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  1. I went through a lot of debate and consulted a few GMs with more experience before settling on 3 Elims. In hindsight, 4 probably would have been better, or a special role, but the existing roles either wouldn’t have helped or would have broken the game (I mean, an elim gun dealer?). I did also consider having the gun dealer be neutral with their own win con, but ended up rejecting that to keep the game simpler. Edit: The scanner role was perhaps too powerful. I based it on roles I’ve used in real life games, and perhaps it wasn’t any more powerful, but considering how lucky Devotary was to catch an Elim right away, it certainly made a big difference.
  2. Ihsan walked the streets of Laesire for the first time. He'd been assured by his spies and assassins that they had things well in hand, but he still went masked, cautious in his arrogance. He noted the stalls of the street vendors, the brothels, the beggars, and every other assortment of criminal and legitimate enterprise the city had to offer, and smiled behind his mask as he considered it all his. This was truly a city ripe for the taking. In the Kor's den, the mood was far from happy. Tempers were flaring, voices rising, and Koralis himself seemed to have disappeared. In the heat of it all, a gun suddenly sounded, loud and foreign. Guns weren't unknown among the Kor's, but they certainly weren't used to hearing them fired either. They all turned in shock as Kharaght, the beggar whose name had been a mystery to so many, fell to the ground, his eyes forever open in shock. A hush fell over the crowd. Pizanca shrugged. "He had it coming. I mean, a guy who doesn't even tell his friends his name? No friend of mine." Ra cocked his head at the strange comment, then shrugged, pulled his own gun, and shot Steel through the chest. The two bodies lay sprawled on the sand, blood darkening and matting around them. It was at this moment that Ihsan had chosen to step around the corner, hoping to be able to reveal himself and take down Koralis in a showy fashion, the way he'd always trained his Black Sands to work. Instead, he found the two remaining assassins he'd sent into the city laying lifeless in front of him. He gaped for a moment, then turned to go, hoping he'd gone unnoticed. He ran into a wall, instead. A wall of a man named Koralis. A strong hand pulled the black mask off of Ihsan's face, exposing for the first time the identity of the stranger who had so nearly torn apart Koralis' empire. Koralis had been expecting to see the face of his brother all along, but he was still shocked. Because this wasn't his brother. This wasn't…anyone he knew. "Who are you?" he roared? Ihsan's bravado had all disappeared at this point, and he simply stared at the big man, agog. Rather than repeat his question, Koralis sighed and pulled his dagger from his belt. Ihsan sank to his knees, handless, in less than a second, as Koralis' powerful sweep cut through his wrists. "Kor's, you know what to do." Black Sands indeed. Only the sands would know whose body darkened them that day. Ihsan, Master of the Black Sands, was gone, unnoticed by most, along with his assassins. Koralis' empire may have been shaken, but his reputation was now even more firmly cemented. None would dare cross him again. The game has ended! The Kor's have won! All members of the Black Sands have been killed. Full Player List: Thanks, everyone! I don't know if I'll put up more thoughts than this or just let it sit, but honestly, I thought this game was very fun, and it worked out pretty well, with a mid-game modification (I wish I'd simply planned for this, but I didn't think it through). Most players stayed active, so thank you for that, and it looked to me like everyone enjoyed themselves, at least maybe up until the very end when some conniving began to happen openly. The one thing I was to put out into the open now is that the guns were originally going to just disappear with the death of the Black Market Arms Dealer, but I was so sad to see them taken out of the game before they could be used (Darkness had received the first gun, and died the same cycle, and no others had been handed out when Walin was killed), that I made a decision to offer up a prayer unto the Gods of RNG and see what happened. Since a gun had gone out night 1, and not night 2, on night 3, I gave one to a randomly selected player, saying they'd found it, slightly singed. That was Ornstein's gun, and then I did the same thing Night 5, when Alvron won the dice toss. Had either of the remaining Elims gotten a gun, of course, things could have gone very differently, and I would have been fascinated to watch that as well, but I am honestly shocked it went down the way it did on that last day. I didn't think livinglegend and Steeldancer had revealed themselves that openly, and in fact, I thought Steel had gained a fair amount of trust. Alv, I'd love to know if you were sure about Steel or if it was mostly just chance or instinct. Anyways, thank you everyone, and while I think there were a few hiccups, overall I felt this went well! If you feel differently, or have any suggestions for the next time someone uses a gun mechanic, or just want to say something completely different, this is your place! I won't be offended in the least if you tell me something was awful, since except for the articulate and intelligent write-ups, everything came from other games or sources and I just enjoyed putting it together. Congratulations, Kor's! Oh, right, awards. I'll have to go back through the thread and decide on those. I think Ra and Apophis might have to share one, the nature and name of which will be revealed later. EDIT: Links to Docs: GM Doc Spec Doc Elim Doc
  3. Alvron’s gun is confirmed. Steeldancer is dead! They were a Black Sands Thief! The game has ended! Final writeup will go up when I get a chance, you crazy, lucky people.
  4. Ornstein’s gun is confirmed. livinglegend is dead! They were a Black Sands Thief!
  5. @glotof, that should be in spoiler tags for now. I agree, though.
  6. @Devotary of Spontaneity, I must admit, I didn’t foresee that possibility, but yes, I would be forced to treat that by the rules and consider you dead by suicide. Death by GM?
  7. Nice! I would lean toward skipping our last guess to avoid the risk of the assassin, since we don’t have a new relevant clue.
  8. I can’t honestly say I fully understand the game yet, but yes, those seem like the three being referenced. Do we simply guess one of those at a time, then?
  9. Everyone had slunk back to their hiding spots, determined to weather both Koralis' wrath and the peril of the Black Sands. Ihsan's name was now being whispered almost as often as Koralis, and no one in the entire town had yet seen him, to their knowledge. This shadowy figure was beginning to overshadow their brooding crime lord, and all could feel that they might get blown away in the conflict like a rag in a sandstorm. As time passed, they eventually peeked out, looking for the inevitable latest victim. Try as they might, though, they found nothing out of the ordinary. This time, they were all still alive. No one has died. Player List: This cycle will end in 48 hours, at 8PM EST Jan 10.
  10. I didn't anticipate quite so prophetic a title… The cycle has ended! New one will be up shortly!
  11. Whoops, just realized I didn't actually include Megasif's death and alignment reveal! Updated the original post.
  12. Once again, two accusations were brought before Koralis. They all knew they needed to unite better, but none of them was willing to trust more than one or two others, and even then they kept a wary eye. Pizanca had been thrust forward, followed by Autch Vat, with wary voices accusing them of various suspicious things, most reluctant to be firmly identified to their increasingly irate leader. Koralis didn't even hesitate this time. He flipped the coin, and struck as it touched the sand. Pizanca looked up in horror and relief at the body of Autch Vat laying next to him, and then fled with the others into the bright light outside. Not until later did most of them realize that Koralis hadn't even spoken a word. If they had, most would have realized their precarious position within his organization. Megasif has died! They were a Kor Thief! Player List: This cycle will end in 24 hours, at 8PM EST Jan 8.
  13. Aaaaaand, the cycle has ended! New cycle up before long.
  14. If any Black Sands member places a kill order, all of them (active or inactive) will show up as having targeted the victim.
  15. Cycle ends in 15 minutes! I’ve been sick, so no promises on how quickly the next cycle gets up, but it shouldn’t be too long.