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  1. I actually interpreted this pretty much the opposite way. It sounds to me like he's discussing different ways that Shards could provide access to the fundamental forces while producing the same effect, rather than different effects within the system of one (or two) Shards. Honor accesses gravity through bonds, meaning that you manipulate gravity in Honor's system by bonding with an object or a direction. Another Shard with a different system could access the same force, gravity, through a different mechanism (perhaps altering local gravity so that it affects you and objects around you in a small radius, as a theoretical example). That doesn't have anything to do with foci; it's about the differences between separate magic systems.
  2. As far as I'm aware, the answer to most of these questions is "We don't know". Brandon hasn't said much via WoB about the religions of modern Scadrial (whether because people haven't asked him or because he doesn't want to give too much away). I'll check the books when I get home tonight to see if we've missed any information. But I would guess that if we had much more info, it would already be on the Coppermind. (Also if you have any information from the books that isn't there, feel free to add it yourself!)
  3. Do we have Szeth viewpoint chapters confirmed in Oathbringer? I can't remember. In any case, I think that's fine because the other characters don't know about Szeth surviving either. So if he shows up again, the casual fans will have the same reaction as the characters.
  4. I actually see this in exactly the opposite way. I would do that scene as a post-credits thing like Marvel does in all their movies. It's a cool thing for the people who know what's going on, and people are conditioned at that point to see that sort of thing and think "Okay, I don't know this yet but it will be important in a later movie". I don't see that connection being a problem at all. You can include Zahel in the movie and make a Warbreaker prequel later on, like with X-Men Origins: Wolverine (or even Rogue One, from a certain point of view).
  5. I would say if you look at Hrathen's storyline from his perspective, it's an Icarus story. Elantris spoilers:
  6. @swieczq Yeah, if you check with him before the event starts he'll usually let you leave a phone or a camera on the table, for both signings and Q&As.
  7. I think it's very likely that Mr. T was lying to Szeth, personally, but I'm not sure if we have any WoBs that specifically confirm that. When I read the scene, with the context of Taravangian wondering how Szeth will react when he finds out the Voidbringers are back, it seems likely to me that Taravangian was worried that Szeth would stop obeying him and kill him on the spot if he found out that there was a real Surgebinder out there. But until we get that info in the book or via WoB, the summary up above does have a small asterisk on it.
  8. Yep, so the current status is as follows: The Shin have 7 of the blades (all those except Jezrien's, Nale's, and Taln's) Kaladin/Dalinar has Jezrien's Honorblade. Nale has his own Honorblade. Taln's Honorblade is missing, and all we know is that Hoid is not the one who took it.
  9. I'm not really going to count on whether the MAG book itself says it's canon, to be honest. If it isn't canon, they can say whatever they want, but it isn't canon. Brandon has said many times that what is published in the Cosmere books is canon and that's it. Even things that he says aren't truly canon until they are published (see his current changing of how savantism works as an example). You can disagree and formulate theories based on MAG as much as you want, but it's just not solid evidence in my view.
  10. Alright folks, I just finished going through the Sunday Signing Line audio to see if I could figure out some of the paraphrased stuff. I got most of it down verbatim, so I think we're basically all done with these transcriptions! Thanks everyone for all the hard work, and thanks especially to @ccstat, @Ironeyes, and @DAdam for making recordings and uploading them! I've updated the OP to reflect the finished statuses of the Sunday signing and the Rithmatist Q&A.
  11. @Vecna I like the diagram a lot, good design. In general, the Mistborn Adventure Game isn't really canonical, so I don't think we can base theories off of it with much confidence. I agree that this way of dividing things up makes sense, but unfortunately we can't prove anything until more books come out or Brandon decides to be generous with his answers.
  12. @WeiryWriter Yeah, I recorded the Post Signing Line audio.
  13. I've transcribed the Sunday reading Q&A session and added the transcription of the interlude reading to the document. Nothing too interesting there, only two Cosmere questions that were both RAFO. But it's still useful to know what people have asked so we don't waste time on the same questions. Remaining to-do: Complete the Rithmatist Q&A transcript Complete the Sunday signing transcript Check through the Sunday post-signing transcript for accuracy I don't think I'm going to transcribe the Career panel if there are no Cosmere questions there. Probably is interesting to listen to though.
  14. I believe the reading transcript is the interlude that was read on Sunday.
  15. I believe the Friday signing transcript is completed! @jofwu once I start transcribing the Sunday Q&A, I will add your transcription of the reading to the document. Or someone else can start it if they have the time. There's still a lot of work to be done here!