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  1. Our doctor is seriously amazing. Not so far at fixing the problems (though what he says makes sense even though I haven't gotten any relief yet), but he offered today, almost insisted (not that we had any reason to object anyways) that he wanted to call the certifying doctor at the company that handles my disability claim (which if you've been reading the bad day thread, you'll know has been a gigantic pain in the chull), and basically tell him he better ease off and grant my disability because my doctor has huge amounts of evidence to back up my claim along with a lot of medical research to support it that they've so far considered "insufficient". He is going to bat for us in a way I never expected, and whether it gets us the disability payments I deserve or not, it was a huge encouragement.
  2. Thanks, DA, you've been so supportive (and others of ya'll), and I appreciate it a lot. I'm home safe (well, at another doctor's visit right at the moment technically), and even though I'm not feeling better, I'm feeling...better emotionally. I didn't expect that considering it's another failure to fix the problem, but I guess it's largely relief to be home and no longer in the hospital.
  3. On my way to the airport (via Uber, first time trying that) to head home finally. It'd be happier if I'd gotten any relief, but I'm insanely homesick and ready to be there as soon as possible.
  4. Good point, though I'll argue that he did seem somewhat more lucid when we first saw him (with his Honorblade) than after, but not by much, and it's probably just because he'd just managed to get back and had the energy/willpower for that initial warning, and then was used up.
  5. What if the Shin reclaimed the blade, wrongly continuing to believe the Desolation is coming, or even having been corrupted and wanting it to happen? If the theory that Taln is less Taln because his blade was taken, perhaps it was an intentional sabotage?
  6. Funny how that works... @Yitzi, they still get a couple rounds before we decide they're inactive at least.
  7. Don't worry, we usually give first-timers a while before they're lynched or murdered, so you'll probably survive at least a few rounds. I survive my entire first game, but I do understand that was fairly lucky and unusual. Most people don't survive most games, of course. I'm officially using Remart for my character. I like using a native, and Awakening would be too weird in this setting I think.
  8. Ooh, now instead of owning a Shardblade, I can become one. If I can find a worthy person to bond with... Any takers?
  9. Only issue is she's too old now. Edit: How about Camren Bicondova (Selena Kyle from Gotham)? She might grow up too much before it happens too, but I could definitely see her as Vin.
  10. I can't decide if Quintus or Remart will be my character, but sign me up either way. I'll pick which one to use well before the game starts.
  11. I think the betrayals would be @Elenion's favorite part too. Just kidding, Len.
  12. It's just taking me to a list of current games rather than yours.
  13. I picked Earth because of the mechanics. I'm bad at PMs, so Unicorn didn't make sense, and I don't really care to cast secret votes, so Pegasus didn't matter to me.
  14. Thanks, everyone. I'm beginning to come to terms with the idea that I may just have this headache for the rest of my life. A year ago that would have been something I couldn't face, and let's just say it might have made my life a lot shorter if I came to that conclusion then, but now I think I'm in a better place and I can learn to live my life through the pain, even if I can never work again or lead a truly normal life.