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  1. *salutes* There's a few offhand references in there...
  2. See, I'm not allowed to play these games, I tell myself, because I just spend the whole time narcissistically laughing at how funny I think I am.
  3. I am actually seeking an answer, though it wasn't the idea of a one-essence Soulcaster that was the issue, actually. Shallan lets us know in Chapter 5 of WoK that there's a lot of Soulcasters that do only very limited things, like Kaza's. My issue is Kaza's phrasing regarding her Soulcaster having only "only one mode, not the full three." That makes it sound like three is the maximum number of essences that a Soulcaster can transform things into, and yet, as we see above, Jasnah was claiming that her "Soulcaster" was capable of doing all 10 essences, even though it was stronger at 3 specifically. I doubt someone as intelligent as Jasnah would claim she had a Soulcaster that could do a thing that no other Soulcaster in the world could do. That'd be super suspicious, wouldn't it be? But Kaza's phrasing here, then, is odd to me. We'll see if it gets changed in the final draft. That said, regarding how they work, I've got no special knowledge on the topic, but I wouldn't be surprised if Soulcasters function differently than modern fabrials. They might not even be powered by spren. Navani was extremely surprised to find out that Dalinar's visions didn't show any ancient fabrials in them, since apparently modern scholarship believes the ancients were experts at making fabrials. I mean, they seemed to think that Shardblades and Shardplate were the result of fabrial technology, too, and we know that's not true. Soulcasting fabrials come from the same era, and I'm pretty sure modern artifabrians can't make them. That makes me feel like they're probably wrong about them being normal fabrials in the first place.
  4. Chaos, you got to READ my reactions, nerd. But also awwwww, what a sweet thing to say, now I'm blushing. u////u I might end up posting my beta comments somewhere after the book is released, because I still have all those documents. I'll just trim out any that are no longer relevant or don't refer to anything anymore. Rest assured, there's plenty of comments that are simply me informing Brandon that I woke my housemates up screaming or laughing or crying because Renarin is a person that exists sometimes. Heh, also I can brag about the timeline inconsistencies I caught. Humility is for the weak!
  5. Heads up guys, I was kind of cagey about reasons because I didn't know whether or not I'd be sharing this around, but now I've started telling people, so: The reason there's no Oathbringer Splintercast is because... I'm an Oathbringer beta reader! The beta was an amazing opportunity and I'm super grateful to Team Sanderson for letting me help out with this process, but unfortunately, it means there's not really a good way to do a reaction podcast. I couldn't record and take down beta comments at the same time, and the beta drafts change quite a bit from the final version, so there'd be stuff in my reactions that didn't make it into the final draft, which would be weird. It just wasn't something that would feasibly work out, so unfortunately, Splintercast will not be, at least for this book. However, I can tell you guys this: it's an amazing book and you're all going to love it.
  6. Since bringing this back was @Mestiv's idea, I'll toss my vote that way too! Though I do very much appreciate the vote for me, @Claincy!
  7. Okay, please tell me I'm not the only one who has to have songs to go along with the books I'm reading. Because as soon as I find a great story, I immediately scour my iPod for the perfect song. It's hard, the perfect song has to have meaningful lyrics, as well as the right feel to it. So, I'm wondering, do you have any songs that go with the Cosmere books/characters? Elantris Raoden: by Rob ThomasRaoden/Sarene/Hrathen: by Jon MclaughlinMistborn Overall: All The Right Moves by One Republic Vin and Elend: written by Death Cab for Cutie, as performed by Kurt SchneiderVin and Elend: Us by Regina Spektor Vin and Elend: by WestlifeThe Lord Ruler: by ColdplayWay of Kings Overall: by 30 Seconds To MarsKaladin (written for him specifically!): You Can't Go Back by Fully Functional Dalinar/Adolin: by 30 Seconds To MarsDalinar/Kaladin: by 30 Seconds To MarsAs you can see, I definitely need more! I'll probably find more eventually but until then hit me up with some Warbreaker and Elantris songs definitely, or some more character songs. Vin and Elend definitely need some songs, and poor Jasnah and Shallan have been left out too! Character specific songs are good as well as overall book songs!
