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  1. Nice catch, I think you may have something here.
  2. @ethan sedai, your signature made me think of one of my favorite WOT quotes from after Brandon took over the series: "I figured you... Saidar-ed it."
  3. This is incorrect; Elend was almost spiked by the Steel Inquistor that he and Vin fought outside of Vetitan (the mining town where they met "Lord Fatren") at the beginning of Hero Of Ages.
  4. @Nathrangking, I'll give this a read this weekend and let you know what I come up with mate.
  5. Ditto.
  6. It is a children's rhyme from the sixth book of the Wheel of Time. And thanks, it's helpful for me too, otherwise I can never keep things organized... As for your signature, the meter of it makes me smile. 10/10; will continue to read each time.
  7. While the third person interior monologue feeling of your signature is fascinating, I fundamentally disagree with what it says; nothing is intrinsically cool as coolness is both subjective and relative. At the same time, 'Coolness' being subjective by its natures does mean your signature can be true for you, while not necessarily for others. So I'll go back to calling it fascinating. Conclusion; I like it.
  8. I thought of this as well. Although I also always though they were referring to Nightblood and other awakened swords. OB Spoiler:
  9. If the Metalmind was invested with enough Investiture I suspect it would eventually gain sapience. Here is a somewhat related WoB:
  10. You have convinced me.
  11. Negative. Edgar is a strong choice, but if you're not going with Tick-Tock, you clearly haven't been paying attention... Also an acceptable answer.
  12. Hmm... this is tough. 1.) Guardians of the Galaxy 2.) Iron Man 3.) Avengers 4.) Black Panther 5.) Dr. Strange Bonus round because 5 and 6 are really close... 6.) Thor Ragnarok
  13. In no particular order; Magneto, Hrathen*, Petyr Balish, Darth Vader, Venom, Ishamael/Moridin *Not sure if he actually counts as a villain, more like an antagonist.
  14. Spoiler for S2:E1:
  15. It really should be noted here that Fortune in the Cosmere really doesn't seem to have anything to do with Luck. Fortune in the Cosmere is foresight. Like a fortuneteller or reading your fortune...