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  1. I guess this is kind of late, but you could mitigate this by having the core comprise a disproportionately large amount of the planet's volume. Mercury is in a similar situation, where the planet lost most of its mantle during formation, likely from a colossal impact. I haven't done the math, but the core would probably have to be pretty big to compensate. Also, note that with the smaller size and smaller mantle, there probably wouldn't be very strong tectonic activity, meaning mountains would be smaller, and volcanos would be rare.
  2. I believe he might have already been on Roshar. Remember the devotairy of sincerity? The one Jasnah recommended to Shallan? I noticed on a recent reread that their motto is: "There are always more answers to be found." Hm. There are always more answers to be found. There is always another answer to be found. There is always something to discover. There is always another secret. Its could be nothing, just a false positive, but given Brandon's style of foreshadowing, I find it very hard to believe the similarity of their core belief to Kelsier's favorite saying is a coincidence.
  3. I would like this dust jacket. I would also like you to respond to the email I sent you the other day, @Chaos.
  4. Lol. I just said storm it, I'm reading this thicc-chull Dhakor in class.
  5. The only place I really felt this got in the way of the story was with Vin and Elend. They were obviously sleeping together (source), but the text goes out of its way to imply that they're not. I don't think it needed a sex scene to work, just a single acknowledgement that yes, they're in a relationship, and yes, that means they're sleeping together. Still, he is getting better at how he approaches things. He seems like a good person at heart.
  6. I'll check this out more after I finish OB. I can't read it yet. Thanks for tagging me.
  7. *sees notification in inbox* *clicks on notification* *sees post marked as OB spoilers* AAAAHHHHHH RETREAT RETREAT RETREAT!!!!! I can't say much, because I'm still reading Part 1, and I can't read the OP, but yeah, it's cool to see people still remember Infinity Blade. Good times. Also, now I really want to see Adolin vs Raidriar.
  8. No mention on if it's still Cosmere? Oh well, I guess we'll know soon enough, with State of the Sanderson.
  9. I'll be kinda sad if Skyward isn't Cosmere. Especially since we'll only be getting Lost Metal and maybe a novella before the next Stormlight.
  10. But the metals do actually push and pull. It's not obvious, but it's there. Aside from the obvious ones of Iron and Steel, you have; Tin which 'pulls' information to your senses + Pewter which 'pushes' your body outwards, strengthening it; Nicrosil that 'pushes' on the strength of a target's allomantic powers + Chromium which 'pulls' on the strength of someone's powers, etc. Yes, the terms came from bronze burning, but they do fit the nature of the powers in an abstract manner. Since Hoid is the only known allomancer on Roshar, we have to wrk backwards from there. I'm not sure there would be a need to lump various surges into categories. Each sure is already a category unto itself. If my theory is correct, then each surge would already encompass both pushing and pulling, whereas in allomancy, you need both a metal and its alloy to get a push/pull duality. This whole idea came about because if you squint, it seems some surges can be used both ways. We would need more information on how the surges function, I think. I'll post my conclusions after I read Oathbringer. In any case, it might not be necessary to categorize the surges, since each surge seems to be a category in itself. In allomancy, you need a metal and its alloy to make a push/pull pair, whereas my theory posits that each surge is a pair unto itself.
  11. So, this theory was inspired by discussion in this thread on Reddit. If someone has posted this before, just ignore me. Note that I haven't read the Oathbringer previews, so if there's more information in those, I don't know of it. Based on what we've seen in the first two Stormlight books, and Edgedancer though, I'm fairly confident in this. We've had a fairly in-depth look at three surges so far (Gravitation, Illumination, and Progression) with some info on three others (Adhesion, Abrasion, and Transformation). With the first three, we've seen two different ways of using them. Gravitation There are two types of Gravitational Lashing. You can either perform a Basic Lashing, where you change the direction of the local gravitational force on an object. Then there's a Reverse Lashing, where you increase an object's apparent gravitational pull. Basic stuff really, this was established in the prologue. Progression We've seen Lift use Progression in two ways. She can either cause Growth in plants near her, or use Regrowth to heal injured people. Illumination This was the final piece of the puzzle for me. Credit goes to the Reddit thread for pointing it out. In chapter 30 of WoR, Shallan apparently sees events elsewhere and elsewhen on Roshar: I at first thought this was related to Shallan's mnemonic ability, something all Lightweavers are known to have. However, sprocket44 on Reddit pointed out that this might actually be another application of Illumination. Specifically, it seems to be similar to how Renarin, a Truthwatcher, "sees" things. What to Shallan and Renarin have in common? Control of Illumination. To summarize, there are two ways of using Illumination: Creating illusions, or seeing events of a different time and place. What I think is going on here, is each surge is being either Pushed or Pulled. With Gravitation, a Basic Lashing Pushes on the gravity of an object, changing the direction of force only on the object that was lashed. A Reverse Lashing obviously Pulls, causing objects to be gravitationally attracted to the object which you're lashing. With Illumination, you Push the surge out of your body to create constructs of Light, or waves of sound. You Pull on it to receive glimpses of distant events. I'm not quite sure which aspect of Progression is Pushing or Pulling. Regrowth might be Pushing, since you give something to the subject, which would make Growth the Pulling power, in which you Pull on the flora around you to stimulate it. The terms Pulling and Pushing are obviously more commonly associated with Allomancy. Each base metal allows an Allomancer to Pull on something, while each alloy Pushes. However, I do think they can and should be applied to Surgebinding. Brandon as stated that one of his goals with the Cosmere is to create a "Magical Theory of Everything," where all magic systems in the Cosmere operate on the same basic principles. Categorizing surge manipulation as Pushing and Pulling is a clean and logical way of organizing those powers. I would love to get a viewpoint from Hoid, where he uses bronze to listen to someone Surgebind. This probably won't happen until Mistborn Era 4, unfortunately. Lastly, this theory is obviously incomplete. We've only seen one use of some surges so far. With Abrasion, Slicking is probably the Pulling power, and the Pushing power would be related to increasing friction, and probably the Dustbringers' ability to light stuff on fire. What about the others? What would the "opposite" of sticking two objects together with a vacuum? What would the opposites of Soulcasting and Elsecalling even look like? Ah well. Oathbginer comes out in two days. We'll probably know a lot more by then.
  12. I know the feeling.
  13. I wonder what the chances are that it will be something Cosmere. Are there any other known YA Cosmere projects? Can he even publish Cosmere stuff with Random House, or would that throw things off with the big movie rights deal, having Cosmere books under two different publishers?
  14. This is my own personal method of getting upvotes: 1: Receive a Stormlight based quiz in Multivariable Calculus. 2: Post that quiz on the Shard for storms and giggles. 3: Wait for the friend that introduced you to the Cosmere on another forum to point out that your Calculus instructor is actually @Chaos 4: Return a few hours later to get your mind blown. 5: ???? 6: Profit! Sadly, this method seems to only be one time use.
  15. Calling it now. The mystery project is Stormlight 5, which he needed to write so he could figure out how to write Stormlight 4.