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  1. Quick Fix Game 22: Ghosts in the Night

    Well, I thought it was more substantial than his previous posts, which is why I liked it. Only major thing I didn't like about it was that he didn't vote on anyone. Just asked a few players some questions. And here's his vote. But I see it as mostly a retaliation vote, and the reasoning seems kind of thrown together to make it seem like it's not just a retaliation vote. Could you go into more detail about what your partner expressed, HH? Fair enough. I've always viewed kills as an unreliable source for suspicion anyways, since it's possible the elims killed someone specifically to mess with suspicions. Okay. So this is a lot later than I'd planned. I took a "nap" and ended up sleeping a lot longer than I thought I would. >.> I've looked over all of Len's and HH's posts, and I do think the evidence weighs heavier against HH. Len did warn about bandwagoning on Bart/Aman on D1, which might have helped save a villager from being lynched. I don't like the way he kept after Bart for his vote on him, but I guess it's understandable given Bart really didn't give much reasoning, and then he kind of seemed to hide behind Aman. I could also see him proposing his role claiming plan as a villager. I already mentioned he's bold enough to have proposed it as an eliminator, but I probably was looking at all of his posts with some bias, since I've had some suspicion of him for a while. And as I mentioned earlier, him and his partners idea about clearing Bart/Aman through lynching Sart sounds like a villagers thought process. HH, as has already been mentioned, stated that Bart and Len were highly unlikely to be elims back on D1. He said he meant it from a purely statistical viewpoint, but he still seemed like he was saying he thought they were both villagers(because why else mention statistics?). He didn't vote on D1, but I don't really see that as alignment indicative. D2, he votes on Sart, because he could be lying about his partnership with El(not sure what would be the point of that though, so don't see how it's suspicious) and also because Sart might have been trying to figure out village pairs like he says the elims would try to do. But he does say he was voting blindly on Sart because he didn't want another no lynch. At the time, I was a little nervous that he was voting with me, since I thought he could be trying to buddy up with a little, since I'd accused him earlier. Then at the very end of the Cycle, he says he thinks Sart is village with no explanation. Which brings us to this Cycle, and I've already commented on his posts this Cycle. Anyways, in conclusion, his post about Bart and Len being probably villagers, plus pretty much all of his posts about Sart seems suspicious. His vote on Len this Cycle also seems like an easy way to vote, since he's just countering Len's vote on him. I'm not certain he's an elim, but I do think there's better evidence against him than there is for Len, and I'm pretty certain that they're not both elims from the way this Cycle has played out. If HH is an elim, I think I'd consider Len and Jon fairly clear. If he's village, well, I'd have to reevaluate things. Vote tally: HH(4): Len, Jon, Stick, Lopen Len(1): HH Drought(1): Arinian @Magestar, @DroughtBringer, are you going to place your votes anywhere? I'm not 100% sold on this lynch, so if you have a better candidate in mind, I'd like to hear your reasoning.
  2. Quick Fix Game 22: Ghosts in the Night

    I had a really busy day, but I am planning on making a more in depth post later tonight, once I've reviewed things. For now though, I am considering moving my vote, but I'd prefer to go back and look at all of yours and HH's posts before I make a decision. I did think your point about HH's post about you and Bart was a good point, but only because I thought it was more likely you'd make that connection(that he defended 2 villagers) if you were village. However, I did consider that if you were an elim, you may have killed Bart/Aman so you could make that argument. Because your accusation of HH is only grounds for suspicion to us if we assume you're village. But, I'm not sure. That logic might be kind of tunnel-y. Which is why I'd like to read back through the game. Thank you for the explanation though. It was a sound idea, and I'm not sure if you'd think of that as an eliminator, so I suppose it makes me lean a little more towards village for you.
  3. Quick Fix Game 22: Ghosts in the Night

