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  1. Since bringing this back was @Mestiv's idea, I'll toss my vote that way too! Though I do very much appreciate the vote for me, @Claincy!
  2. Shakadolrin would be the ship name for when you're shipping Shallan/Kaladin/Adolin/Renarin together as a group (though most people tend to say that in such a match-up, Adolin and Renarin wouldn't be involved with each other, to avoid incest implications.) But yeah, it's an "everyone is dating everyone" sort of situation. Tends to be known as "the OT4" for short, which is a term that evolved from the common fandom term for a ship, "OTP" or "one true pairing." People expanded OTP to OT3, for "one true threesome" and it helped that it rhymed. And from there it just kind of became OT(number) for however many characters you've got in a big ship pile. Admittedly, it's definitely more of a tumblr thing. I tried to mix some 17S stuff in with the tumblr stuff for these cards, but there's certainly things from both spheres of influence. People also tend to use the term "the OT4" to just refer to the main 4 SA characters in that age group, even outside of an explicitly romantic context, too.
  3. I... I think I'm in love. What a gorgeous ketek! I'm just sitting here in awe that something so lovely and beautiful exists in this world. *sighs dreamily*
  4. Listen, I'm not gonna say that sometimes I just do a forum-wide search for the word "Renarin" to see what the new content is... ... ... ...but I'm also not not saying that either.
  5. Okay I just found this whole album and it's truly incredible. What an amazing job you've done capturing them all! Such perfect art! (I had to comment on Renarin's of course, because he's my fave!)
  6. @Delightfully Smoak Ooh, thank you for tagging me! It's a fave pic of mine. I drooled over the WIPs on @Parttimedragon's tumblr all through the process. Good good art of my good good son.
  7. theory

    Quick Mod Note: Y'all are doing a good job of self moderating (making my job easy), but yes, double posting and running threads off topic are frowned upon. Thanks, everyone, for helping to keep the thread tidy. I don't think we derailed too much in here! Now then, as theory poster, I don't know if I ever discussed resonances re: Renarin. I'm... pretty unconvinced that the future thing is a resonance. Again, it just doesn't seem to be on par with other resonances. They don't match up. Resonances seem like little perks or quirks of each order, which kind of make them unique or help them out. I mean, Windrunners get more squires, Lightweavers get good memories, and Truthwatchers get all-consuming and utterly uncontrollable visions of the future, which entirely take over their body? It just doesn't line up, for me. We're talking about very different classes of things here.
  8. I'll pop in to respond on this count, since I think my theory is probably the one that's swayed so many people in this direction. What struck me about Renarin's abilities and the reason why I don't think they're normal surgebinding is the involuntary nature of them. Though we see Shallan and Kaladin surgebinding accidentally without realizing it, we never see other surgebinders being forced to use their abilities actively against their will. We don't see instances where their bodies are taken over and controlled by their powers, leaving them helpless. I mean, Renarin falls to the floor, crying and screaming "Almighty why have you cursed me so?" That doesn't feel right. Quite clearly at the end (and with plenty of hints leading up to it), Renarin is not fully in control of himself when the visions take over. He's forced to write or carve while he's in the throes of it, something he'd never do of his own volition. I mean, on one hand, it's deeply unmasculine, even if they're just glyphs, which is something Renarin's already very insecure about, but also, if he's going to so much trouble to try to hide the fact that he's having visions, why leave very obvious evidence behind that someone's seeing things, like number countdowns and written prophecies? My answer: he didn't have a choice. And though Brandon has confirmed that there is an involuntary element to Renarin's visions, he has not confirmed whether or not they're surgebinding. I got a hard (and evil laughing) RAFO on that question.
  9. Aww, you guys have left such nice comments about wanting me to do more Splintercast. I know I'm not going to be able to do OB, but I'd like to try to maybe do some of the other books in the future! It's been wonderful having you guys along on my book journeys with me!
  10. You guys thought we could get through this podcast without Feather developing a crush on the bad guy? Aww, that’s cute. It has just happened. Now I’ve realized he probably dresses completely my style. That’s unfortunate. Alright. Guess we have our trash fave for this book. Ay, welcome to the dumpster. We’re back. We did it everyone! The last part of Edgedancer, and what a trip that was, huh? I struggle to figure out what’s going on with “listening” that everyone keeps telling Lift to do, and come up with a theory before the reveal, just barely. A conversation with some cremlings. Wyndle achieves his dreams after blatantly hinting at it. Also! I didn’t recognize it at the time and Google betrayed me by not bringing it up, but the shardfork/shardspork joke is actually one of mine which I forgot about, since apparently I have the worst memory. But yes, there’s been a “Shardsporks” card in my Cards Against The Cosmere deck since 2015. Ha! I also babble about video games and the Cosmere, which if you want to know more about those ideas, I did actually type them up here because I have no self control. Mistborn is Dishonored and Stormlight is Destiny, I can’t make these things up. Also, I briefly get on my soapbox regarding Renarin’s visions, and if you’re curious what that’s all about, that theory can be found over here. And I think that’s it. Just a reminder, there will not be a Splintercast for Oathbringer, unfortunately. Just want to warn you guys in advance, but yeah, that one’s not going to be happening. This could be the last Splintercast for a little while, but don’t worry, we’ll be doing other fun podcasts over here still! Keep an eye on the news box!
  11. I'm the worst Cosmere fan. What is wrong with me? Gosh dangit. I'm the worst at Cosmere. FeatherWriter's cancelled. Let's just... wow. Welcome back to Splintercast. Today, Lift is hot on the trail of Darkness, also known as Nale/Nahlay/Nail/Nalan, because who the heck knows how to actually pronounce that name. Definintely not me. Featuring: Her Pancakefulness, reunions with old friends from Nalthis, and Feather maybe starting to care a little about Szeth. I also tell a story about trying to mail a present to Botanica through the Chinese postal service and the harrowing experience that that was. Loads of fun. If you haven’t checked out Bota’s Cosmere art, you’re missing out. It’s all fabulous.
  12. If you look very closely, it appears that all of the steps are actually floating. Which I... don't think is something Elsecallers do. My personal theory is that nothing's floating at all and Jasnah, in true anime fashion, is soulcasting stairs from the air and then running up them even as they fall to the ground. Sure, it's terribly inefficient, but it looks really cool, so, worth it.
  13. Probably one of my favorite covers from Whelan. I really really love his portrayal of Jasnah here! Honestly my only quibbles are that his first black and white draft in this pose had lighting that made the brass look more metalic than it does in the final, and the thunderclast seems a bit wonky, but other than that? Spot on. Jasnah in particular looks amazing.
  14. Admittedly, some of the delay on posting these next two was on me. I didn't get them edited until about two weeks ago, so they were late when @Chaos got them. I think he's been busy since then, but I'll go ahead and nudge him about posting. They are both finished now! Hopefully they'll be up soon!
  15. Look, like the most tangental reference to Renarin just happened, and I’m like… on the verge of tears. That’s a lie. There actually are tears in my eyes. And in case that pull quote up there in italics didn’t give it away, this week, Feather talks about a character who does not even appear in this book. Somewhat at length. Because she has problems and 90% of them are Renarin Kholin. In other, non-Renarin related things, Wyndle is dropping unsubtle hints, Lift makes it into the city, eats someone’s breakfast, meets a weird guy who may or may not be Hoid, and my cat who was not even in the room while I recorded audibly cries through the door. Dalish, please. Kitty, could you not? I also talk some about Len, one of my characters, who Lift reminds me of in a weird way in that they’re really not all that much alike, but the parallels keep popping up. And that's today's episode, and we'll have another one much sooner than this one's break.