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  1. yeah, this makes it seem more like they are of cultivation than anything. they're trying to cultivate artistic talent to attract spren, which i think is what powers the change between forms. possibly in combo with stormlight or gemhearts. another cool revelation is that the shattered plains are a city, and the plateaus not just natural rock forms. urithiru anyone? (not really in the west though, hm?)
  2. when the theory of odium being broken somehow came up, my thoughts went in the exact opposite direction from everyone else apparently. i immediately wondered how dangerous odium would be if rayse's identity became so fused with odium that he splintered away part of his memories - namely, of the time when he was human. this would sort of be like 'the broken' referring to his morals and such, but in a far more profound way. he became so much of odium that he hated even his own human self, and got rid of it. this way, he's still not investing anything, and actually strengthening odium itself. even a memory of humanity could carry the taint of morality and love. this is a far more dangerous state of affairs, imo. one far more worthy of Hoid's pleading in the letter.
  3. the liar of partinel sample chapters are non-canon, but they do supposedly take place before adonalsium shattered and hoid could lightweave
  4. Makabakam has a good case for it too. iirc, sigzil, after kaladin asks, tells the bridgecrew about sesemalex dar and emul(sp?), which falls inside old Makabakam's borders. the people there worship jezerezeh as the only god, and say that the vorin who worship all the heralds are the splinter sect. seems to indicate that their religion is some form of vorinism.
  5. well, the god-king has the phantoms to be his army, but the 50,000+ breaths are part of his claim to rule. they're the inheritance passed down by the line of god-kings from the peacegiver. he may not have needed them to deal with the lifeless, but i'm sure if he'd had to, he could've taken care of them all with his awakening. that said, i do agree that huth and kuth will be angling to move in on hallendren, what with one of the five scholars teaching them things about awakening. can't wait to see how vasher and vivenna deal with all that.
  6. i read the mistborn trilogy, then warbreaker, then elantris, and by the time i got to elantris i was looking for hoid. i think i might have read a couple threads here, and some annotations too, but there was never a big. "OMIGOD, these books are all connected!" moment.
  7. .... maybe they're the mounts of one of the orders?? one without a travel or gravity surge? this would be so awesome!
  8. perhaps providing evidence that the 'element' mentioned in WoK is in fact lerasium, since if this was true, it would be as valuable as the letter makes it seem. sorry to derail, just struck me that if lerasium does work that way, it is easily one of the most dangerous things in the cosmere.
  9. honestly, i wouldn't put it past the alethi to suppress crossbows and ballista intentionally. they're very short-sighted and love to play with their toys. giving any common dark-eyes the ability to crack their shardplate with a few well placed crossbow bolts would be highly repellent to them. I do believe the greatbows were developed specifically to hunt chasm-fiends. we don't see them during plateau assaults do we? despite the alethi being well aware that the parshendi possess shards.
  10. but from the description of it in the letter, he was well matched to the aspect of odium already.
  11. ehhh, that's the problem with generalizations. christianity has thousands of sects, each one with variations in their beliefs. but Commander Spoonface is right [/endreligiousdiscussion]
  12. seems likely. his MO is to let the most amount of people make their own choices, so he's hyper-accelerating them into a high-technology society, where presumably the greatest amount of people can achieve self-sufficiency and 'freedom' as he sees it. there are obviously going to be some extreme, and extremely great for writing about side-effects, like maybe, serial-killer mistborn
  13. There could be a sport similar to hand-ball, but played in a metal cage by coinshots and lurchers. certain unscrupulous rioters will make mints off of rioting pleasurable emotions in people, perhaps turning it into something like a black-market narcotic trade. soothers will do the same by soothing away the unpleasant ones. there will be groups of breath-storing ferrings (can't remember name or metal) who will live a semi-aquatic existence. also, mountain enclaves of brass ferrings, soaking in the warmth of cave-fires and saving it for their forays into the wild. it's hard to say how many years these things might take to come about. it could take hundreds, as feruchemy and allomancy diffuse into ever greater proportions of the population. how long is the second trilogy supposed to be after wax's life? for some reason i don't think it's gonna be centuries.
  14. here's a crazy one: do different metallic powers effect different essences/body focuses (yes, as in roshar's ten essences/body focuses)? let me explain this thought i had. the physics of iron feruchemy are way above my head, but let me just focus on how it affects the body, and the two passages that gave me this thought. wax, during the wedding fight, notes that his body is strengthened enough to withstand his increasing it's weight. the primary organs of his body that are effected, i argue, are his bones and sinews; tendons, ligaments, cartlidge etc. these are the main weight-bearing organs of the human-body. when wax is hanging from the train while fighting miles, his body is lighter, but it mainly has to be his bones and sinews. his muscles have not lost any strength or mass, because they hold him with ease. i'm sure you're all aware that bone is the body focus associated with the order of the stonewardens, while sinew is the essence of ishi's order. i'm betting that those two orders have powers that are associated with creating differences in weight. perhaps a stonewarden can increase the weight of something to ridiculous amounts using stormlight, while the tenth order (ishi's), decreases something's weight - creating the potential for escaping roshar's gravity in a vessel? anyway, there are probably hundreds of connections like this throughout the cosmere. here's another easy one. surgebinding and the metallic powers are so comparable. jezrien. windrunners. inhalation (pulling into the lungs0. iron. lurcher. pulling. nalan. his order. exhalation (pushing out of the lungs). steel. coinshot. pushing. these two are less of a direct physical correlation, and more of a thematic one.
  15. i stand by my theory that the drunk in the prologue is ishar. though there seems to be a great many other candidates i haven't noticed. i honestly cannot recall this dark-skinned bridgeman in the slightest. the drunk confronts szeth: ishar has a long beard, and my theory was, the reason he asked szeth if he'd seen him is because ishar's likeness is everywhere in vorin alethkar. a little weaker bit of evidence is that dalinar's rambling's in dawnchant were also described as gibberish by people who couldnt understand it. but i agree that niter and this bridgeman have just as much circumstantial evidence going for them. 'specially niter=jezrien