    Okay, so, I was wrong about Sart/El. I feel largely to blame for that one. Sorry. :/ I still have a nagging feeling about HH, but I do like how he started this Cycle off. I'm still leaning village for Jondesu. That leaves Magestar, Elenion, Drought, Stick, and Arinian. I don't have much of a read on Mage, since none of his posts have really stood out to me either way. He did say he couldn't say more today, but I'm also curious to hear more from him. Len, I'm increasingly suspicious of, because if we did put scans and vig kills to a vote, depending on the eliminators role distribution, that plan could be more beneficial for the elims than the village. If they have a Shadow or Surgeon, they could block the scan or the kill if we have a public vote. Seems almost too obvious for an elim to propose, but Len is one of the bolder players I've played with, so it wouldn't surprise me. I'd also like to hear from him about his partner's "plan" mentioned last Cycle as the reason why he switched his vote to Sart. Drought has not said much at all. I'm hoping he'll be around a lot more this Cycle, since he said he was busy last Cycle, and the Cycle before that he didn't really say much that was alignment indicative. Stick is another who hasn't done a lot. She did vote last Cycle finally, even if it was pretty late. I'm not sure if I've ever played a game with her where she was an elim, so I'm not really sure what to look for. Her nonchalant attitude kind of makes me lean village I suppose. I don't have much of an opinion on Arinian either. He's been fairly active, which is good, but I don't have any strong feelings about his posts. So, neutral I guess. I really need to go back through the whole game with the new information in mind(Sart/El's innocence as well as Bart/Aman's). I'll put my vote on Len for now. Seems like multiple people have expressed suspicion of him, but he hasn't really got any votes. Only 2 kills and 1 lynch so far, but I do think we should stay aware of numbers. We've got 8 pairs of players left, meaning we're at 6-2 or 5-3. I'm hopeful there's only 2, and the lack of village roles so far makes me lean that way, but it's always best to assume the worst, so again, everyone needs to vote. Aaand ninja'd by Len. Hm. I do think you make a fair point, but you kind of skipped over your role claiming plan, and though you did mention your partners idea, you didn't tell us what it is. Could you please explain?
  4. Quick Fix Game 22: Ghosts in the Night

    Is there a reason to reveal partners right now though? I can understand your points for revealing them I guess, but it seems to me that we could wait until it's more convenient. If a scanner scans someone as an elim, we could ask that everyone claims, since it would definitely be worth it at that point. It is possible that the elim connected with the scanned elim would lie about their Night partner, but that would be a risk, since they'd be claiming a villagers partner, so once we figured out who was lying(either by deduction during the Day or by waiting until Night), that village pair would be cleared. I was actually considering that players reveal their partners in the later Cycles(though if there are 3 pairs of elims, or another kill ability, this game could be over faster than I'm thinking), so we could have a boost in discussion because of the extra stuff to analyze, so I get your point. I'm just of the opinion that the negative of giving the elims the ability to choose their targets outweighs the positive of the info we'd gain at the moment. Your reasons for voting Jondesu aren't what made me vote on you. I've got a village read on Jon, so the fact that you're voting on him at all is what I mentioned as suspicious. Also you're claiming El is your partner, and I'm suspicious of her. What is the point of everyone claiming their roles? It could give some accountability, but I'm not sure I quite get what you're trying to accomplish here. To respond to Arinian, my village read on Manukos is small, but I still thought I'd mention it. My village read on Bart/Aman wasn't about anything Aman did. RP is really hard to analyze... I just lumped them together since I had a small gut read of village on Bart, and I also mentioned that the read was probably influenced by Len voting on him twice, because I'm mildly suspicious of him(Len). Vote tally: Bart/Aman(2): Len, Arinian Jondesu/???(1): Sart Sart/El(2): Lopen, HH No-vote(5): Mage, Drought, Stick, Bart, Jondesu Bart, eh. I don't have a strong enough read that I'd be against his lynch. I'd like to see him vote, since right now it kind of looks like he's laying low. I'm keeping my vote where it is for now though, since I'm still suspicious of Sart/El(even with HH voting alongside me >.>). Mage, Drought, Stick, and Jondesu, please add your vote somewhere as well. We need everyone to be voting. LG30, it seemed like only the same 7 or 8 players were voting every Cycle, which made analyzing things really difficult. This game, we've only got 10 players left who can vote. So please, vote somewhere.
  5. Quick Fix Game 22: Ghosts in the Night

