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  1. I plowed through Questionable Content over the weekend, I'd highly recommend it.
  2. Time to pick some nits... Drehy is a cameo of one of Brandon's friends from college 'Ryan Dreher', Ryan is gay, therefore Drehy is too.
  3. A few characteristics to look out for: Beggar or storyteller, arrow shaped face, White (not grey) hair, makes fun of people, knows more than the character he is playing probably should, etc etc. Also, in a lot of cases he goes by "Hoid" so that is a pretty good indication...
  4. He is referring to the mansion itself. We do not know why but apparently he actually does...
  5. Moderator edit: Comic has been placed behind a spoiler tag. Language warning for the sensitive and/or pure of soul. <3, --Kaymyth
  6. Not to sound cynical, but I'd recommend asking a different question. Yours has about an 11,000,000% chance of getting RAFO'd.
  7. F is for fire that burns down the whole town, U is for Uranium... Bombs, N is for no survivors... [Kel would like a word with Steel Inquisitor SpongeBob]
  8. This is all...
  9. Not on my phone it doesn't .
  10. Yes, Nightblood can destroy a Spren.
  11. Just some fun linguistics on this one; For people who don't know, the Acheron is one of the rivers in Greek mythology over which souls are ferried in Hades (along with Styx, Phlegethon, Lethe, and Cocytus). The name Acheron comes from the Greek word Akherousai which means "Marsh-like water"...
  12. 11: A numeral indication of a value 1 higher than 13 but 1 less than 15. 23: Nope. 44: I do indeed. 13: I don't currently have any pets. I have a condo and my building doesn't allow non-service pets. 38: Get to Holy Cross in Worcester, MA. (explanation below) 34: There is a storeroom below the dining hall at College of the Holy Cross. It has one door in/out and is otherwise completely underground with cement walls/ceilings so it would be relatively easy to barricade and defend. It has a full bathroom and enough stored food to last years. I'd go there. 65: I'd make sooooo much Poutine.
  13. Honestly my complaint here isn't not using my question, I actually think the question is good, I'd love to see the proverbial nail in the coffin. I just don't think you are going to get an answer. Hopefully I am wrong.
  14. This is a bit of a shame in my opinion... Don't get me wrong, it is a good question and I believe both @RShara and I are on the same page that we'd like to never see another Timbre is Eshonai, Eshonai is coming back, is Eshonai alive?, etc., etc. thread as it seems pretty obvious that she is indeed dead and gone. But, this question has like a 1000% chance of getting RAFO'd... it just seems like a waste of a question.