  8. So this was kind of supposed to be a Christmas present to the Cosmere fandom as a whole, but now it’s a New Year’s present instead! Cards Against MORE Cosmere! The original Cards Against the Cosmere deck has gotten some good use out of it, but has unfortunately fallen a little bit behind the times as new things have come out. So this is meant to be a supplimental update to the original deck, with 18 brand new black cards and 43 new white cards, for your Cards Against the Cosmere games! This expansion has cards referencing Shadows of Self, Bands of Mourning, White Sand, Secret History, Edgedancer, and the rest of Arcanum Unbounded. Be warned that there are spoilers for these works in these cards! Pairs well with the Original Flavor Cards Against the Cosmere! The original deck has references for Cosmere works before Shadows of Self, mostly Stormlight Archive, Mistborn, and Warbreaker. Happy New Year, everyone! If you get some funny combos, let me know what your favorites are!
  9. Shakadolrin would be the ship name for when you're shipping Shallan/Kaladin/Adolin/Renarin together as a group (though most people tend to say that in such a match-up, Adolin and Renarin wouldn't be involved with each other, to avoid incest implications.) But yeah, it's an "everyone is dating everyone" sort of situation. Tends to be known as "the OT4" for short, which is a term that evolved from the common fandom term for a ship, "OTP" or "one true pairing." People expanded OTP to OT3, for "one true threesome" and it helped that it rhymed. And from there it just kind of became OT(number) for however many characters you've got in a big ship pile. Admittedly, it's definitely more of a tumblr thing. I tried to mix some 17S stuff in with the tumblr stuff for these cards, but there's certainly things from both spheres of influence. People also tend to use the term "the OT4" to just refer to the main 4 SA characters in that age group, even outside of an explicitly romantic context, too.
  10. I... I think I'm in love. What a gorgeous ketek! I'm just sitting here in awe that something so lovely and beautiful exists in this world. *sighs dreamily*
  11. Listen, I'm not gonna say that sometimes I just do a forum-wide search for the word "Renarin" to see what the new content is... ... ... ...but I'm also not not saying that either.
  12. Okay I just found this whole album and it's truly incredible. What an amazing job you've done capturing them all! Such perfect art! (I had to comment on Renarin's of course, because he's my fave!)
  13. @Delightfully Smoak Ooh, thank you for tagging me! It's a fave pic of mine. I drooled over the WIPs on @Parttimedragon's tumblr all through the process. Good good art of my good good son.
  14. theory

    So, this is a theory that I've kinda been kicking around in the back of my head for a while, and I've written some posts using this assumption. However, I've never atually gone and typed up a formal theory post. I... kinda made one on tumblr, but that doesn't count, so I've gotta get it up over here. For those of you alergic to tumblr posts, fret not. I'm going to put all that information over here. Now, as of the Shadows of Self signing, I've got some Word of Brandon on the subject as well! So it's high time we got this thing out here. I'll put the theory itself first, in-book justification, and then Brandon's responses to my questions. Theory: Renarin Kholin's visions throughout Words of Radiance are not a normal manifestation of Truthwatcher powers. They are likely not regular Surgebinding at all and may not even be related to his status as a Truthwatcher. Now, perhaps this seems counter-intuitive. Renarin says in WoR Ch. 89 that he's a Truthwatcher, which means he "sees." He's been seeing throughout the whole book, counting down to the arrival of the Everstorm. Why wouldn't those two be the same thing? Well, there's a few very good reasons why there seems to be more going on with Renarin than originally meets the eye: Arguments: #1 - Renarin's visions do not match other Radiants' expressions of his Surges. Admittedly, we have seen very little use of shared Surges by different orders, but from what we have seen, Surge expression seems to be very similar between sharing orders. Jasnah and Shallan's Soulcasting seems to work the same way, to the point that Jasnah believes she can teach Shallan how Soulcasting works, even though they have different Orders. We see both Ym (who is a Truthwatcher!) and Lift use their shared surge of Regrowth, and in both cases, it seems to work in an almost identical way. We would expect therefore, that Renarin's Surges, Regrowth and Illumination, would manifest in the same way as other users of these Surges. As stated above, we had two separate practitioners of Regrowth in WoR, one of whom was actually a Truthwatcher. On the other side, we've seen extensive use of Illumination thanks to Shallan, who goes through all kinds of self-training and uses of her Illumination powers. With these examples, we should be able to make a very educated guess as to what Renarin's Surgebinding capabilities are, even though we don't actually see him using these powers himself. The problem? Neither of those two surges seem to do anything close to what Renarin's visions do. The visions don't line