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  1. This has kinda been a mess. Gotta say, the Boring rule is actually one that’s bothering me a good bit, and I should have submitted some type of amendment rule to it, but I didn’t think of it. Not being able to lynch or kill inactives, or for that matter anyone who doesn’t want to be attacked, makes this game nearly impossible to end. And @AliasSheep, no complaints here! I’m just amazed you’ve been willing to put up with this crazy game.
  2. Alright, let's see if not voting gets us anything this second day, with no deaths last cycle. That was the plan, correct?
  3. I hope this is ok here, but if not I’ll remove it or relocate it. I just started trying my hand at some T-shirt designs, and I’ve got a few up for sale now! Still in Beta Designs I’m kinda proud of the latest design:
  4. 50 Shades of Threnody
  5. Just created my first custom t-shirt (or at least my first in a long time, I think I did some in high school).

    There's a pillow too:

    1. Darkness Ascendant

      Darkness Ascendant

      ooh those look cool, how does this work? do you get paid? do you pay them to make them? 

    2. Jondesu


      You create the design and offer it, and then any that sell you get a profit from. I think I make about $8 profit the way I set those up. 

      I also set them up at

    3. Darkness Ascendant
  6. Haven’t gotten a PM about any status changes at any point in the game so far here. Still hoping. I’m on board with lynching inactives. I want to look through the list as see who the best candidate is, though.
  7. Nice signature, very simple but very good quotes. I would say that I think the spacing is too much between the quotes and the names, or else the names should be aligned with each other, so only 8/10 for that. Still awesome!
  8. Aman, I'd feel bad about this if you hadn't survived till cycle 12 already, but I'm worried about the exact same thing others have said, about you becoming a SK following the Lover's death (which of course you wouldn't reveal to us), or even perhaps the continued life of one lover perhaps causing more difficulty. If you were both still alive I'd leave you alone, but this seems like a legitimate approach to solving this game. That said, anyone who's been pointing out Aman's behavior from before (voting on himself), that…doesn't really connect, if you think he's been turned into an Elim or SK. I guess if you think he was all along, it makes sense, but I feel like some people were kinda saying they thought both things, which doesn't add up to me.
  9. I’m curious too, especially since the guns were my idea. It seemed like that shooting wasn’t valid, since it’s an action and actions don’t work against people who are Boring, but I want to know if @AliasSheep agrees, and whether that gun is considered used even though it wouldn’t have worked. And since this is a very quick edit, Jondesu shall remain not Boring.
  10. Polygamy isn't allowed in this game, so I can't do that, sorry.
  11. It’s already crack, no need for jokes. @Captains Domon, for having multiple personalities, which we’re told also reside in different physical bodies.
  12. Stop making me feel old...I’m twice your age. Or rather, twice the age you’re going to be (until March, when I’ll be even older).
  13. Same, @Lemonelon. I think it’s safe to say that the names crossed out were a formatting error (see the [/s] tags still in the original post).
  14. Well, looks like that didn't solve anything. Any other ideas, ya'll?