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  1. Better Caul Saul - season 4!
  2. Well, it's a statement of fact, not flattery
  3. @PlanetReelo. You are gorgeous. Watching this series. Sacha Baron Cohen is at his devious best
  4. Saw Sacred games on netflix. The first episode is set up but from mid ep2 and onwards it’s beauty of a 8 episode series.
  5. #predatorsowhite
  6. I have a 5 alphabet asian name. People still get it wrong. A 3 alphabet name like Sam Mal Ned Tim Bud Kal Ted all are easy and don’t result in too much of a job search issue.
  7. The thing with king killer is the lack of FX costs as well. You can make a movie far more cheaply for them. Other than the faerie and the talking tree - very little fx required. Just a incomplete mystery like a series of unfortunate events (TBF that series actually ended decently).
  8. I always wanted a three alphabet name...
  9. Hoping to go to Infinity Wars this weekend. right now starting on Legends of Tomorrow...
  10. I've critical of a number of more popular series and just never went past couple of books in the series. These included Gentlemen Bastards series by Scott Lynch - just didn't grab me as something spectacular despite a couple of interesting hooks. Jim Butcher's Dresden files - read book 1 and gave up. Terribly cliched women characters (damsels in distress archetypes, anyone?) Rothfuss's Kingkiller Chronicles (loved the first 2 books and still hated myself for reading them - coz I really wanted for Denna to marry a rich dude or fall off a cliff so that the story could move on). But yeah, book 3 is nowhere in sight 7 years after book 2 was released. --- Again, if OP is into this medieval fantasy genre (swords and magic) - then I highly recommend Lois McMaster Bujold's The Curse of Chalion (link). Far above the stuff pedalled by the above and as a standalone is a winner of multiple awards. Its stand-alone follow up with some side characters taking front and centre is also multi-award winner as well (Hugo) - Paladin of Souls (link). These 2 books are a proper adult fantasy in being considered and deliberate rather than just slap-dash juvenile action. I also suggest that OP considers more genre than just fantasy. Some of my recommendations while crossing genre's are:- To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee (60s fiction) Born a Crime: Stories From a South African Childhood by Trevor Noah (memoir now being converted into a movie) - NY times bestseller for more than a year in 2017 Farewell My Lovely and The Long Goodbye by Raymond Chandler (detective noir 30s) - Raymond Chandler is considered the father of noir and both these books were done up as movies by Alfred Hitchcock The Thunderbolt Kid by Bill Bryson (50s-60s memoir/comedy) - promise that the reader will be in hysterics for days whenever the word toidi jar comes up.
  11. Shallan is my favourite character. I want to see more of her (but less of her Radiant persona). The more flawed it is, the more interesting it becomes.
  12. We’ve had a discussion in the past on this matter. But happy to hear if anything new has come to light?
  13. I wouldn’t be surprised with major off screen events in the one year break. I can picture starts like Catch-22’s chapter openings... “Major Major was dead.”
  14. Interestingly, the progress bar has disappeared?
  15. Annoying topics done to death The love triangle why Adolin will/will not be a radiant Where is vivienna (pre OB release) Hoid is going to be a lightweaver ... aalways thrown in as a discussion point or a something as a supporting point to the poster’s theory.