    I think it could become helpful to know everyone's partners, since we could get a better view of each pair, which means we could look at 2 players posts for an alignment instead of just one. I don't know how much good it would do now though, since there hasn't been a lot of time for both sides to post. My reasoning for voting on HH was that he said it was highly unlikely Len or Bart were elims then went on to cast suspicion on Bart. His explanation actually did lessen my suspicion of him a little, I just wasn't around to respond to it. I went to sleep really soon after posting my last post, and while I did see his defense before I went to bed, I was too tired to respond and then I slept until rollover, so I haven't had a chance to respond until now. Anyways, what I found suspicious was that he(in my interpretation) said he thought both Len and Bart were villagers, but went back on that by saying something Bart did was suspicious. His explanation does make some sense though, in that he was saying Len and Bart were unlikely to be eliminators strictly from a percentage viewpoint. I tend to just treat everyone as if they're a possible elim rather than saying "this person is more likely village because there's more villagers than eliminators" because that mindset doesn't really get you anywhere. And to respond to El about how HH not being logical doesn't necessarily make him evil, I understand that, because villagers are illogical all the time, but there's still the fact that his argument(logical or not) was defending both Len and Bart. I've seen eliminators defend both players in an argument like that before, so it was more about suspecting his intent behind his argument than his logic. Also, what makes you say he's more likely village(and please don't say "because statistics" :P)? I don't think Bart would have said what he did because Aman said you were a hindrance to their evil plans. That...would be a really strange thing to do. Eliminators don't usually voice their true intent in the thread. >.> Also, Sart voted on Jondesu. Just saying. To respond to Drake's vote on me last Cycle(RIP), I hadn't realized HH had a vote on him initially(until I did my vote tally), because I didn't know "Harvey" was him, but it did give me more reason to vote on him, because once 2 votes are on a player, it's easier to get opinions on them from others. If my vote was going to be the killing vote, I probably would have removed it though, since I had already stated that a no lynch might be best. And this is a side note, and I know you can't respond since you're dead, but if you've got a question for me, please don't vote on me when you ask it(for future reference, I just really dislike D1 votes on me since I've been accidentally/unluckily lynched because of poke votes like that >.<). The only things I remember being about Drake/Rae were that Rand and Manukos were suspicious of Drake(Manukos by agreement with Rand's analysis), and that Manukos said "Rae is a Ghostblood" but he only said that because of her member title. Manukos' post was only a few hours before rollover, so I feel like he wouldn't have said that if he was an eliminator and knew they were killing her. Maybe they hadn't decided yet or something, but I'm leaning village on him for now. Not sure about Rand. His reasons for suspecting Drake were pretty good I think, so even though he was wrong, I'm not sure it means all that much. But you probably shouldn't listen to me when it comes to him. He fooled me pretty good last game... And to respond to Orlok's question of "was your question about the elims having a kill or not you feigning ignorance?" Obviously it wasn't worded quite that way, but it was implied. Anyways, I felt the question was relevant to the discussion and I had yet to ask it in my PM. A lot of times I'll ask rules questions in my PM rather than the thread, because I don't want to give the elims any idea's for strategy or it's specifically for my role, but since this question didn't have any sort of implication like that, I thought it would be best to ask it in the thread, so everyone would know straight from the GM. Next order of business, my vote. My suspects as of right now are: HH(reasons stated), El(by association with HH and I get nervous when someone says they have a village read on me without giving any explanation), Len(just a small amount, I can't really decide about him, a couple things he's said have made me a little suspicious, but I've had troubles reading him in the past), Drought(mostly would like to see more from him, and since he'll be gone for the most part this Turn, I'm content to give him more time). I'm voting on Sart. I'll admit it's mostly because I'm suspicious of El, but I will say that I disagree with him about revealing partners. It is possible to be careful about wording if you do post some stuff for your partner, and it does offer protection from the elim kill. He's also voting on Jon, who I'm leaning village on. I considered voting for HH again, but I know I'm prone to tunneling(Arinian as my latest victim, sorry about that btw) so I'd like to hear more from him and try to keep more of an open mind. My village reads right now are: Manukos(thing about Rae), Jondesu(him saying he hadn't realized elims could only target Night players seems like a genuine thing - it seems too obvious a thing to miss to think up to gain trust, if you get what I mean. I know he voted on Bart after he claimed Aman was his partner, but if Bart/Aman...are villagers(is a villager? ), that seems like a really gutsy thing to do for an elim), kind of Bart/Aman, just based on gut(Aman's post didn't really make me lean either way, but it was good RP!) and because Len is going after Bart like he is. Everyone else is kind of "meh." Either not enough content, or I just can't tell. >.>
  6. Quick Fix Game 22: Ghosts in the Night

