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  1. Could it be music spren because they have rhythms like the parshendi?
  2. Hey folks, I usually get a signed copy from Brandon's website (http://store.brandonsanderson.com/), but I am not seeing it. I went to his other website (https://brandonsanderson.com/) and read the latest update about the release party at BYU. It mentioned ordering it from the BYU book store, but I am uncertain if I can just get it shipped to my house or if I have to go to Utah to pick it up (not happening). It also mentioned that Weller Books was going to ship signed copies, but the link is broken. So my question is, how do I get a signed, hardcover copy of Oathbringer???
  3. For a massive book like Oathrbringer, I read them. For smaller books like the Wax and Wayne novels, I avoid. Purely because they are so short that don't want to read 1/5 of the book before it even comes out.
  4. It's Hoid
  5. People people people...Haven't you realized yet that Hoid's real name is Taneleer Tivan?
  6. Prof, because there was no big reveal of Marsh's powers in the first book.
  7. Good answer, I would have also accepted, "Radical Penguins"
  8. What is the square root of a penguin?
  9. Deadpool? I would argue that Deadpool is not an X-men movie. Since he isn't an x-men, and it has very little to do with x-men in general.
  10. Positive conscious change (Cultivation) <------------------No change (Preservation)--------------->Negative Conscious Change (Ruin) Ruin and Preservation worked together, for awhile, but inevitably failed. That should be enough to show how they aren't fully balanced/opposites. Ruin & Cultivation is called nature/cycle of life...Stuff grows, then it dies and decays, then it grows again, Oh no our crops got burned because of a fire, oh it turns out that is actually good for the ground and everything prospers, everybody happy. The end. I do like the idea of a fourth shard coming into play here. It feels like it makes the most sense, if there are groupings/pairings. (just for these shards as far as i have thought) Chaos (unplanned change) Cultivation (positive conscious change) Ruin (Negative Conscious change) Preservation (no change)
  11. I highly recommend dipping into the Sci-fi world. Isaac Asimov is a brilliant scientist/author who layed the foundation for many famous sci-fi stories we have today. Much like tolkien is to the fantasy tropes. The Robot series: starting with Caves of Steel. Its a murder mystery, but in the future...dun dun dun.. The Foundation series: Same universe, way farther in the future, really cool philosophical and statistical stuff. Also, if you haven't finished the Ender's game universe, that can take up some of your time in between Sanderson binges. Lots of books, cool stuff. Ender's series is better than the shadow series IMO
  12. Awaken some stem cells, with the command "cause cancer".
  13. Tension has to do with a pulling force transmitted axially by a string like object. What if connection is like a string, and a surgebinder who can affect tension can affect the tension of the "strings" of connection between people/planets/objects...