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  1. Whereas I believe/hope there will be an interesting plot when Adolin knows the truth about his mother - Evi wasn't just his mother. The some can be said about Renarin. Frankly - I hope for some distress between father and sons for the plots sake, but for one of the sons to side with the being who had driven Dalinar to this point? Siding with the one who wants to kill Renarin? Shallan? Navani? Kaladin? And..and..and..?
  2. A little back-up: OB, interlude 3, p.339 "The old songs spoke of days when humans had hacked apart listeners corpses, searching for gemhearts." This was the reason for the taboo to touch bodies for the listeners.
  3. But we see Shalash effected by the death of Jezrien and because it is in her PoV with her ending unconscious we don't know how this possibly had also an effect on Taln, Nale or the other Heralds or if this was only her because of a special connection with her father. Personally I think it was on all the Heralds and Nale as the Herald of Justice is possibly more effected with this unjust death.
  4. Because of -i- like in the known names of vessels like At-i, Edgl-i, Ska-i I would gess we perhaps had already heard the name of Cultivation like with Edgli - Tash-i. There is also this enemy Raylisi whose name reminds me too much on Rayse. Can on another note the name reveal the gender?
  5. Over all I don't think Odium will get another chance to choose a champion - the rule seems to be one champion for every side and whoever wins gets the price. For me the new plan is about the elemination of the Heralds - this starts right after the fight in Thaylen-City - and perhaps an attack on Cultivation. But even without the need for a champion, Odium's position will be stronger the more humans will get under his influence. Adolin doesn't look like a easy target - he isn't after the power, he isn't plotting, at the moment there is nearly nothing Odium can work with. Nontheless there is something that is able to change the game for Adolin - the truth about the death of his mother. At the moment he believes Evi was kidnapped and killed by the Rathalanians, but this isn't what really had happened.At the moment Adolin believes in his father, like Amaram had believed in the Almighty. Bad things can happen when a believe is destroyed, but over all this will depend on the personality of a person and I don't see Adolin as a duplication of Amaram - he has family, friends, Maya - Odium might try the same trick, but I strongly believe Adolin won't side against everyone else just because there are problems with his father. This will perhaps change his further way, but not necessarily in the direction to Odium. This can also be something he needs for the Maya arc.
  6. I don't know, but for me Nale is too fixed on the Honor vs. Odium plot and forgets the influence of Cultivation. Before the arrival of Odium, there were Honor and Cultivation - and as we know the Parshendi were of Cultivation even if not originally. At the moment everything is just humans and Parshendi for him, but what about the Aimian, the Unkalaki, the Herdazians? The Parshendi don't seem to be the only original inhabitants of Roshar. What about the Iri? They weren't from Ashyn, they didn't come with this wave and we don't know if they came before or after the people of Ashyn. Another question - isn't he following the one, who had started the whole conflict? The one, who had messed up a system under Honor and Cultivation? Odium wasn't on Roshar right after the splintering of Adonalsium, he just started to invest there after he was imprisoned. I don't think Odium was originally interested in Roshar, he just wanted to kill the vessels and splinter two other shards who didn't follow the rule of separation. The problem with Nale is, that he is judging without knowing all the facts, in my opinion a cardinal mistake for someone who claims to be "the law". Perhaps he will change sides with every new information, perhaps he will get problems with his spren. Or he will be the next Herald to be killed if Jezrien was only the starting-point for Odium. If Odium wants the Honorblades when a Herald is killed, then Nale is a target Odium can get access to his blade and give it to the one he'll choose to kill Nale.
  7. Rock thinks about having lied to Bridge Four, he is happy no one is able to understand his language - for me this sounds like he really had told lies, that we can't trust him. Are we sure this story about the sons is the truth? Why would the Nuatoma go to a fight with non-combat trained sons - with farmers and cooks? Was - if the social structure is not a lie - Rock even the fourth son? Or was all of this a lie, because Rock sees himself responsible in a way for what had happened and just told this story so he won't have to kill anymore? I'm not sure we can base the speculation on anything Rock had told - everything can be a lie. In a way Rock reminds me of Kadash - a formerly willing fighter, who had experienced something, that led him on a pacifistic way. Just not religion, but cooking, nursing others, can also give peace.
