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  1. We really need to get our lynch discussions going a lot earlier in the Cycle. Once again, not very many players have posted or voted. I'd do some analysis, but I'm very tired and have no energy to do so. Aman, I'll try and respond to your post tomorrow. I suppose my suspicions of you have been lessened some from your responses this Cycle.
  2. It was after Sart's clarification. I trust Brightness Radiant because I'm positive I'd be able to figure out if she was evil and all she's done so far feels like she's village. She is my sister after all. Frozen Mint, I had a strong gut read of early on, and also we've talked some in PM's. At this point though, I'm really starting to doubt a lot of my reads. HH, I can usually read pretty well, and I think he's sounded like a villager for the most part, plus he's been pretty open in PM's with me. Jondesu, not sure about, I have a weak village read on, but mostly just from gut. A little bit of reasons from PM's, but not much. Orlok, I thought his posts from D1 were village sounding. Admittedly, I can't read him too well, so I might be wrong. Other than that, I still don't know what to think about Elenion, you, Seonid, Joe, Ornstein, or Randuir. I think I had Randuir on my trust list before, but like I said, I'm doubting my reads and I don't have strong reasons to think he's village. Maybe so. That's not why I suspect you though. I got a bad read from the tone of your posts. You said you were sure I was village just from the elims killing DA, which kind of rubbed me the wrong way, because I get paranoid when someone is really confident about me being village as early as that. Then I felt like you were protecting Joe by drawing attention to Stick over him(while you didn't vote on Stick, the wording of that post makes it seem like you're more suspicious of her than Joe). I never said they couldn't be a Forgotten. Just that they likely didn't kill DA. I do suspect them, though I'm not sure how much. It would be a risk for them to tell me they're attacking Joe if they weren't sure they'd have some way to prove it. So I feel like it's likely that Joe is a Guardian and that they are an Assassin. They could be teammates though, which is why they were fine with attacking Joe right now, because they knew he could protect himself. I didn't have anyone watch them though. I haven't coordinated things nearly that good. Like I said to begin the game, I don't have as much time because I'm still alive in LG32 and I'm getting ready for LG33. I know it's only a game, but when I do invest a good amount of my time in something and nothing good comes out of it, I get frustrated. Plus last Cycle a lot of players were inactive. That, and I'm always grumpy when I wake up. Since I feel like it's almost impossible for the Forgotten to not know at this point, and because I don't want us to waste any more time on me, I'll just reveal that I'm a Non-Rithmatist. I was scanned with a Line of Making by 3 separate players, 2 of which were Artists.
  3. Yeah, she did tell me she was Soothing Mage beforehand. Hmm, I wonder if that means she's in contact with a village Soother and is somehow controlling them to let her act like she still has her power when she's actually Spiked! I'm kidding of course. I think it's safe to say she's not Spiked.
  4. No evidence, but the claim seemed like an honest one all things considered. It would be very strange to claim Assassin and that you could kill right then unless you were being honest. Uhh, I mentioned that I thought Stick was a villager because you said it looked like I "knew what the results of Stick's lynch would be." It was kind of strangely placed though. >> Anyways, my point was that I had said all along that I thought Stick was a villager, so me making assumptions based off of that doesn't seem strange to me. I think there was some good reason to lynching Ecth(he was acting similarly to how he has acted as an eliminator in the past), and no good reasons to think he was a villager. Whereas in Stick's case, I can usually read her pretty well and had stuck up for her a lot even before she was getting lynched, so I didn't just all of a sudden say "this lynch feels wrong and I think they're a villager." Which is what you did. Yes, a player did tell me they were protecting you C2. You and Joe don't absolutely have to be Forgotten. I just think you both are by process of elimination and not seeing anything from either of you that makes me think you're village. You've both been consistently wrong with your suspicions and I don't know what either of you have done with your actions. You don't think Joe protecting himself when multiple players are suspicious of him is suspicious? Like he just said, he's not worried about being attacked by the Forgotten now that he's revealed his role because the village(me?) announced we're trying to kill him. Before I announced that, multiple other people had stated suspicion of Joe, so wouldn't he have come to the same conclusion about not being attacked before? That's somewhat true. But usually one of us is an eliminator. >> I don't know why I didn't PM you. I've been busier than usual lately, trying to get ready for LG33 and I'm still playing LG32, but I have PM'd a lot of other players. I almost always had a specific reason for PM'ing them, and I just didn't really have a reason to PM you. I doubt anyone can verify that. The only thing that would verify that is if you believed the word of the Assassin. Though, I had forgotten, they told me they scanned me with a Line of Making C1 and proved it by telling me my action. So unless they're a Forgotten and one of their teammates did that instead of them, they couldn't have killed DA. Of course, in that case, it'd be obvious that I'm not a Forgotten as well. I would like to say that I am frustrated with not finding a Forgotten yet, and when I made my last post, I had just woken up to bad news(Ecth was village and no attack on Joe, plus another villager died to the Forgotten kill). So I was in a bad mood. I'll go ahead and change my vote to Joe, since I think I'm more suspicious of him than you. Aman. Ninja'd by Ornstein. No idea about him. He's active enough not to die from the inactivity filter, but he hasn't done much.
