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  1. Shallan is my favourite character. I want to see more of her (but less of her Radiant persona). The more flawed it is, the more interesting it becomes.
  2. We’ve had a discussion in the past on this matter. But happy to hear if anything new has come to light?
  3. I wouldn’t be surprised with major off screen events in the one year break. I can picture starts like Catch-22’s chapter openings... “Major Major was dead.”
  4. Interestingly, the progress bar has disappeared?
  5. Annoying topics done to death The love triangle why Adolin will/will not be a radiant Where is vivienna (pre OB release) Hoid is going to be a lightweaver ... aalways thrown in as a discussion point or a something as a supporting point to the poster’s theory.
  6. That’s the bit I don’t get. An introverted person will tire of dressing up and looking impeccable all the time. They’d go into a jeans and t shirt mode the moment glamour isn’t required. Jasnah doesn’t do that. It’s always go, go, go, travel, scheme and scholarships in a lonely pursuit while always dressed up. So, a very contradictory introvert.
  7. @Matt O - You’ve raised a good point. Both are slightly contradictory. Navani is fine though. It is Jasnah who is more. Extroversion / Introversion is defined more around under/over stimulation. A person who always is under stimulated will be an extrovert and vice verca. Navani shows more of a forceful extrovert personality and surrounds herself with scholars like a principal to do the work. So, she’s more a head principal type. Jasnah is introverted, has had 1 ward and no other pupils and does not share easily. We can let other bits slide, but her fashion sense does not fit. An introvert will need less external stimulation and therefore is not impacted by a strong fashion ethic. But Jasnah is always superbly dressed, which does not fit that well.
  8. When I think about Rock, I think he's headed towards the Truthwatcher camp. Can see spren, and feisty like the Stump.
  9. That is good mate. Finally someone from a relatively official position of "17th Shard" something who can acknowledge that there were some holes in there. Firstly, the book was amazing and I just posted another Link to quote which I thought was great. But in my eyes, the book was just didn't start very well resulting in problems all the way through the end. So, it was Part 1 which dragged a lot more than Part 4. It was the foundation of Part 1 that undid so much of the other good work. Moash disappeared with a shardblade at the end of WoR. Yet, nobody mentioned him again other than a slight thought bubble by a Bridge 4 guy. Then he comes and kills the king. Kaladin still can't be bothered explaining. Navani was distraught about Jasnah for half of WoR. Here, Szeth is giving sentry duty to Dalinar and Navani is happy for him to do that even though he had killed Gavilar (Navani's husband, Jasnah's father and Dalinar's brother). Yep, makes perfect sense....not. The whole war against the Parshendi started with Szeth's actions, and here he is sitting primly in Urithiru and Kal is all cool with that either. I can go on. BS could have left Szeth in an indecisive position or had him march on a side quest, but I think the whole tying loose ends for me unravelled it. I agree with you on the other bits of the book having such great writing.s. And also, I agree regarding Venli. Such change of personality rarely happens. I still don't feel anything for her despite her supposed binding of a willshaper spren. Just devalues the whole argument on fighting against Odium. Didn't see Elhokar's end. Didn't expect Moash to turn into Vyre. So many other foreshadowy bits in the book that need talking about:- Noahdan feeling like Taravangian to Dalinar in his non-stormfather dream Nightblood urging Szeth to kill Nale because he is evil and it being surprised when Szeth says he is good. Looking forward to your next video!
  10. The below quote is from Chapter 105 Spirit Mind and Body, probably the best chapter of the book based on prose. The second best although the most striking one was Chapter 75 Only Red. Going through the re-reads, this one is really a hidden gem from Chapter 105. Superb writing here. I've quoted the full section, but I'll highlight for emphasis. Even more impactful in the audiobook version.
  11. I read the following This is from Szeth’s trial by other skybreakers. I am assuming that the trip to Shinovar happens in book 5, so there is when Szeth gets his Shardplate by completing his quest....
  12. I am thinking about what explicit clues were left about the future books in OB. And the one that comes to mind is Odium’s question to Mr T. “What can you tell me about the tower?” So, an attack on Urithiru clearly on Odium’s mind.
  13. Honor also tells Dalinar to read the book. Dalinar asks if it is the in-book Way of Kings, but never gets an answer as the vision finishes.
  14. Well, across the 10 book arc, there are 5 main male and 5 female characters. Even between radiants, it’s 50-50... so BS is keeping it pretty gender balanced by the ruler.