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  1. I voted Amaram because fanatics seem to always do the most horrible things and believe what they are doing is for "the greater good".
  2. If anyone is religious, I'd suggest praying to The Lord (Ruler) for deliverance from Nalthis(all these) Koloss-fisted puns.
  3. Ahh 4 hours away and I work... So sad! Wish I could go!
  4. I would like to announce that I finally will be able to update my kindle and will be starting Steelheart tonight. Woo!!!
  5. Sell. I think there is still too much unknown about the Parshendi for a romance plot. Possibly in the last 5. Shallan gets recruited by ghostbloods. Rephrase: The ghostbloods try to recruit Shallan.
  6. Found one. "the officer would be relived." Should be relieved in the context given. Location is after the third break/separation/chapter bar? about 5 paragraphs in. Another. After the 5th break. A line of bullets blasted through he window just beside Jason.
  7. I believe that is because of: 1 - Wax's faith in Harmony and 2 - Ruins ability to control and communicate with spiked people.
  8. Aaand noone is curious about #5? Is it just a fight club reference? or some Cosmere shattering fact that we don't need to know? Ahhh Spikes!!
  9. Then pickled stew
  10. Ahh... Chaos is scared! And here I am only trying to encourage the rep wars. No undue rep will be given by me.
  11. Joined, but I don't play much on there.
  12. Well, I just read these books last week. I agree with the assessments here. Here are a few of the things I took from the book. Kvothe is of the Lackless line. Naming is involved in the frame where Kvothe seems fundamentally different. The door in the archives is connected with the Lackless thread. There is something connecting the moon, the chandrian, and the Lackless. Rough theories on my part, showing a reread is foretold in the near future.
  13. I would like to announce an upvote spree!! Any witty remarks placed in here by Zaz will get auto upvotes. "Let the Lord of Chaos reign!"
  14. Kalak, Kelek, Ketek... could all be related. Kalak the herald hides behind the penname Kelek after the poetry form of ketek was named after him.
  15. Yes, I am the same person