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  1. That's...completely speculative and not backed up by anything I've seen. Please don't state it as fact. I'm strongly of the opinion that that simply isn't true at all, and we've never once had a WoB that there's any truth to that, nor a reason to believe that a larger blade has more Investiture manifesting than a smaller one.
  2. Seriously, right? Star Wars 40th Celebration was right here in my storming city and I didn't have any chance at going to that.
  3. My wife says that I don't act depressed and in pain enough when I go to the doctor, so this morning on the way there, she intentionally pissed me off and then walked away in front of me to the office. And I'm still pissed off, and it didn't change anything with the doctor (who, like every other doctor we've seen, said very specifically that she does believe me about what's going on, so it's only the disability insurance that claims it's a problem, and we already know they're cremholes).
  4. I don't know if I'll be able to make a substantive post this cycle, but I'll send in an order. I can't really weigh in on anything in the thread at this time.
  5. I got a promotion! I wonder if I inherited Sadeas' princedom?
  6. Yes, I would absolutely switch back if I thought that lynch would work out. At this point, if I switch and you add your vote to PK, though, we just tie the vote, which isn't helpful. I'll check back before rollover.
  7. What's the first?
  8. Headed up to the Mayo Clinic in a bit. While the end result may be good, these appointments are incredibly stressful on me, and I will likely spend a few days after nearly comatose at times. First appointment is just a scan fortunately; those are fairly simple (an MRI, basically).
  9. I'm pretty sure they'll all know he's there to kill them. What they don't know is how mercilessly he'll slaughter them.
  10. I don't have nearly as much to offer, but Aman, Remart has a very nice bendalloy metalmind you're welcome to take. It's…uh…it's in a peg leg, though.
  11. Hope you both feel better soon! As no one seems to share my suspicion of PK, and I don't want to just leave a vote where it'll be essentially wasted (though I've not lessened my suspicion of him at all), I'm going to remove my vote from Paranoid King for now and join in voting for Ecthelion. I find his vote on Len this cycle very odd, like someone trying to get a bandwagon started but without really having a good motivation other than thinking they need to get rid of the other player. Granted, I would usually expect better from Ecth, but at the same time, it doesn't add up. If you do turn out village, Ecth, then Len will be a fairly high suspicion on my list, but I share Lopen's assessment that the two of you are almost certainly not on the same team, and of the two, Len is the one playing normally to me.
  12. Some of it's amazing. Thrawn and Lost Stars, at least. Loved both of those (well, I'm halfway through Thrawn now, but there's no doubt it's good).
  13. I'm very excited. I hold in my hands Thrawn, Timothy Zahn's latest book about one of the most amazing characters ever created within the Star Wars universe, and confirmed part of the new canon. It's good so far, 4 pages in!
  14. I'm also fairly certain that Lopen is innocent now, until the first conversion of course. I'm still suspicious of you, though, @Paranoid King. Your explanation of why you jumped onto the bandwagon before doesn't allay those suspicions, so unless I find a better suspicion, my vote goes on you again. I don't want to get stuck tunneling on someone again (been there, done that), but at the same time...I was right some of those times, and this is more than just my gut. Paranoid King
  15. No, I'm thinking they went to Roshar and invested, before planning for Odium. Then, they discover what he's doing, and both or Honor alone acts to do something that forces Odium into the system, like being reeled in on a fishhook, and traps him there. I don't even know if that's possible, but I don't know that it isn't, and it's a fascinating concept to me.