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  1. I haven't seen this discussed before, but if Shardblades are based off of Honorblades, what is Shardplate based off of? We've never seen a hint that the Heralds had Plate (or equivalent), so is Plate something that the Spren got together and came up with?
  2. So, this is probably in a thread somewhere, but I'm bad at searching these forums. I believe that it might have been mentioned somewhere, maybe the Letter, or perhaps in a WoB, that Odium never invested himself in a planet because he wants to retain his power. How then, was the God to the humans that arrived on Roshar. If our theories hold true, and Voidbinding was in fact what destroyed the Tranquiline Halls, and Odium came with the fleeing humans, that suggests that he invested enough of his power to create a very potent form of magic. So, am I missing something here?
  3. Wasn't there a comment made by Szeth in the prologue to WoK about Voidbringers holding stormlight perfectly? Found it... The truth to this could speak to the Voidbringers perfectly holding Voidlight, and coupling that with gemhearts, it makes sense. That would also explain why the unmade people had to swallow a gem, to allow the voidlight / essence to be stored.
  4. I think what will happen is that Adolin will receive Maya, but will only be able to instantly summon/ talk to her, but.notndorm the bond. I think they become justngood friends... with benefits. benefits I mean an overpowered sword and enhanced cognition.
  5. My take when initially responding was she was just hunting Nightblood, but when I found the quote below, confirmed that it's both. I think she is hunting then both in an attempt to fix/destroy NB since she apparently had a less flawed awakened sword.
  6. Maybe the dawnshards are the heralds empowered by Odium, they are immortal and have other undefined powers. They have apparently been around since the shattering, so maybe they knew Rayse and then other shard holders.
  7. theory

    So, how does gavilar make a perfect sphere out of a crystal?
  8. Did this little exchange ever get resolved? It's when Kaladin meets the wall guard squad.
  9. Okay, here's my thought. We learned that humans brought Odium with them, and they likely already had access to the surges because of Odium. When they got to Roshar, they abandoned Odium for some reason, maybe because they just saw how awesome Honor and Cultivation were, who knows... But then there was conflict. Honor realizes that his pet humans need protection, so he fashioned the Honorblades to grant access to the surges. However, since both H and C had invested the planet, instead of just granting a single surge, the H-blades now granted two and with them the resonances. Then the greater spren created the nahel bond to mimic the honor blades. So, voidbringers always had voidbinding, regardless of human or singer, and surgebinding turned out to be a better copy. also, because of the references to destroying a planet and needing limits, they put in place the ideals to control things and limit the full power to those worthy of it. I also feel like the ten heralds came from times preshattering, not the Ashyn humans, and therefore honor thought them worthy of receiving the Honorblades.
  10. Until someone shows me otherwise, I think that voidbinding doesn't have a bondsmith analog.
  11. Um … you’re supposed to watch out for Cryptics.” Pattern hummed happily. “Yes. We are very famous.”
  12. Okay, what's so obvious about it? There's no transfer of power. To me it seems more like the blinding knife. Well, the black smoke leaking to me suggests that it shares similarities with an awakened blade.
  13. Do the ebook versions have the artwork included?
  14. Aren't years longer overall, just counting rawnhours, on Roshar. Wouldnt that offset some of the brain development arguments since Shallan on Earth would be a couple years older?
  15. Holy crap, in-world realization just struck me. No one knows that Jasnah was alive! To us, it's not a big deal at all, but everyone else must be shocked beyond belief. Getting into the minutiae sometimes can be a curse. And another thought based on Kaladin's uber special-ness... maybe he is otw to replacing Jezrien or filling the void left by the heralds. That'd be cool. Either that or because Syl knows what's up, she is able to give him a power boost subconciously, from her prior bond to a KR pre-recreance. I also wonder, we have the in-world book or statement that talks about the limits being placed on the KR via the oaths. Perhaps without the oaths the powers available to the Surgebinders eclipsed those of even 5th ideal KR. Maybe that's why Kaladin is so uber, because he is somehow gaining access to the higher level powers that most won't ever gain access to.