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  1. Yeah, works for me, and I'm ok with not having a lynch this cycle. Elbereth.
  2. I personally doubt either Elbereth or Mage are our targets, but I’d be more willing to throw my vote on Elbereth right now. Mage seems to be playing normally to me.
  3. @Young Bard, thanks for the tag, but I’m not planning to add a ton to the discussion. I’ll play the game as part of whatever faction I’m part of at the time, and I’ll participate in lynches, and use whatever actions I might have, but I don’t plan to try to discuss much in the thread. It just isn’t a helpful or reasonable thing for me to do, personally, after trying too hard at it for many games I’ve played.
  4. Div leaned against a wall and slid down to brace himself as the world shook. Actually, things didn’t seem to be physically moving around as much near him as they were just becoming less or more real by the moment. Once the movement had stopped, he placed his hand on the tree he was leaning against and pushed himself upright. Tree? Things had definitely changed. He shook it off and decided he still had his mission to complete. And someone’s face to punch.
  5. Love the write up. If I had time now I think I’d RP Div reacting to the quake, but I’ll have to just hope I can do that later. This does completely invalidate any reads we might have picked up from the discussion on the first attempt at the cycle, so I guess we get to try again. Once more, though, I don’t really plan to talk strategy or do much analysis (none of it public probably), so I don’t expect anyone will get much of a read on me until voting starts.
  6. Wow...posts. So many posts. Strategy I’m not even going to try to dive into. I’ll look this over a bit tomorrow hopefully, but right now I just want to introduce Div to Silverlight. —— Div gawked at the sights around him. He’d never been one for science or fancy stuff, but this was certainly impressive. He’d expected to wake up in the Tranquiline Halls, or else Damnation itself, but instead he’d woken to find a strange woman manning the sails of a ship through the strangest sea he’d ever seen, the beginning of a journey that had eventually led him here. Wherever here was. He hadn’t ended up on a planet, he knew that. Once he’d gotten his mind wrapped around the concept of there being planets beyond those they knew of in Roshar, the rest was easy. He just nodded and smiled and filed away whatever someone said for later. He didn’t have to understand it to get where he wanted to go. He just had to play along, and Div could play along. Everyone was murmuring or outright panicking about the Shard of Survival being loose, for instance. Div knew about Honor and Odium, and had been told by fellow travelers that they were Shards, so he figured Survival must be like them. Guy, or thing, or whatever just wanted to keep living, and he could understand that much. Let Survival stay free, he figured. Being free was a better life than being in a cage.
  7. That's not a good sign. Sorry you have to compete with this, Len. I might shouldn't plan on this and the LG, but I'm committing to actually participating in both, though no promises on analysis (in fact, I plan to do very little in either).
  8. He'll probably just make you die first cycle at this point.
  9. Hah, nice.
  10. Hey, so I have a question. @A Joe in the Bush or @Elbereth, are you willing to say whether the tiebreaker method you had to decide who won would have resulted in myself or Fifth Scholar winning if we had died together? I was kinda assuming my chances of winning that way were low anyways.
  11. @Fifth Scholar, I detained Orlok. If they were both attacking me, it wouldn’t matter anyways, and if they each attacked one of us, I might have survived.
  12. I took a risk instead of letting the game come down to a tiebreaker, and I’m not even sad to have lost. I chose my own fate, at least. @Fifth Scholar, well played! Edit: I think Araris should have won, though I’m slightly biased because he worked well with me. He tried and died well.
  13. @Fifth Scholar, I’m honestly surprised to still be here at the end, considering I was basically hung out to dry by Orlok and my other contacts are dead. @Crimsn-Wolf, thanks for not holding it against me that I didn’t contact you until everyone else was gone. Best of luck.
  14. Bah, I’m in. Let’s see... who was my Rosharan character other than Kintas? Oh, yeah, that’ll be Div, from MR25. He’s going to drop in on the party.