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  1. We should try to spread cosmere/non-cosmere profanity by using it in real life, and when someone asks we play it off like it was new slang. I imagine if this were successful Brandon would be very happy.
  2. Oh ok. Brandon has said multiple times that Reckonersverse is not cosmere, but I do not know if he said it could never be cosmere. But with the universes being separate there probably would never be a connection between them anyways, and I'm not sure how many people would appreciate Reckonersverse getting mixed up with the Cosmere.
  3. Honestly I wouldn't mind waking up to seeing Brandon say, "Guys, I lied. The Reckonersverse is part of the cosmere." However I am also glad that it isn't. I can't imagine that it would be fun for Brandon to write pretty much everyone of his books as part of the same universe. I feel that he wrote all the other non-cosmere stuff to get a breath of fresh air, in a sense. I don't think Brandon is the type of author to just go back on his word and say that it's part of the cosmere. Also, the Reckoners series is already over. Finally, is this even a theory? You didn't speculate on anything, you just wrote a fan fiction type thing...
  4. I think it would be normal, in a way. If everyone was super powerful then there would be a way to prevent or restrict crazed individuals. It also depends on the magic system. It would definitely be fun to see but I doubt that Brandon would make a society like this just because he has no reason to. There would probably be a bit of investiture usage by everyone in daily life just to make life easier. There would be people who don't know about their powers due to poverty, and people who train everyday to become more powerful. This would be similar to any society with access to magic. There could definitely be cities, more powerful people would rule and protect those who are not able to protect themselves. EDIT: by poverty I mean that they haven't been educated enough to discover anything.
  5. So sorry! I just learned how to do so and I don't use this forum everyday and I didn't follow this topic so I didn't get a notification. Thanks to Voidus for editing it for me!
  6. I imagine that the fingers would not be able to really grab things very well independently but together they could perform the same function as a hand that you could throw out and pull back. This is would be really fun to see in actual use in future books. I wonder why something like this hasn't been seen in Warbreaker. EDIT: Come to think of it I can see why this wouldn't be used. It's just impractical. They could just awaken a rope to grab things and hold on to one end, couldn't they? I don't have a good memory in regards to specific book happenings, especially in Warbreaker, as I read is this past summer. Seems like forever ago.
  7. I don't have any answers but nice questions. I wonder if Kaladin wouldn't be able to use his powers on aluminum?
  8. Regardless of your choice it would be very expensive... Can you imagine buying all that metal to make metalminds, or for consumption? I mean, totally worth, but expensive nonetheless. Not to mention that not all the metals are real. Either way I'd pick feruchemy because I think it has more place in the modern world, although I'd love to be able to fly as a mistborn.
  9. BoM spoilers
  10. if Trell were the avatar of a shard, which shard would that be? Anyone other than Odium?
  11. Lopen is my favorite character. Just sayin'
  12. Hello and welcome! I like this forum a lot for the theories, but I can't come up with my own lol
  13. You can read white sand by requesting it here: http://brandonsanderson.com/contact/ (in the message box). It might take a few weeks but I definitely thought it was worth the wait.
  14. Uhh, I think I have read all the cosmere related books, including all the short stories (and White Sand that Brandon's assistant emailed me upon request)... I know there is another unpublished book that I could read that I haven't yet, but I forget what it is called. Anyways, please enlighten me.