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  1. Well, it doesn't help that a lot of us have already read the manuscript of White Sand. So while there are changes and new stuff in the comic, it kinda takes the suspense out of it.
  2. I am aware of that, I was just making a joke about Brandon writing extra Mistborn books when nobody is looking.
  3. Yeah. There's such great lore for that series. I want a prequel that explains what exactly happened with Galath and Ausar.
  4. Well, last we heard, his plan is to start writing Lost Metal sometime in the summer, for a release early next year. Misborn Era 3 won't come until the break between the front and back half of Stormlight.
  5. My pipe dream is that he's doing something for Infinity Blade. That will never happen though, since ChAIR doesn't seem interested in returning to that franchise any time soon.
  6. Well, according to previous patterns, this should be the follow up to Lost Metal. Mistborn Era 3, anyone?
  7. I guess this is kind of late, but you could mitigate this by having the core comprise a disproportionately large amount of the planet's volume. Mercury is in a similar situation, where the planet lost most of its mantle during formation, likely from a colossal impact. I haven't done the math, but the core would probably have to be pretty big to compensate. Also, note that with the smaller size and smaller mantle, there probably wouldn't be very strong tectonic activity, meaning mountains would be smaller, and volcanos would be rare.
  8. I believe he might have already been on Roshar. Remember the devotairy of sincerity? The one Jasnah recommended to Shallan? I noticed on a recent reread that their motto is: "There are always more answers to be found." Hm. There are always more answers to be found. There is always another answer to be found. There is always something to discover. There is always another secret. Its could be nothing, just a false positive, but given Brandon's style of foreshadowing, I find it very hard to believe the similarity of their core belief to Kelsier's favorite saying is a coincidence.
  9. I would like this dust jacket. I would also like you to respond to the email I sent you the other day, @Chaos.
  10. Lol. I just said storm it, I'm reading this thicc-chull Dhakor in class.
  11. The only place I really felt this got in the way of the story was with Vin and Elend. They were obviously sleeping together (source), but the text goes out of its way to imply that they're not. I don't think it needed a sex scene to work, just a single acknowledgement that yes, they're in a relationship, and yes, that means they're sleeping together. Still, he is getting better at how he approaches things. He seems like a good person at heart.
  12. I'll check this out more after I finish OB. I can't read it yet. Thanks for tagging me.
  13. *sees notification in inbox* *clicks on notification* *sees post marked as OB spoilers* AAAAHHHHHH RETREAT RETREAT RETREAT!!!!! I can't say much, because I'm still reading Part 1, and I can't read the OP, but yeah, it's cool to see people still remember Infinity Blade. Good times. Also, now I really want to see Adolin vs Raidriar.
  14. No mention on if it's still Cosmere? Oh well, I guess we'll know soon enough, with State of the Sanderson.