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  1. You push shift + enter. Okay, finally did some reviewing. I got the impression that Flash is village, mostly from his comment to Yitzi about where he heard that elims were scared of Aman. So that's one read change. I got a much stronger village read of Rand from the readthrough as well. I think I'm back to leaning village on Straw too, because Yitzi voted on Rand D1. My reasoning here is that he wasn't afraid to implicate himself by voting on the village bandwagon instead of the eliminator bandwagon. I'm conflicted about Stick, since I do think some of the things she's said seem village, but I still have my reservations, especially considering her vote at the end of D1. Village read on cloudjumper for one of his posts. A little suspicious of Striker for at one point saying he was "very suspicious" of Straw, but he never voted. Players that I'd probably lynch: Elenion, Asterion, Stick, PK, Striker, Drake. Maybe Rae. Not sure about that though. Edit: @Amanuensis, you could just tell me in a PM?
  2. RIP, thanks for playing. Didn't do any reviewing, but here's my feelings for each player for now: Village: Aman - Village obvs, apparently dying Lopen - Village obvs Brightness - Village, based off of votes on Yitzi, and tone. Seonid - Village, based off of vote on Yitzi. Straw - I'm kind of flip flopping, but I'll put him in my village reads for now. Arinian - Strong village gut read. Randuir - Considering the push to lynch Rand D1, and again D2, I feel like Rand is probably village. I still have my doubts, tbh, but there's much better leads to follow for now. Crimsn - Did participate in the last minute vote switch to Jondesu, but she's seemed villager-y to me, so I don't really hold it against her. Dalinar - I remember getting a village vibe from his posts. It's not a strong read, so I'd have to review his posts before I'd defend him from a lynch or something. Infiltrator: Flash - not much of a read, but I am still leaning elim. Asterion - I really should look over his posts again, and probably will once I get to analyzing. For now though, he's still in the elim column. Stick - Bad read early, and she voted Jon over Yitzi D1. Neutrals: Stink Wilson Orlok Joe The Unknown: Cloudjumper - No idea. Shqueeves - No idea. Said he'd be inactive until...about 4 days from now I think. PK - Leaning slightly elim, but I really don't know why, so I'm keeping him here. Striker - Aman seems to suspect him, but I didn't pay enough attention to really form an opinion. Elenion - No idea. Araris - Of course, no idea. Ecthelion - No idea. Drake - Hmm, I think I read one of his posts as village-ish, so I guess I'm leaning slightly village. Can't recall which post that was though. Rae - Kind of leaning village, but it's a really weak read. Elbereth - No idea. And that's it. Some of these may change once I do a readthrough or specific player analysis'(whichever I feel like doing ). I'll probably focus on Flash, Asterion, and Stick first, and then move on to the players I have no read on. I know there's a lot, but I honestly don't remember much of those players.
  3. It's not like he was in danger of being lynched in those last few minutes, so yeah, I don't see it as defending him. Rather, I'd think that she'd have kept her vote on Yitzi instead of changing it to a villager at the end. Stick and crimsn, eh, not sure about either of them honestly. I was a little suspicious of Stick early on, but haven't really noticed anything off afterwards. Crimsn is reading more village than elim, I think. But yeah, I really should check back through things before I give final verdicts.
  4. Yeah, I figure me, Seonid, and Brightness are all pretty cleared at this point for our votes on Yitzi close to the end of D1. Bussing is a thing of course, but they really don't seem like bus votes to me. Maybe Seonid, but I really don't think so. Anyways, besides those, I'll put up my reads later. I'd like to do some review now that we know Yitzi's alignment.
  5. Okay, so we're lynching Yitzi instead then. Works for me. Asterion. I'll try to do some serious analysis during the Night Turn.
  6. Not much point in defending myself now. Good luck people. If there's another village UIB Agent, and 2 or more of your scans are still alive, I'd suggest claiming at the end of this Night Turn. That'd probably narrow things down a lot more.
  7. Well I figured there was an actual reason, but I thought I'd ask rather than try to think through it. Um. They made a deal with the eliminators, to waste our Day? Rand is an eliminator, and because they know we won't want them to control the lynch, we'll save him, incriminating ourselves and making us think they made a deal with the eliminators to kill Rand? They want to kill Rand because he tried to lynch Joe? Honestly, I'm not sure if any of those are very likely. Okay, ninja'd. I did think of that, as proven above, but it seemed too obvious... XD
  8. Hmm. Well, whenever you get the chance, I'm curious to hear what you have to say. I'll go ahead and remove my vote I suppose. Ecthelion I have yet to go over the others posts, but I might as well hit another on the list. @Seonid, any opinions? Anyone you would like to lynch? Do you have any players you trust?
