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  1. Puns Puns Puns and More Puns

    It's a Thumb Drive.
  2. Puns Puns Puns and More Puns

    (My own creation, I might add.)
  3. Puns Puns Puns and More Puns

    Ohm, I knew these puns would meet resistance.
  4. Having a Bad Day?: Get 'yer Hugs here!!

    So my family got sick for about 8 hours each, but felt fine in between, umm, "getting sick" times. I've been sick for 3 days now, still can barely eat anything, and feel miserable all the time, without being able to actually expel anything. I did sleep through pretty much the entire day today, so that was ok.
  5. Puns Puns Puns and More Puns

    Shall we switch to transistor humor?
  6. Is Harmony just bad at being a God?

    The way I see it, Sazed believes that an imperfect god is better than no god, especially since he may not know how to splinter the Shards and keep anyone else from taking them up. He's definitely got some double standards going on, though.
  7. Puns Puns Puns and More Puns

    The frequency of bad puns in this thread hertz.
  8. Quick Fix Game 22: Ghosts in the Night

    Huh, that is interesting. I had given him a pass for a bit because he said he wasn't going to be around (in the blue text), but I hadn't realized how much he was lurking. At the moment, changing my vote wouldn't really affect much, but I would consider it, or would vote for him next cycle.
  9. Hurt and Heal - Cosmere Stories

    Hurt HoA, Heal WoK 6. The Hero of Ages -- 6 13. The Way of Kings -- 16
  10. Jasnah and the Cosmere *WoR spoilers*

    Agreed. Maybe Nazh gave them to her.
  11. Quick Fix Game 22: Ghosts in the Night

    @DroughtBringer, I doubt they would have worried too much about pushing that lynch, but considering Bart would have been lynched D1 if I hadn't retracted my vote, I'd like to think I'm fairly clear by that criteria. I can't imagine any reason I would have done that were I an Elim, since it would be an easy one to play off. Edit: Len, I find myself suspicious of you every game, just a bad gut read (probably has something to do with that first game I played with you ), but your logic about HH's post is striking. Knowing what we know now, I'm inclined to agree. It makes me wonder about Lopen too, since he's voting on you, but that could easily be Village!Lopen genuinely suspecting you. Heck, he could be right, and if HH is village, I'll probably go after you next, but right now I'm more sold on him. HH
  12. Happiest of birthdays, Jond! :D

  13. Alright, so I avoid resurrecting threads of course, but since this is one of Yata's espoused theories and there is new information pertinent to it, I think it's appropriate. I stumbled across this WoB from a few months ago: This would seem to indicate that the Dor is indeed mixed to the point of being truly combined, but of course those Shards aren't whole. I think it lends a lot of credence to this theory! Edit: it's the very last WoB on this page:'harmony'
  14. If someone swallowed and burned Lerasium while on Roshar or another planet (not Scadrial), would it still turn them into a Mistborn by default?
  15. Quick Fix Game 22: Ghosts in the Night

    @Hemalurgic_Headshot Couple notes. I did indeed vote on Bart D1, but then you missed that I retracted it (hence no one getting two votes and there being no lynch). For D2, my vote on Sart was well explained at the time. Was I confident? No, that's virtually impossible right now. He was my best suspicion based on the plan he'd put forward, though.