up with either Illumination as we know it or Regrowth. You might be able to argue that Truthwatchers use Illumination differently than Lightweavers (which I'll support wholeheartedly, but that's a different topic) but this level of difference is difficult to justify. The more logical explanation is that something entirely different is going on. #2 - Renarin's visions appear to be involuntary, compulsive, and entirely outside of his control. [ CONFIRMED: See below ] Renarin is seeing the future, which is highly taboo in Vorin culture. This isn’t something I believe he would choose to do. Considering the way that he hides this from his family throughout the book and the high level of distress he shows in the finale with Shallan, this does not appear to be something he is choosing to experience on his own. In the same way that seeing the future is taboo, so is writing for men. If Renarin does not want to reveal that he’s seeing the future, we wouldn’t expect him to voluntarily write things down. Seeing him succumb to the vision at the end, he cries out and screams as he writes, and the way that he continues to write the same thing over and over make this seem like an involuntary reaction, going as far to be something he would fight if he could, but cannot. He loses control and is forced to write the glyphs. Additionally, Renarin cannot control entering or leaving the visions. While we do see Kaladin and Shallan using their surges unintentionally, we never see them using Stormlight against their will. With Shallan and Kaladin, it is a subconcious thing, rather than something done with them actively fighting it. Shallan is never trapped within an illusion, struggling to get out of it. Kaladin does not ever find himself unable to stop using Stormlight, or toppling into the sky as gravity suddenly yanks him the wrong way without him asking it to. As soon as those two become aware of their surgebinding, they can control it, even if they started unintentionally. Renarin’s visions show no such control. He seems to be able to feel them coming on, but can't do anything to stop them. Once within a vision, he can't get out until the vision itself decides to end. Renarin cannot do anything to stop or resist the visions. They are entirely against his will. #3 - Dalinar's visions are another example of involuntary, uncontrolled, compulsive visions which are not Surgebinding. Now, don't say it. Yes I know that Dalinar is a Surgebinder by the end of Words of Radiance. However, I am fairly certain that he was not a Surgebinder before the very end, when he actually bonds with the Stormfather. And he has been experiencing visions since before Way of Kings started. I take this to mean that they're not Surgebinding. Maybe I'm wrong about that, but that's the assumption I'm working under for now. Dalinar's and Renarin's visions are incredibly similar actually. Both are involuntary and unable to be resisted. Both involve visions. Both have an element of compulsive actions, as Dalinar moves and speaks in other languages and Renarin has an almost hypergraphic need to write during his visions, despite that Renarin probably hasn't ever written before this. They also appear to both be tied to highstorms, since they happen at the same time. Perhaps most telling is the fact that Dalinar seems to think that Renarin's future-sight is his own up until the reveal, and that he simply can't remember it happening. That said, there are differences. Dalinar sees the past, Renarin sees the future. Dalinar is completely unaware of the real world while in the midst of his visions. Renarin seems to know and be aware of what's happening to him, even though he can no longer control his body. Dalinar seems to act out what he's experiencing, Renarin writes. Still, I would argue that Renarin's visions have more in common with Dalinar's visions than with Shallan's Illumination. If Dalinar and Renarin shared a Surge, I'd be comfortable saying that they were a shared Surge. But Truthwatchers and Bondsmiths are actually on directly opposite ends of the Radiant Orders. If this is supposed to be Surgebinding, why are they manifesting similar powers in opposite Orders? Why did Dalinar's start before his Nahel bond? My answer: they're not Surgebinding. Neither one of them. Relevant Canon Texts and Commentary: All are from WoR, because I can’t find any significant evidence of Renarin's powers in WoK. Does Renarin use his powers somehow to hide his coming into the room and writing the glyphs? Does he put Dalinar to sleep somehow? It’s possible. The sudden break between the paragraphs is strange here... Sloppy lines, unpracticed at drawing glyphs. Renarin is not used to writing. He also might have been fighting against the complusion to write as he did it. This is right after the fight with Szeth. Renarin was towed back by Moash at the beginning, and then Kaladin, Dalinar, and Adolin fought. After Kaladin ran Szeth off outside the palace, he was unconscious for an indeterminate amount of time, and then the glyphs were found when he got back. It’s interesting that Renarin would choose to provide the translation, when Navani is there and could read it herself. I would have thought he would not want to implicate himself in the glyphs by reading them. Or perhaps his compulsion