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  1. Download, flip, zoom. Edit: This is about the size I had it. Still pretty blurry but at that point it's more getting a feel off the shapes than actually reading them. Brains are good at pattern recognition, so don't think too hard and see what comes to you.
  2. I'll give it a shot. Brackets indicate things I'm not sure of. @Calderis fite me
  3. Another one I caught tonight on a reread is that on the assault on the Tower, the two armies are described as such: "On the nearby staging plateaus, thousands upon thousands of soldiers in blue or red were gathered, one color per plateau." (pg. 894, Chapter 65) Sadeas' Shardplate is red, which is how I assume this mistake was made, but Sadeas' house colors are white and green, not red. A passage later in that chapter confirms it: "The Parshendi had noticed what was happening and had begun to put pressure on the small company in green and white that Sadeas had sent to defend his entry area." (pg. 898)
  4. @yulerule If you're curious about the basis of Renarin theorization, characterization, and hype, I would be happy to indulge that, though I won't derail the thread to do so. As @DSC01 said, there's quite a bit of nuance on his character and we know more about him than you might expect. He's easy to miss, but he's certainly not incomprehensible. Also, I've kept most of my talk to the Discord thread because chat is easier than forums, but I'll say this. That chapter is Shallan's POV and I don't think that's insignificant in terms of the way Renarin is portrayed in it. To pull a quote from a good friend of mine regarding Renarin's so-called "creepiness" in this chapter: "Renarin is socially awkward in a way that makes him hard to read, Shallan is defensive and deeply traumatized and paranoid." (I'm trying to be good but I gotta defend my fave, y'all. I gotta. He's my boy.)
  5. Alethi names have meaning and are made of prefixes and suffixes. Or, at least the ones that sound like lighteyes' names do. Brandon revealed at a signing that Kaladin's name means "Born unto eternity."
  6. A quick note, Glys's pronouns are he/him.
  7. Quick Mod Note: please don't post multiple times in a row. If you need to respond to multiple people, use the "+" button beside "Quote" to do a multiquote post. Thanks! Also, I love these chapters, they're just so good. Definitely upvoted the sentiment that there's not enough Renarin though. There's never enough Renarin for me.
  8. theory

    @Hoids Imaginary Friend I've consolidated your posts into one and hidden the others. Please do not post multiple times. If you need to add something else onto your post, please use the "Edit" button. Thank you. Also, I believe Brandon has debunked the idea that the genders of Nahel bond spren are related to a Radiant's sexuality.
  9. I could, but I didn't come up with it! It's @Necessary Eagle's idea, I can't just steal it for myself. Also, I always gotta not-so-subtly poke at people to make their own decks when they get good ideas. The more cards the merrier, right?
  10. Omh, Shards Against Humanity is such a good name, holy Harmony. Someone has to make a deck with that immediately. Please. I beg of you.
  11. Oh I see I have been tagged. Funnily enough... I probably wouldn't date Renarin. I think I'd be very bad for him oops!
  12. Mm, that last card. Real.
  13. Careful with that. One of Brandon's recommendations for how to become a beta is "Don't Bug Peter."
  14. Or rather, Feather is exploding, but currently only in special beta-reader approved areas!
  15. Heh, sometimes I feel like i'm way more impatient for the release of this book than I ever was for the others. There's so much and I just want to talk about it all! Why can't November come sooner, so everyone can see?