  5. Well that is very disappointing. I asked an Assassin to attack Joe, since I'd moved my vote, but apparently that didn't work out for some reason. I'm not sure why yet. Aman, the Assassin in contact with me claims to have started as such I think, and they claimed they didn't kill anyone yet. So unless we started out with 2 Assassins(very unlikely), DA was the Forgotten kill. I'd said multiple times that I thought Stick was a villager. It looks like you already knew the results of this lynch. I don't see any good reason to believe that the Ecthelion lynch was 'orchestrated' by the Forgotten(besides the fact I know I'm village, the other voters had good reason to lynch Ecth and it's not like you can say a Forgotten was up for the lynch before that, since no one was really up for the lynch before that), so I think you were just looking for a way to change your opinion of me without seeming too suspicious. And because you've now changed your opinion of me completely, you gave yourself an explanation for why you've survived this long. Because of all of this, I want to lynch either Joe or Aman. I feel pretty confident that they're both Forgotten at this point.
  6. I was more complaining about the lack of posts, and you'd posted a total of 2 times during the entire game, with both of those posts being just a few sentences(and the first one only saying you were busy). You can't say you've "been voting" either, when you've voted once and it's the 3rd Cycle. If I was a Forgotten, your activity would make you one of the lowest threats, so that last part is hardly the case with my vote, which you're implying. I knew you'd be around for the last bit of the Cycle, so I did consider leaving my vote on you, but I wanted to bring attention to Ecth since I felt he was lurking quite a bit, and he's done that in other games as an elim(LG30 and QF22 come to mind). I also feel like I'm tunneling on you to some extent. >> To clarify, I don't think Len and Ecth are Forgotten teammates. It's possible they're both villagers. How would the Forgotten defend Ecth? He hasn't really said anything. Only way I see anyone defending Ecth is by saying they have a stronger suspicion against someone else. But that could still look suspicious, since no one has brought up anything concrete this Cycle. 1. That's a fair point. I can assure you that I had only the best intentions behind mentioning the risk of using Vigor though, for the reason I mentioned in my last post. Yay! Another village read on me.
  7. mafia championship

    Congrats Aman! This'll be fun to watch. And I'll let you borrow Survival. May death surround you, but never claim you.
  8. Sorry I haven't posted until now everyone. I know I said I was gonna try and do some player by player analysis, but I've just been too busy. :/ I still would like to get that done sometime, but I'm not sure if I can do it this Cycle. @Elenion, in response to your post. I'll just respond to the things you mention as elim-y, if that's fine with you. 1. I don't feel like I understated the danger of Lines of Vigor. I was telling Orlok that his numbers might be optimistic actually, considering not everyone is a Rithmatist. I also mentioned the danger the Forgotten face by using Lines of Vigor specifically so that the Forgotten would realize that. I'd rather they not take the risk honestly, since I really don't want to deal with the headache that is conversions. >> 2. I'm not sure why you see it as backtracking. Joe specifically asked me why I hadn't removed my vote from Seonid, and mentioned it 2 or 3 times, so I think you can understand why I felt the need to explain my actions. I still stand by that vote, since it was better than doing nothing. So how is that backtracking? 3. My changing my mind about you is a fair point. I have yet to decide whether I'm suspicious of you or not. :/ And the point that I voted on a villager is just as fair to use against me as it is for me to use against Silverblade. I don't argue that point either. 4. I tend to react strongly to accusations against me, especially when they're from someone I suspect. So, we're just over halfway through with this Cycle, and we've got 12 posts now. With what, 2 votes? That's not gonna work. I feel partially to blame, since I've been using PM's more than posting. But seriously, we need more posts. At this point, from what I've gathered in PM's and my reads from the thread, here are the people I trust: Brightness Radiant, HH, Frozen Mint, Paranoid King, Orlok. Sort of Randuir and Jondesu. People I distrust: Joe, Elenion, Aman, Ecthelion, Seonid. Neutral: Ornstein. Joe has stuff to deal with in RL, so I'd feel bad lynching him while he's away. I'm gonna move my vote to Ecthelion for now, since he's barely said anything, except to vote on Len for not bandwagoning, which I don't really agree with. @Ecthelion III, care to contribute more than 2 sentences? You were very quiet in the thread in LG30, so I'm not going to ignore the fact that you don't seem very invested in catching the Forgotten. Also, as a side note, I think one of Seonid or Elenion is evil, but I'm not sure which. Similarly, I doubt Ecthelion and Elenion are teammates, considering Ecth is voting on him.
  9. Well I am active. Which always makes someone a viable kill target. But yeah, I'm not a good target. I have a feeling there's more blood involved than normal, so I'll pass, thanks. >>
  10. That was the point. Also Mark wanted me to prove my role, so I told him exactly what I was sending, and at the time, I was really sleepy and didn't want to think of anything complicated. XD Like Wilson said, Tin isn't a good power for a convert, so unless you want to waste a kill on me, I should be okay. And this way you won't want to convert me either. It's really a win-win, and if I die, it's still a win, since LG33 is about to start. So it's actually a win-win-win. I'd rather survive though, surviving is nice and I've been dying a lot recently.