pushed him to provide the translation here? I’m mostly putting this in here because it’s another iteration of the glyphs and I wanted them all. The real interesting stuff comes from the discussion afterward between Dalinar and Adolin. Seeing as Renarin is the one doing the carving and not Dalinar, Adolin’s theory is undoubtedly what happened. One wonders if Renarin maintains enough control during the visions to be able to hide himself. Does he have enough autonomy to be able to frame Dalinar for the carvings and keep himself from being implicated? And here we see the reason that Renarin doesn’t come forward with the fact that it’s him. Adolin is used to the idea of his father losing control of himself during Highstorms, but this is taking it a step too far, it seems. Considering that Renarin is already quite an outsider in Vorin culture, he doesn’t want to make it worse. Dalinar is very self-assured even though his own visions are making him lose credit among the other lighteyes. Renarin is not. Over the sounds of me hissing protectively while clutched around my darling and glaring at Shallan, here we have the first time that Renarin is shown doing something strange and/or powery. No one else can sense the Everstorm yet. Pattern mentioned that the storm was coming to Shallan but Renarin seems to be able to sense it on his own. Even being warned about it, Shallan doesn’t see anything. Feather continues to be generally upset in Shallan’s direction. It’s interesting again that he says something here. If he’s trying to hide the fact he can see the future, wouldn’t he keep quiet? Is this right here voluntary or compelled? Feather continues to be GENERALLY STRESSED ABOUT RENARIN’S WELLBEING. By this point we’re definitely getting into involuntary territory. He’s feverish and crying out and screaming. I’m guessing we’re watching Renarin on the cusp of succumbing to the vision, yelling out in defiance right on the edge of it taking him over. Then he’s lost and the writing happens. That said, even as he’s lost control, he continues to talk, whispering as he writes. (UNRELATED SCREAMS OF RAGE) Okay this quote doesn’t really show much of his powers. We’ll say it’s here for the sake of completeness and not because Feather felt like raging at the heavens. Honestly, by this point, I’m really surprised that Shallan continues to think that Renarin is mad or crazy. Considering he’s been giving the exact same warnings as Pattern you’d think she’d catch on that this is a real thing. In some cases, Renarin’s warnings came before Pattern's. So here we see what is really the only argument for Renarin's visions being Truthwatching. I'm not convinced. I think that Renarin probably is a Truthwatcher, since there's other evidence that his Nahel bond is legitimate - screaming Shardblades, healed eyes, Glys, etc. -- but I don't take this as immediately confirming that what's happening with his visions is an expression of Surgebinding. I think the visions are either unrelated, or if related (less likely in my opinion), somehow influenced by an outside force as well. It’s also worth noting here that Glys uses masculine pronouns. Aside from Dalinar and the Stormfather, all other Nahel bonds have been between opposite gender pairs: Shallan/Pattern, Kaladin/Syl, Jasnah/Ivory, Lift/Wyndle, Ym/unnamed spren. Word of Brandon: These questions were asked by me, the first at the Words of Radiance Midnight Release (I'd already finished it at that point) and the latter two at the Shadows of Self Midnight Release. Unfortunately, I don't have direct quotes, though I think the SoS questions were recorded, but haven't been transcribed yet. The WoR Release question is unfortunately very far from verbatim as I just asked and didn't write down the answer until a few hours later. Silly Feather. The SoS two, while also not direct quotes, were written down right after being given. Feather: Is there something important in the fact that Glys and Renarin both have masculine pronouns, while other Nahel bonds have been opposite gender? Brandon: There is something to it, though maybe not what you're thinking of. (Answer is very paraphrased, sorry. I'm not entirely sure what he thought I was thinking of...) Feather: Are Renarin's visions compulsive/involuntary? Brandon: There is an element of that to them, yes. Feather: Are Renarin's visions Surgebinding? Brandon: *evil laughter* RAFO!
  15. theory

    Quick Mod Note: Y'all are doing a good job of self moderating (making my job easy), but yes, double posting and running threads off topic are frowned upon. Thanks, everyone, for helping to keep the thread tidy. I don't think we derailed too much in here! Now then, as theory poster, I don't know if I ever discussed resonances re: Renarin. I'm... pretty unconvinced that the future thing is a resonance. Again, it just doesn't seem to be on par with other resonances. They don't match up. Resonances seem like little perks or quirks of each order, which kind of make them unique or help them out. I mean, Windrunners get more squires, Lightweavers get good memories, and Truthwatchers get all-consuming and utterly uncontrollable visions of the future, which entirely take over their body? It just doesn't line up, for me. We're talking about very different classes of things here.
