maybe you claimed to Drought and he converted you? Either way, you just moved to the top of my suspect list. Steph. Drought.
  9. Nice work Knights! And I'm honored to have joined your ranks. I'll be honest though, Ecth being village is pretty frustrating for me. I just don't understand why he focused on me like he did. Anyways, Drought. I think that's about as good evidence as it gets, especially in a QF. Because I think it's likely we won't have great lynch discussion this Cycle, and the Knights information is compromised from BR being evil(I kinda wish I had been able to help in killing her, but I'm okay with how things worked out ), and randuir is going to die, I propose we hold a tryouts of sorts for the position of Knight of Crystalia! The way the Knights choose their successors is by putting who they want to be the next Knight at the top of the player list in the doc, so whatever order the players are listed as, that's who the next Knight(s) will be. So, what do you all think? We could have everyone vote for the next Knight in yellow or something, or if you want to be a Knight, you could just put forward your application and we will consider it if you make a solid case.
  10. Okay, well, I am pretty exhausted, so I really don't have the motivation to do a big post by post analysis like I wanted. Here's my current thoughts on the players I mentioned though: Hero - I've been somewhat suspicious of Hero just based on a gut read of his posts from the earlier Cycles, and I believe he's only voted on villagers so far(not uncommon, but I still count it as a small point against him), plus he's been pretty quiet last Cycle and so far in this one. I understand he's busy, but it is a little worrisome. He's probably my second highest suspect, after Ecth. Brightness - From what I remember of her posts, the only player she's voted on whose alignment is known is cloudjumper, who was village. Other than that, she was a little suspicious of BB but didn't vote on him. Considering the circumstances, that's not as suspicious as I'd normally think, because she was pretty busy C1, but she hasn't really done anything that seemed really villager-y to me, so I am a little suspicious of her. I lean towards believing that her and Ecth are roleless, since it would be somewhat risky to lie about that with Ecth in as much danger as he is, but I don't know if that really affects my read on her much. Between her and Steph, I do think I'm more suspicious of her, but it's been decidedly more difficult than usual to get a clear read on either of them so far. I'm not as suspicious of her as I am of Ecth or Hero, but I wouldn't be against lynching her if it came down to her and most other players. Sorry sis. >> Ecthelion - I think randuir has covered most of the points against Ecth, and I don't have the brain power to repeat them. Needless to say, I'm suspicious of him as well. Yitzi - Yeah, about the next Cycle reveal stuff, I don't really like it, but it actually seems like more of a village thing to do at this point. Unless the Dancer is an elim, the elims shouldn't be able to pull a hammer until 2 Cycles from now, so I don't feel like he'd lie about evidence(and randuir supposedly knows what the info is as well, so he'd be implicating himself as well if it were a lie, and I don't feel like they'd do that as elims at this point). So, moving my vote from Yitzi to Ecthelion. And now Unodus voted on Ecth as well. Hm. I don't know the exact total, but I feel like there's a fairly large vote differential between Ecth and the next lynch targets. I feel like there's probably some bussing going on(either that or Ecth is actually innocent, which I have a hard time believing). Well, if I've got time before I leave for church tonight, I'll look over each voter and reconsider everything. For now, I'm going to get some much needed sleep(ended up getting less than 2 hours last night :/).
