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  1. Nice work Jindo. I'm glad they didn't protect me, haha. (making sure not to sound too excited here ) But seriously, I felt like we needed something to go right, and a blocked attack gives us a little more time to catch the remaining Jeskeri and the Gyorn/Odiv. My suspects list is pretty small at this point, and Joe is on it, so I'd support a Joe lynch as things stand right now(I think he is sick though, which sucks. Get well soon Joe!). I think going over my villagers list and reconsidering a few of them would also be a good idea. I feel like it's a good idea to just reset things back to normal sometimes to keep an unbiased opinion. Anyways, I didn't get much sleep last night and had a long day today, so this will likely be my last post for the night. As a heads up, I've got family over, so my activity will probably be erratic over the next 2 days.
  2. I do kinda feel like I was overly suspicious of Drake, looking back at my analysis and now at Drakes response, so I'm moving my read from suspicious to maybe village, actually.
  3. Oh. Very obvious, yeah. >>
  4. I kinda thought this might be the case, what with your whole "I could do my plan" thing back on N1 and Aman was saying it might help him. But then for some reason when you said you didn't do your plan, I totally believed you. xD Why do you think the elims wouldn't start with the passphrase? It doesn't seem too powerful or anything, so I'm not sure I follow.
  5. Analysis part 2: Drake Who else was I going to review...? I guess only Imperial Mint and HH. I think I'll just leave them for tomorrow, since I'm pretty tired. I'm a little worried about being killed because of how active I am, so any Jindo Warriors out there, please consider protecting me! I know a few players may still suspect me, so it might seem like a weird time to kill me, but if the Cultists think I'm even getting close to being trusted by the village, they'd probably want to take me out now while I'm not as likely to be protected. Mostly I just want to suggest it for the IKYK involved.
  6. Uh, I didn't use my Princely powers this Cycle, so this is kinda weird. (Also, they could be Princesses. )
  7. Who did it then? I'd like to point out that Arinian claimed to have Poisoned himself, and he had a role and no other items when he died. So the theory is alive and well. About the lynch, well, I guess I don't have a problem with it except for the fact that we lynched someone who couldn't post in the thread which hampers discussion a bit. I didn't have a solid read on Arinian either way, so it kinda helps narrow things down for me at least. Other than that, I'm not sure what else there is to learn as I've only quickly skimmed through it. This is the first chance I've had to get on all day, so I'll try to go over things a little closer in a while.
  8. We need some votes people! I know I haven't voted yet, but that's partly because my biggest suspicion was just killed and turned out to be village, so I wanted to go back over things. I guess I can do some of that now. My village reads include: Wilson, Dalinar, Walin, Seonid(not sure about Joe, so am a little skeptical about his claim of scanning Seonid, but I did like Seonid's willingness to be a participant in the D1 lynch), and Elenion. I still have slight village reads on King Cole, Mraize, Pyro, and Kidpen. Everyone else is basically neutral, so those are the players I will look over now, starting from the top of the player list and going down. 1. Joe 2. Steeldancer 3. Straw I'm gonna take a break now. Here's who's left: Devotary(already reviewed actually, so keeping him as Neutral: need more stuff to analyze), Drake, Stink, and I guess I'll add Arinian and HH as well, since they weren't Elantrians to begin with. I'll place my vote on Straw, but please don't everyone bandwagon on him. That's happened to him enough, and we really do NOT need a bandwagon lynch this Cycle. We need multiple, viable lynch targets on players we can't figure out to give us the best odds of hitting an eliminator.
  9. Cool, thanks. Hopefully I can help lynch an eliminator this Cycle and clear my name(at least mostly). Yeah, I've mostly been ignoring them, since I have no idea how to try and figure out their alignments. I did mention I thought HH's vote switch to Rand seemed kinda shady, so he'd be my first guess, but that's not exactly in line with your point that one of the starting Elantrians might be Jeskeri. Between those 3, I've no idea. I PM'd Drought on N1 and he said he hadn't even read the thread, which was a little strange I thought. But that's all I've got. Yeah, I moved King Cole's vote, so it wasn't me. I disagree with this logic. You leave out the possibility that we're both villagers with this line of reasoning, because 2 villagers don't know the other is in their faction, so they're not going to 'collude' as you put it. Not too suspicious of you for this, but wanted to point that out.
  10. Haha, okay. I'd make sure it was obvious I was joking about something like that though, considering I'm in a bit of hot water at the moment. >> Pyro actually mentioned it first, but yeah, I think there's a fair chance of it being true. Speaking of which, Wilson said that the player Aman scanned had a Seon, so maybe she could ask that player about whether they've got a role? It's not conclusive, especially since the elim could just lie at this point. But if we forced them to lie, it'll make it a little easier to catch them I think. Wilson, what do you think? It might just be a wild goose chase, but I think there's a chance it'll turn out to be useful. Regardless, we should probably try to focus on the lynch now, and discuss role distribution and such during the Night.
  11. Well, so far I've seen nothing to persuade me away from the theory that everyone with a role started with 1 item and everyone who is vanilla started with 2. I'm a Prince, so my Seon is my only frienditem. Someone could have passed me a Pendant, but why would I lie about something like this? I don't see the point. Hm. Actually, I just noticed Araris only had a Korathi Pendant when he died, and he was vanilla. He did mention he would probably Poison Aman if he was an eliminator I believe, so it's possible he started with a Poison vial and the theory is still valid.
  12. Well, I posted a couple times last Night Turn accusing Eternum of being Jeskeri, so I'm guessing someone agreed with me and killed him. It might be completely unrelated, but I kinda doubt it. I guess there's not much harm in them claiming if they want to. I certainly wouldn't count Eternum's death against them, since if I had a Jeskeri Pendant, I very likely would have used it on Eternum. I think I need to do some serious reviewing of everyone at this point. I'll try to get some of that done tonight, and hopefully place a vote.
  13. Dangit. At least I won't be focused on Eternum now... I'm guessing someone used a Jeskeri Pendant on him, but Hero forgot to say a Pendant was used?
  14. Similar reasons to Kidpen. Something I remember specifically about you though is your post at the beginning of Day 2 when you said you'd PM Aman to see who he'd targeted with his Jeskeri Pendant. I felt like if you were a Cultist you would've been paying better attention to the end of Night 1 and would have seen that he'd targeted Araris(or one of your teammates would have posted in the doc about it and you'd have seen it there) , so you wouldn't have posted as if you had no idea. That's one specific instance that I thought made you seem village, but most of your other posts seem fairly genuine. I've been going back and forth with you and Kidpen because a couple of your posts have rubbed me the wrong way, but I think most if not all of that stuff could be chalked up to play style. I've never played with either of you, so it's harder to get reads from the small details. That's fair.
  15. Still, you say you'll talk more about Araris after the Day is over, but then all you say is that it was gut. If it was simply gut, why not just say that to begin with? That's why it feels like an elim/elim interaction to me. This also feels like hedging to me, because you know I'll flip village if I'm lynched/killed. Villagers do this all the time though, so I don't know if I should really count it against you. It doesn't change my mind though. Anyone else want to chime in on this?