  16. I'll pop in to respond on this count, since I think my theory is probably the one that's swayed so many people in this direction. What struck me about Renarin's abilities and the reason why I don't think they're normal surgebinding is the involuntary nature of them. Though we see Shallan and Kaladin surgebinding accidentally without realizing it, we never see other surgebinders being forced to use their abilities actively against their will. We don't see instances where their bodies are taken over and controlled by their powers, leaving them helpless. I mean, Renarin falls to the floor, crying and screaming "Almighty why have you cursed me so?" That doesn't feel right. Quite clearly at the end (and with plenty of hints leading up to it), Renarin is not fully in control of himself when the visions take over. He's forced to write or carve while he's in the throes of it, something he'd never do of his own volition. I mean, on one hand, it's deeply unmasculine, even if they're just glyphs, which is something Renarin's already very insecure about, but also, if he's going to so much trouble to try to hide the fact that he's having visions, why leave very obvious evidence behind that someone's seeing things, like number countdowns and written prophecies? My answer: he didn't have a choice. And though Brandon has confirmed that there is an involuntary element to Renarin's visions, he has not confirmed whether or not they're surgebinding. I got a hard (and evil laughing) RAFO on that question.
  17. Aww, you guys have left such nice comments about wanting me to do more Splintercast. I know I'm not going to be able to do OB, but I'd like to try to maybe do some of the other books in the future! It's been wonderful having you guys along on my book journeys with me!
  18. You guys thought we could get through this podcast without Feather developing a crush on the bad guy? Aww, that’s cute. It has just happened. Now I’ve realized he probably dresses completely my style. That’s unfortunate. Alright. Guess we have our trash fave for this book. Ay, welcome to the dumpster. We’re back. We did it everyone! The last part of Edgedancer, and what a trip that was, huh? I struggle to figure out what’s going on with “listening” that everyone keeps telling Lift to do, and come up with a theory before the reveal, just barely. A conversation with some cremlings. Wyndle achieves his dreams after blatantly hinting at it. Also! I didn’t recognize it at the time and Google betrayed me by not bringing it up, but the shardfork/shardspork joke is actually one of mine which I forgot about, since apparently I have the worst memory. But yes, there’s been a “Shardsporks” card in my Cards Against The Cosmere deck since 2015. Ha! I also babble about video games and the Cosmere, which if you want to know more about those ideas, I did actually type them up here because I have no self control. Mistborn is Dishonored and Stormlight is Destiny, I can’t make these things up. Also, I briefly get on my soapbox regarding Renarin’s visions, and if you’re curious what that’s all about, that theory can be found over here. And I think that’s it. Just a reminder, there will not be a Splintercast for Oathbringer, unfortunately. Just want to warn you guys in advance, but yeah, that one’s not going to be happening. This could be the last Splintercast for a little while, but don’t worry, we’ll be doing other fun podcasts over here still! Keep an eye on the news box!
  19. I'm the worst Cosmere fan. What is wrong with me? Gosh dangit. I'm the worst at Cosmere. FeatherWriter's cancelled. Let's just... wow. Welcome back to Splintercast. Today, Lift is hot on the trail of Darkness, also known as Nale/Nahlay/Nail/Nalan, because who the heck knows how to actually pronounce that name. Definintely not me. Featuring: Her Pancakefulness, reunions with old friends from Nalthis, and Feather maybe starting to care a little about Szeth. I also tell a story about trying to mail a present to Botanica through the Chinese postal service and the harrowing experience that that was. Loads of fun. If you haven’t checked out Bota’s Cosmere art, you’re missing out. It’s all fabulous.