  8. The problem is that he was asked wether Hesina's parents were Darkeyes, not darkeyed. This is a term for the social status in Vorincountries and I don't think it possible for foreigners to automatically fit in this system. I can't believe that a beggar from Iri would become a Lighteye or a vezier from Azir a Darkeye. Other counties don't fit in this system and perhaps won't be really integrated in the caste - system in Alethkar. Is there something known about Aesudan? Prhaps she also had partly brown hair?
  9. I really like this, but when the name pattern is of any indication, should this Lifebrother not be the greatspren of the sibling?
  10. With the original text of this WoB I don't think one of Hesina's parent was/is lighteyed - what else is possible? Both -as in heterochromatic - or nothing. These terms IIRC are used in countries with Vorintradition, in other countries like Iri, Rira, Shinovar this system isn't a thing. Now there is another indicator for mixed forbearers - the haircolor. Adolin p.e. with his black/yellow hair or Shallan with red hair from a Horneater forbearer. I remember Tien with his mixed black/brown hair, his small stature and his affinity for stones - perhaps one of Hesina's parents was from Shinovar?
  11. I'm not sure, but for me it is possible that one of the things she had learned from Honor's death was to prepare/teach her own great-spren to act on her own. There's a WoB from the Jordan Con where Brandon said even if Cultivation is aware of nearly everything what's going on she rarely intervenes with the decisions of Nightwatcher - even if this decisions had a positive effect for Odium's plan. This doesn't sound good, but on second thought it looks like she is training her spren to become more independent than the Stormfather for the possibility of her own death. Perhaps this is why Taravangian also said in OB that it looks like she will perhaps die - because at one time in the past she had started to make sure that Nightwatcher wouldn't be in a similiar situation like the Sturmfather - forced to act on his own, but without being prepared to decide on his own. Over all she - whatever her name - is Cultivation. In a way this should enable her to accept death like Ruin as the natural way, but not to destroy, but to cultivate. In the last consequence this can mean she plans to cultivate an avatar with her own death - something to save not the vessel, but the intension from being splintered and cultivate her intension to a stronger level.
  12. But if this is the thing with Moelach, if he steals infos for Odium from the dead people, than Taravangian had not only gathered death rattles with every victim in his clinic, he also had involuntary gathered more informations for Odium.
  13. I love those snippets -and need more. My first thought - this dead person he wants to bring back/restore is the one he told Shallan in OB - the one he has promised to be at places he is needed. For me this doesn't sound like Adonalsium - someone who died when they killed Adonalsium? Someone Adonalsium killed? Perhaps with all powers together it would be possible to bring back the dead? And in the last sentence with the vengeance - I believe he is talking about Odium - Adonalsium's own wrath. I don't have the feeling Adonalsium wanted to be killed - why would in this case Frost have the opinion, they had made the situation worse and wants to do now nothing because he fears another mistake?
  14. I was right that humans were the invaders because of the Listeners' "Song of History". And Renarin because he just wasn't like Ym and Stomp, the Truthwatcher we know. Oh and that nothing will happen with Adolin - this one just because I was so fed up with the horrors what shall happen that I blocked anything out.
  15. Yes, this "unite against a foe" does help, but as we see mostly temporally. But his plan with the Parshmen - and I believe he had expected something more dangerous - hadn't not only affected Alethkar, every region with Parshmen would be attacked. This is also risky - what if he dies, what if someone else uses the situation to unite under his rule? It was also astounding for me that neither of his Highprinces was into this plan - not even Sadeas or Dalinar - so yes, I think it possible that Taravagian's plan with Jah Keved was inspired from this - we know they were in contact. Elhokar - there was something in OB I hadn't expected: Right, neither of the Highprinces show loyality for him, but somehow he had managed to be the king for his people. The Fused even use this when they bring Alethi in the palace to show them the blood.