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  1. Chasmfiend Pupation

    We don´t really know for certain. The chrysalises are likely a grown chasmfiend to is turning into something else. What.. is more uncertain. Its likely it is simular as the Chull however. I have interpreted the last step as some sort of new larvae eat the parent the way some scorpions do... but thats just a guess. We have also been warned that the harvesting of Chrysalises will have a large effect. Wether this effect is simply the eradication of chasmfiends or something else, we do not know yet. But removing the apex predator would have an effect.
  2. Why don't Daysiders have dark skin?

    They lived in the terris mountains prior to Rashek thou so not just in the final empire. And it was the furthest north. Bit offtopic here maybe. Given that Ruin and Preservation created all humans on Scadrial I suppose they might just have decided where to place who. But its still somewhat odd on several planets.
  3. Why don't Daysiders have dark skin?

    Its not just on Taldain I think. Taking it from memory here since I dont got my books, but I seem to recall terris was on average darker skinned, and before Rashek altered the world, terris was the most northern part, wich should mean less uv. They should have been the palest if you look at it like that.
  4. On the Self-Awarenes of Shades

    Well, on Sel Odium killed 2 shards, and as an effect its difficult to use shadesmar. On Threnody Ambition got whacked(even if he managed to get away to have his final end elsewhere), could there be a block of some sort? (very)Loosely simular to the Hoed in Elantris, the shades could perhaps be cognitive shadows that dont quite get all the way into the other realm causing a bunch of different roblems, including being partly cut off from their self. And ofcourse, also causing them to be visible(and leathal) in the physical.
  5. I dont see them proving it. He will need to confess for there to be consequences. Noone saw it. Yes, its against the law, but noone saw it. Most would propably just think Sadeas was an idiot for going alone among enemies. And even if they figured out it was Adolin, a simple "Sadeas charged me from the dark to get revenge at Dalinar for winning in politics" would propably do it. The one who might be disapointed would be Dalinar, many of the other highprinces would likely be more impressed then anything else.
  6. What is a Dragon?

    Not really, since that would leave " He was born as one. It is a race. " completely outside any meaning. Yes, being functionally immortal isnt a race, but there is nothing else it can mean. There is no race at all mentioned. Most likley, Brandon was speaking carefully, and was thinking dragon but didnt want to say it. This, he said "it is a race" despite not having mentioned a race. As said, there just isnt anything else it could mean. For it not being a racial thing that frost does not age, Brandon would haveto have had a sudden and shortlived bout of dementia and just sprouted "He was born as one it is a race" for no reason at all. *edit The letter part is odd and dont quite fit. It may well be that he is now functionally safe from being killed aswell, not just from dying of old age.
  7. They need to be in the everstorm dont they? Lock the parshmen in somewhere during everstorms and they should not turn? Given that the parshendi broke free at one point, it should also be possible to stay free from it somehow, but how is hard to say. It should be harder for voidsprens to take parshendi(who already got a spren with their forms) then parshmen. It was impossible for Eshonai to resist, but that might be because she had already started the process.
  8. Using the word mandate would to me indicate someone(or something) else handing it to the shard, while intent would more indicate that it is the shards own will(own intent) that controls its actions. I dont really think there is something else that gives a mandate to the shards. Its all their own intents. Then again, anyone can call things what they wish. Just risks confusion:)
  9. How did these end up on Roshar?

    He´s always been a scholar, so he would be curious. Why he stayed on Roshar is actually rather easy to figure. Easy invetiture. On Nalthis he need to eat a breath every week, and they are hard to get. On roshar, just a gem and some stormlight, wich is easy to renew.
  10. March Madness

    Marsh owned a shop of some sort after he left the rebellion and before Kelsier came back, I was certain it involved some sort of creation, but now I cant find where I read it so it might be wrong:p
  11. Hoid was in Taldain before Warbreaker?

    He might, he went onto Scadrial when noone else dared through the shardpool, and he travels to sel despite it being difficult. We dont really know how efficently shards would be in blocking a planet. Hoid is likely quite skilled at not being noticed by shards(He said something about how Odium would kill him if he found him when he was on Roshar) also, we dont know exactely when Autonomy started feeling isolationistic. I assume it was open when Khriss left. That said, I dont think thats it, since the sand would be white when filled with investiture, and black when without, Hoid would need to spend investiture, likely breaths, to do it. Seems unlikely he would waste it like that.
  12. Is Hoid looking for Survival Shard?

    Frost being the recipient is confirmed through a series of answers;). Not sure if there is a direct confirmation aswell. First answer states that frost is the oldest we´we met. Second oldest is hoid. Second answer sais that the letter is written by hoid to someone older then he (questions/answers taken from here http://www.theoryland.com/intvsresults.php?kwt='frost' )
  13. Is Hoid looking for Survival Shard?

    Besides, Bavadin is blocking Khriss(and everyone else) from going home to Taldain, and khriss is a member of the 17:th shard.
  14. Why Ambition?

    You mean ambition might be ambitious? Looking at that, who else might be high on the list? Well, right now with Harmony having two shards I supposed Odium is somewhat concerned(I think I read some wob on that but cant find now?), but the intents of Harmony is unlikely to concern him if it wasent backed by 1/8 of Adonalsium instead of 1/16 We dont really know of any shard intents that are likely to be agressive or wanting to take control other then him do we? It would be possibly autonomy but they seem to get along based on what hints we have?
  15. Maybe, but size would seem to indicate that. wierd to use several different ways to convey the same thing. Way more boring from a forum pov too *edit One wonders where this is supposed to be seen from. Almost haveto be from Yolen? Or from Silverlight? Haveto be an origin point that sees theese constelations when looking on the sky?