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  1. Unfortunate typo here... But I agree that Ishar likely never bonded any spren.
  2. Pretty sure the two missing are Nale's and Taln's. Jezrien's Honorblade (the Windrunner) is out in the world now, but it wasn't when Szeth was training. He's the one who took it out of Shinovar in the first place.
  3. Yes, I did mean sapient. I always get those mixed up (though you'd think arguing over categories on the Coppermind would help me keep them straight). What spren did you have in mind that are sentient and not sapient. Do windspren qualify for that category? I do personally think that the Oathgate spren are Elsecaller/Willshaper spren, as the picture looks like how Ivory is described to me. But I'll grant you that's far from confirmed, and it isn't good to assume. I would probably count the Sibling as a Radiant spren though, since it seems pretty agreed-upon that it bonds a Bondsmith. And the Unmade are sort of in a class by themselves. Referring to how windspren play pranks by sticking things together, I'm assuming? That's interesting, I'll have to think about that further. It's not clear from the Soulcaster example whether Kaza is interacting with a spren that's in the device or whether the device somehow calls a spren to help. The Oathgates, on the other hand, seem pretty clear that the spren are always there. If they work under similar principles, it would make sense that the Soulcaster is the same way. It's also possible that they worked differently when the KR were still around. Perhaps it requires a spren to be in the device, but Radiants were able to release the spren and get a new one, or something like that.
  4. Great theory, Jofwu. I've been thinking similar things recently, and I like the way you laid it out here. I'm not sure what other sentient spren we know of that aren't Radiant spren. Furthermore, I think the spren in the fabrial must at least be related to the Radiant spren, as presumably the spren for any individual fabrial would be related to the order of KR that can access that Surge. I don't think an honorspren in a fabrial would give you an Oathgate, for example. I don't know that any of the Radiant spren would want to be trapped in a fabrial forever, but I'm not sure how else you could access surges. The only other thing I can think is, if there are Surgespren (like gravitationspren, adhesionspren, etc), you could use those instead. The fabrial spren being KR spren may also help us to understand why some fabrials use multiple spren, as you suggest might be the case for some Soulcasters and we know to be the case with the Oathgates. We know now that the different orders can access the Surges in different ways, e.g. Dalinar can use Adhesion differently than Kaladin (might be getting the specific Surge wrong here). Perhaps having multiple different spren allows the fabrial to access the Surge in all possible ways? This may explain the limiting factor on the Soulcasters, though we don't know much about the difference between Lightweaver and Elsecaller Soulcasting. I'll toss out another idea here related to the Oathgates. When Jasnah used the Transportation Surge to escape the ship in WoR, it looked like she ended up in Shadesmar in a corresponding location to where she was in the Physical Realm. I think it's possible that the Willshaper use of Transportation involves moving around within Shadesmar, and the combination of these two effects in the Oathgate (through the two spren) allows you to travel quickly "through the Physical Realm". One spren pops you into Shadesmar, the other transports you to another Oathgate in Shadesmar, and then the spren at that gate pops you back into the Physical Realm. Many possible questions to ask Brandon here. Knowing more about the differences between the ways the orders access the surges would be a huge help.
  5. Adolin takes Shallan on a date They train with swords, but don't mate Though Adolin's a hero Like dividing by zero Mating would be inappropriate
  6. That's fair; colorful likely means multicolored. And I would agree with your last sentence as well. Different appearance doesn't automatically mean different powers.
  7. Colorful could include green, though. I don't know that I would rule out Kokerlii's power as an option (assuming color and effect are related). And Kokerlii had a sort of coppercloud-like effect, which seems like something Mraize would be interested in.
  8. Yeah I don't think Radiant spren would be used in Soulcasters, which would rule out Inkspren and cultivationspren. Maybe the spren for each is the minor spren for that order (like the theories that Shardplate is made out of the lesser spren).
  9. Yeah, it would need to be able to manipulate the Surge on its own like a Soulcaster does.
  10. There were certainly spren on Roshar before the Shattering of Adonalsium. However, after the Shattering all Investiture in the Cosmere was assigned to one of the sixteen Shards (source: https://wob.coppermind.net/events/256-oathbringer-london-signing/#e8605. So while there may originally have been adonalsiumspren, I don't think the qualify anymore.
  11. Releaser is another term for Dustbringer, one of the Orders of the Knights Radiant (and apparently the term the Releasers themselves preferred). The Sibling refers to the third spren that a Bondsmith could have a Nahel bond with (the other two being Stormfather and the Nightwatcher). This spren may or may not be related to Odium; we don't know, though my money is on "not related". We really don't know much about them. The Dawnsingers almost certainly predated the Heralds and the Radiants. That term seems to refer to the Singers that originally inhabited the planet, when the human refugees arrived. They did seem to live peacefully for a time. I'm not sure what you mean by the three realms being unified. As far as the black sphere goes, there appears to have actually been multiple black spheres. Gavilar gives one to Eshonai in the OB prologue and one to Szeth in the WoK prologue. Szeth hides his somewhere, if I remember correctly. The popular theory is that these gemstones contain Unmade, similar to how Dalinar traps Nergaoul at the end of OB. But we can't say for sure.
  12. Yes, it's on the Roshar star chart:
  13. WoB here refers to them as being "from Aimia": https://wob.coppermind.net/events/105-17th-shard-forum-qa/#e1080 I'm not sure if we get a specific confirmation in the books or not, I'd have to go back and look at Rysn's Interlude in WoR. However, in Kaza's Interlude in OB, she sees an animal that appears to be a larkin on Aimia, which would reinforce that as their origin.
  14. Unfortunately (or fortunately, depending on how you look at it), Brandon has said that all of the Letters in Oathbringer are from Shards we know/have seen: https://wob.coppermind.net/events/175-oathbringer-houston-signing/#e8401 This, combined with the WoB in the original post, strongly suggests that Patji is a Shard we've already seen. I believe it is likely to be Autonomy. I'm not sure if Brandon would consider the "Survival Shard" one that we've seen or know about.
  15. Chiri-Chiri is a larkin, which comes from Aimia originally.