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  1. Okay, but this sounds really, really awesome. Even if it's just a simple recitation (no fancy smoke/leaves/sand/instruments etc)... ugh, just amazing. I've thought about doing that sort of thing before, but I don't have many opportunities to perform, especially fun stuff like this. I have written the WoR Wit scene as a 2-4 person 5-minute skit, with appropriate corrections so it makes sense out-of-world ("elephant" instead of "chasmfiend", for example). Oh, and now that I look it up, I also did a WoK one, though that one requires a few more people and is less funny as a skit.
  2. Credit to my friend who is, as of yet, not a member of 17th shard. WoR spoiler.
  3. That's amazing. Sometimes, when I'm listening to music and need something else to occupy my mind, I will imagine characters (more often than not Sanderson characters) singing or dancing to the songs. Current favorites include Bridge Four singing to the Cheetah Girls with a synchronized dance number, the Mistborn crew enthusiastically dancing the Cotton-Eyed Joe dance, and Odium singing Be Prepared, complete with a backup girl chorus. It's hilarious.
  4. When your phone’s name is AonAre. (Unity. I wanted Connection but it doesn’t look like there’s an aon for that.) I also changed my mom’s phone’s name to TappingDuralumin. She has no idea what it means but it’s not like she knows how to change it
  5. When you see a license plate with the word "RADIANT" on it, and spend the next five minutes arguing with yourself about whether it's a Sanderson reference or not. I mean, it's a nice adjective all on its own, right? RIGHT?? But why would they choose that specific adjective, one that isn't used that often? It had to have been Sanderson. Probably. Okay, just kidding, I apparently have spent more than five minutes arguing about this. When you're writing a paper, include the phrase "wax and wane" and, at first, misspell it as "wax and wayne". I had to think really hard about the actual spelling of "wane".
  6. Definitely going to try! I spent all October plotting and worldbuilding, but still have some to do on that front.... hopefully I’ll finish that and get my word count in. o.O
  7. I get it now
  8. I'll find people who have read some Sanderson, and I'll ask about something from Alcatraz (which are pretty memorable, I think) or some simple-ish Cosmere thingy, and they'll be confused. And there was this person I talked to on Saturday (Sanderday?) who said that he really didn't like Alcatraz because of the constant commentary that had nothing to do with the story. I guess I can see where he's coming from, but at the same time, those were some of my favorite parts. Oh well. Everybody's got different opinions, I suppose. When you tell a friend to stay home instead of going places so they can read more Sanderson. When you make detailed visual plans for a touchscreen game based on the Rithmatist. (Sadly, I have no coding skills that could make that happen, but I still think it would be amazing.)
  9. Hey, I convulsively name things, too! There's a paper dragon in the front of my car that I named Larry (I didn't name the car, just the dragon.) The big, wrap-around dragon earring I have is named Reginald. My viola is Ivy and the piano is Vincent. Plus some more stuff like potted plants. One of the plants in the place I help clean is called Dalinar. I also call my books by the name of the main or focus character. I call it my "Shai" book or "David number two". It leads to misunderstandings.
  10. My friend is reading WoK for the first time. (Blacked out stuff irrelevant) Should I be worried?
  11. No, that's a great idea. Look at what happened when my friend wrote a rhetorical analysis on Stick: See? Great idea, even if yours isn't sarcastic. Good luck writing your essay. Those can be killer. Even if it is cosmere-themed.
  12. I actually did the exact same thing for the exact same reason. ... when you stop the new book series you got addicted to to read the new Oathbringer chapters, then proceed to scream more loudly at that than the dramatic scenes in the new series. And I really liked the new series, so much so that I read all five books between 3pm Tuesday and 11pm Wednesday.
  13. Oh. Phew. I checked and you're absolutely correct. That's what I get for not doing research, I guess. I can read them at 10pm Mondays. Yay!
  14. ... the Oathbringer chapters are being posted on Tor at 12:01 am Tuesdays, starting today. 12:01 am. 12:01 am. How am I supposed to live with this?!
  15. Whenever one of my siblings yells for a phone to answer a question ("Hey Siri!") the inevitable Warbreaker jokes go through my head. But, seeing as nobody in my house has read Warbreaker yet... sigh. I'm alone. (that's partly my fault, though. My brother's 14 and pretty darn innocent)