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  1. With the same base I see Kaladin sexually attracted to neither women nor men. Emotional connection - yes - but even for Sanderson standards there was never a sexual attraction to anyone in my opinion. So my conclusion - he is either demisexual if not asexual, what can nicely connect with his trust issues. If he needs an emotional connection first to feel sexual attraction he will possible end up with someone he trusts the most.
  2. I think this is the problem. Soldiers - aren't they able to protect themselves? Don't they have an order for themselves - Stonewarden? The first Windrunner - Oath is to protect those who can't protect thenselves - imo this is mostly everyone except soldiers, they are trained in their behalf. If Kaladin chooses a side and soldiers of his side are attacking a Listener child - who is Kaladin supposed to save? I see the Windrunners not as the protectors of an army but of the collateral damage of war. And as someone else had said - can't remember who - as a Windrunner with his abilities he can perhaps really protect without killing - lash them away, clue them to the ground. He had saved many people without a blade, just with his special abilities.
  3. The one saved by Elhokar wasn't Gavinor but this spren. It'll be the first "dead" spren who was revived. Rathalas was nearly empty when it was destroyed - the people were brought to safety in Dawn's Shadow - including the children of Tanalan jun. Oh and don't ask, please: Rial is the son of Sadeas from one of his encounters with one of the women from one of the conquered villages.
  4. I would prefere Odium to escape his prison - a nice stop for Roshar without his influence, but I think we will believe he is gone for good. Why ? For me there is too many foreshading that Odium will try to team up with Bavadin, perhaps even to have a chance to get rid of the one Shard who was never supposed to be - Harmony. This can be the reason, why Mistborn Season 3 is sheduled between arc 1 and 2 - to get a good arc on Scadrial.
  5. But a gardener is able of extreme violence - he poisons, burns, kills every plant or animal who tries to overpower the ones he cultivates. Even when it's sometimes a loosing battle. Personally I was a little bit surprised when she told Dalinar "everything must be cultivated". This isn't exactly the way a gardener thinks, but if she tries to, let's say, cultivate the Unmade, can this be the reason for Sja-Anats supposed change.
  6. Like I wrote above - one little gesture would have been enough, Navani described as a little bit paler, quieter, but there is more. I would have prefered her being absent and not at the same time purring around Dalinar and making the wedding planer for Shallan and Adolin. It's not only what she didn't do, but how she was acting instead. Man, even Shallan's brothers seems to be more important for her....
  7. @WhiteLeeopard Rationally I'm aware, emotionally I don't care. Even so - Gavinor is the only grandson and so the only one to carry on the Kholinline of herself and her late husband, the king. Jasnah - perhaps she will get a child, but at the moment Gavinor is the dynastic future. As royalty she should have cared. One little thing - burning prayers for her son in the background, a little glyph for her grandson - it doesn't have to be something so grant as for Dalinar - would have shown her personality as a feeling person, not as a royality.
  8. With Szeth I start to complain when there won't be missing scenes in his book, same with Jasnah, Ash and Taln. My greatest problem was the aftermath of Kholinar - not so much Elhokar but Gavinor, not so much everyone but Navani. Shortly after Gavinor was back, all grandmothers I had known came into memory - every one of them you would have to physically restrain to hinder them to do something "stupid" like going to save the only grandson and showing the Fused the wrath of a grandmother. But Navani - all Dalinar and teaching to read and write and whatever. It was so distracting for me I developed a aversion against her - what I don't believe was the intention.
  9. We seem to know one of the reasons the humans decided to break the bond, but what if the bonded spren had other reasons? The Radiants were also affected by the madness of Tanavast/Honor - is it possible this madness affected their spren in a more direct way, perhaps they even were also going mad?
  10. Rena can also be the shortform for Renata meaning 'reborn'
  11. Über die Sturmlicht - Archive wird vermutlich noch verhandelt, aber Piper legt momentan die anderen Titel neu auf: Februar - Elantris mit der Kurzgeschichte März - Kinder des Nebels Buch 1 Wax und Wayne 2 und 3 war von Beginn an Piper. Calamity kommt - endlich - wieder bei Heyne.
  12. I think without Pattern Shallan would have been pregnant at the end of OB. And as a Lightweaver she has abilities I would have killed to get when my own children were young and hyperactive. Pattern will become the childsitter and will be on to the next round of adorable sentences.
  13. @maxal Me too - I was convinced Toh will die - because of the Iri, because of what happened with Evi - but now I'm not sure if there really was an indication or if it was just because they reminded me of Vivenna and Parlin, partly because both pairs are on the naive side. Anything but thieves... Is Toh not also under guard of Alethi soldiers in Herdaz? If this is about the Iri then they are possibly more interesting than I thought. The other oddity for me was the long time to wait for the wedding - what was Evi waiting for? I remember not being sooo convinced about the reason she told Dalinar (I will really have to reread OB - badly)
  14. I remember one of the first things after OB was to print a map of Roshar and doing the same coloring like Dalinar - and it was as if I could see what Odium was/is planning. The Voidbringers in Marat, in Alethkar and on the way on the Purelake - Route - all of this was pointing to Jah Keved. Jah Keved with another Oathgate, but more dangerous - the Horneater Mountains with the Shardpool of Cultivation. And Odium wants to be free - one step, if not THE step to reach this goal is to splinter Cultivation. Hasn't Taravagian mentioned something like that? We were mostly on the Shattered Plain in Book 1 and 2, OB has brought Alethkar and Thaylenar, the next is possible Jah Keved. Venli is on the way to Marat IIRC and I hope she'll work from within with the Parshmen. Thanks to Dalinar and his Radiants Thaylenar still stands and so the way to act over the sea is furthermore open. Rock is now ...what? ....I hate the trick with unfinished sentences...but whatever it seems to be something with his status in the Horneater region. There's the feeling we will need him. And I will get perhaps another darling of mine - Redin. I've waited for him longer than for Toh.
  15. @maxal Red herrings are always possible, but if you think of it even the decision to place Toh in Herdaz can make a sense. I don't think so much of the whole Rira, but the Oathgate in Kurth - the other strenge place in OB. Now this city is part of Rira, historically it was part of the kingdom of Rishir - like Herdaz. I hold my hopes high to see Toh again - all in all we need a way to connect the other part of Roshar with the main arc and this story left too many questions in the open. And the Oathgates - they really can't afford to loose much more of them. Sadly I don't believe this will be answered in the next book - the Oathgate in Vedenar is much more endangered with the infrastructure of Jah Keved shattered, Taravagian not interested in because of his deal with Odium and two frontlines of the Voidbringers nearly at the gates - perhaps Book 4 starts with the message of the fall of Vedenar.