  20. SPOILER WARNING: While this theory does contain spoiler information for many of the cosmere books, the main theory itself is only concerned with Stormlight Archive and all cosmere spoilers (including Words of Radiance) are in spoiler tags. Feel free to read the theory and peruse and open spoilers as you feel fit! Disclaimer: This is not the kind of theory in which I gleefully proclaim that I have “figured it all out” and have indisputable evidence to back up my claims. This is a shot-in-the-dark, guesswork kind of theory. A “wouldn’t it be cool if” kind of theory. Got it? Basically, I was in cosmere chat and was suddenly struck by an idea. See, we still don’t know much about the Stormlight Archive and its overall plot. We know that Odium is a bad guy and he is trying to accomplish something. We know that the Knights Radiant are returning because of some reason. We know that there’s three shards but we don’t really know what each of them are doing or have done or what their goals are. As far as what the big arcs of this series are going to be, what the main goal of our antagonist is, we’re actually sitting quite a bit in the dark. At the moment, the series is concerned with fairly small scale things, arcs relating to individual characters or single countries or such. But there’s hints and stirrings that this is going to get big. So, here’s my humble guess: There is something wrong with Roshar’s afterlife which needs to be fixed or solved. This will be a major part of the plot for The Stormlight Archive. There’s a few different reasons why I’m coming up with this. I’m going to put these things in spoiler tags just to keep things neat and organized, because I dislike huge blocks of text. Some of them have spoilers within them, others just have info. Textual Reasons 1.The Tranquiline Halls (no WoR spoilers) 2.Braize and Damnation (one WoR quote, not really spoilery) 3.Other Cosmere Afterlife Hints Metatextual Reasons 1.It Hasn’t Been Done Before 2.Brandon Is A Troll There’s more I could get into her with all of this, and perhaps this thread will bring up some of those discussions, but I think that’s enough for an opening post. Fanfic writer that I am, I’ve been tossing around possibilities of situations if this does turn out to be the case, some heartwarming, some tragic – because this is me after all, and I’ve got to live up to my reputation as the fandom monster right? So, thoughts, opinions, more evidence, disputes, theological debates? What are you guys thinking about all of this? Do you think it’s possible? Do you think it’s likely? Do we all just really want to see Tien and Kaladin reunite? Give me some of your responses! Update: July 2016 Hello to all who have come to check out this theory post after it was on the Featured Theories news (thank you, @Windrunner, I am extremely flattered). However, there have been a few books released since I first typed up this theory way back in... 2014 was it? And boy were some of those books doozies when it came to this theory and its implications. So, here's a quick update on how this theory is faring thus far: 1. New Information (Bands of Mourning and Secret History spoilers!)
  21. Look, like the most tangental reference to Renarin just happened, and I’m like… on the verge of tears. That’s a lie. There actually are tears in my eyes. And in case that pull quote up there in italics didn’t give it away, this week, Feather talks about a character who does not even appear in this book. Somewhat at length. Because she has problems and 90% of them are Renarin Kholin. In other, non-Renarin related things, Wyndle is dropping unsubtle hints, Lift makes it into the city, eats someone’s breakfast, meets a weird guy who may or may not be Hoid, and my cat who was not even in the room while I recorded audibly cries through the door. Dalish, please. Kitty, could you not? I also talk some about Len, one of my characters, who Lift reminds me of in a weird way in that they’re really not all that much alike, but the parallels keep popping up. And that's today's episode, and we'll have another one much sooner than this one's break.
  22. If you look very closely, it appears that all of the steps are actually floating. Which I... don't think is something Elsecallers do. My personal theory is that nothing's floating at all and Jasnah, in true anime fashion, is soulcasting stairs from the air and then running up them even as they fall to the ground. Sure, it's terribly inefficient, but it looks really cool, so, worth it.
  23. Probably one of my favorite covers from Whelan. I really really love his portrayal of Jasnah here! Honestly my only quibbles are that his first black and white draft in this pose had lighting that made the brass look more metalic than it does in the final, and the thunderclast seems a bit wonky, but other than that? Spot on. Jasnah in particular looks amazing.
  24. Admittedly, some of the delay on posting these next two was on me. I didn't get them edited until about two weeks ago, so they were late when @Chaos got them. I think he's been busy since then, but I'll go ahead and nudge him about posting. They are both finished now! Hopefully they'll be up soon!
  25. I’m so out of my depth all of a sudden! There’s so much worldbuilding happening! Augh! I feel like I’ve been thrown into the deep end, and I’m just trying to like, absorb as much of it as possible. Back at it again with the Splintercast! Let’s do Edgedancer, everyone! For those who are new to Splintercast, this is an audio-reaction podcast where I record my spoken reactions to reading Cosmere books for the first time, this time, the Lift novella from Arcanum Unbounded. I loved this novella, and I adore Lift, so this one’s pretty fun. The Edgedancer Splintercast will run four episodes (and yes, I do actually have all the episodes this time!) And should be coming out over the next few weeks. Stay tuned and stick around, and above all, keep track of those pancakes, everybody! If you like what you hear, drop a comment down below! I’m a glutton for feedback. It feeds my soul.