  11. I feel like if HH was a Forgotten, he wouldn't so blatantly point out how he was right about the dead villagers. Sure, sometimes eliminators say they think someone is a villager to gain credibility, but this doesn't feel like that. There's no subtlety to it. That's my read of the situation at least. Only thing I wanted to comment on was your wording about Stick being "confirmed" village and not "revealed" village. You suspected her, and voted to kill her, so the wording seems strange to me. Maybe you already knew her alignment, hm? I get a post all about me? I'm looking forward to it! XD @Sart, in the write-up, you say Silverblade was killed and eaten by Chalklings. Is this how every Forgotten kill is going to show up as, meaning DA wasn't killed by the Forgotten? Or was it just flavor text? Still want to lynch Joe. Just so you all won't worry about me not talking about other players though, I intend to do some player by player analysis later tonight.
  12. The Forgotten could use Lines of Vigor on some of those using Lines of Warding though, and it's possible there could be 4 Forgotten. There's no way for them to know whose making the Lines of Warding or how many there are, so I feel like it's unlikely they'll do anything too dangerous this early. Just saying, only 3 Lines of Warding would be very worrisome. >> Also, in case I die, I'm suspicious of Joe and Aman right now. Aman said he's a little suspicious of Joe, but then chose to vote and focus on Stick(and now everyone's piled on to Stick). I feel like he's trying to draw attention away from Joe. Of course, if Stick is a Forgotten, that'll change my opinion quite a bit.
  13. Yeah, that is for me though! I feel like this means the Steel Spike didn't take, which is excellent. Since the beginning. I only ever sent 2 messages, the one about "this is not a secret message" and then the one where the capitalizations spell "TEST." And I suppose I'll put my vote on Rae once again. Discussion is really low though, so, I feel like we need some idea's to help things along. Anyone got anything? We could all reveal our roles or something. I just did after all. I have a good amount of information, so I could just dump it all. People might get mad at me if I did that though... >>
  14. Orlok, my post clearly explains that 5 Lines of Warding is the lowest amount I'd ever want to be up. I was trying to make it clear that we needed to make sure we had a consistent way to put up sufficient Lines of Warding, meaning 5 Lines or higher(and in my post I said it would be better if we could make more, but because of not being able to make the same Line twice in a row, I wasn't sure how good we could manage that). So by no means was I advocating that we figure out how to make 5 Lines of Warding and only 5 each Cycle. Honestly, my idea about the pairings wasn't thought out completely. You have a point that if we did do that, the Forgotten might be able to better time their Lines of Vigor. Mostly I was still arguing the pairs plan after Len put his coin plan forward because I thought it might be a good idea to have 2 plans around so players could think through them for themselves and decide which one they thought was better, which could give us some insight for how they were thinking. Besides that, I was also hoping my plan might make the Forgotten take actions that might incriminate them if we caught them using Lines of Making.
  15. You asking whether I killed DA and reminding everyone that I knew his role kind of seems like casting suspicion on me. I don't think it's all that suspicious by itself, but considering I already had a bad read on you, it's not helping your case. What exactly is the point of revealing that? If someone targeted me with a Line of Making, all they'd have to do is say "Lopen did not make the kill" and that'd be enough, wouldn't it? Unless you think I'd ask a teammate to do that, but that wouldn't be a very good idea... If it helps any, I've told Brightness Radiant what I did last Cycle, so she can confirm that I told her that if you want. I'd really rather not say in the thread, and I don't trust you, so I don't want to tell you in a PM either. I don't want you to waste your time focusing on me though, so if you insist on knowing what I did last Cycle, PM me and I'll tell you. Thanks for explaining. That sounds exhausting... >.< I'm pretty sure there'd be more than one eliminator, since it'd be almost impossible for any conversions to happen if they only have 1 player. I think almost everyone has agreed that 3 or 4 are the most likely. I'm guessing 3, but it's not a bad idea to assume the worst with things like this. I'm voting on Joe. I was not able to go through the thread like I wanted to, so this is just based on my gut read of him so far, with him not voting initially, then voting straw once I accused him of defending him, then sorta casting suspicion on me this Cycle because of DA's death(plus he says he thinks I'm a villager, and that tends to make me more paranoid of players, especially when they don't give much reasoning), and now he's voting Stick because someone accused him of defending her. All things considered, I'm not totally convinced Joe is evil, I know I sometimes tunnel pretty hard, but I'm going with my gut on this one. As for Stick, I am less sure of her village-ness after this Cycle, because I don't like some of the things she said, but I still feel like she's more likely village. She's always been pretty open with her opinions, so her saying things like "obviously" and such don't make me as suspicious as it might with other players. Don't forget to send in your Actions!!! (Inactivity deaths are the worst...)