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  1. The Splintercast Reads Edgedancer, Episode 2

    Look, like the most tangental reference to Renarin just happened, and I’m like… on the verge of tears. That’s a lie. There actually are tears in my eyes. And in case that pull quote up there in italics didn’t give it away, this week, Feather talks about a character who does not even appear in this book. Somewhat at length. Because she has problems and 90% of them are Renarin Kholin. In other, non-Renarin related things, Wyndle is dropping unsubtle hints, Lift makes it into the city, eats someone’s breakfast, meets a weird guy who may or may not be Hoid, and my cat who was not even in the room while I recorded audibly cries through the door. Dalish, please. Kitty, could you not? I also talk some about Len, one of my characters, who Lift reminds me of in a weird way in that they’re really not all that much alike, but the parallels keep popping up. And that's today's episode, and we'll have another one much sooner than this one's break.
  2. The Splintercast Reads Edgedancer, Episode 1

    Oh good! *goes back to playing Overwatch instead* Nah, seriously, I'll poke Chaos again to post. @Chaos consider thyself poked.
  3. The Splintercast Reads Edgedancer, Episode 1

    Oh noooo if Chaos actually posts Episode 2 then I have to get off my butt and get Episode 3 edited... I've been enjoying my editing vacation over here...
  4. The Splintercast Reads Edgedancer, Episode 1

    @Landis963Dalish is pretty much the mascot of my life.
  5. The Splintercast Reads Edgedancer, Episode 1

    I actually used Audacity for the original Splintercast runs, though now, thanks to my job, I actually have access to Adobe Audition CC, which is very very nice. I have some automated processes set up to remove background noise and then trim silence, but like Chaos said, there's a lot that that doesn't catch. Chair squeaks, page turning, moments that I breathed into the microphone. Actually for this one, because my cat Dalish was crying constantly in the background, the process would cut out everything but her meowing, and the "silent" part would end up just being like seventeen meows back to back in a row. ...So yeah, I edited that out. Ha. That's the kind of stuff that gets trimmed by hand. There's plenty of Dalish crying over even the parts where I was talking, so you guys don't need her in the silence too.
  6. The Splintercast Reads Bands of Mourning, Episode 10: Chapters 25-27

    @Slowswift I'm going to go ahead and @Chaos on this one since he handles the SoundCloud side of things. I try to follow all these topics and comments, but I don't think he does.
  7. The Splintercast Reads Edgedancer, Episode 1

    That is the WORST deal! Man, going to the Nightwatcher's a crapshoot.
  8. The Splintercast Reads Edgedancer, Episode 1

    I’m so out of my depth all of a sudden! There’s so much worldbuilding happening! Augh! I feel like I’ve been thrown into the deep end, and I’m just trying to like, absorb as much of it as possible. Back at it again with the Splintercast! Let’s do Edgedancer, everyone! For those who are new to Splintercast, this is an audio-reaction podcast where I record my spoken reactions to reading Cosmere books for the first time, this time, the Lift novella from Arcanum Unbounded. I loved this novella, and I adore Lift, so this one’s pretty fun. The Edgedancer Splintercast will run four episodes (and yes, I do actually have all the episodes this time!) And should be coming out over the next few weeks. Stay tuned and stick around, and above all, keep track of those pancakes, everybody! If you like what you hear, drop a comment down below! I’m a glutton for feedback. It feeds my soul.
  9. Cards Against MORE Cosmere

    Well I just saw that my links didn't work very well up top, so I've added those. If you'd like to play with these decks, you can do so online at Pretend You're Xyzzy, which supports the use of Cardcast decks. I believe Cardcast also allows you to order printed versions of Cardcast decks, if you want actual cards to play with, or to use with the regular Cards Against Humanity game. That should just be on the deck's page, at those links.
  10. Cards Against MORE Cosmere

    So this was kind of supposed to be a Christmas present to the Cosmere fandom as a whole, but now it’s a New Year’s present instead! Cards Against MORE Cosmere! The original Cards Against the Cosmere deck has gotten some good use out of it, but has unfortunately fallen a little bit behind the times as new things have come out. So this is meant to be a supplimental update to the original deck, with 18 brand new black cards and 43 new white cards, for your Cards Against the Cosmere games! This expansion has cards referencing Shadows of Self, Bands of Mourning, White Sand, Secret History, Edgedancer, and the rest of Arcanum Unbounded. Be warned that there are spoilers for these works in these cards! Pairs well with the Original Flavor Cards Against the Cosmere! The original deck has references for Cosmere works before Shadows of Self, mostly Stormlight Archive, Mistborn, and Warbreaker. Happy New Year, everyone! If you get some funny combos, let me know what your favorites are!
  11. Shardkeepers Podcast: Arcanum Unbounded Essays

    @WeiryWriter @Chaos Well I mean, I guess we do call ourselves the "Writer Twins" but I didn't realize anyone thought we were actual twins! That's pretty funny!
  12. Renarin Kohlin

