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  1. Let's talk about the ethnicity of the name "Asyldin". Immediately two things come to my mind. 1) Names on Threnody often include concepts. In this case we have "Asyl" in the name, which is synonymous with Asylum, what might be a pretty common name on Threnody. At least it fits to names like Silence. 2) "-din" (or probably just "-in") is the Alethi particle in names that indicates something like "born from", "born through". There are a couple of names ending with -din, notably Kaladin, Bordin (Dalinars agent), Redin (the heterochromatic Bastard of the jahkehvedan highprince, plus a historical figure named Dandos Heraldin, which is a cameo of Dan Dos Santos. [my Spanish/Portuguese is close to zero, but Dos Santos means something like "of the saints", so Heraldin "of the heralds" is reasonable]. Combining these two, Asyldin might be an Alethi-Threnodite offspring, with "Asyldin" meaning "Asylum's daughter". Or, she is an Alethi-Terrismen offspring who was born on Scadrial, which her parents considered an Asylum (eg from possible highprince-wars in eastern Roshar), meaning something like "born in an Asylum". Note: names ending with -din are not uncommon elsewhere in the Cosmere, notably Bavadin and sone characters on Scadrial. No Terrismen, though.
  2. Might be, if you explain good enough what the Aons (especially Rao) mean. Else the turning point will be...well, difficult to understand.
  3. And I fear he dies before finishing his work.
  4. That becomes increasingly difficult. To quote Boromir, one does not simply worldhop to Ashyn.
  5. Or like my solution with an outer layer of oil in an underground cell. Make them summon their shardblade an thrust it in the ground. Any re-summoning will lead to oil intrusion in the cell and a very hot bath.
  6. Do we know if there are Volcanoes on Roshar? We have volcanic heated pools in the Horneater mountains, but Roshar is a single continent with little to none tectonic activity, so volcanoes seem very unlikely.
  7. I don't really know. It's not that I dislike the ideas, it's more like this visualizations take a lot out of the subtile parts of allomancy (especially emotional allomancy), and make it appear more blunt. It's just some kind of a flavor, but it is a good part of the fun to see the Mistborns play their little subtle games with each other (Vin and Shan, for example). Also, regarding the breaking of soothing on a coppercloud - copper shields only the smoker from emotional allomancy, not the ones around him.
  8. What did Brightlord Meridas say to explain how he killed the shardbearer? I AmARam-bo. What kind of music are bridgemen usually listening to? Rock.
  9. In old English there even was a letter for the "th" sound, which died out with the rise of book-printing. In the beginning it was substituted by "Y" (therefore "Ye olde good Times"), and later by the "th"-combination. Equally some languages (EG Russian) possess a single letter for the sound "sh". At least Alethi has almost all sounds put in letters; th and sh inclusive.
  10. I'm pretty sure that "Dark Alley" is not a viable option
  11. ...and here comes a variation of the second half.
  12. More or less the first part of my solution, the one with soulcasted crem-balls.
  13. Shardblades can cut aluminum. WoB.
  14. That part has a certain finality to it. Kind of bad if you imprison somebody for trial.
  15. I guess we will see what the allomancer sees - blue lines for metal, sounds for burning. Emotional allomancy may be difficult.