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  1. pls don't hack me

    1. Captains Domon

      Captains Domon

      Wut? who said anything about hacking?

  2. Old thread... Am I the only one that Reddington reminds of Hoid?
  3. @King ColeFound the WoB I was looking for. Thanks @Pagerunner for helping me find it!
  4. Here's a relevant WoB! Unfortunately I failed to find the one I am thinking of so take that with a grain of salt but I remember Brandon suggesting he originally hadn't planned for Twinborn but got very lucky thinking of it for Wax & Wayne as it turned out more awesome than what he'd outlined. So it could be part of the explanation. Even if it was I think Brandon's worked out a really solid explanation anyway.
  5. Full size here: http://www.17thshard.com/forum/gallery/image/1241-syls-sense-of-humour-open-full-size/?imageSize=large
  6. Surprisingly I didn't find outright confirmation but just short of it.
  7. Different kinds of bonds/oaths grant different kinds of powers. Other orders don't need WoK because the kind of bonds/oaths that WoK makes you follow are Bondsmith-material codes. I was not saying that Squires follow the codes. I was saying that they have a bond/loyalty/informal oaths to a Radiant.
  8. It's a very good theory, I actually don't recall seeing anyone associate the in-world Way of Kings with bondsmithdom (though I'm sure that happened). One of the comments also pertinently raises the suspicious book that made that neither gender can both fight and read. I think it has more direct connection with following The Codes or any honor code being a form of bond/oath (than with Connection, although I'm sure it's related), as those seem to be what grants powers on Roshar. We know Seon bonds would grant powers on Roshar, bonding a spren which requires oaths grants powers, bonding a honorblade grants powers*, and it seems similar to how Squires gain power by bonding or loyalty (oaths of sort) with their Radiant, also explaining why Windrunners have a squire bonus. (One of Jezrien's two attributes is Leading, and becoming a Windrunner seems to require a personality that inspires followers.) *As a tangentially related addendum, I don't know how much people have focused on this but it seems reasonable to say that Honorblades can grant so much power without Oaths is because wielding one signs you up to the Oathpact, whatever its implications are.... scary.
  9. I think this is exactly what's happening. It explains why Bavadin blocks entry into Taldain (as Shards may want to influence other planets through worldhopping envoys), and why he involves himself much more offworld than on Taldain, according to Khriss's essays if I recall right. He gets involved, to reduce all Shardic involvement. I like the idea that Odium is a red herring for Autonomy as an end-game or later-game villain.
  10. theory

    Brandon also gets help from all kinds of people, and I remember him accepting the help of someone on reddit who said they had a Physics Ph. D or something. Most amazing thread I've ever read. I googled "harmonium oxide" thinking I was a genius and that made me stumble upon that thread, lol. Here are some WoB I'm surprised I didn't see in this thread that hint at your thinking being very much on the right track. You wrote: WoB: On Harmonium being a combination of ruin atoms and preservation atoms but a not ruin metal and preservation metal alloy:
  11. hi

    "Ambition is not on a planet, but he/she is not the Shard Brandon has previously referred to as the one not on a planet. So, there are two out there."

    Can you tell me more about this exchange?

    Because Ambition is dead/splintered. Does it mean that it died not on a planet, or that it may have died on a planet but is not on one any more since it is nowhere?

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    2. Hoids Imaginary Friend

      Hoids Imaginary Friend

      Hmmm. Got that WoB handy?

      I was thinking that maybe what happened to Ambition was like a Beta Test.

      And I'm still tossing the idea around that Odium is being manipulated by Autonomy. @yurisses regarding the fact that Odium wasn't actually penned on Ambitions shattering.

      What if it started kinda like this:

      • Autonomy: I wonder.. If I did this what would happen?
      • Odium appears: Now that sounds fun. Let's try it on Ambition, he was always a prat.
      • Autonomy: No Raise, you are a prat. Ambition is a fool who reaches to high.
      • Odium: ** Snorts ** Sooooo..
      • Autonomy: I will not have you harm this system. Ambition was always intimidated by you. Scare him away for me will you.
      • Odium: ** Chuckles malevolently **

      ** Sigh ** I wish I could Cadmium bubble 15 years into the future..

      *~ HIF ~*

    3. Pagerunner


      @Hoids Imaginary Friend, what WoB are you looking for? The one that says Odium targeted Ambition? That's linked in my previous reply. I believe @Argent was the one who asked about it, and he was at least present, if you want some more specifics on the exchange. But I don't think the dialogue you put forth fits with Odium having Ambition on the top of his hit list.

    4. Hoids Imaginary Friend

      Hoids Imaginary Friend

      @Pagerunner Thanks heaps; love how friendly and helpful you guys are ;)

      Yes that was the WoB I was after. I realized I'd already read it. Thanks again.

      The dialogue I put forth was merely some fun against the suggestion: What happened to Ambition was like a Beta Test.

  12. ello! Thanks for your Q/A reports! This one is very intriguing to me, do you mind giving me the recording for this one so I can hear Brandon's tone and stuff? (or just the entire recording if you don't want to go to the trouble of isolating that one question)



    Necarion: The compounding trick that the Lord Ruler performed. When you’re storing investiture, are you storing your ‘mistborn-ness’ or all the powers individually?
    Brandon: All of the powers individually
    Necarion: [Surprised, because this dashed a favorite theory of mine] Oh okay!
    Brandon: Yeah, the compounding trick. Really what’s happening is you’re fueling feruchemy with the power of allomancy, but you’re filtering it through you, and then you’re storing it.
    Necarion: So it’s not that you’re a more powerful mistborn when you’ve tapped [investiture]
    Brandon: No, good question.


  13. What's your current best FTL theories?

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    2. Kurkistan


      Well that's what I get for relying on word-search for "nicro". :/

      It seems almost like Brandon misinterpreted the question and thought Necarion was asking about compounding for a bit there (particularly when Brandon says that), but then by the end all the sudden we're talking about how powerful mistborn are again and Brandon doesn't challenge it. I can't say there's much to glean from it given the possibility that Brandon and Necarion were talking past one another.

    3. yurisses


      I thought the same thing, which is funny because I've always felt like one of the main WoBs for there being an reverse-compounding trick (http://www.theoryland.com/intvmain.php?i=977#88) could also be a misunderstanding as Brandon just casually seems to reveal you can compound allomancy and adds "don't forget" like we were supposed to know.


      Still, what are your best FTL guesses as of this time? I loved your "jump" theory with huge bendalloy bubbles and small cadmium bubbles but that's from 2013.

    4. Kurkistan


      That's a good thought on that WoB just being a super-early reveal of what happened with the Bands of Mourning.

      Sorry if it's disappointing, but my 2013 theory is still the one to beat so far as I can see: If it ain't broke don't fix it. The only real flaw is assumption 2.5, which stated (inaccurately) that being in vacuum would increase the size of time bubbles.