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  1. Wonder where he got the inspiration for the (presumed) Aluminium sheathe, and if it wasn't made before hand: what kind of havoc did Nightblood cause before one was found...
  2. I asked Brandon about the nature of Adonalsium last year at a SoS signing. At the time at least, he said he'd RAFO because he hadn't decided what Adonalsium was yet. (being/force etc)
  3. A more accurate comparison is from Warbreaker: members of the royal line can use food reserves to forcefully grow out their hair in exactly the same way lift can fuel her surgebinding.
  4. Hi, fellow android dev here! Looks really good, I like the dashboard style main page! I'd be up for helping a bit. I'm pretty busy but I might find some time to push some code as suggestions and review etc. Throw me a link to your repo and I'll request access if its not public
  5. I've been relistening to the original Mistborn trilogy and 'Cultivation' comes up a lot, but I'm with Oversleep: its probably just a word. Brandon probably has his Cosmere plans layed out somewhere including all the shard intents. He might be using them in his books subconsciously. That said though, it does make me wonder how many other intents are being mentioned that we just don't know about, mentioned intentionally or otherwise...
  6. I must have missed it . Can't see anything on the mobile site or app.
  7. As far as i understand it: Stormlight and the base metals are examples of focuses; integral parts of a shards magic system dictated by the planet where the magic system manifests, but not of the shard itself. This would explain why the unknown shards power in SoS manifested on Scandrial through he planet's focus: metal. There was a great theory on here recently tying the essences to shard world focuses which heavily influenced how I see it all connecting, but your parallels between powers does also have me thinking: There are some underlying similarities: you mentioned strength and endurance. There are also various temporal powers across magic systems. What if there was a pattern: not tying other shards back to the 16 metals of allomancy, but tying all of the magic systems back to some original magic system of Adonalsium? (I'm tired, this could be nonsense and I think I'm getting a little crazy with my Adonalsium theories these days)
  8. There really is no great theory here, just the potential parallel of the crews analogy of the Final Empire and another massive entity that was shattered. Could this shed some light on the motivations of the force/group behind the shattering of Adonalsium? Or is this just coincidence using accurate terminology? Ideas? Theories? ...repost?
  9. I like the idea Adonalsium spren were dawnshards, and maybe they're the reason shardblades are called as such: people long ago referenced non-radiant/non-heralds using shardblades (with perhaps non radiant strange powers) and said "well this guys call their blades shards, guess these sword the radiance have are shardblades too).
  10. It depends how you look at it: you don't get divine breaths without the returned, so they might count as a sentient component to the splinter. Perhaps this is more like heralds and honor blades than radiants and spren.
  11. I'd roll with the idea of them being splinters, but the missing part is the sentience part which is either part of the definition, or confirmed to manifest if the splinters are left ungoverned. I can't remember the details exactly. An interesting counter to this would be to say the Heralds represent more than just humans chosen to be Heralds and hold the blades. Maybe there's a deeper connection/design surrounding the blades and the Heralds than between a spren and radiant (a spren has its own sentience, and its suspected they can bond more than one radiant during their "life"). I'm sure someone has a more thought out theory surrounding the origin of he Heralds that works better...
  12. There is a WoB re: Nalthis + traquiline halls Source:http://www.theoryland.com/intvsresults.php?kwt=%27tranquiline%20halls%27
  13. If you're calculating, remember Rosharian gravity is less than Earth's. Also the upper limit might be terminal velocity: air resistance. Can get round that if you get slicked by an edge dancer though!
  14. It seems most people think the contest would be close, but a Mistborn represents a full array of preservation granted powers, where as a radiant as we know them have two powers, assumed a combination of honor and cultivation. I'd suggest that a more parallel match up would be a KR with a twinborn (think of all the fun combinations you could discuss!) Or in fact, a full metal born vs a full surgebinder!
  15. I kind of like this, and could see how it might work. The first hole I can see is related to Mistborn: preservation puts a bit more of itself into humans than ruin, and becomes a tiny bit weaker than ruin for having done so. This suggests that the power they had was finite. If they could have gained more power through belief, this tiny offset of initial balance wouldnt have mattered at all.