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  1. Yes, that does, whereas the the information from two confirmed Sithe included the part about Encanis being difficult to banish.
  2. I was reluctant to do this yesterday, after the torrid first cycle for the eliminators, but Wonko. Wonko gave me information that didn’t line up with that given to me by my two other sources. It wasn’t that it was differing information, but information put in a strange way, and lacking an important detail. Both other sources mentioned that Encanis was hard to banish, which Wonko omitted. More damning, however, is that the Tehlin Monk blocked him last night (having blocked Elantera D1), and there was no kill last night.
  3. @xinoehp512, I asked you, as I’ve asked many others, for a role trade - I think there’s a lot we can learn this game from having people prove roles.
  4. I think the first thing to make clear is that there’s very rarely a reason not to trust me, and to ignore Fifth’s repeated attempts to spread unwarranted paranoia about my playstyle. More seriously, the crux of your argument is the parallel between my pointing to two situations as the only way that it could go. I appreciate that the parallel is unhelpful, but would say that in this game, I hadn’t given any serious thought as to how the Cthaeh would play. Finding myself accused of being the Cthaeh, I had to respond and gave little thought to recursive or manipulative explanations. I would strongly suggest scanning me, though, and having that relayed to the thread. Once you’ve scanned me, feel free to contact me if you’d like me to put you in contact with someone cleared, to relay the information to the thread.
  5. I’ll vote for Wonko again, for many of the same reasons as my vote yesterday, and to widen the field of candidates for this lynch. I have a strong village read on Rae, and as such certainly wouldn’t support a lynch on Snipexe.
  6. I’d argue that I may as well be confirmed non-Cthaeh - what Cthaeh in their right mind would alienate an eliminator team by killing off one of their roles D1, particularly when the Cthaeh has more villagers than eliminators to kill to even the numbers out? I’m no longer sure where to point to as the source of my dislike of mayoring, Rae, but Wilson’s influence on my early playstyle, and her experiences in LG4 were undoubtedly formative.
  7. Locke crept out of the wagon, taking care not to disturb his parents. It was late, and with the recent murmurs of ill news and skindancers in the air, he’d get in even more trouble for sneaking around at night. A few fires were lit, and Locke tiptoed nearby. Figures sat talking, and he was desperate to find out what was going on. The troupe had been on edge lately, and conversations stopped abruptly whenever he or the other children came nearby. As he approached the fire, though, the voices continued, and he was able to catch the occasional word. “Encanis....Rhinna...Banish...” Locke startled - he knew the name Encanis. As he drew nearer, the voices became more distinct, and Locke settled behind a tent to listen. There he stayed, until a heavy, hand clamped down on his shoulder, pulling him back, an iron dagger behind his throat. A moment later, the hand relaxed, and Locke was spun round to see a visibly relieved Alev. “Demonsin Locke, you scared me! Come on, back to your tent. You shouldn't be out so late at night.” Locke, startled, took a moment to respond, and when he came too was shocked to notice the voices - and the fire, had gone. “You’re out, too”, Locke replied, falling back into habits of impertinence. “Anyway, there were voices, and a fire - just here, I swear!” Locke turned once more, as if to check that his mind hadn’t tricked him, sure that they couldn’t have been his imagination. “They were talking about Encanis - they seemed terrified. One of them said something about a Rhinna flower, too. Have you heard of them?” Setting my fledgling attempts at RP aside, I’ve been contacted by three separate individuals with very similar claims about game secrets, and think there’s little harm in revealing them. 1) Encanis seems to be “difficult to banish”. 2) Encanis has an unblockable kill. 3) The Rhinna Flower has healing properties.
  8. That’s certainly unfortunate, although ultimately doesn’t impact my own vote for you. I’m not voting because I think you deserve to have a vote (or indeed three votes), but because I’m genuinely suspicious, and the rationale for the other votes doesn’t impact my own preference to see you lynched over Rae at this stage. That said, I’m sympathetic towards your situation, which must be frustrating, and I’m terribly sorry if you’re lynched and I’m wrong.
  9. I’ve got a village read on Rae (partly from our PM, probably), and am not terribly keen on how Elandera has jumped on Rae. It’s 4:30am, so I’m afraid further thoughts will have to wait for tomorrow. Wonko, Elandera.
  10. Partly to see who weighs in on this from here, and partly because I’m getting a mild gut evil read on Wonko, which I think is probably both from his asking these clarifications in thread, and from it feeling like he’s trying to distance himself from the evil characters, but Wonko.
  11. I think it important to be clear to everyone that I believe we as SE ought to be a welcoming community, an understanding community, and a compassionate community. I wholeheartedly disagree with the sentiment I feel this statement exudes. Drake has always shown himself to be an upstanding member of our community, and one that we should want to keep hold of. If we make passive aggressive remarks about absences, when it’s overwhelmingly likely that there’s a good reason for the absence, we create an expectant, accusatory atmosphere for the GM to return to. We have had instances of GMs leaving partway through a game, and if would be a terrible outcome if we were to shame GMs who disappear briefly and so incentivise their not returning. Fundamentally, people are human, and do respond to pressure. If Drake, or indeed any other GM, were having a difficult time personally, I think it quite reasonable to expect that a GM could feel too ashamed to return if players create this sort of atmosphere. Up to this point, it has been lovely to see people enjoying the thread and joking about lynches. I think this is the spirit we should seek to keep, not one of expectation and passive aggressiveness. NB: This is said without my mod hat on, but is based on my personal views. Seonid is the IM for this game.
  12. I’ll sign up as Locke. I have an exam about 30 hours into the first cycle, so will have limited activity before then, but will be able to give the game significant attention thereafter.
  13. Whilst the thread remains open, due to the nature of the ongoing situation, please do not submit new actions.
  14. mafia championship

    Voting is now open for the nominated candidates, with those who have withdrawn removed. Voting will remain open until the 1st May.
  15. mafia championship

    The vote will go up when I wake tomorrow, to ensure that nominations are possible through the 24th regardless of timezone.