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  1. This is very minimalist. I’ll sit it out, but it’s intriguing.
  2. I mistook Wasabi mustard for regular mustard once, but that was more understandable. It wasn't the green Wasabi color, it looked mostly like regular mustard (or maybe a dijon mustard). Not my favorite sandwich ever.
  3. I guess I like it for flavor, and because it would make some of the things about Sel more intriguing. And it makes for a more tragic story.
  4. There’s a theory (can’t remember if there’s any proof) that Aona and Skai were lovers. That relationship could have shaped their interpretation of Devotion and Dominion either to make them more compatible or less.
  5. That’s a very good point, well said.
  6. Umm, that's kinda exactly what he did. Sure, he hoped he would instead be able to kill TLR, but he essentially committed suicide.
  7. Actually, I think the conflict is less than you think, and more because of Brandon being tricky. The WoB you quoted doesn't say he was on Scadrial, it says he was in Scadrial. I suspect both the solar system and the planet would be called Scadrial, and Brandon was saying that Kelsier technically hadn't left the Scadrian system, even if maybe that's more of a Cognitive distinction than an actual physical space one, but had (at least mostly) left the planet Scadrial.
  8. I actually suspect Taldain's technological progress had something to do with worldhoppers in the first place. Metallurgy from Scadrians could certainly help creating guns, and others could have had similar insights that would make big differences (I just can't think of any other specific examples right now). We know there was travel to and from Scadrial already at the time of TFE (via Hoid), and I doubt there were no Scadrians off-world by then. Traveling off Roshar shouldn't be too difficult. We don't really know about Nalthis, and we know it'd be very difficult to get off Sel, but it's obviously possible as well.
  9. That's actually surprisingly plausible, and I say surprising since I haven't seen anyone else mention it (though I haven't been on this part of the forums much for a little while). I'd never have thought about it, but it seems very doable. I guess the question is whether TenSoon really "remembers" Kelsier's DNA after that long, but I suspect he could.
  10. Two false Elim claims... can this please stop? Doing that only hurts us and makes it more likely the Elims will win.
  11. Sorry, Roadwalker, but being weird doesn’t quite add up. We have a lot of weird players, with unique play styles, and what you’ve been doing is reading really wrong to me. I’m not as convinced on the Lemon lynch, so you get my vote this cycle. Edit: I know I said that I was getting a good feeling from you before and in our PMs, but after looking back and after your post claiming to be Eim, which I suspect was to capitalize on the fact that Walin did that and was not in fact an Elim, I changed my mind.
  12. I’m a little surprised to not have been targeted, but at this point I’ll probably garner more suspicion if they leave me alive for a few cycles, so maybe they’re banking on that, or had reason to think Sart was a threat. I’ll come back with some analysis in a little while I hope.
  13. That’s fair, Rand. Tacking on a final vote could be an easy play for an Elim, but the fact you’d posted suspicions of Walin prior is good, and I had some of the same reservations about voting on a new player.
  14. Ugh, I don't get why Walin would have claimed to be Elim like that, when he was village. It certainly didn't lead to anyone changing their votes that I could see. I do wonder which Elims may have participated in this particular lynch. It was unlikely to cause them to draw suspicion to vote on Walin, considering the sentiment against him. I don't have time to go check right now, is the order of the votes in the original post the order in which they voted, or no? Of Manukos, Lemonelon, Striker, Roadwalker, Arinian, and randuir, I'm probably most wary of Manukos, Lemonelon, Striker, and Rand. I know I indicated that I wasn't as suspicious of Striker before, and I'm somewhat holding to that, but I'm still wary. Roadwalker I've gotten a good feel of from their posts, and Arinian seems to be playing pretty much his standard style, so they're less of a concern, but if they did vote 4th and 5th, that opens them to new scrutiny. Rand adding the last vote would be suspicious too, but if that isn't the case then it isn't as much of an issue.