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  1. Just logging in to tell you all that Kill 6 billion demons is a glorious web comic.

  2. I'm not really around anymore, I just popped in because… reasons, but thank you!
  3. Happy birthday Zatoth my man!

    1. Darkness_


      Just realised I had never followed u, huh.

  4. I should just listen to all of Seventh Son, it has been a while.
  5. I am momentarily present, I might check in now and then. Thanks
  6. The most eldritch of cakes!
  7. Thank you. Zath demands almonds!
  8. It's my birthday, so I figured I would grace you with my presence. Speaking of anime Boogiepop Phantom is really weird.
  9. I don't belong here. I've been here for a year and I've really not made any friends, a bunch of acquaintances, yes, but not really any friends. I mostly check the site because of habit. I'm sure you find my cynicism amusing, but I don't belong here among all the nice people. To be completely honest I'm a bit of a jerk and I have to censor myself a bit too much here to be comfortable.

    Yes, I have to in real life as well, but forums are socialization for entertainment.

    ... I may or may not have called the shard the internet equivalent to a creepy, suburb where everyone is so freaking nice all the time...

    If anyone misses me I'm in the reddit cosmere Discord, I have a twitter if you want to stalk me, you can find some stuff I write on TooSpooky and I'll probably update you if Skyverea actually ever becomes a thing.

    But for now that's it, fare thee well, have a pleasurable existence and so on.


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    2. Sunbird


      What Twi said. I've enjoyed your uniqueness.

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    4. Ookla the Melodious

      Ookla the Melodious

      It's been a pleasure, Zath.

  10. I, being me, just say "Merry decaying day".
  11. I will definitely read the sequels, and then hunt down everything else he has written.
  12. Done with City of Stairs Read it.
  13. No I think you should do this. It will be terrible for everyone involved, but also hilarious.
  14. Cows, bigger target, easier to hit, hopefully easier to run away from.
  15. *Mumbles something about Jojo's Bizarre Adventure*