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  1. You may not be waiting as long as you think...
  2. Anything related to the Kaladin/Shallan relationship. Love triangles are awful literary devices. Some people should just be friends.
  3. We can move this one from "It's Implied..." to "We know..."
  4. As per usual @Spoolofwhool I suspect you have the right of it. Just going out on a limb but I suspect we will find out that the Herald's connection to Honor is severed or at least weakened. Alternately that they have built/strengthened a connection to Odium. SH Spoiler:
  5. We May be overthinking this one...
  6. Well, it's inappropriate anyways...
  7. I used to be "Iron Eyes". And I'm running out of things to know you for X_X sorry.
  8. Awesome cosplay and apparently mild chastisings. Also...
  9. Just a thought I had while reading the new chapters... While chasing down the Voidbringers, Kaladin makes a mental note that the description of the Listeners sounds like Warform and it is noted that they don't have red eyes. Did anyone else get the impression that Kaladin is actually chasing down Thude and the other exiled Listeners?
  10. Going to Jordan-con but not reading Wheel of Time. [And pumpkin spice, because I like to do things I'm not allowed to do]
  11. For moving at a seemingly reasonable pace .
  12. Glad I could help Sculptures and such:
  13. This will likely be of some interest to you.