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  1. So I remember reading a WoB that confirmed what each of Shallan's oaths/truths were but I can't find it on Theoryland or Arcanum... I believe it was formatted something like: 1: Life Before Death, Strength Before Weakness, Journey Before Destination. 2: I'm terrified. 3: I killed my father. 4: I killed my mother.
  2. So has no one nominated @Ookla the Maccabee [Delightful]? Seems like an oversight.
  3. Yeah... definitely borrowing that.
  4. Hahahaha lovely! (or perhaps I should say "Delightful..." buh dum chhh..) I had actually meant to tag you in that but I couldn't quickly figure out which Ookla you were and I got lazy... Edit: This one is solid too...
  5. @Joe ST, I think I can now pledge my undying loyalty to you. This was incredible.
  6. I'd say that NB is the Aluninum we had seen in addition to Shallan's necklace pre-OB. As for NB's Sheath:
  7. @Calyx: @Radiant Returned, Not sure if your theory is right but I like it a lot. I tend to agree with you that Hoid may indeed know what his is talking about. However, for the sake of debate I think it should be considered that the "We" could refer to Rayse having help in taking down Honor. If this were the case I would guess that Bavadin would be the most likely candidate. @Ookla, the Incalculable, you get an upvote for basically preemptively reading my mind
  8. There is a WoB about this: So, the mechanic of Moash's knife is something similar to Hemalurgy but not quite the same. I would guess that it did not actually give Moash any boon. The Heraldic reincarnation is a similar function to the Returned on Nalthis. The fundemental principles of the Cosmere recur in different magic systems (for example; Yolish lightweaving compared to Rosharan Lightweaving or healing via Bloodmaking or Regrowth). I suspect that what makes a Herald a Herald is that they have something very similar to a Divine Breath (though derived of Honor rather than Endowment) in their Spirit Web that reincarnates them and the dagger took that away from Jezrien and trapped it in the Gemstone in the hilt. I would guess that the process could be considered Hemalurgy as it likely ripped the ability straight out of Jezrien's Spirit Web. @Calyx, I would guess the ability to sense the other Heralds is a product of the Oathpact. The Heralds are heavily connected to each other. It is what allows them to share their pain during torture on Braize. Ash can feel it because suddenly Jezrien was no longer connected.
  9. Happy Hanukkah!
  10. Disregard what I said, reading comprehension is key.
  11. Some words of wisdom form Lunker for your Monday...
  12. I somewhat doubt this, as I believe that the thing with the map was actually a result of Shallan's Lightweaving interacting with Dalinar's Spiritual Adhesion. It might be possible for Dalinar and Renarin to manifest the visions somehow though.
  13. This is what I had thought was the significance of the interlude.
  14. It is during the battle of Thaylen City just before Renarin's encounter with Jasnah I believe.