    I probably really say "meant for men." While men are allowed to read and write glyphs, it's more of a only-when-absolutely-needed kind of thing, I believe. Using women's script is absolutely out unless you're an ardent, but even using glyphs is seen as feminine. Aside from Stormwardens and men who absolutely need to write, like Kaladin for his surgery training, I don't think it's a very common skill. I believe the reason that most glyphs are stylized to look like what they mean is so that men who can't actually read the glyphs themselves still know what they represent. We know Adolin, the son of a highprince, can't really read glyphs at all. Renarin is better at reading them, I believe, but I would doubt that he's had much experience at all writing. Kaladin's probably the best at reading them among our male cast, because he needed to read anatomy books while studying, which probably had non-stylized glyphs. Even Kaladin, though, makes mention of the fact that Sigzil writing glyphs would probably make most people uncomfortable. I don't think Renarin would have chosen to do something unmasculine and borderline blasphemous by choice, as insecure as he is. I think he can read glyphs fairly well, since he tends to be fairly analytical and good at scholarly thoughts (much to his dismay.) As someone trying to learn Chinese, I can say that it's far far easier for me to recognize a character than to actually write them myself. Rushu, the ardent who inspects the first set of numbers calls them "sloppy" and guesses that whoever did it was "not practiced at drawing glyphs." I'm guessing Renarin was fairly decent at reading glyphs but had not written before much at all, until the visions forced him to.
  13. Renarin Kohlin

    Oh, a favored topic for me! And not just because it concerns my favorite character. I've said my piece in pretty lengthy terms over here about what I think is going on with Renarin and his visions, but I tend to be of the camp that he is probably actually a surgebinder, but those visions are not normal Truthwatching. I fall in line with @Demiandre in that I feel that something is taking control of him and the fact that our Vorin characters constantly freak out about the future gives me cause to be concerned. While I do think there is an element of that in his reaction, what sticks out to me is that Renarin, a Vorin man who is extremely concerned about his masculinity and feeling like an outsider, is writing during his visions. I have trouble believing that's something he would do willingly at all, and according to Brandon, there is some kind of compulsion or involuntary nature that overtakes Renarin when he's seeing these things. I feel like his breakdown during the climax is him seeing the worst vision he's seen yet, but also us as the audience watching him lose control of himself and his body and the terror and despair that he feels as it starts happening to him.
  14. Video Games and Cosmere Parallels

    If Mara Sov's dead, I'll eat my Ghost, though I suppose what with me being utter garbage I'm mostly just pleased that Uldren survived.
  15. Video Games and Cosmere Parallels

    Funny, up until the Taken King, I'd say that Destiny's storyline was easily the weakest point of the series. (And even after TTK, because I'll be real, Rise of Iron's story was pretty bare bones.) Now, I know that there was some stuff in vanilla Destiny with apparently the entire original story got scrapped way too close to the finish and the original scriptwriters were fired or something like that. So vanilla Destiny ended up as this kind of storyline that technically I guess made sense, but was also so meaninglessly vapid that it was pretty dang boring. Did anyone get to the mission with the Black Garden and really feel like this was the climactic culmination of everything we'd been working toward? Hmm, probably not. Destiny original's plot can get summed up as "there are bad things, go kill them" with the set pieces changing behind, and different voice actors saying "yes go kill the things." I mean, we have such stunning voice lines as "I don't even have time to explain why I don't have time to explain" and when my Ghost wakes my Guardian up and says "You must have questions," it would... be nice to maybe answer those at some point? But we don't. The mission style is pretty much all the same too: "fight your way through small things and then there's a big thing at the end." And while the cutscenes seem very cinematic and dramatic, when you get to the end of them, it's pretty much just... yeah go kill the next thing. Thankfully for vanilla Destiny, the gameplay's fun, the settings and graphics are gorgeous, and if you take the time to dig into the Lore, it's stunning. But the story itself? Pretty sad, honestly. The Dark Below has Eris, who is the most extra, but you know what, I love her anyway. Kind of a slightly better story in terms of Crota's soul and all that, but also super short. :C House of Wolves is... kind of interesting, but unfortunately all of the really interesting things seemed to happen before we got there. A dangerous Fallen Kell escaped prison and led the Queen's Fallen guards in a bloody betrayal before fleeing? That sounds really cool. Except by the time the first mission starts, it's already over and the Guardians are just on clean-up duty. Which, is fine, but again we're getting missions that are all "go fight through little guys to the big guy at the end" sort of thing. Skolas, Petra, and Variks are pretty cool though, and at least we get some dialogue over our comms during missions now. That's nice. Taken King is honestly the storytelling highlight for me. The Dreadnaught feels alive and the cutscenes and plot are really actually engaging. Cayde-6 shines far and away above everyone else, both within missions and outside of them, but everyone else is pretty good too, with Eris, Holiday, and Zavala doing some pretty fun moments. Oryx is a compelling and terrifying antagonist, which is very much something that helps the story. When playing the TTK story missions, I feel like my Guardian is actually doing something, and the creative mission design on these, with some stealth missions, climbing puzzles, the mission-end fakeout at Crota's soul, all just make it feel really fun and engaging in a way that the game didn't before. And unfortunately, Rise of Iron feels like a step back in terms of story. SIVA feels too inanimate to make a good antagonist, especially when compared with Oryx. It's just a virus thing, and yes, that's bad, but also not super interesting. Shiro-4 and Saladin are okay, but neither carry the same kind of engagement and characterization that TTK brought to the table. I'm a bit disappointed, since it feels like a step backward, but eh, whatever. Anyway, I probably didn't need to type all of that out, but while the lore of Destiny is fantastic, I'd say storytelling (TTK aside) is still a pretty rough patch for the franchise. I think I once compared it to setting a game on Roshar and just... not actually having anything to do except kill random things. It's baffling how the game designers could come up with such an interesting world and just... not do very much with it and sequester all of the really cool stuff in cards that aren't even accessible in the game! Bungie, pls. Hopefully, Destiny 2 can learn from some of these mistakes...