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  1. I view the Beatles as just ok, some catchy songs but otherwise meh. Accepted is an amazing movie!
  2. Shallash is stunning...Radiant even.. i'm sorry please don't hurt me
  3. I wish i had more friends to do this with, but mine haven't read Brandon Sanderson nor do they read often as they're either working or gaming.
  4. Forbidden Planet is amazing! The SoS tour was incredible. I recommend at least an hour....cause the queue last time long...and i was near to the front...
  5. The wise/old-sage-finds-young-obscure-hero/prophesied one-in-backwater-locale is a fairly common trope. Inheritance > LotR as it has dragons
  6. As a woman/human/Cognitive Shadow, she can dress however she pleases
  7. Let's look at this logically (and with some minor spoilers for Cosmere references and a little higher than that for Sixth of the Dusk) Here is what we know of Mraize/Roshar from a purely SA perspective Mraize is a prominent member, possibly primary/secondary leader of the aloof, mysterious Ghostbloods, who as of these latest chapters have revealed to be scheming for power - a LOT of power - perhaps both Investiture-related as well as influence but I believe they want this power for a particular goal. Iyatil is his (current) master, but we don't quite know what she's training him in. He likes to collect objects like trophies, which are clearly important to him in some fashion. Chicken-Birds aren't common Rosharan Wildlife (to my recollection at least), and if i had to hazard a guess, are most likely to be found in Shinovar if anywhere...probably. However, this bird could merely be a pet of his and just had it with him for reasons at this meeting. Ghostbloods seem to use espionage primarily for information gathering, with a little stabby-stabby if the situation calls for that, so I would expect Mraize to be somewhat adept at disguising himself if he needs to do the job himself or needs to meet with important figures, hence why he's wearing a Sadeas uniform. Also, given this newly discovered directive, I would also expect them to use any edge they could to get what they want. Now for some minor Cosmere spoilers + a little supposition and mild-medium Sixth of the Dusk
  8. Apologies for being a part of those that spoiled it. It really should have been mentioned under spoiler tags, so you're not at fault! (We should all know better, for shame!) So apologies again! (All the more incentive to read Sixth of the Dusk!)
  9. Terry Brooks Gave up on Terry Goodkind, I see a bit of a pattern :o..
  10. Ghostbloods are intriguing, as their end game is shrouded in fog. And i would say that is almost 100% an Aviar. I'm in the minority camp that believes it wasn't actually Helaran that was killed (will happily take it back if proven wrong :P) This...phenomena in Urithiru, could it be linked to the strata? They looks like visual representation of a kind a corruption of the rocks. (Naturally occuring aside) I'm intrigued as to why/how his suspected voidspren has gained so much cognitive awareness in the physical. Could it be she's linked/tenuously bonded to the ground itself? I'm eager to see Mr T's plan for Urithiru, as from what little we do know of the Diagram, Urithiru hasn't been mentioned much
  11. Aye I figured. I'm typically trying to think up annoyingly fun combos to annoy my friends with whenever we do play magic (however rarely) as my token deck 0.1 (back when I bought the RTR Selesnya event deck) originally had 2 Parallel lives in (and i figured the effect stacked then) so if they were playing the wrong deck and had no board wipes, the tokens got out of control quite quickly. (My friend's mono black zombie deck is the same, although much more annoying). (Sprouting I was only thinking really if I had any of the token doublers in conjunction with the above combo). Currently working on my mill deck...and damnation do I hate being a bit more well informed about the nuances of how to play Mana curve, Spell timing, Creatures vs Spells vs Static BF permanents, Spell/Mana allocation percentage. I mean, they tell you about it at the start, but knowing something and actually understanding it (even beginning to) are two different things
  12. All boon/curse related phenomena has been Cognitive in nature no? (You could argue the guy that couldn't feel his hands was physical but it didn't say he can't move them, just that he can't feel them, much in the way alcohol numbs sensation). And all instances of Stormlight healing have shown to heal only Physical injuries (or restoring Spiritual Connections in the case of the Blade cuts) and not cognitive ones, like restoring you to the Spiritual Ideal of Human; prime examples being Shallan and Szeth, who both have more than than their fair share of mental scars but Stormlight healed their physical injuries. Given that the Nightwatcher is to Cultivation as the Stormfather is to Honour, and we know that the Stormfather embodies oathkeeping (Honour, essentially) I would argue that the Nightwatcher cares for cultivating certain traits/things/ideals/ideas in those that come to her. As she gives you what she thinks you need and not what you want/ask for, I would venture that perhaps she laces the boon/curse with a condition/lesson that can be met, as a sign of progression from when you first asked; a condition/lesson that once fulfilled (by fulfilling the purpose intended/cultivating whatever it was) undoes the cognitive rewiring, as seen with Dalinar. (It would be an entirely optional thing). Slight season 5 Once Upon A Time spoilers
  13. Pineapple on Pizza is a gift to the world. We will not be Silenced or Shamed
  14. Yeah, now that my mind has stopped going Izuku Midoriya, I can actually phrase what I meant say. Whichever one you give priority to, I wasn't sure if the trigger from the first would somehow trigger the second for the first time, and then when priority moves to the second, it would activate for the second time (don't ask my why I thought this a possibility, I have no idea why I thought either enchantment would trigger each other, unless I was thinking they were a little similar to Panharmicon) but yeah, i realised the tokens would double before this question even occurred, I guess i just misunderstood the typing in an incomprehensibly complex way. My mind is a baffling place haha I didn't get much synergy with my pre-release, as is my usual case (although I may just need to sharpen my skills more as I've played very little competitive magic) and now that I'm back home for a little bit, with all that I've learned, I'm just wincing a lot at how I've built my old decks (hence why I was asking about Anointed Procession, as figured it was a White Parallel Lives) but seeing as I've already got 2/3 PL already, there isn't much point really spending £6.99 on one (apart from making a Selesnya token Comm deck). Speaking of, I really want the C17 Dragon deck (Cats too) despite how ungreat the manabase is. I agree on the White Vampires, especially as they're often portrayed as Aristocratic, Noble-birth "respec'-m-'authoritah", self-entitled etc. Also, Pariah's Shield and Phytohydra, or even Sprouting Phytohydra; interesting combo? (for argument's sake, it has Hexproof etc.)
  15. Ohhhh that necro.... Buuuuuut...i hath a query if anyone can hazard some help, other boards aren't offering much in the way of help that i can gather from searching. Both Anointed Procession and Parallel Lives double the number of tokens produced by a card's effect, but I can't quite wrap my had around if one or both trigger the each other? As each effect doubles the amount, they're practically the same card but the differing wording is sending me for a little loop. Am I being stupid and just over-thinking this and that Create and Put essentially mean the same thing? Basically my question is this; I have both enchantments out and then I cast a token producing card; I resolve PL first, then AP; but the newly doubled token wouldn't trigger For reference; Anointed Procession 3W If an effect would create one or more tokens under your control, it creates twice that many tokens instead Parallel Lives 3G If an effect would put one or more tokens onto the battlefield under your control, it puts twice that many tokens onto the battlefield inst Ignore my ramblings, I think I figured it out. How's everyone liking Ixalan?