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  1. @Lemonelon, yeah, at the time when I posted about not being able to vote, I hadn't yet received my moment of clarity. Apparently I was supposed to have gotten it the Cycle before, but they forgot to tell me about it, so they gave it to me in the middle of that Cycle. Anyways, I don't see what could have triggered it, so I'm guessing it's just random.
  2. We already had a Cycle where no one died. So I'm not sure what the point of not lynching is, but I also don't know what the point of lynching is either, so feel free to ignore me. Interesting bits: I had a moment of clarity 2 Cycles ago, and can now vote. I cannot do anything extra though. Also, Mark is the Magistrate, but he said he could only detain someone within 3 Cycles of getting his power. It's been way over that, so he can't use his ability anymore.
  3. I'm being framed! Yep, she just did. I suppose she did since I brought attention to it. Wow, lynch the guy who can't vote to protect himself. Thanks a lot. At this point, I don't mind being lynched. A little worried at this sudden "Lopen is suspicious" stuff, but I might feel the same if the situation was switched.
  4. At this point I'm reaching for anything that might remotely be suspicious, so I got a little paranoid of one of your last posts, but then I looked over it again when I was making my post, and I really didn't think there was anything there, but I just left it in cause why not?
  5. Well we've had a role scanner and a detainer role, so I agree with lemonelon that that implies someone among us is working against the village. I don't have any strong suspects, but back at the start of the game, I pm'd Rebecca and she never responded to me. I guess I'm mildly suspicious of Stick's last couple of posts. But...not really. xD I can't vote, but if I could, I'd vote on one of them I suppose.
  6. Okay, so, that doesn't really tell us anything. Hero, do you have that list of roles handy? Just curious to see how things are looking.
  7. I have a hard time thinking anything is a bad idea at this point. Except maybe not lynching, since it's the 10th Cycle and we still have no idea what the heck is going on. Can you tell us who the other Lover is? I'm curious to hear your reasoning for connecting them.
  8. Yeah. But I bet that someone knows something that everyone else doesn't know, but that someone doesn't want to reveal that something to everyone else because it would hurt that someone. As a member of the "everyone else" group, I'm trying to figure out who that someone is, but since no one is really doing anything, that someone probably isn't going to do anything to give themselves away. So at this point random killings are fine with me. We're not getting anywhere by doing nothing. Does anyone want to vote on me, or anyone else, to make a tie? Me and Alv are trying to kill some lovers since it's unfair for them to be happy when the rest of us are so sad and alone there's nothing better to do.
  9. Sorry about not posting anything last Cycle. I saw that you all had everything under control, and I can't vote, so I didn't really have anything to add. I don't feel like activating the Scapegoat would really do anything, and it might kill 2 players at once, considering Aman is one of the Lovers. But...honestly, I don't have a better option, so I guess I'm not completely opposed to it. Just a note, but Elbereth put a tag up last Cycle that told us to be logical, so I suppose that means there is something we're missing. I don't have any idea what it could be though, so I'm not sure that helps. Maybe the eliminator team is just inactive or something? As long as you never saw a message that said you were dead BR, I'd assume you are alive, yes. xD Edit: I'd be willing to be a part of a tied lynch if someone wants to vote on me.
  10. Well, it's not that bad. There hasn't been much voting anyways. I asked about whether my vote just wasn't counted or whatever, and fRR said that I just wasn't supposed to vote at all, so I haven't. Yeah, I have no idea how to activate anything either. I've been thinking there's a role that can do it, but at this point, it seems like we'd have heard something about a role like that, considering how many people have asked for roleclaims and such in the thread. And the fact that so far only one player seems to have had a "Moment of Clarity." A player claimed to me, yes, because they'd heard I was the Teacher, so they thought I may have given them the "magistrate" role. All they said was that they had a "Moment of Clarity" and got the magistrate role. They told me they'd never had the doll(Alv asked me to ask them if they had at some point, I guess thinking that may have triggered the MoC). They also didn't know how they got the role.
  11. Firstly, where'd you hear the Teacher can only use their action once? I'm guessing it's because you heard about someone having a Moment of Clarity and they can only use their role once, but they said their role was the ability to detain someone once, not Teach. Secondly, I'm the Teacher, and I can't Teach anything. Here is everything I know about my role. 1 - I can't vote until I have a Moment of Clarity. 2 - That's all. There was nothing about using my role in any way. I'm just as vanilla as most everyone else, except I can't vote. I thought someone would notice the fact that I haven't voted at all, since typically I vote every Cycle when I'm playing, but I get the idea that not a lot of players are paying attention, so I figured I'd just reveal myself in thread to try and clear up any misunderstandings about my role.
  12. Roadwalker, Stick, Megasif, and Budgie all publicly claimed to be vanilla I think. I have a couple more vanilla claims through PM's, but I don't think I'll reveal that since it was revealed to me personally. Also, I received a PM from a vanilla villager, who claims to have had a Moment of Clarity this Cycle, and is now a "magistrate." Their power is the ability to detain someone for a cycle so they cannot post in the thread or be lynched. They can only do this once, and it has to be within the next 3 Cycles. They also mentioned that they were "chosen" for that ability, but they didn't know who chose them or anything about how they got the power. They suggest that's what the "Ah-ha!" in the write-up was for, which makes sense to me. About the Teacher role, DA mentioned it's specifics a couple Cycles back. Apparently they can't vote until they have a Moment of Clarity, and that's the extent of their powers, if I'm remembering correctly.
  13. That's not what Wilson told me in our PM. She said the Scapegoat was lynched if there was no lynch or the vote was tied. I just checked it.
  14. I don't remember there being any votes at all though(except those on the doll, which I don't expect were counted as valid votes), which means that Aman should have died, since he claims to have the Scapegoat role. Not sure how Steeldancer was killed, unless maybe vote shenanigans?
  15. This quote from the OP - "It's theoretically set on Threnody, but aside from a bit of flavor it doesn't matter. If you haven't read the story it's not an issue at all! (Just know the setting is old west trappers and such.)" makes me think that Shades don't really have an effect on the game. If it doesn't matter if you've read Shadows for Silence, then the rules in the book probably don't have anything to do with what we're supposed to accomplish. At least it seems that way to me. I'd like to suggest that anyone who has a unique role or item please tell someone else about it in PM's, and then they can relay the relevant information to the thread. Like what DA did to begin this Cycle, I think that if we can gather as much information about roles and such as we can, we're gonna have a better shot at piecing together what it is we need to be doing. I like Hero's theory about our goal being a Cycle where no one dies, since it fits with what fRR said in OP about stopping the killings, but I don't think we're going to manage it unless we get things moving and people start talking.