    Well. It's not like I've ever had any trouble getting on that list. Which part of the writeup says there are more elims than normal? I didn't see any kind of indication like that, so I'm curious how you got that idea. That's good advice, but it's also pretty obvious, and you don't comment on anything besides that. Any other thoughts or opinions about different aspects of the game? Normally, I'm a big supporter of a D1 lynch, but in this case, I do think there's an argument to be made for no lynch. However, as has been said many times before, we should continue as if we are going to have a lynch so discussion isn't halted, and if we don't like how it's turning out at the end of the Turn, just tie it up. I think I agree with Arin on this one. Len asking about elim numbers doesn't seem very alignment indiciative to me. Sure, it's pretty pointless(no offense ), but in my experience, villagers will post pointless posts just as often, or even more often than eliminators. I agree with Drake that it'd be nice if you could just paraphrase whatever it is that Aman wants to explain. Vote tally: Bart(2): Sart, Len, Drake Len(1): Bart HH(2): Jondesu, Lopen HH, I forgot to quote your other post about Bart, but in response to that, first, you say that Len and Bart are highly unlikely to be elims. What makes you say that? I'm not terribly suspicious of either of them, but saying that it's "highly unlikely" either of them are elims is odd, to say the least. But moving past that, you then go on to cast suspicion on Bart in the same post(but don't vote on him). So which is it? Do you suspect Bart or not? Besides the fact that Bart is a new player and I don't think lynching a newbie on D1 is something anyone wants to do, I'd also like to hear the reasoning behind the vote on Len, which I'm guessing was prompted by Aman. So I'm against lynching Bart for now. I'd like to hear more from Stick and Drought, since neither of their posts really have much content. Any opinions on Bart/Len or HH? Or anyone else for that matter. I'd also like to hear from Magestar, as he has yet to post, but according to his online times, he was around like, 12 hours ago.
  7. Quick Fix Game 22: Ghosts in the Night

    I'm not sure how many pairs of elims I think there are. 2 sounds right at first, based on normal balancing percentages, but looking over the rules, both players in a pair die simultaneously(they are the same person after all ) and I'm not sure if the elims have a kill unless they have an Assassin, because the rules don't mention a Night elim kill. So, I think 3 pairs is possible, if they don't have a kill. Otherwise, I imagine it is 2 pairs. Wyrm, do the elims have a group kill each Night? I think that refers to the fact that there's actually only 11 "players" because each pair of players are the same person, just with different identities based on Day/Night. Doing the contribution crusade on D1 doesn't make a whole lot of sense. And especially not this game. It's for weeding out inactives. Can you really call someone "inactive" if they haven't posted at the very beginning of the game? I think it's best to either wait until C2 to lynch an inactive, or at the very end of C1 if we don't have a good lynch target. But in this game, I think it's possible we won't ever have to lynch an inactive, because the pairing system allows another player to take over for their inactive teammate. Also, if we lynched an inactive, we'd be killing 2 players. 1 player who wasn't active D1 and their Night half who didn't even get a chance to play(well, if we have a lynch, that'll happen regardless, but it still doesn't seem right to me). Anyways, I'm hoping we never have to lynch an inactive, since that would mean both players in a pair went inactive, and it really does waste a valuable Turn to lynch inactives. So I advise that if someone does go inactive, we wait for a bit to see if their other half gets control, so we're not killing a potential active villager while at the same time wasting a Cycle by not discussing active players. On that note, the only 2 players who have said anything discussion wise are Len and Drake. I don't really have any strong feelings about the posts. They seem like pretty typical D1 posts to me - not very informative. While I always enjoy trying to guess elim numbers/roles, there's not much point to it when we know so little, so I'd prefer focusing on different things. Like calling out any lurkers(not inactives), proposing plans, and going over the active players posts(hard to do until we've got some actual content I know). I was planning on going over the rules and giving my thoughts on them, but instead I defeated the final boss of The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. Which is amazing, btw. Another thing I was thinking about is revealing your Night half. My opinion right now is wait and think things through completely, and also that keeping your Night half a secret should give you protection from the elims if they do have a Night kill. Anyways, that's it from me for tonight.
  8. Quick Fix Game 22: Ghosts in the Night

