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  1. The Well of Ascension is a Red Agent! Kelsier is a Red Agent! Perpendicularity is a Red Agent! Navani Kholin is a Red Agent! Silence Montane is a Red Agent! Khriss is an Innocent Bystander. The Red Team's turn is over. @Scion of the Mists, your turn.
  2. The captain of the guards of Greenwood nodded in respect to Gandalf, unable to express his sorrow at his King's treatment of the wizard and his plea, but clearly sympathetic. Gandalf turned and huffed slightly, letting his anger at the monarch pass from him. Smiling once again, he passed his gaze across the group, his face sobering as he realized that some of them may not be able to return once this quest was over. "I must let you begin your journey alone," he began. Some mutters began among the group, but were quickly squashed. "I must consult with Saruman the Wise on this matter, and I fear that the spies of Morder may already be aware of our mission. I will send aid where I can, however." He smiled. "Sometimes it is in the smallest of decisions that the course of the ages may be determined. Watch out for one another, and head south. I will meet you when I am able. In the meantime, I have arranged for a guide." A tall elf, golden haired and lithe, stepped from the forest. "Here against his father's wishes is another Prince of Greenwood, Findecano, son of Thranduil. None know yet of his coming, except now the sixteen gathered here. He will take you on the road to the south and protect you in your quest as needed." Findecano surveyed the group, his keen eyes taking in those among the travelers and seeming to know their very thoughts. "We will ride first for Imladris, known to many of you as Rivendell. There, an old friend of mine wants to meet you, and he will likely ride with us for a time. Let us depart now, and bide farewell to these hushed woods." ||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||| The Agents of Mordor needed no conversation. Their orders were clear, and their daggers were sharp. They watched, preparing to strike as soon as opportunity arose. ||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||| The game has begun! You should all have received your PMs by now. If not, please let me know. Player List: Rollover will be at 8PM Eastern Time on Tuesday, July 17.
  3. Signups are over! If there are any players who were on the fence and want to be added, though, feel free to post within the next few minutes and I'll get you in. I'll start applying RNG soon.
  4. Smeagol is intrigued.
  5. Whoops, forgot! Red team, your clue is Matriarch: (Unlimited guesses). Link to gameboard Edit: @luckat @xinoehp512 @Rhapsody
  6. I’ll post a clue when I get home later. About 5PM EST.
  7. I had an evil thought. What if you could use this to cause that person to target a specific person with their action, whatever it might be? Talk about chaos...
  8. Just so everyone knows, the timer for signups currently is running through Sunday at 3PM EST, a fairly easy time for me to plan on getting this game started. I'm willing to fudge that time a bit, but rollovers will most likely be at 8PM EST, with the write-ups and new cycles coming within an hour or so. I may change that, but right now that feels like the best time for me.
  9. My apologies! I'm not doing very well so far, am I. Sorry, Red Team, I didn't pay close attention, but I'll do better next time!
  10. Thanks, hopefully this is a better round for us. Red Team, your clue is Preservation: 3. @luckat, @xinoehp512, @Rebecca Link to gameboard
  11. Just 5 days left! We've got enough players I have no problem running the game as is, but I have no upper limit either, so sign on up!
  12. Aww, I guess I'll allow it. You've got time to change your mind, though.
  13. Sure, I can do that.
  14. The Dawnsingers is (are) a Blue Agent(s). The Game Is Over. The Red Team has lost. Sorry, yall, that was a big mistake to start things off. I overreached and I knew it once I saw the guesses.
  15. Still going, with Red Team in sudden death mode.