  9. You're right. I already did it for this game though, so after this game, even if I admit to being village, I might not be. I was waiting for a better moment to vote, because I didn't want my vote to be useless, but I didn't want to vote Straw or Rand, because I'm townreading them. And I think I'd have gotten plenty of blame if Yitzi turned out village from the way I tried to get him lynched. As for this Day's lynch, I hate to be a sheep(and basically repeat exactly what Arinian is accusing me of), but I'd agree to a Yitzi or Asterion lynch. Maybe a Striker one, but I don't have any kind of read on him, whereas I've got a bad gut read on Yitzi and Asterion. So I'd have to go over Strikers posts some if people decided that they wanted to lynch him. Why are the Neutrals voting Rand? Orlok? Joe? Do you guys really need to lynch him or something? I mean, not really trying to tell you that you can't vote him, but the village kinda needs the lynch to move forward and stuff. Rand isn't a terrible information lynch, but I'd prefer it if villagers actually had more of a part in it. Well, Asterion has got 2 votes at this point. I suppose I'll add mine as well. I guess at this point, I could claim to be doing it out of self preservation. Flash Asterion
  10. Okay, well, like I said in the LG thread, I am starting to feel a little better, so I should be able to contribute more(hopefully ). It looks like the possibilities have been covered pretty well for how the elims got Elenion. I'm leaning towards them having a UIB Agent I think, since what Len said last Cycle wasn't much of a giveaway. It is possible they targeted him for that, but it's thin. Anyways, at this point, I'm pretty trusting of Brightness and Asterion, from tone reads and because of their part in lynching Drake, since they were the foundation of that lynch, IMO. After that, I'm still leaning village for Yitzi, and Striker's claim of guarding against Len last Night reads village to me, so a village lean on him as well(although if the elims knew he was a PC operator, then he may have been protecting himself, but unless I see a reason to suspect that was the case, I'm sticking with a village lean). That leaves: Jondesu, Flash, Cluny, Seonid, and Ecthelion. Whenever I get around to doing some analysis, these will be my focus. I don't think they've really posted very much, so it'll be tough to get anything solid. I was somewhat suspicious of Cluny early on, but his part in the Drake lynch is making me reconsider. I believe he was the 3rd vote, and in my experience, bus votes tend to be a little later than that(I realize mine was a later vote, but oh well ). It's still possible it was a bus, but I'd like to hear more from him before I'd consider voting on him. I'll go ahead and put my vote on Ecthelion for now, since I can't remember him contributing much. @Ecthelion III, what are your thoughts on the game so far? Specifically, any opinion on Jon, Flash, Cluny, and Seonid?
  11. Seriously? Hmmm. Well I don't see it, especially for Flash, but I guess it wouldn't hurt to prod some other players at this point. Another vote on Rand. Urgh. >>
  12. Yay! Okay, I'll actually respond. I think I posted 2 or 3 times during the Night, which, any other game, would be considered a regular amount. It's just that there's so many posts in between, which makes it look like I'm not posting very often. Granted, I probably would have posted more had I not been sick, but I didn't feel the need to say much during the Night, because Nights don't need as much discussion as the Day. I'm also in the QF, which takes up some of my SE time. As for analysis, I don't have it in me to do that right now. I am starting to feel better, so I think I'll be back to my regular self by at least the end of this next Night. Before that, I'll probably just respond to things that relate directly to me, and if something sticks out that I think should be mentioned. I don't know how I feel about you voting on me, tbh. Like, you said it has nothing to do with me voting on you, but it kinda feels like it does. I think I've contributed more actual game discussion than a good amount of players, and I mentioned not having the focus to do analysis, so it's weird how you picked me. /shrug
  13. Have fun with that. Or, ya'know, I could save you the trouble by just admitting I'm village.
  14. I feel like we should stop focusing on Rand and Aman. Unless we get better evidence against them, I feel like we're likely gonna end up shooting ourselves in the foot by focusing the lynch discussion on them. Especially since I'm leaning towards both of them being village. That's my opinion on the whole "Rand and Aman" stuff at least. I'll get a response to Flash up soon I hope.
  15. Wow, okay. Tell us who they are or we'll kill you! ...I'm kidding of course. Thanks for the explanation though. I was gonna be scratching my head on that one for a while. XD Anyways, I don't recall if I mentioned it here(I said something about it in the QF), but I'm still sick, so I'm in no state to do analysis or anything, so don't expect much from me until my head clears up a little. And then I'll probably want to read back through things a bit... >> One thing I do remember out of the 500 posts is that I was suspicious of The Flash for some things he's said. Don't remember what it was specifically, so, until I look over all of his posts, I'll just put it down as a tone read, because that was part of it. Something just seemed off with him.