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  1. Unless perhaps it is a combination of said framework, stormlight and lesser spren? Framework provides the chassis, spren fill in the frameworkand then stormlight is effectively the glue. We know for certain that the original Radiants were bonded to their plate sets. I would hazard a guess that how they're changed is similar to Soulcasting,in that the sub-spren experience a change in Identity and Connection...I honestly haven't a clue. The reason why Plate might not scream is...perhaps if it truly is made of sub/lesser spren, then just maybe it may lack the cognitive presence to experience pain...or that their fundamental form has been changed so much that they aren't spren any more. We'll just have to wait for a WoB if Brandon feels generous
  2. That was me on female/male unmade sentience/sapience dichotomy! And you just blew my mind with Re-Shephir = Reshaper
  3. 71-74 are mine and 89 is intriguing, is that the exact wording?
  4. #8, have we theorised why exactly Hoid gave Kal the flute?
  5. If that is true @dantlee about braize being the Nexus, what does that bode for Scadrial in Era 2
  6. If he's a Kandra, then we know they can't be killed by typical means. If he didn't have access to a particular magic system, then he most likely is dead. I'm definitely in agreement that this could be a Worldhopper.
  7. I'm thinking the treasure trove that is most of the abandoned Shards of the Radiants. Or possibly the Dawnshards. Or possibly more powerful fabrials. Or maybe even a treasure trove of knowledge that could destroy the foundation of everything that is known about Roshar... Or the recipe for perfecting Chouta
  8. @JoyBlu Exactly. I remember the scene now, but wasn't paying attention. It seems important.
  9. I'm of the opinion he swore the remaining 3, i can't for sure why though. The third reflects his piety/piousness, the other two statements are a bit trickier...
  10. Checking these WoBs and storms they're yummy. Although strangely fascinated about the few regarding 'ships. Really hyped for that Haemalurgic chart. Reading the one about creating another Type IV Nightblood: Instead of Investing another sword, why not invest a shield instead...that way you have the scenario of 'what happens when the sharpest sword meets the strongest shield' Number 194 is interesting, as is 228
  11. Anyone know what that super long silvery chain is for sale in Celebrant? WoB 54, I must have skimmed it but I can't think what it could be related to?
  12. Definitely on board with Nohadon being alive in some fashion and that he was a Bondsmith. I'm pretty certain however that Melishi is the Bondsmith around the time of the Recreance (when the gemstone recordings were made and when the Sibling was bonded, presumably).
  13. ...I might be in the only camp that feels Shallan was done well. Her story has resonated with me since WoR (mainly due to going through similar scenarios myself, relatively speaking of course). With her and Adolin's scene of him recognising her, I see it as her drawing from an anchor a la a close friend - someone she trusts - more than a romantic thing. I don't think most of the issues people have raised would have occurred had Shallan not had access to Lightweaving (or at least not as big an issue as others have said). She's definitely on the right track to healing, but she still has a fair way to go. Wit's advice was pretty sound
  14. Where was my invite to the Shardmoot?!