    I'll sign up as Revali.
  9. Mid-Range Game 20: With Ruin Beside Us

    Suspicion of me? But yes, I'm an Elantrian. A Hidden Elantrian to be exact. More than half of the remaining players have held that item at one point or another I think. But still, contests are fun. I'll guess...Coinshot.
  10. Mid-Range Game 20: With Ruin Beside Us

    So. 7 players left. 7 players lynched, all Citizens. 7 other players killed whose alignments are unknown. All of this in 7 Cycles... That's weird. XD Anyways, where do we go from here? I don't think Assassin has been online for a while. So he's not making any kills or Rioting votes. I guess I'll vote on Bart for no reason.
  11. Long Game 30: Journey Before Destination

    Well there is the idea that the eliminators might be about to win and another villager lynch might secure the win. You can't see that as a possibility? Of course, that would mean one of their own was in danger of the lynch, meaning he'd have to pull this gambit, and I'd say you were definitely the most likely lynch target this Cycle. Also, you personally may not have done much that's suspicious, but you haven't done anything village either, that I can remember at least. You misunderstand what I said. I've played with Alv a lot. Something like 20 games or so? Maybe more than that. So I felt I could read him to some extent(turns out I can't >>), and I thought Ecth was going to scan him, so we'd have proof one way or the other. Is that really so hard to believe? There's still the problem of Ecth's claims. You either believe him, in which case you think I Bonded the Inkspren on C5, or you don't believe him, which means I'm being framed. How can you ignore that? Instead, focusing on a mistake I made last Cycle that seems fairly reasonable a mistake to make for a villager. I don't know how correct your analysis is, but I do know that the analysis itself is helpful because it tells us your opinions on players, which can help us decide if you're village or not. I feel confident you are.
  12. Long Game 30: Journey Before Destination

    Vote tally: Alvron(2): Jon, DA, Lopen Lopen(3): Ecth, Doc, Jon Ecthelion(0): Lopen Execute Arinian(4/8): Doc, Jon, Rand, Lopen Pardon Drake(3/12): Jon, Rand, Lopen Everyone needs to vote for every facet of the lynch. @Alvron, @A Joe in the Bush, @Elbereth, @Assassin in Burgundy, @TheSilverDragon, @JUQ, @Ecthelion III, @Shqueeves, @DroughtBringer, and @Darkness Ascendant. If we can get 8 of those 10 players to add their pardon vote to Drake, we could get him out with Jon's vote manipulation power(I don't think he'll end up needing it for the regular lynch). There is 4 inactives in there though. Storm them. I'll PM them, but I don't know how likely it is they'll see it. Still, I've got hope.
  13. Mid-Range Game 20: With Ruin Beside Us

    Tie lynch! Stick Not much reasoning here. She assumed the Rioter was an elim(I do too, but it's not a definite thing). Plus I'm curious to see if the Rioter will save one of these two.
  14. Long Game 30: Journey Before Destination

