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  1. I know. I have a 5 year old and a 2 year old, and they're stinkers now. I still love them, though.
  2. Need I say more? This photo was actually taken yesterday, of my then 3-day-old baby boy.
  3. That makes a ton of sense. Since we believe (confirmed?) that Lift can see the Cognitive Realm differently and is perhaps partly in it all the time, it makes total sense that she'd see his Cognitive and Physical aspects separately if they're poorly joined back together. She'd never have seen that before because most people have never been separated from their CR aspect, much less stitched back together like that. The tie-in to Atium is something I think we need to ask Brandon about because it sounds so exactly like the way he'd write this.
  4. Heyo, bloodthirsty killers. Just wanted to check in and let you know I'll be around helping out finally (give Ecth a huge round of applause for the setup he did here, though, amazing stuff). I can try to answer questions perhaps, but I suspect most of those will be best left to him, but I will be keeping an eye on all of you. Two, actually, as often as I can spare them. EDIT: @OrlokTsubodai, as a kindness to the GMs, can you make sure your vote is a separate thing from any mentions in your post? I'll count the vote on Araris there, but it's hard to notice when it's on the black background of a mention.
  5. Honestly, I don't think I really care if you lynch me now, so I'm just going to say it: I am a Ghostblood, I'm incredibly annoyed that someone killed off Megasif, but you're not going to get anything from me to find my remaining teammates. Good luck, and I wish everyone the best in this game. EDIT: Why not? Jondesu
  6. I’ll be virtually silent for a while, as I’m about to have a new baby. Don’t expect me around for a day or so probably, and only in limited capacity then.
  7. Yeah…I have to say, I kinda expected this. The Sons are trying to get the lynch to do all their dirty work, and it won't matter if a few of their members are discovered by false claims, because by the time that happens, the Parshendi won't have hardly any voting power left. At that point, the unaligned Alethi will have a much better chance of reaching a successful win con if they just work with the Sons, and this game will be over quickly. I'm going to of course vote against Orlok, who I can only assume must be a SoH, or an unaligned Alethi who has just solidly thrown in with them.
  8. At least 3 minimum is almost a given in my mind, just for balance’s sake against the Sons of Honor and Ghostbloods, since I highly doubt they would only have 2 members. Keeping all 3 factions about the same size makes sense, with more Alethi Ghostbloods than Parshendi Ghostbloods to make sure there are still a few unaligned Parshendi. It’s just my guess, but it seemed reasonable to me and is likely enough I’ll assume it’s probably true unless I find evidence otherwise. Also, since I just got back to the Parshendi doc and read through that, I am going to go ahead and vote for Elenion. I think it’s in our best interests to work together, Alethi, so while I’m reluctant to take Aster’s scan claim at face value, I do think it’ll be good for the game overall to cooperate with this lynch. I do ask that the Alethi players plan on lynching an Alethi target next cycle to make sure we don’t just hand the game to the Sons of Honor.
  9. Replying to a couple things here, but I’m on mobile and won’t necessarily get a good solid post until later tonight at the earliest. Since no one else could have really scanned Elenion this past cycle, and therefore wouldn’t be able to refute the claim, Aster actually has an easy time claiming Voidbringer scam results and getting Len lynched before anyone figures it out. If he turns out to be lying, the Alethi are even more in control of the lynch anyways then, and he could be betting on convincing the unaligned Alethi (though as I said, I doubt there are that many unaligned). Just simple math and an educated guess. I would expect any of the factions to have 3-4 members at minimum, since otherwise they’d be hard-pressed to even have a chance of completing their win con, and even with 23 players, it seems likely that there are 3-4 Voidbringers plus at least one Ghostblood among the Parshendi (which is half or more of them at that point), and extrapolating out, I didn’t think it was unlikely to have significantly more players in a faction than unaligned. (Not any one particular faction, but total between the three secret factions.)
  10. I really thought that was one of the ones that was only at a single point. Good to know. Also, I’m bad at math, so I’m not there yet.
  11. Could you Awaken an object by giving the command to its bead in Shadesmar, or the equivalent in the Nalthian CR?
  12. Yes. I find I like the color better if I type [ color=red] [ /color] (just remove those extra spaces) around the word, instead of using the color picker.
  13. "I am a large, semi-muscular man! I can handle it!" (Wash, from Firefly)
  14. That's a great quote, though I'd suggest noting the source since I had to Google it. Not a huge deal, though, since Google worked fine. 9/10