  11. Yeah, it's a QF, and no one has really done anything to prove themselves, considering we've only lynched villagers and the Knights have only killed villagers. All of the lynches have had shaky reasoning. Why are you so focused on me? I answered your accusations from last Cycle as best as I could, and put forward my honest opinions on who I thought was village and who I thought might be elims. I can understand being suspicious of me for voting on Mage, I consider votes on villagers as fair reasons to be suspicious of someone, but I find it suspicious that you said you were convinced one of me or rand was evil, but then voted alongside me to save yourself without really pushing hard for mine or rand's lynch, and now have gone back to saying that I'm "probably" evil. Anyways, I don't want to just focus on you, since I've been wrong about you before(quite recently >>), and we really need to kill an elim this Cycle. You mentioned other suspicions, mind sharing those? At the moment, I'm leaning village for randuir and El still, and Unodus to some extent, although given he hasn't really participated in lynches much, I'm less confident in my read now. As promised, here's some analysis: Yitzi - First thing of note is that he responds to BB's declaration of being a Hushlander, basically asking for clarification from BB, but not in an accusatory way. He puts forward the idea of using a multi lynch. He eventually votes on BB, to 'close off the possibility of Hushlanders manipulating the vote off of BB.' It seems like he didn't really suspect BB initially for his odd claim to begin the game, but closer to the end of the Cycle, it seemed like he did think it was suspicious, so that is a little odd to me. I feel like it's pretty safe to assume he's not a Librarian, because of the way he acted when asking about the role. If he was a Librarian, he probably wouldn't have acted ignorant of the way the role is used, since if he got scanned, that would look suspicious. So far he's voted on BB, Cluny, and cloudjumper, all of whom have turned out to be village. He didn't post at all last Cycle, which is pretty disappointing, and now he's posted this Cycle, but without mentioning his lack of posting last Cycle or as El mentioned, why he voted then retracted on Ecth like he did. Overall, I've got a slight elim read on him, mostly from the voting on villagers and lack of posting last Cycle. One thing I do think is in his favor is that he's likely not a Librarian, but I don't know how much of an alignment indicator that is. Ornstein - Has posted 3 one-liners. :/ He actually hasn't been online for around 30 hours or so. I don't really have an opinion on him, but I'm not sure we need to worry about him if he is an elim, considering his inactivity. Of course, he could participate in an elim hammer if he comes back, so I wouldn't mind asking the Knights to kill him, but I don't think he's a priority at this point. Unodus - My reasoning for trusting Unodus is mostly because of my PM with him. He started the PM with his proposal, which surprised me a little, and made me a little wary that he was trying to get on my good side or something, but after talking with him for a while, he mentioned that he didn't even realize the marrying mechanic actually had a use, which isn't something I'd expect an elim to not know about, and I felt like he was being genuine about not knowing that. He hasn't voted so far I don't think, which I guess could be counted against him, but I kind of feel like an elim would try to vote at least once at this point, if only to avoid the suspicion that usually comes from not participating in lynches. Also, I'm kind of biased since we're married and his RP is great. Jedal - Has only posted twice, and neither have really said anything alignment indicative, IMO. Basically, just look at randuir's analysis last Cycle. >> I really have no idea, since I've seen new players go completely inactive from either side. I guess I wouldn't mind the Knights killing him, but I don't feel like we should use the lynch on him, considering it won't give us any information to go off of for next Cycle. Similar to Ornstein, he hasn't been online in a while, so he's not a priority. And that's all I've got time for tonight. I decided to analyse the more active players tomorrow(Brightness, Hero, Drought, Ecthelion), since I really need to get some sleep(looks like I'll only get like, 3 hours at this point, but I've only got myself to blame ). I should be around much earlier tomorrow than usual to get that analysis done, since I get up at a normal time on Sundays. Although I do have church, so I won't be around much near rollover. Plus rollover for LG33 is tomorrow as well. Edit: Oh, meant to vote on Yitzi. That may change tomorrow though.
  12. Sigh. Of course he was village. :/ Sigh. I'm busy, atm, but I will try my best to get the promised analysis up before I go to sleep tonight. Just in case I don't though, we should really try to get more discussion going before the last hour of the Cycle. >> So even if I don't get all of my analysis done, I'll try to put a vote down at least, to help with that.
  13. You could vote on Mage to prevent a multi lynch. Or you could cause a multi lynch. Sadly, I think the smarter move would be to prevent one, but it's up to you. Well, ninja'd. I guess it doesn't matter at this point.
  14. Pretty sure that's not where my vote ended though. I'll poke vote fairly often on C1, but if I'm serious about lynching on D1, I have no reservations about bandwagoning(only for D1/C1 though, after that, I try to put together much better reasoning).