    Yeah, I messed up with that whole situation last Cycle. There wasn't any one thing that Alv said to me that changed my mind. As for why they didn't kill me, well, I believe they've only got 1 player free to use an Unjust action, and as close as it is, I think they didn't want Mage to get the Dustbringer spren, since that would give the village a kill role, and that is really the one sure thing that could stop them at this point. How is Ecth's story fitting together better? Explain it to me. I'm not gonna just let you put a vote on me with no better reason than that. Explain to me what you think happened/is happening. I've dismantled Ecth's story. There's absolutely no way I'd be as stupid as I'd have to have been to do what would be necessary for me to have done to be the Unjust Elsecaller. I can understand you voting on me, because I'm just about 100% sure you're Unjust, but I'm not going down without a fight, and if you can't show me and everyone else why you believe Ecth, I think that should be even more proof that I'm innocent. If my case for my innocence wasn't clear enough the first time, here's what the accusation/rebuttal is. Ecth says I'm the Elsecaller, but that he scanned me C4 or C5 and I didn't have a spren then. He then scanned me again this Cycle and saw that I had the Elsecaller spren. There are supposedly 2 unknown Bonds in which I could have bonded the Elsecaller spren. 1 on C3(which I know is the Elsecaller because someone else got it and Aman told me they did), and 1 on C5(which Arin says was a new Edgedancer). In order for Ecth to be telling the truth, me and Arin would have had to lie publicly about those Bonds being created. This would mean that no villager would have put Honor towards Elsecaller, Edgedancer, or whatever would supposedly have been Bonded on C3. Why would we take such a stupid risk???? How would we have the knowledge to have the confidence to make those claims? It's unbelievable that we would. It would mean instant death if any 3 of those Spren had had villagers trying to Bond them. All for what? What would I be trying to gain at that point by lying about which Bonds were created? Anonymity for my Bond? But if my teammate hadn't Bonded the Truthwatcher spren, wouldn't I be worried about being scanned? And so, if I knew that I was on thin ice about lying, why would I use my ability in such an incriminating way? It's beyond belief to think that I would. As it is, I'm going to move my vote to Alvron, since I believe he's the Elsecaller and I believe that stopping the Elsecaller is the only way we've still got a shot at pulling this off. I'm not sure if I did this yet either. Drake, Arinian.
  15. Long Game 30: Journey Before Destination

    I don't see any reason to doubt Ecth's claim. We know there's a Truthwatcher because of HH(confirmed Honorable going after Truthwatcher and he told us so), so it would be extremely foolish for Ecth to claim if he wasn't it(unless one of his Unjust teammates is actually the Truthwatcher, in which case it doesn't really make much difference). Next, you list the possible scenarios, but leave out a very important detail. Active player numbers. The active players are(9 plus Shqueeves): myself, you, Jondesu, Ecthelion, Alvron, Randuir, Joe(hopefully), Drought, and DA(nice analysis by the way!), plus Shqueeves is around as well. Inactives(5): Elbereth(please come back!), Assassin(you too!), SD(and you!), JUQ, and LA. Players in prison(3): Quiver, Arinian, Drake. Let's say that there's still 3 Unjust that aren't imprisoned(I'm guessing 4, but I'm also guessing you're trying to be optimistic since you think we can afford to waste 2 Cycles). That's 3 to 6, and they could have the Willshaper. You lynch me and I'm village, that's 3 to 5. If they Elsecall someone into prison and kill them, it's 3 to 4, and they've got voting power because of the Willshaper. Or maybe they wouldn't risk the inactives coming back, so they don't use the Elsecaller. So it's 3 to 5. You still have to execute me, meaning you're gonna lynch someone. At this point, you're going to be assuming I'm the Unjust Elsecaller, so you aren't going to go after the real one(probably Alv), you've no reason to go after Ecth if you believe him(please don't, I feel like I've laid it out as clearly as possible that he's lying), which means you've got a 1 out of 6 chance to hit the other Unjust. Chances are, you aren't going to lynch them. So another villager down, the elims kill someone, and the game ends before you can ever use the "solid lead" you get from my execution. What we really, really need to do is pardon Drake, execute Arinian, and imprison one of Ecth, Alv, or the Willshaper(honestly I've almost revealed your identity a million times since it's so glaringly obvious and I imagine the Unjust would have killed you by now unless you are one, which I suspect strongly). I think the best plan is to try and arrest the Elsecaller(so either Alvron or Rand, and I'm betting it's Alv since Ecth saved him last Cycle) now, execute him and arrest the Willshaper next Cycle, then arrest Ecth and execute the Willshaper. At that point, if the game doesn't end, I'm coming after you Doc. Well, I'll likely be dead by then since this is only happening if everyone believes me over Ecth, but you get the point.